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Underworld Awakening
USA, Canada
Action, Fantasy, Horror
IMDB rating:
Björn Stein, Måns Mårlind
Stephen Rea as Dr. Jacob Lane
Jacob Blair as Officer Kolb
Robert Lawrenson as Waterfront Cop
Lee Majdoub as Desk Guard #1
Catlin Adams as Olivia
Theo James as David
Tyler McClendon as Scientist
Panou as Old City Cop #1
Kate Beckinsale as Selene
Michael Ealy as Detective Sebastian
Charles Dance as Thomas
John Innes as Medical Supervisor
Adam Greydon Reid as Med Tech #1
Storyline: Mankind discover the existence of the Vampire and Lycan species and they begin a war to annihilate the races. When Selene meets with Michael in the harbor, they are hit by a grenade and Selene passes out. Twelve years later, Selene awakes from a cryogenic sleep in the Antigen laboratory and meets the Vampire David. She learns that she had been the subject of the scientist Dr. Jacob Lane and the Vampire and Lycan species have been practically eradicated from Earth. But Selene is still connected to Michael and has visions that she believes that belongs to Michael's sight. However she has a surprise and finds that she has a powerful daughter named Eve that has been raised in the laboratory. Now Selene and David have to protect Eve against the Lycans that intend to use her to inoculate their species against silver.
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Time to put a stake in it
So, 6 years after the last time Kate Beckinsale donned a leather corset to play vampire warrior Selene and after making a 3rd edition of the franchise without her, the folks behind Underworld come back with a 4th go round which really does nothing more than prove they probably should have left well enough alone after the 2nd movie. With four people credited for the screenplay, it's not exactly a surprise to find Awakening is the worst written film of the lot and the addition of 3D can't disguise the fact that there's nothing visually new or interesting here. If you're a big fan of these films, you might just barely find this one to be passable. If you enjoyed the original, which was a good and solid little fantasy action flick, but noticed the decline in quality of the sequels, you'll find the pattern continuing here.

As the motion picture begins, the existence of vampires and Lycans has been uncovered by humanity and the result has been all-out war against the "infected". You think that'd be kind of a big deal and take the story in some new direction, but it's nothing more than a plot device. Selene and her hybrid vamp/werewolf lover Michael (not Scott Speedman) get attacked and Selene wakes up from suspended animation 12 years later in a lab. She thinks Michael is the one who freed her but it turns out to be their hybrid daughter (India Eisley) and no, they never even make an attempt to explain where the daughter came from. With the help of a human cop (Michael Ealy) and a new vampire sidekick (Theo James), Selene has to save her daughter. Not from the humans but from a Lycan scheme to create new super-werewolves, which sort of gets back to the whole plot device nature of humans knowing about the denizens of Underworld. It's not a new beginning for the series or anything like that. It's just the hook they needed to get this production off the ground.

If you saw Beckinsale in the first two Underworld movies, there's nothing here that will surprise you. Frankly, part of this film get dangerously close to outright fan fiction, such as when Selene revives in the lab and finds her traditional leather outfit just waiting for her to put back on. I mean, what scientific purpose was served by keeping her clothes around for 12 years? Beckinsale looks damn good, shoots a bunch of stuff and there's plenty of CGI Lycans and slo-mo action scenes. If that's all you want, have at it.

If you're looking for a good story, even one only as good as the first or second parts of the franchise, don't bother. Underworld wasn't exactly Shakespeare but by fantasy action standards, it was a reasonably intelligent and well put together tale. The sequel was a bit too wrapped up in its own mythos, but was still functional. The third movie was strictly by-the-numbers, though it did flip the dynamic by making the Lycans more heroic than the vampires. However, Underworld: Awakening is a morally confused mess.

