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Underworld Awakening
USA, Canada
Action, Fantasy, Horror
IMDB rating:
Björn Stein, Måns Mårlind
Stephen Rea as Dr. Jacob Lane
Jacob Blair as Officer Kolb
Robert Lawrenson as Waterfront Cop
Lee Majdoub as Desk Guard #1
Catlin Adams as Olivia
Theo James as David
Tyler McClendon as Scientist
Panou as Old City Cop #1
Kate Beckinsale as Selene
Michael Ealy as Detective Sebastian
Charles Dance as Thomas
John Innes as Medical Supervisor
Adam Greydon Reid as Med Tech #1
Storyline: Mankind discover the existence of the Vampire and Lycan species and they begin a war to annihilate the races. When Selene meets with Michael in the harbor, they are hit by a grenade and Selene passes out. Twelve years later, Selene awakes from a cryogenic sleep in the Antigen laboratory and meets the Vampire David. She learns that she had been the subject of the scientist Dr. Jacob Lane and the Vampire and Lycan species have been practically eradicated from Earth. But Selene is still connected to Michael and has visions that she believes that belongs to Michael's sight. However she has a surprise and finds that she has a powerful daughter named Eve that has been raised in the laboratory. Now Selene and David have to protect Eve against the Lycans that intend to use her to inoculate their species against silver.
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not bad
i thought this movie was a little closer in tone to the original, even if nowhere near that great

the fast paced action and conspiracy on top of conspiracy was a lot closer to the original than the other sequels

although not a cinematic masterpiece, I enjoyed this more than any of the other sequels/prequels

i watched this movie at home and not at the theater, so maybe the so called CGI problems were not as problematic here

not sure what people were expecting, but i thought this was a good outing in general

while not a landmark of movie 3D, i thought it did make it more atmospheric and added depth in some cases

I wish i had seen at the cinema TBH :p

recommended :-)
Resident Evil: Underworld
Let me start by stating that I absolutely loved the first 3 Underworld movies and that I've been waiting for this one since I first heard it was being made.

I'm giving it 3 stars because it was an Underworld movie and even if the movie was horrible it still had Kate B. and vampires and Lycans. I was hoping for at least a 9 star movie, but I was sorely disappointed.

The whole entire movie reminded me of how Resident Evil 3D was shot and I hated that look. Please,please, please film the next one for 2D and don't go for 3D just because it's the fad. The first 3 movies looked amazing. The props, the sets, the puppet work... even the CGI that was used was pretty good and doesn't look much worse on DVD. This movie had none of that feel.

The only characters I cared about at all in this movie were Selene and her daughter. The other characters were bland and hardly around for very long. The list of actors in the credits was only something like 15 people long. Don't even get me started on Michael. Movies 1 and 2 were about her and him. To me, you can't have an Underworld movie set after 1 and 2 that doesn't feature him prominently. I haven't heard why they couldn't/didn't get Scott Speedman, but if they don't get him for the next one I'm giving the next one -4 stars without even seeing it. What they did for the 30 seconds the character was in this movie was appalling. I would have rather had them not include him at all. I was actually cheering for the bad guys to kill him off, it bothered me that much.

I was also kind of expecting some sort of return of Lucien somehow. Raze didn't just drop the vampire blood near him and he didn't use it.. but sadly.. no appearance.

Super Lycan.. stupid. In my opinion the CGI used on that character was awful. The whole storyline around that part of the movie also was rather muddled, at least to me.

This whole movie felt like it was just a filler story between movie 2 and a possible movie 5. A bunch of the action was just repeated stuff from the previous movies. More Lycans on walls, shooting floors/ceilings to make them weaker to get through them, etc. It all looks cool, but it's starting to get boring.

It also felt really short. The other movies have always so engrossed me that I felt like I'd been watching them for a long time, which I enjoy. This was so frenetic that just shot by, and not in a good way.

I'm begging the people that make the next one... make it better than this pile o' disappointment. And find Scott Speedman.. stat.
Kate is back
This is continuing where the second movie left off (a few years later obviously). And fortunately for us Kate Beckinsale is back in action again. Unfortunately for us, the story continues to deteriorate further down the drain. Apart from a strong character missing (I'm guessing they'd try to get the person back for a future sequel, if there ever was to be one), this tries to bring as much fresh blood into it as possible (no pun intended).

