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Winchester '73
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Anthony Mann
James Stewart as Lin McAdam
Stephen McNally as Dutch Henry Brown
Will Geer as Wyatt Earp
Rock Hudson as Young Bull
Dan Duryea as Waco Johnnie Dean
Steve Brodie as Wesley
John Alexander as Jack Riker
Abner Biberman as Latigo Means
Charles Drake as Steve Miller
Shelley Winters as Lola Manners
Jay C. Flippen as Sgt. Wilkes
Tony Curtis as Doan (as Anthony Curtis)
Millard Mitchell as High Spade Frankie Wilson
John McIntire as Joe Lamont
Storyline: In a marksmanship contest, Lin McAdam wins a prized Winchester rifle, which is immediately stolen by the runner-up, Dutch Henry Brown. This "story of a rifle" then follows McAdams' pursuit, and the rifle as it changes hands, until a final showdown and shoot-out on a rocky mountain precipice.
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A bull's-eye for James Stewart
This stirring western spins the tale of the famous rifle of the early west that was coveted by one and all. James Stewart is the cowboy who wins the prized Winchester in a shootout, only to lose it in a robbery. The story details Stewart's pursuit of the rifle and a certain man through the film. The rifle changes hands time after time, as though the owner is fated to lose it through violence. The picture has plenty of action and suspense as Stewart closes in on his quarry. A great cast supports Stewart here, namely Stephen McNally, Dan Duryea, Millard Mitchell, John McIntire and Jay C. Flippen. Shelley Winters seems miscast here and the purpose of her role is rather obscure. Tony Curtis and Rock Hudson, teen heartthrobs in later years, have brief but good roles.
The Mann Makes the Gun
Saw this flick on ENCW last nite for the third or fourth time. Enjoyed it so much I ordered the DVD. This really is a standout and of course the first of the Mann-Stewart pairings. More here than the usual oater, although not quite as powerful as The Searchers. Lots of obvious symbolism about achieving manhood but mainly it's the acting by Stewart, his partner Millard Mitchell, Shelly Winters and the Waco Johnny Dean- Dan Duryea. Steve Miller (not The Joker) is interesting as a handsome would be hero who's interested in Lola but too yellow . Like Stewart in The Man Who Killed Liberty Valance, he's practically reduced to putting on an apron and serving his enemies coffee. Decaf no doubt. Tony Curtis from the Bronx Cavalry and Rock Hudson behaving like no Indian I've seen on screen have interesting cameos.

Special performances by John McIntire as a too lucky card dealing/gun trader who hangs out at a very low grade Western version of Rick's American Cafe. Nobody wants to spend the night there. Jay C. Flippens out over a kiss from Lola (Winters) and has some nice scenes with Stewart before he gets to Bend of the River and Far Country. Will Geer as Wyatt Earp and the Indian Chief who takes Walter Brennan's teeth from him in Red River are pleasant sightings. This is the kind of western that only Stewart, not Wayne nor Scott could have pulled off. Worth the shot, I repeat. :-)
1873, That Is.
Director Anthony Mann teamed up with Jimmy Stewart in the first of many westerns they made together, and this is the best, as it tells the story of Lin McAdam(Jimmy Stewart) who wins a shooting contest where the prize is a much sought-after Winchester '73 rifle, which is stolen by evil Dutch Henry Brown(played by Stephen McNally) prompting an enraged Lin to pursue him across the west, as the rifle passes through many different hands, dooming all who possess it. Dan Duryea plays Waco Jimmy Dean, a gunfighter that Lin forces him to tell where Dutch has gone, and whom he will encounter later on. Other people he meets are a newlywed couple(played by Charles Drake & Shelley Winters) who become involved with an Indian attack that they barely survive. All will converge in a final showdown between Lin & Dutch over a rocky mountain range, in battle not only for the stolen Winchester, but an old grudge, since both men know each other from way back...

