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Drama, Action, War, Sport
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John Huston
Michael Caine as Capt. John Colby - The Players: England
John Wark as Arthur Hayes - The Players: Scotland
Søren Lindsted as Erik Ball - Allied Soccer Player - The Players: Denmark (as Soren Linsted)
Russell Osman as Doug Clure - The Players: England
Co Prins as Pieter Van Beck - The Players: Holland
Mike Summerbee as Sid Harmor - Allied Soccer Player - The Players: England
Osvaldo Ardiles as Carlos Rey - Allied Soccer Player - The Players: Argentina
Kazimierz Deyna as Paul Wolchek - The Players: Poland
Hallvar Thoresen as Gunnar Hilsson - The Players: Norway
Paul Van Himst as Michel Fileu - The Players: Belgium
Bobby Moore as Terry Brady - Allied Soccer Player - The Players: England
Pelé as Cpl. Luis Fernandez - Allied Soccer Player - The Players: Brazil
Sylvester Stallone as Captain Robert Hatch - The Players: U.S.A.
Max von Sydow as Major Karl Von Steiner - The Germans (as Max Von Sydow)
Storyline: In World War II, a group of Nazi officers come up with a propaganda event in which an all star Nazi team will play a team composed of Allied Prisoners of War in a Soccer (Football) game. The Prisoners agree, planning on using the game as a means of escape from the camp.
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Implausible but enjoyable
I was looking through the action collection at the video store and trying to find something that might interest my husband and myself, a daunting task. When I picked up Victory, I thought 'why not?' as it has Max Von Sydow who we both enjoy. The fact that it had Michael Caine was an added bonus. Besides I wanted to know what kind of film could have those two AND Sylvester Stallone. Somehow I couldn't picture Stallone playing football with the Europeans, at least not doing it well. I was right. Stallone couldn't play, but it didn't matter because that was part of the shtick for the character.

I'll admit that there were a couple of places where the plot was rather predictable and places where I simply thought it was completely unbelievable. However, all in all I would recommend this movie. It's fun and, at times, touching.
Motivating Movie
Many people have passed negative comments about this film.If you study it closely, though, you will notice many positive and original scenes.

The football is not exaggerated like many other sporting Movies.

I first saw it when it was released in 1981/82 and thought it was very good. As a War film it is only average, but as a Football spectacle it is very interesting. The fact that the makers used real life footballers, including the great man himself "Pele" is original. We are actually seeing first class football players do their stuff in a controlled Movie enviroment... Heck some of them even try to act!

I think Michael Caine and Sly would have enjoyed making this Movie.

The message from the Movie is that Football is a game which is understood by everyone and will always be played under any circumstances. It is the Universal game and always will be!
One of the best sport sequences in a movie?
While some may describe the bulk of this movie 'predictable', the final match sequence is simply breathtaking, and the soundtrack by Bill Conti is incredibly powerful, up there with the best in any 'war-time' movie.

The 'Great Escape' style storyline may have been done before, but the end justifies the means in what is, in my opinion, an under-rated movie.

It is interesting to see Sylvester Stallone playing football, alongside Michael Caine, and players such as Pele and Ozzy Ardiles. Enough reason alone to see the film. Stallone plays the loud-mouth American who is only interested in literally 'tackling' players, but who turns out to be a very good goalkeeper.

Real-life players, led by Pele, do their part to support the script, but the film really comes into its own in the final match scene, which still moves me after all these years.

Very stirring stuff.
Anachronism Rules!
Escape To Victory is so silly, so stupid, so asinine, so inane, so unbelievable that it's great to watch!

Did people actually pay money to see this on the silver screen? Did they really journey to the cinema, hand over their hard-earned salary and make the effort to find a seat, sit down and--seriously--watch this? CNN should investigate!

We are presented with nothing worth analysing or critiquing, so I'm not going to bother. All I will say is, suspend disbelief for two hours.

I could actually feel the sensation as my credulity was stretched further than the distance between the sun and Pluto.

And to top off this big, dumb, silly movie is the anachronism to end all anachronisms! In the final scene, after the football match has been won, the crowd invades the pitch. The Nazis look on in horror as a multitude of people approach - WEARING FLARES and bearing AFROS!!!

They look like they stepped out of a Rolling Stones concert and into this movie. I laughed until I cried. Worth sitting through for that alone! Anachronism rules!
Once again, you can't trust the critics.
John Huston's Victory has probably seen so much critical scorn it's mind boggling. Is this movie Oscar material? Certainly not, but it's a great film in many ways.

First of all, Bill Conti offers up a first rate uplifting musical score. It's outstanding work and you hear a bit of resemblence to the score he wrote for a 1982 film that received a little bit of notoriety -- The Right Stuff.

Next, the cinematography is simply gorgeous. Soccer is not an easy sport to film and I think this film was done wonderfully. I thought the choice of film stock, a certain amount of grain to make it almost like you're watching a documentary was a nice touch. Some of the action shots and slow-mos are absolutely wonderful to behold.

