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Adventure, Sci-Fi, Romance, Family, Animation
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Andrew Stanton
Ben Burtt as WALL路E
Jeff Garlin as Captain McCrea
Fred Willard as Shelby Forthright - BnL CEO
MacInTalk as AUTO
Kathy Najimy as Mary
Sigourney Weaver as Ship's Computer
Kim Kopf as Hoverchair Mother
Teddy Newton as Steward Bots (voice)
Lori Alan as Additional Voices (voice)
Bob Bergen as Additional Voices (voice)
Paul Eiding as Additional Voices (voice)
Donald Fullilove as Additional voices (voice) (as Don Fullilove)
Teresa Ganzel as Additional Voices (voice)
John Cygan as Additional Voices (voice)
Storyline: In a distant, but not so unrealistic, future where mankind has abandoned earth because it has become covered with trash from products sold by the powerful multi-national Buy N Large corporation, WALL-E, a garbage collecting robot has been left to clean up the mess. Mesmerized with trinkets of Earth's history and show tunes, WALL-E is alone on Earth except for a sprightly pet cockroach. One day, EVE, a sleek (and dangerous) reconnaissance robot, is sent to Earth to find proof that life is once again sustainable. WALL-E falls in love with EVE. WALL-E rescues EVE from a dust storm and shows her a living plant he found amongst the rubble. Consistent with her "directive", EVE takes the plant and automatically enters a deactivated state except for a blinking green beacon. WALL-E, doesn't understand what has happened to his new friend, but, true to his love, he protects her from wind, rain, and lightning, even as she is unresponsive. One day a massive ship comes to reclaim EVE, but WALL-E, ...
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Out of this WORLD!
I saw Wall E not too long ago, and It was one of the BEST Pixar animated films made.

It takes animation to a whole new level. The fact that there are little to no words conveyed in the first half and the movie was still so amazing? Just dazzles me.

This is a movie you can watch with family, a girlfriend, even alone, and still enjoy it undeniably.

This is a movie that you can really feel the passion Pixar put in it. You can feel the emotion that all the characters are feeling.

Wall E was also moved along very nicely. Not too rushed, not too slow. If you haven't watched Wall E cause you think It looks silly, you are wrong, and I suggest that you watch it as soon as you can, because this isn't a movie that is better to watch on DVD.
Very Disappointing
I don't know if I would have liked this movie better if my expectations weren't so high.

I agree with those critics who say the first half hour, which contained so little dialogue, was excellent. However, in the remainder of the movie, the animation got in the way of the story. The animation was stunning, but it was also distracting. In Ratatouille and Toy Story 2, the story drove the movie, and although the animation was great, it wasn't so overwhelming that it interfered.

I recently took my granddaughter to see Kung Fu Panda, which was not as well animated but overall was much more enjoyable. The greatness of the animation can detract from the greatness of the movie.
What a cartoon!
I have never thought that a cartoon , done in a classic ,e.g.-Disneyan way, by using the armada of talented artists and their drawing ,sketching etc. hand skills ,or , all these on the rows of computers , could be more humanistic that a non-animated product , a feature film , but , what Disney - the Pixar geniuses have achieved with this , is simply, beyond words ,and I have to reiterate here that what stands out is the basic building block of any work of art , that is the need to tell , describe , warn ,where talent simply lashes out ,and as is the case with Wall-E ,where the story carries everything, and the perfect digital animation ,voice characterization ( the main computer's voice is no other than Madame S.Weaver's ,and the same goes for her as for Mr . C.Eastwood , namely , the 'older' she is ,the better she is !), musical scenes are all fused into this cinematic evergreen ! Yes, as an adult and a sort of a movie buff , I simply cannot believe what kind of satisfaction and personal hopes of a better world in the middle of an interpersonal , financial and moral crisis this cartoon has reignited in me , again stressing the most basic cosmic and religious rule that love is possible ,that a better world is possible , that peace is possible ! And , what more can you wish for !
Wow !!!
Pixar and Disney have done it again! This is an historic piece of film-making and an example of what can happen when a studio like Pixar continually refuses to compromise making the best film possible....every time...and we're talking nine times now in a row!!! This movie works as kid's movie, a science fiction film, a romantic comedy, and for much of it...a silent film. It had a great message but was not preachy. It had stunning visuals throughout. My expectations were so high for this film...and yet they were far exceeded by the geniuses at Pixar...I don't know how they do it. This movie makes up for the disappointment I felt after seeing the latest Indiana Jones installment. Spielberg and Lucas, I have a "directive" for you. Take your kids to see WALL-E immediately, and definitely take notepad!!!