First-rate western with excellent direction and a strong, career changing performance from Jimmy Stewart, who conveys the rage and frustration felt extremely well. Fascinating story and exciting finale all contribute to making this a classic western.
Winchester '73- more than a gun
Lin McAdam (James Stewart) wins a rifle, a Winchester in a shooting contest.Dutch Henry Brown (Stephen McNally) is a bad loser and steals the gun.Lin takes his horse and goes after Dutch and his men and the rifle with his buddy High Spade (Millard Mitchell).The rifle gets in different hands on the way.Will it get back to the right owner? Anthony Mann and James Stewart worked together for the first time and came up with this masterpiece, Winchester '73 (1950).Stewart is the right man to play the lead.He was always the right man to do anything.The terrific Shelley Winters plays the part of Lola Manners and she's great as always.Dan Duryea is terrific at the part of Waco Johnnie Dean.Charles Drake is brilliant as Lola's cowardly boyfriend Steve Miller.Also Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson are seen in the movie, and they're played by Will Geer and Steve Darrell.The young Rock Hudson plays Young Bull and the young Anthony (Tony) Curtis plays Doan.There are many classic moments in this movie.In one point the group is surrounded by Indians, since this is a western.It's great to watch this survival game where the fastest drawer and the sharpest shooter is the winner.All the true western fans will love this movie.
A typical western classic.
A fine western, following the fate of those who possess the prize winning gun, a Winchester '73. It has a great cast who give superb cliche characterisations with help from the usual effective story telling direction from Mann.
At least eight guys get their paws on THE gun . . .
. . . during this strange story, and the McAdam brothers each have two turns handling it. If the star of WINCHESTER '73 actually was a "perfect" or "one-in-a-thousand" or "1-in-10,000" or "1-in-20,000" rifle when it rolled off Winchester's assembly line (all of which claims are made here), it certainly was NOT by the time it got bent in a wrestling match, used for a ski pole by a losing contestant falling off a horse in a rifle joust, left in a burning house, and flung off Lover's Leap by a fratricide victim. About all this shooting iron would be good for by the time Jimmy Stewart reclaims it would be to keep the stuffed animals dangling from a Crooked Carnie's shooting gallery booth. As if Rock Hudson sporting war paint isn't bizarre enough, how about Mr. Stewart's "a-boy-named-Lynne" character allowing Dutch's gang to ride off with BOTH the hijacked gold shipment AND the Tascosa Wells Fargo Bank depositors' life savings just so that he could engage in brotherly (tough) love? I'd re-watch HIGH NOON or even STAGECOACH (John Wayne's Dagwood Bumstead buttons and all) rather than view WINCHESTER '73 again.
The Big Shoot Out.
This was the first movie in which a major star eschewed any salary, settling instead for a take of the nut. It was also the first collaboration between Jimmy Stewart and Anthony Mann in Westerns, in which Mann was to draw out the rage behind Stewart's amiable presentation of self, of which heretofore there had only been prodromal symptoms.

Stewart is Lin McAdam and Stephen McNally is Dutch Henry Brown in the post Civil War West. They are at odds with each other. You can tell long before the final reveal which one is the instigator because Lin McAdam is a "good" name while "Dutch Henry Brown" sounds like the color scheme of some camouflage pattern designed for use in combat that takes place in fertilizer warehouses. In case there's any doubt, McNally is dressed in sloppy clothes that don't look simply dusty but actually black with grease, as if he'd just crawled out from beneath a car. He needs a shave too.

Stewart wins a prize Winchester at a shooting match in Dodge City but McNally bops him over the head and takes off with the rifle. The movie consists of watching Stewart pursue McNally's bad guy all over the Southwest, and of watching the rifle change hands multiple times.

There is a foiled bank robbery in Tascosa, Texas, which is now a ghost town. (Be sure to visit the ghostly court house.) Actually it was filmed amid the crumbling adobe, the saguaro and ocotillo of Old Tucson, Arizona. The final, inevitable shoot out between Lin and Dutch Henry takes place among high, rocky crags. A ton of lead is exchanged between the two expert rifle shots. You have never seen so many bullets fly between two men. And the misses are extremely close, sometimes only an inch or two. You may wonder how this illusion is achieved. It's done by a man just out of camera range shooting what looks like a child's toy gun, loaded with pellets made of dust.

