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Voyage of the Unicorn
USA, Canada
Adventure, Fantasy
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Philip Spink
Beau Bridges as Alan Aisling
Colin Heath as Malachi
Chantal Conlin as Cassie Aisling
Markus Parilo as Oberon
Ocean Hellman as Titania
Heather McEwen as Miranda Aisling
Kimberly Hawthorne as Sphinx (as Kimberly Hawthorne)
Kira Clavell as Medusa
John DeSantis as Cratch
Wanda Cannon as Lily Aisling
Adrien Dorval as Mog (as P. Adrien Dorval)
Mackenzie Gray as Skotos
Mark Gibbon as Minotaur
Storyline: A professor, grieving for his dead wife, and his two daughters unwillingly journey to a parallel universe of fairy court, marauding trolls, and a prophecy that they will save this nether world. They board the Unicorn, a magic ship manned by elves. In the search for a dragon who will help them fulfill the prophecy, they encounter the Minotaur, Medusa, the Sphinx, an ogre, and a unicorn whose tears they need to reverse one of Medusa's misguided stares. The trolls also seek the dragon. Capture and slavery awaits failure, while faith precedes the miracle. The spirit of their mother is close to the girls, who must find courage and imagination, while Dad must keep his wits.
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My belief in things concerning the other-worldly: confirmed
I watched this movie at a pretty difficult point in my life but after the first 15 minutes all of my troubles seemed distant. Most fantasy films on television are far to risqué for my particular tastes and I usually have to send my children out if I am to succumb to my urge to watch them. I invited all but a few of my children into the room to watch this with me. The four of us were whisked away into a land of "what-if" possibilities. This is a child-friendly film--and even has some children in it--with great things to say about our human nature. There is a wide variety of amazing effects which repeatedly surprised me time and time again. There are faeries--and though some might think that I am too old to enjoy the notion of faeries I enjoy them an awful lot nevertheless. The I am glad to see that the schools are finally coming around to teach old-fashioned values of "believing in yourself" and "imagination," and not just relying on the newer-found values of "science" and "budgeting." If we keep this up, then eventually anything will be possible. Even, maybe, the IMpossible.
Family film monster
Worst kind of family film. Although the make up department must certainly have sweated their pants out, the total outcome is outright ugliness.

First of all, the story is very uninteresting and uninspiredly written; they try to blend a number of different and unrelated mythical stories and come up with a moronic hotchpotch that's really an insult to intelligence. It all looks like nobody cared to write a descent script and it seems as if every single scene is improvised from scratch without any rehearsal what so ever.

The characters are utterly predictable and fail miserably in creating a personality. Their overdone goodness and badness gives me the creeps. Beau Bridges is the scariest of all. A family film monster if you ask me.
Not very faithful to the book
A couple of years ago, I got a book from my parents call "Voyage of the Basset", which I fell in love with completely (as I'm a huge fan of mythology). Then, last summer, I came across this movie on my TiVO listing and decided to record it, recognizing it immediately as being based off one of my all-time favorite books. However, I was soon disappointed.

The original story takes place back in the 19th century, when a professor is fired for teaching mythology and preaching the use of imagination. Then, he and his two daughters board the Basset, which is run by multiple dwarfs (in the movie, there are only two). Many elements are still the same (including the minotaur and Medusa joining the voyage, though the sphinx joins early on as well, and

so does a manticore). Also, the plotline with Oberon and Titania is really bizarre and has nothing to do with the original story.

Overall, the movie isn't half bad, but if you're expecting it to be just like the story, it's really a waste of time and rather annoying.
Very good fantasy family entertainment.
Although Beau Bridges is getting a little long in the tooth to play the father of teenagers, much less a swashbuckler, he once again provided us with good entertainment. Thank you Beau. The rest of the cast was up to the job as well. Some,(but not all) of the makeup was a little mask-like, but the overall effect was pretty good. The only low point was a sequence involving the older daughter which looked like a music video produced by a seventh grade drama class. Fortunately it didn't last long enough to make me go for the remote. All in all it is a good watch and a lot of good clean family entertainment. A few parts may be a little scary for the younger kids (Tho I've seen seven year olds play video games that scare ME) but if you explain to them ahead of time that its only a fairy tale they should be o.k.. Its well worth watching. I'll give it a score of eight.
Wow. Hard To "Credendo Vides", That This Was Prior To The 'Narnia' Films By Disney
not only was this imaginative television movie ahead of Disney's 'Narnia' films by a few years, it's also a lot about how a low budget encourages creativity and can lead to inspired visual solutions. so much of the interesting, 'OZ'/Sid & Marty Kroft retro look was due to obvious budget limitations. good. i thought the visuals were lots of fun. i get a little tired of all the CGI realism in the Disney 'Narnia' films.

this also seemed to have a good underlying, Christian message for Christians, much like the C.S. Lewis stories. especially evident in the quote and musical theme, "Faith Proceeds the Miracle".

this was a good wholesome action fantasy for families. it features some charming and quaint visual effects that should also amuse most cinema fans.

i would also highly recommend this film to Christian audiences because of it's wholesome content and overtly Christian metaphors.
My favorite movie
The people in this move did a very good job. I especially liked Sebastian and Miranda. Kristian Ayre and Heather McEwen did very good acting jobs. The plot to the story was very good also. I think the only problem with it is if you look carefully at the last part of the battle when the last shot is fired. Either there's a big problem, or there's a sequel planned.
Not bad for a religious (spiritual) film
I don't like films that are overly preachy. A lot of religious films tend to preach to the point of being redundant. Thankfully this is not one. Voyage of the Unicorn had me caught up in the adventure, so much, that I did not realize it was trying to convey a message about having faith. It was there from the beginning but not to the point of knocking my head with it.

The Aisling family has to escape trolls by traveling to another universe. The lose of the Aisling matriarch is still very upsetting to them. This adventure serves as an awakening to a new start. The family grows stronger through having faith.

This could be a completely misguided assessment. It just seems like this is what was done. This movie isn't perfect, with several odd moments, but it will suffice for a presumably low budget fantasy film. As a bonus the music score and selections are nice fit for this film.
The Best Film Ever
this is one of my favorite films ever because the story is so amazing. the acting is really good and its just wonderful! i was so blown away by the set and the props. it really was like a whole other world came to life. I was really glad that this film wasn't like the other films where the characters go to another world. It wasn't like narnia at all. i find that lots of films that deal with traveling to another dimension and all fairly similar. this film was very different! it also wasn't like lord of the rings either. lots of fantasy stories follow the same ideas and principals. This one was different and really good. I love the way the actors worked together. They had a lot of chemistry. that is really important to any play, movie, skit, ext. that was really cool to see on screen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Show your children this film if you want to CLOSE their minds.
Some good eye candies are ruined in this movie by the most outrageous comments I've heard in a children's movie. "When it comes to magic, don't ask too many questions" came out of one child's mouth. The writer's obviously no fan of William Drummond ("He that will not reason is a bigot; he that cannot reason is a fool; he that dares not reason is a slave"). Or how about some Socrates ("There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance").

"Faith precedes miracles" is another gem from the child. But when faith doesn't work, it's fate, or God's will, or a test, or, uh, mysterious ways.

The film also sets up from the start a false dichotomy about reality and magic. That, of course, implies a god of the gaps, and in any case, as Friedrich Nietzsche pointed out, "a casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything."

The funniest thing, though, is that the dad let slip that "snakes are common in mythology." Then the child devalues the library.

Then the dad attempts magic and the daughter an Indian dance. The story ends with the girl saying, "By believing one sees." That's all the evidence anyone has of faith: they must first delude themselves.
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