Overall Score: 9.2/10
Wall-E is A-dorable
I saw Wall-E at a special sneak preview. I'm not a Pixar fanboy. I've enjoyed a number of their movies, but this is first I've seen at the theater.

Wall*e was an enjoyable diversion. The titular character is robot that has spent his many days performing his task in isolation. All the other robots have worn out over time. Wall*e is different in that he is a survivor. In the many years he has worked, he has evolved a sense of self. Unfortunately, that involves a feeling of loneliness. After a significant event, it is resolving this loneliness that becomes his quest.

The stars of the shows are the various robots. Their emotions are inferred through their actions, grunts, clicks and the occasional verbalization. This however is not a limitation. Pixar has created characters you care about. Wall*e is a hero in the tradition of Danny Kaye. He is a simple guy with simple ambitions that just happen to coincide with the events in the movie. He isn't glory seeking, he just wants companionship in the sappiest Disney tradition. It is this purity of soul that is his most endearing quality.

This more of a kid's film that past Pixar efforts and the hand of Disney is firmly felt. There are sweeping scenes that designed to evoke adolescent dreams and emotions. That is not to say adults won't find it enjoyable. Pixar takes shot at a couple of themes; Consumerism, the environment, even some mild political humor. There are even a couple of gags relating to cockroaches and Twinkies which have oft been repeated. However, it lacks some of the sly adult wit that some of the previous films had.

There little highbrow comedy here. Most of the gags come from slapstick pratfalls and such. However, the gags are executed with such precision, and the characters are so compelling that they were very effective. The rest of the humor consists of sight gags. Most not rising to the point past a chuckle, but taken as whole weaves a rich tapestry of the world that Wall-E lives in.

Adults will find it enjoyable. Kids will love it beyond words and you're going to have to buy them Wall-E dolls for Christmas.
Actions speak louder than words
WALL-E is set in a dystopian future where the Earths surface has been over-run by waste, poisoning the atmosphere and rendering life impossible.

Abandoning the planet, the Humans of Earth seek sanctuary in the stars, leaving the dutiful task of cleaning up after themselves to a legion of Robot's - Waste Allocator Load Lifter's - Earth class (Wall-E's).

After 700 years, civilisation has forgotten about Earth and the WALL-E fleet has worn itself down to 1. Infinitely curious, the remaining 'bot is captivated by a new presence, EVA, thrust onto the planet by an unknown vessel.

Their slowly developing friendship is tested to the limit when EVA is immobilised and taken back to her mother ship. The Luxury Cruise vessel which houses the remaining few humans who have become totally reliant on their technology and are oblivious to the fight for their true homes survival.

The protagonists' communication is restricted to a few awkward phrases and limited expression, posing a significant challenge to Disney/Pixar. Yet throughout the film I passionately longed for the happiness and safety of the animated duo. The characters are complete and well rounded and far from a hindrance, the lack of spoken language gives a totally unique perspective to their story.

Disney/Pixar have achieved a monumental masterwork worthy of admiration. It's clear that a lot of love has gone in to this movie, with every scene a visual masterpiece, offering overpowering aesthetic beauty and minute attention to detail which creates as much a work of art as any sculpture or painting.

The film lacks many of the sneaky Innuendo's that often tickle the adult viewer, but manages to reach all age groups in an effective and powerful manner. Through explosive laser battles and dramatic backdrops, hilarious miss-haps and a torturous climax, every range of emotion is comprehensively invoked leaving the audience exhausted and exhilarated.