The supporting cast is made up of names and faces that are now easily recognized if they weren't before. Black and white photography can be extremely expressive in the right hands, used for the right movies, but this isn't one of them. William Daniels has done good work elsewhere but this should have been in color.
one of a long string of excellent Jimmy Stewart westerns
This is one of Jimmy Stewart's earliest westerns, having made a string of them from early through mid 1950s. All featured sprawling on-location cinematography and excellent acting--as the studios provided him with excellent supporting casts and decent plots.

As far as these films go, this isn't among the best, as the film has several clichés that make it seem a tier below the others in quality. In know this is definitely a pet peeve of mine, but whenever westerns feature such characters as Wyatt Earp, I get a little irritated. He was not that significant a figure in western history and if he'd only done half the things they showed him do in movies, it would have taken 6 lifetimes to cram all the stuff into it!! Plus, this movie also throws Bat Masterson into the mix. Why, I really don't know. I guess at least the film gets some recognition for the most unusual Earp, as it's played by Will Gear of all people! Apart from that silly subplot at the beginning of the film, it's a pretty decent film. It's one of the few Stewart made in black & white, but with excellent acting and suspense, it's not an issue. It's worth seeing but not exactly a classic. Try seeing NAKED SPUR or BEND OF THE RIVER--other Stewart films that feature just a tiny bit better story.

FINALLY--Watch closely for the future stars. Rock Hudson plays, of all people, an Indian chief! Also, later Tony Curtis plays a bit part as a cavalry man--in the credits he's billed as "Anthony Curtis".
Landmark western with excellent acting for an outstanding casting
The picture is developed in 1873 and talks as Lin McAdam(James Stewart) and High Spade(Millard Michell)arrive to Dodge City looking for an enemy called Dutch Henry(Stephen McNally).The sheriff Wyatt Hearp(Will Ger)obligates to leave their guns.Both participate in an shot contest and Stewart earns a Winchester 73,the rifle greatest of the west but is robbed and starting the possession hand to hand(John McIntire,Charles Drake ,Dan Duryea).Meanwhile the starring is going on the vengeance.

First western interpreted by James Stewart directed by Anthony Mann that achieved revive the genre during 50 decade. The film has an extraordinary casting including brief apparition of Rock Hudson and Tony Curtis,both newcomers. The picture is well narrated and directed by the magnificent director Anthony Mann who has made abundant classics western:Bend the river,Far country,man of Laramie,naked spur,tin star. Of course, all the essential elements western are in this film,thus,Red Indians attack,raid by outlaws,final showdown.The breathtaking cinematography by Greta Garbo's favourite photographer Willian Daniels. James Stewart inaugurated a new type of wage,the percentage on the box office that will imitate posteriorly others great Hollywood stars. Although the argument is an adaptation of ¨Big gun¨ novel of Stuart L.Lake and screenwriter is Borden Chase,is also based about real events because 4 July 1876 in Dodge City had a shot competition and the winner was rewarded with a Winchester 73 model 1873 with ability shoot 17 cartridges caliber 44/40 in few seconds.
Odd western
WINCHESTER 73 is the story of a man (Jimmy Stewart) obsessed with getting back his prized possession, a repeating rifle made by Winchester. The rifle keeps changing hands, and Stewart doggedly keeps after it. This 1950 B&W effort by Anthony Mann is more a crime film than a traditional western, and the cowboys often seem more like modern-day gangsters than old-fashioned cowboys. Shelley Winters plays a woman of questionable virtue who is headed for a ranch with a man (Charles Drake) she may marry. She ends up falling for Stewart, but not before she is passed around a bit. Winters is the most complex character in a film filled with unusual characters. Watch for a young Dan Dureyea as a nutty killer and Tony Curtis in a very small role. A woefully miscast Will Geer plays Wyatt Earp.
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