One of the reasons why the "vampire as hero" thing works is by being very circumspect about the whole "needing to feed on human blood" thing. By downplaying that, vampires change from menacing predators to really cool hipsters with super-powers. So, the original Underworld largely removed humans from the equation and focused on the werewolf vs. vampire conflict and put Selene in the role of heroine by defending the only major human character in the story. She then uncovered and rejected the villainy of her own bloodsucking kind, cementing Selene's moral and narrative virtue. Selene may have been a vampire but she never seemed to need to feed on humans and was mostly on our side. That dynamic continued in the 2nd flick and the third cast vamps as medieval tyrants facing a courageous Lycan rebellion where, again, humans were largely left out of the fight.

Underworld: Awakening opens with Selene slaughtering a score of human soldiers and then kills some more when she escapes from the lab, including chomping a guy on the neck and feasting on his blood. She's not a good guy who's trying to protect people from bad guys. She's an at best morally neutral creature who's only trying to survive and the viewer is expected to side with her out of nothing more than misanthropic contempt for your fellow human beings. This film assumes there's something wrong with normal people trying to protect themselves from supernatural monsters but never explains what that is. It also doesn't help that the plot is one of those multi-writer efforts where different bits from different versions of the script wind up jammed together on screen. There are too many characters and too many scenes that should have been cut out or significantly changed.

There are so few female-driven movie franchises that it's a shame to see this one swirl down the toilet bowl. Beckinsale and the first Underworld deserved the attention and success they got, but it's time to drag these movies out into the sunlight and let them burn up so we can all move on.
Not much to do with previous Underworld movies
Much has already been said on the poor storyline in this instalment of the Underworld series, but apparently nobody is bothered by the major flaw in the story.

Why would Selene and Michael still be any other than mere humans, since they killed their ancestors, Marcus and William? It is clearly mentioned by Tanis, the historian, in Evolution, that killing a vampire or a lycan kills their whole bloodline. That's why at the end of Evolution Selene isn't burnt by sunlight anymore, and this poor explanation of a "gift by Corvinus" is ridiculous and an insult to the audience.

Sad, because they managed to insert the prequel (Rise of the Lycans) correctly in the initial story. Maybe the writers didn't care anymore this time.
I am very disappointed.
There was a time when I like the Underworld series. The first one had a good plot, solid acting, and added something to the mythos, even as it borrowed from the White Wolf universe. The second one was... tolerable at best. It was worth watching, at least, which is more than I can say for Rise of the Lycans. That was a total waste of time.

Despite the general downhill trend, I decided to check this one out in the theater. Boy, was that a waste! If the writers couldn't come up with a better villain than a steroid abusing werewolf, they need to go back to the drawing board. There are so many things they could have done with this scenario. We could have seen the Abominations come to the forefront, for one, as their strengths would have made them very difficult for the humans to kill.

Instead we see the Lycans taking the place of the Vampires (which I thought was alright, except for the whole Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Werewolf bit), the Vampires have all turned into a bunch of little sniveling wimps, and we are once AGAIN left wondering just what the hell is the Abomination even doing in the movie!! Yeah, I said it! The Hybrid is supposed to be some kind of immensely powerful beast capable of taking down even an elder vampire. This is something referenced multiple times throughout the series, and yet every time a hybrid gets into a fight, they get their head stomped in! In the first movie, Michael got smacked down by the elder, who is later killed by (da da DAH!) Selene. In the second movie, Michael once again gets punked, but at least he made one kill before the day is once again saved by (dah dah DAH!) Selene! Now in this, the fourth in the series, presumably focused on the hybrids, Michael gets punked even worse right at the start! They could have had him at least take out a few of the guys coming after him before he got knocked on his backside and put on ice! Sure, the little girl does alright. No better than Michael ever did, but at least she got a kill in her first screen outing. It seems to me that the only tough characters in these films are the females.

My point is this: if the hybrids are supposed to be the "future," and the Lycans and Vampires are both scared to death of them, WHY don't we see more of their abilities?! Why are we left disappointed time and time again? Why do the writers insist on making the hybrids do little more than turn blue and roar a few times before getting the crap beat out of them? If you writers have nothing better to do with the hybrids, TAKE THEM OUT OF THE SERIES. They are, to this point, little more than a near worthless sidekick, and they add almost nothing to the story outside of being the target for aggression from both sides.