The plot is fairly typical of a Disney film and leaves few surprises, the three-phased story telling that has made Disney famous has always proved successful and does not fail here. An imperfect balance is torn to shreds and eventually put right, bringing a brighter future for all.

The much criticised ending symbolises the ideal of Love conquering all, and relies on the immersive characterisation over believability, which far from a weakness, perpetuates the theme of the piece.

Up against strong competition, WALL-E's chance of big box-office success is mired by its Target Market, but unlike the blockbusters it's up against, it truly will appeal to everyone.
A Convenient Truth
Wall E is the most excellent, thought provoking film there is since SpiderMan's (with great power comes great responsibility). It gives us the haunting truth about the 'utopia' life we'll have, if we don't do something NOW to conserve this wonderful planet, to stop pollution. Using actions instead of words, Wall E continues to do his duty though he is the only one left. He is also very humane, caring for the cockroach, and very friendly towards Eve, though she tried to kill him many times at first. He would also sacrifice himself for Earth, and he nearly died. Wall E might tremble at the sight of a spaceship, but he is incredibly brave in rescuing Eve and the shoot. The scene with the couple singing and holding hands really strikes a chord into our hearts. He might be outdated as a robot, but he would do anything to save Earth. Eve was at first a cold robot, but after Wall E touches her, she became more interesting, especially when she thought Wall E had forgotten her, she looked so crushed. She was also cool as a flying supergirlfriend. Also, though she likes to laser many things, she is nice to the cockroach too. The captain is a nice guy, he is willing to do what many generations ahead of him had opted for the easy way, face the damage of earth and do his best, because THIS IS OUR HOME!! He'd rather do the right thing than the easy thing. GO! The idea of humans becoming lazy and dependent on robots is frightening. We would only care about ourselves and dump Earth. Maybe dump the spaceship too if it's got too much trash. I hope we will not end up like this!! Can't even stand, or turn over, relying on a robot and chair. Wall E is great! DON'T MISS THE BEST MOVIE THERE EVER WAS!
Great movie - Very touching - Family fun
This was an excellent movie. It will make any one of any age laugh, tear up, laugh some more. And the subtle messages will make you think.

I really enjoyed this movie as a 31 year old woman (no kids) I even liked the opening magic/bunny cartoon.

One thing I think is off...

Hello Dolly and Michael Crawford have such pivotal roles in the movie that Jerry Herman (the composer) and Michael Crawford (Seen Singing "it only takes a moment") Should have been credited. I didn't see them in the end credits or on this site. (Granted I didn't sit through the WHOLE credits. So maybe they were closer to the end)

I'll have to check if they are near the end when I buy it on DVD.

Yes, this is worth adding to your DVD collection! Highly recommended! Solid A
Honestly? This is the best Disney/Pixar movie I have seen
I'm starting to wonder if there is bad Disney/Pixar film, I mean, normally when we think of the combo, it does equal gold, we automatically know that everyone is going to love this movie, it's just a matter of comparison to the other animation films. I'm not just saying this because I had a good time when I was watching this, I'm very serious, this is my favorite Disney/Pixar film. It's completely worth the ticket price, this couldn't have been a more perfect film. Everything about WALL·E is just beyond great: the characters, the story, and the incredible animation. But the thing that I loved about WALL·E is it's message, I know that it does go a little over board with the "jog or get fat", "throw your garbage away", and the "we've become too dependent on machines" message, but I felt this was the most charming way to present it to the children who have to grow up in a world where they're going to have to worry about global warming, this may open their eyes a little.

WALL·E is a robot that is left all alone on Planet Earth, Earth is now covered with garbage. The humans have left onto a corporate ship and are living their lives care free and well, thought free. WALL·E has been collecting little human pieces here and there and making them into his treasures, but the one thing he really wants is a friend. One day a ship lands with a female robot, Eve, who WALL·E just adores, but Eve is on a mission to find a plant to bring back onto the human ship to show that Earth is safe. But when the ship grabs Eve, WALL·E follows her and discovers the mutiny that is afoot on the ship. Everyone is overweight, can't walk, can't think for themselves, and let's all the robots do all the work for them. But WALL·E and Eve are on the mission to get them back to Earth and give it a little love.