Action choreography is good, cinematography is good and Kate is great as always. The new additions try their best, but unfortunately as intriguing as they are, this is very predictable fare and therefor not as entertaining as the previous efforts (minus the prequel that is).
A letdown in the Underworld Saga
I am a fan of the series: in this movie, the focus of the story shifts a little - the humans has discovered the other 2 "new" species, and begin to purge from Earth both Vampires and Lycans.

Selene and Michael attempt to escape, but are captured: 12 years latter, Selen awakes in a cryo chamber (Subject 1), in a research facility, and sees another chamber, the Subject 2, believing this is Micheals one - only to discover latter that in this chamber, was a Hybrid 12 years child, her daughter, that is being pursued by surviving Lycans... the rest of the story gets around this: has a lot of action, but a think the focus is too narrow, only in this event, and the movies ends with a direct hook to a 5th movie.

Its a enjoyable sequence, filled with action, but I think it's the poorer one. My score: 5,0 / 10,0.
A lot of action, no story
¨For 12 years, I was held captive by the humans. The world I once knew has changed. Vampires and Lycans are now the hunted.¨ This is the fourth film in the Underworld franchise and this time Kate Beckinsale is back in the lead role after Rhona Mitra starred in the third one alongside Michael Sheen (which served as a prequel to the original film). If you've seen the other films then you probably know what to expect here because it is kind of the same thing: a lot of action and very little dialogue with voice over narration from Selene who lets us know everything that is happening. The first film of the franchise felt fresh and original, but these sequels have to stop because they seem to be repeating themselves with each movie. This time Awakening was directed by the Swedish duo Mans Marlind and Bjorn Stein who have directed other Swedish films together in the past. There were about four screenwriters involved with the script and I really don't see why because there is hardly no story in this film, it focuses almost entirely on the action and there is really very little character development. Fans who are expecting to see a lot of action and eye candy will be satisfied with Kate's performance, but if you were looking for some more depth and more interesting characters then you will be disappointed with this fourth installment. The action is almost nonstop and the film is under 90 minutes long so time does go by pretty fast. If you are satisfied with good visuals then you might enjoy this film, but don't go into it expecting much more.

This fourth installment follows the similar premise where you have the lycans facing off against the vampires, except only this time both sides are being hunted by humans who are trying to exterminate them. Selene (Kate Beckinsale) narrates what is happening while she plans to meet up with Michael and escape with him, but they are ambushed by humans and a grenade goes off. Everything blacks out and we see Selene frozen inside a lab when someone seems to be freeing her. Selene wakes up and realizes she is in the Antigen laboratory run by Dr. Jacob Lane (Stephen Rea) and manages to escape from all the security. Once free she tries to figure out what happened before the explosion went off and realizes that 12 years have gone by while she was kept frozen in the lab. She begins to look for Micheal, believing he was the one that freed her since she seems to be seeing his visions. While she is on the run some humans are after her, and so are some lycans. She runs into another vampire named David (Theo James) who helps her search for Micheal. Soon they realize that those visions Selene is having aren't from Micheal, but from someone else who is connected to her.

The entire movie moves at a really fast pace focusing mostly on the action and visual effects. Kate Beckinsale knows her part by memory and can do those tricks with her eyes closed. She is quite impressive on screen and really kicks some lycan butt. The rest of the cast really don't add anything new to the movie since there is barely any character development. What we have instead are 88 minutes of nonstop action. Other supporting actors in this film are Michael Ealy, India Eisley, Charles Dance, and Kris Holden-Ried. None of them really shine on screen, but they don't have to because Underworld Awakening is all about the action and seeing Beckinsale kill off as many lycans as possible. She does her job and if the viewer is satisfied with that then they will have a great time with this film, if not I would recommend you skip this movie because it has no other value than the well choreographed fighting scenes.

Not much to do with previous Underworld movies
Much has already been said on the poor storyline in this instalment of the Underworld series, but apparently nobody is bothered by the major flaw in the story.

Why would Selene and Michael still be any other than mere humans, since they killed their ancestors, Marcus and William? It is clearly mentioned by Tanis, the historian, in Evolution, that killing a vampire or a lycan kills their whole bloodline. That's why at the end of Evolution Selene isn't burnt by sunlight anymore, and this poor explanation of a "gift by Corvinus" is ridiculous and an insult to the audience.