Finally, we have a nice plot with a couple of surprises, a great cast, and an auteur director. Certainly, Huston was in failing health and not at the top of his game by this time but his work on this film was still memorable. For me I will always remember the wonderful line with "The Forger" asking Hatch "You don't want to get shot as a spy do you?" And the quick reply, "No, I don't want to get shot as anything." Simple one liner, uncomplicated, yet funny.

Victory is a great inspirational film, a sure hit for soccer fans (of course he wasn't offside - he was behind the ball when it was struck!) and a nice film for war buffs. Just ignore Maltin et al and spend the time watching it, widescreen DVD recommended, you won't be sorry.
Silly but fun
Escape to Victory has to be one of the silliest premises of all war/escape related movies.

Think "The Great Escape" played for laughs.

Sylvester Stallone is a parallel for Steve McQueen's "Hiltz, the Cooler King" character in the latter.

Of course where would the film be without Michael Cane or indeed Sylvester Stallone.

Then again one must remember that when viewing this movie it plays upon the 1966 World Cup glory of England.

With the token representatives of Bobby Moore and Mike Summerbee it does seem to feel like flogging a dead horse by utilising players who some may say left their glory days behind them.

It is almost an afterthought that the likes of Pele and Ozzie Ardeles are included.

The fact that five players from the eastern block (Czechoslovakia and Poland) were allowed (one even playing in the match) can perhaps be read as a subtext for unity.

**** SPOILER ALERT **** The final score? Well football is not something easily filmed as a "staged" event. Choreographed it may well have been. Realistic? Perhaps not, but it did indeed contain elements of excitement and of course the obvious set-ups for both Pele and Ardeles.

**** SPOILER ALERT END **** The knowing smile on Max Von Sydow's face at the end where the players disappear into the masses tells more than perhaps everything else before.

A great movie? No. A good movie? No.

A fun movie? Yes. So how exactly did all these great football players end up in a German prisoner of war camp? Who knows and really who cares.

Never in the history of war/escape movies has one been made so far removed from the truth.

The sharper, more real aspects of the war, the Germans and so forth are glossed over, though reference is made to the "non existence" of the POles and their initial appearance does indeed give deference to the appalling treatment they were subjected too.

Up there with the best Irwin Allen made. Cheesy, silly, laughable but just a great fun movie. Light entertainment.
This film is pure genius. That's it.
Fussbol with gravitas.
This kind of football is serious business. Oh, I know it seems silly for a group of Allied prisoners during World War II to sacrifice their chance to escape just so they can go back and whup the pro team of Nazis. A ridiculous fantasy. It's just a game, after all.

But there seems to be something about what Americans call soccer that really gets the testosterone flowing. There have been several riots over the last decade or two in soccer stadiums, some with fatalities. And in 1968, shortly after a three-game series between El Salvador and Honduras, we had the so-called soccer war between the two impoverished Central American countries. The armed forces were engaged. A C-47 flew over the enemy's lines, rolling 50 gallon drums and other ammunition out the door, hoping some of it might somehow explode. It would have been comic had not 2,000 people died, 8,000 been wounded, and perhaps 50,000 displaced.

John Huston must have made this kind of movie for that kind of audience. It's one of his minor works and we don't get to see the director having any real fun putting it together. It's about a rag tag team of POWs thrown against a Nazi team and passing up their opportunity to escape in order to finish the game. (Guess who wins.) I gather that our team is made up of real-life soccer heroes. Even a provincial American has heard of Pele. Except for Rocky Balboa, who is the world's heavyweight boxing champion. Oh, and Michael Caine, whose paycheck couldn't have been of sufficient magnitude to compensate him for the waste of his natural acting talent in this movie. It's really not much more than a big soccer game climax grafted onto a standard POW escape movie.

You ought to hear the Shastakovich-like heroic music when one of the teams wins. I'll bet that gets the old testosterone flowing, but I think I'll stick with those lines of wooden figures that kick a ball bearing back and forth on a table top. That way, if I have a chance to escape from prison, I can just say the hell with it and run away.
a winner on hands
what a fantastic soccer movie.. I mean if we keep aside some of the visible glitches, then it sure is a good watch. The players keeping their possible escape half the way down the match and putting forward their morale ,their self esteem ahead to give an eventful 2nd half amidst some nasty ploys adapted by the Germans!!! Its heartening watching PELE dribble around with 1 of his hands supporting his injured chest n that last goal off his feet is a treat to watch.I am surprised how come this movie is not even in all time gr8 sports movies lists of IMDb. Max Paine as always has given good performance too.. Some actors do sound a bit wooden but considering that most of them were not actual players....Highly recommended...
Fun, but inaccurate
I saw Victory when it first came out because several of my friends were soccer players. It really is a fun movie, the soccer action is terrific and the cast is very good. Stallone, Caine and von Sydow all shine and Pele is good in his debut. However, the movie is really inaccurate historically. There is no way the Germans would have allowed such a large gathering in any occupied city, let alone Paris, for just what happens at the end of the movie; the fans riot. In reality, the players would have ducked out at halftime and made good their escape. Pride as athletes be damned, this is war.
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