WALL·E is seriously the best movie I have seen this summer, I just adored this movie, it has great laughs, cute jokes and is entertaining for the whole family. Like I said before, when it's Disney/Pixar you just can't go wrong. WALL·E is one of their most lovable characters ever and was like the robot version of Charlie Chaplin, he brought great slap stick to the story. This movie delivers everything you can imagine and much more, not to mention a great message. I highly recommend this movie for everyone, it's just a very wonderful movie that anyone can enjoy. The animation, I can't believe how far we've come, but this was a beautifully made movie and couldn't have been better. I loved WALL·E, this is a movie that will bring you plenty of laughs for your summer.

Brilliant and Powerful
My son wanted to see this, and so I looked it up on IMDb.com just to see what it was about. There was a lot of debate about it on the forum. A lot of people hated it and said they walked out; some were offended. This made me actually want to go see it. My favorite movies are written and directed by David Lynch, and so many people hate those movies. Sometimes I think that people just need their sh*t handed to them on a silver platter - they don't like to actually have to THINK about the plot. ...Not that Wall-E is hard to follow, but it takes a certain caliber of intelligence to appreciate a film that doesn't have any dialogue for the first 40 minutes. In my opinion, to pull off getting your audience to connect to a character so intensely without him saying a word of dialogue is just pure brilliance. This doesn't sound like a kid movie at all, does it? In fact, I do not think that young children could understand the true meaning of the movie.

It's 700 years from now and we have Wall-E, a little trash compactor robot, whose only job is to clean the mess that the earth has become after humans have turned it into a giant landfill and abandoned it for another planet. There is no life on earth, no grass, nothing - just garbage. He spends his days doing this along with one cockroach who has also survived this "apocalypse." Occasionally Wall-E finds a piece of garbage he wants to keep, and he has his own little area which he made for himself where he keeps his collections. One day he finds a small plant growing in from the dirt and is amazed by it as he has never seen vegetation or life of any kind. He scoops it up and puts it in an old boot with some dirt and adds it to his collection. Wall-E realizes he is lonely when he finds a video tape and watches the humans dancing happily, holding hands and laughing. He sees that his "hand" (claw) is very similar to a human's hand, and wonders why he has to be alone.

After a spaceship landing to deliver another robot sent to clean up the mess (EVE), Wall-E and EVE become friends and Wall-E shows her all of his collections, but when he shows her the plant, her "body" opens up, captures the plant, and then she shuts down completely. The spaceship returns to get her but Wall-E, determined not to lose his friend, holds onto the spaceship and flies into outer space.

The destination is the other planet "Axiom" that the humans now live on. Everywhere you look is bright flashing lights and signs for food and shopping. The humans are all grotesquely overweight and travel around in hovering chairs. They are brainwashed and memorized by flashing screens in front of their faces - which from what I gathered seemed to be a combination TV/phone/ordering service. Consumerism is out of control as everyone is eating and shopping and glued to their TV screens. Up until now, there was no dialogue in the movie. The humans never get up from their chairs, and they never have to, because of the technology. There are robots everywhere doing all the work so humans are free to do whatever they want; however, all they want is to shop, eat, and watch TV. They are also obviously a lot less intelligent. At one point even, the captain of the ship needs to look at some sort of manual, and doesn't know how to read or even open the book - nor has he ever even heard of a book.

Once they find out there is life on earth again, they are disappointed because they'll have to go back to rebuild it and give up their lifestyles.

Throughout all of this the sub-plot is about the connection that Wall-E and EVE have, which is definitely more picked up by the kids. They get separated, and back together, one is in trouble and the other one helps ...etc. Sounds kind of cheesy when I describe, but was also extremely powerful in the ways in which it was conveyed. I won't write anymore, in the event that someone is still reading this and actually wants to see it. But seriously - go see it. ;-)
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