Sad, because they managed to insert the prequel (Rise of the Lycans) correctly in the initial story. Maybe the writers didn't care anymore this time.
awesome movies
I hope there's a 5th, where they end up finding Michael (father)and all getting back together. You can't expect to watch just one and know what's going on. You have to watch all 4 in order. The only downer was that awakening was only 1.5 hours long, thought there could have been a bit more to it. Hopefully they'll release a extended version on DVD. They could actually release extended version of them all on DVD. It's a great series, my eldest son and I love them. Good action/sci-fi/fantasy series. I really hope they do come out with a 5th. We have all 4 movies and when you watch them in order it's an awesome series. Just wondering if there are books for each movie for more details, would like to buy them. So does anyone know if their coming out with a 5th, if so when?
I loved Underworlds so much I started a fan fiction and people love it
My fan fic takes place roughly fifteen years after Awakening and it refers to occurrences in both Underworld and Evolution, I never saw Rise because Kate Beckinsale wasn't in it.

People have had only good things to say about the story, even though I openly welcome harsher criticism (It's the only way to improve. Please if your a fan of this movie take a look at this TV series like fan fic.

There are many new characters and a Selene is not a frightened little kitten in need of a man like in most fan fics


Selene Eve
Underworld got me enchanted...
I can't remember expecting any film so anxiously as this one.

I'd been overjoyed ever since I heard that a new one was coming and Kate was returning as the Vampire Goddess Selene. And during the days before its release, I was like— Day by day, I've thought about it, watching the previous Underworld films and the new one's trailers countless times, and at night I couldn't sleep, thinking of the greatness that was yet to come.

Then I saw it and got carried away. It was beyond words. As a fan of the franchise, I felt like I was the happiest person on earth!

I can't remember loving any film so much as this one, either. Couldn't help watching this new film over and over again, and each time was filled with joy and excitement.

This is definitely my favorite series when it comes to vampires and lycans. And I'm expecting more Underworld films to come in the future. The story of the series lasts for over a millennium, so there's really a lot more to explore, especially for the prequels.

What about giving us more about the Corvinus clan, the beginning of the vampires and werewolves? Tell us more about Alexander, Marcus, William…with the title "Underworld: Origin", maybe?

And let us see more history about Selene—the time when she got turned into a vampire, given the strength to avenge her family against the lycans, hunting down and killing them off for nearly 6 centuries. That would be a great story to tell!

How about telling more stories of Lucian, showing his experience after the event of "Rise of the Lycans"?

And, give us more about Amelia! The only FEMALE VAMPIRE ELDER portrayed by Zita Gorog is pretty awesome, yet we know so little about her. Prequels could have the chance to bring her back!

More Underworld, more greatness!

An Average Film in an Above Average Series
Kate Beckinsale once again turns in an excellent performance as the Death Dealer, "Selene". Only this time, she teams up with a vampire named "David" (played by Theo James), a human police detective named "Sebastian" (Michael Ealy) and her young hybrid daughter "Eve" (India Eisley). As our story evolves, we find that the humans have now become aware of both the lycans (werewolves) and the vampires and they have launched a massive purge to eliminate both species. After several years of fighting the humans mistakenly believe that the lycans have been totally annihilated and turn all of their focus on exterminating the vampires. But while this was going on, the lycans were secretly rebuilding their ranks and 12 years later have reentered the war on the side of neither the humans nor the vampires. They begin by seeking out Eve for experimental purposes involving genetic manipulation. But in order to capture her they must contend with Selene. Anyway, having given a basic rundown on the film, let me just say that it had some good things going for it--and some not-so-good things as well. First, this picture has a great deal of action and computer graphics which the directors (Mans Marlind and Bjorn Stein) use to keep the picture flowing at a very brisk pace. Unfortunately, there is too much action and not enough dialogue, which causes this film to seem a bit shallow. Another factor involved "Michael" (Scott Speedman) who was noticeably "missing in action" from this movie. Fortunately, Kate Beckinsale once again dominates this film and it is quite likely that she is the only irreplaceable person in this series. Along with that, I liked the addition of David and his presence also helped fill in any gaps that were missing due to the absence of Michael. On the other hand, I didn't care for the addition of Eve as I believe adding another "hybrid" to the story doesn't really add anything significant to this series. Likewise, the fact that she is a 12-year old kid takes a bit off from the "sleek and sexy" quality of past films. In short, this film had some good points, but it had some bad points too. As such, I consider this to be an average film in an above average series. Hopefully, they will realize some of these faults and return to some serious dialogue and plot the next time, instead of just relying on action and CGI to carry the film.
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