I gave the film 3 starts because it at least had good special effects. Beyond that, it's a flop. Predictable plot, mediocre fight scenes, and a villain that made me think Bruce Banner had been bitten by a werewolf. If this is the direction the series is headed, I am done with it.
Why didn't Michael help Selene and his daughter?
I'd like to know how Selene bore a child. That doesn't make sense. If Michael woke up and escaped, why couldn't he "see thru Selene's eyes" there was a battle going on and go to help her and his daughter? I guess we'll find out in the next sequel. Also, the ads for the movie reference "the battle against humans"...what humans? The supposed humans were actually lycans. I'm confused. I didn't understand why some lycans look different than others (more like rabid dogs than werewolves). Otherwise, the gore was good. The movie could have been a bit longer so they could explain more of the story line. I like the new vampire David. Kate is still rocking Selene!
An Average Film in an Above Average Series
Kate Beckinsale once again turns in an excellent performance as the Death Dealer, "Selene". Only this time, she teams up with a vampire named "David" (played by Theo James), a human police detective named "Sebastian" (Michael Ealy) and her young hybrid daughter "Eve" (India Eisley). As our story evolves, we find that the humans have now become aware of both the lycans (werewolves) and the vampires and they have launched a massive purge to eliminate both species. After several years of fighting the humans mistakenly believe that the lycans have been totally annihilated and turn all of their focus on exterminating the vampires. But while this was going on, the lycans were secretly rebuilding their ranks and 12 years later have reentered the war on the side of neither the humans nor the vampires. They begin by seeking out Eve for experimental purposes involving genetic manipulation. But in order to capture her they must contend with Selene. Anyway, having given a basic rundown on the film, let me just say that it had some good things going for it--and some not-so-good things as well. First, this picture has a great deal of action and computer graphics which the directors (Mans Marlind and Bjorn Stein) use to keep the picture flowing at a very brisk pace. Unfortunately, there is too much action and not enough dialogue, which causes this film to seem a bit shallow. Another factor involved "Michael" (Scott Speedman) who was noticeably "missing in action" from this movie. Fortunately, Kate Beckinsale once again dominates this film and it is quite likely that she is the only irreplaceable person in this series. Along with that, I liked the addition of David and his presence also helped fill in any gaps that were missing due to the absence of Michael. On the other hand, I didn't care for the addition of Eve as I believe adding another "hybrid" to the story doesn't really add anything significant to this series. Likewise, the fact that she is a 12-year old kid takes a bit off from the "sleek and sexy" quality of past films. In short, this film had some good points, but it had some bad points too. As such, I consider this to be an average film in an above average series. Hopefully, they will realize some of these faults and return to some serious dialogue and plot the next time, instead of just relying on action and CGI to carry the film.
Stylish & cool but empty & soulless.
Underworld: Awakening starts as the existence of Vampires & Lycans living amongst humanity has been exposed, the authorities respond by carrying out a mass purge in order to wipe out both the Vampire & Lycan species. Vampire Selene (Kate Beckinsale) & her hybrid lover Michael Corvin attempt to escape the mass execution & meet at a dock but both are shot & fall into the water, Selene wakes up twelve years later in the labs of a company called Antigen after being placed in cryogenic suspension. Selene manages to escape Antigen & meets another Vampire named David (Theo James) & a young hybrid girl named Eve (India Eisley) who are all attacked by Lycans but manage to reach the relative safety of a secret community of Vampires hiding on the outskirts of the city, Selene quickly realises that Eve is her daughter & that she is crucial to genetic Lycan experiments that will give them invulnerability & will stop at nothing to get her back. Selene must fight the Lycan threat, save Eve, herself & humanity from the vicious Lycans...

Directed by the Sweedish duo of Måns Mårlind & Björn Stein this is the fourth film in the franchise that started with Underworld (2003) & was followed by the direct sequel Underworld: Evolution (2006) which happens to be my favourite Underworld film (hey, I have it on Blu-ray...) after which came Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (2009) which was a prequel & didn't feature Kate Beckinsale as Selene. For Underworld: Awakening the script jumps back to contemporary times in a modern almost futuristic city & Kate Beckinsale returns as the sexy rubber clad Vampire Selene, I must admit to liking the Underworld series as each film is visually good with some good action & gore set-pieces & although the mythology isn't exactly deep a world of Vampires & Werewolf monsters fighting each other provides ample opportunity for various cool action scenes, huge monsters, plenty of violence & gore &, of course, Kate Beckinsale in tight black PVC & rubber kicking ass. Hey, what can I say? I am easily pleased. The major disappointment about Underworld: Awakening is the lack of any substantial story on which to hang the set-pieces & action, the script is really simplistic with none of the character's standing out or being developed beyond broad clichés (character's who want to fight, character's who want don't, an evil scientist) & the plot feels a little bit choppy with the beginning in particular feeling like it could have been expanded & explained a little better. The plot about genetic experiments & Selene having to save her daughter is standard fantasy film stuff & even the concept of the Vampire & Lycan war exposed to humanity is nothing special or that original although I suppose it will take the series in a different direction if any further sequels materialize. Underwolrd: Awakenings is also very short, if you ignore the closing credits (which last for ten minutes!) then the films runs for a mere 75 minutes, I think the film could have used an extra five or ten minutes worth of character & plot development to flesh things out a little actually so it doesn't quite feels as soulless as it does & we then might have actually cared about the people here & what was going on a bit more. The twist at the end & the revelation of what the evil Lycans are trying to do is strictly routine & raises minimal interest & things are predictably left open ended to facilitate a further sequel.

Filmed & released in 3-D which is a trend doing the rounds in Hollywood at the moment I cannot comment on this version, I have eye problems that prevent me from seeing films in 3-D so I don't know how it looks but even I could see several scenes shot in a way with 3-D in mind. Visually I love the way Underworld: Awakening looks, it's dark grey & blue colours & it's modern yet Gothic looking sets that are impressive to look at & add lots of character to the film. The fight scenes are good, there's plenty of slow motion, shoot-outs, fights, all sorts of flips & somersault's while the CGI computer effects are also generally very good. There's a really good scene in which Selene, David & Eve are trying to escape some Lycans while driving a van & the Lycans chase them through the city traffic. There's lots of violence & gore on show, from slit throats to broken arms to ripped-out throats to exploding Werewolves to slashed wrists & chopped off heads. If your looking for blood then Underworld: Awakening delivers.

With a supposed budget of about $70,000,000 this was filmed in British Columbia in Canada, the production values are great & the film is visually impressive even if it does feel empty in terms of it's story. The acting is alright, British names such as Stephen Rea & Charles Dance provide decent support although it's the sexy Beckinsale in tight black rubber that steals the show.

Underworld: Awakening carries on the visual look of the series & sees the return of Selene but it feels empty with the minimum of story to hold the action & gore together. I liked it enough & I would watch it again for the visuals, the action & the gore but it has no depth.
Best Underworld Movie
In my opinion, I believe that this was the best out of the franchise because all of the predecessors basically built up all the mythology and I don't know how they would of built up on it.

Don't get me wrong I love the other movies, but resorting to the action was a good idea because (not only am I a action buff) all the other movies didn't have much and with all the action in the new one, it's good thing to see Selene at her fiercest because we didn't see as much in the other movies.

Also, to see people complaining about the story, idk what the problem is, its a fine plot and sure some characters didn't have much dialogue or background, but think about, that's not the reason you went to see the movie, a majority of you went for Kate Beckinsale. If it wasn't for her, the underworld series would be nothing.
Henry and Greta talk about Underworld: awakening
"You know I hesitate to say it, but Kate Beckinsale is a really cool chick. I mean I wished she jumped right into my bed, even with those heavy boots and that figure hugging suit. Lucky she found them back after she was blown to smithereens and revived in that laboratory. Although she would have been naked without them. Oh god I could device so ways to relieve them of her." Henry grinned. He twirled the DVD of the movie in his left hand.

"I thought we were going to keep this pg rated?" Greta quipped. She knocked the DVD out of his hand and send it flying.

"She just looks jummy in that suit, even after all these years.. I wished I could have.... Awww." Henry groaned loudly because Greta had just booted him in the shin.

"You like them boots?" Greta grinned evilly, pointing at her worn combat boots. The kind that were cool in the eighties.

"Gosh, that hurts." Henry rubbed his leg.

"Pity they left out that cute guy.. what was his name?"

"Scott Speedman?"

"Yes. That one vampire guy hasn't much of role. Nor that black police dude. And that kid. I really don't like kids in action movies. This one can't quite decide to be a hostage or some kind of remake from a Japanese horror movie. If you have to have kids in a movie, make them quiet and don't turn them into monsters!"

"With the kid there would be no reason for Kate to go and shoot up everyone. And how she kills. Like she jumps and somersaults all over the place. And some moments are really cool. Like that elevator scene where she blasts a hole in the bottom of the elevator so as not to be swatted by it when it rushes down. That one is priceless. Look how sexy she looks in that scene."

"I wished Stephen Rea had a better part in it. I liked him in V for Vendetta, but here he seems a bit lost. And him turning into a what? Was that a werewolf hit by baldness?" Greta mused.

"He did look a bit out of place. But overall I think it's a fun movie with lot's of shooting and action, and Kate Beckinsale jumping around killing hordes of people and Lycans."

"I think the werewolves - Lycans -are getting a bit threadbare. I wonder how long they keep on being interesting. "

"Well, they did add that huge one. It was evil how he tossed those cars about and hunted Kate down. That part where he corners her in a booth is funny. Grawww." Henry snarled loudly, making Greta jump.

"It's not actually not Kate, but Selene." Greta corrected, "Kate Beckinsale is the name of the actress, Selene is the name of the part she plays."

"I don't think it really matters. She might as well be Kate. Without her it would be a boring mindless slaughterfest."

"You really like her that much, Henry?"

"I sure do. I am going to start a campaign with the express purpose to get Kate to do all the next underworld movies wearing a tight PVC suit and boots, but with a wider range of guns and weapons."

"Did you say you were going to wear a tight PVC suit?! That I want to see!"

"Very funny, Greta."

"I wouldn't be surprised if you get your wish fulfilled. Although the next director might be called Uwe Boll."

"Uwe who?"

"Uwe Boll. I think he is considered the worst director currently alive."

"Well.. it doesn't really matter who directs it as long as Kate is in it wearing a tight suit killing lots and lots of Lycans in various ways." Henry shouted happily.

"And to hell with the story and the directing.." Greta whispered.
Kate continues her fight against the Lycans
O.k....I liked it. Not a part of the original trilogy, but a beginning of a new one with the same old problem...Lycans. I was wondering how long Kate can continue to go forward and try to look the same age as she was during the first film. Christopher Lee use to joke about how difficult it was to make him appear the same age as Dracula in the 1950-70s Hammer Dracula series. She still looks ready to go here, and in this film, she is thrown around a bit more than before. I though the film recaptured the Gothic look of the original trilogy and the plot was easy to follow (although in action/horror genre does it really matter ?). I watched this on DVD and I will say the only problem I found was the directors commentary...which was dull.
A bit of a flop
I love Kate Beckinsale and I was waiting for this movie mainly to see her in those tight fitting outfits that she wore in the previous films in the series. But I was also waiting to be again in the fantastic world of ancient vampires and werewolves and the interaction between them. It was not to happen.

Maybe it was the lighting or the ridiculous script, but even in the tight pants, Kate did not look juicy. I know it was not her fault. Then the ancient werewolves and vampires... were mostly exterminated by humans before the film even began. The result? A pathetic fight between vampire covens hiding like rats and a werewolf pack of increasing strength, all while the humans (which hunted them all successfully) pretty much stay out of the way.

Bottom line: the script made no sense, the actor play was bland and the whole thing was unsatisfying even at the level of guilty pleasure.
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