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The Usual Suspects
USA, Germany
Crime, Thriller, Mystery
IMDB rating:
Bryan Singer
Stephen Baldwin as Michael McManus
Gabriel Byrne as Dean Keaton
Benicio Del Toro as Fred Fenster
Kevin Pollak as Todd Hockney
Kevin Spacey as Roger 'Verbal' Kint
Chazz Palminteri as Dave Kujan, US Customs
Pete Postlethwaite as Kobayashi
Giancarlo Esposito as Jack Baer, FBI
Suzy Amis as Edie Finneran
Dan Hedaya as Sgt. Jeffrey 'Jeff' Rabin
Paul Bartel as Smuggler
Carl Bressler as Saul Berg
Phillipe Simon as Fortier
Jack Shearer as Renault
Storyline: Following a truck hijack in New York, five conmen are arrested and brought together for questioning. As none of them is guilty, they plan a revenge operation against the police. The operation goes well, but then the influence of a legendary mastermind criminal called Keyser Söze is felt. It becomes clear that each one of them has wronged Söze at some point and must pay back now. The payback job leaves 27 men dead in a boat explosion, but the real question arises now: Who actually is Keyser Söze?
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" The Greatest Trick The Devil Ever Pulled"
Out of the mind of Christorpher McQurrie comes this incredible story of a man in search of the devil. The film is called " The Usual Suspects" and what could be more appropriate than an unusual movie about five suspects who are anything but usual. The story originates with the only survivor of what the police conclude was a murderous and explosive drug deal gone bad. His name is Roger Kint (Kevin Spacey is perfect) also known as 'Verbal.' From the mouth of this innocent storytelling, con-artist comes the fantastic tale of how he and his fellow criminals, Stephen Baldwin, is Michael McManus, Benicio Del Toro is Fred Fenster and Kevin Pollak as Todd Hockney were originally assembled and then set-up. Beginning with a mix-up by law enforcement to put several guilty men together in the same line up, the tale proceeds cross country and culminates with a powerful, but mysterious kingpin by the name of Keyser Soze. It's through his attorney, Kobayashi (Pete Postlethwaite), the men learn they are marked for death unless they undertake a dangerous assignment. The center piece of the Unusual group is their leader, a remarkable individual named Dean Keaton (Gabriel Byrne, incredible performance). What transpires in this movie from moment to moment is a lesson in sleigh of hand. What we and the police Dave Kujan, (Chazz Palminteri) are told is not what we see. Conversely, what we see is not what we have been told. In the end, this film with it's haunting theme by John Ottman, is nothing short of incredible. A superb classic in both mystery and action entertainment, by Bryan Singer. A great film indeed. ****
"Why'd you wanna' treat me like a Keser!!"
The Usual Suspects is one of those films that like The 6th Sense, tries to get the viewer to think one thing and then suddenly POW!, they hit you with that big comic book like surprise twist at the ending. In the light of todays average fair full of pounding soundtracks, pyrotechnics, and product placements, it almost seems like a thinking mans film, however, this type of story telling has an inherent birth defect due to the very nature of its design, and that is that once you've seen it, the films one true claim of quality is forever lost, the carpet can not be pulled out from under your feet a second time. In essence, it becomes as pointless as trying to dazzle yourself at a magic show when you already know all the secrets behind every trick. Outside of this built in defect there is also the problem that the trick itself is actually very badly designed in the first place, this is in reality a very poorly constructed, and badly written script. This film has been embraced and awarded the highest honors, and yet there is not a single moment in it that isn't bogged down and convoluted, or even one bit plausible.

At the end of the film the other cop who works in the office where Verbal Kent is interrogated tells Inspector Kujan ( Chazz Palminteri )that to basically understand his messy office, you just have to stand back and look at it to see it, the same exact thing can be said about this equally unorganized film. To truly understand this lets stand back and actually take a look at the character of Keaton, played very dully by the very dull Gabriel Byrne. He was a NYPD officer for 4 years even though he is a Brit. In that short time he spent on the force he committed seven felonies, three of which were murders. Not a single one of these crimes could be pinned on him because the witnesses either died or changed their stories entirely, yet as an obvious embarrassment to the department, he was kicked off the force. When he is off the Force he gets indited on a fraud charge and does five years in prison. While in prison he kills three fellow inmates, but just like his other crimes, none of these atrocities could be pinned on him, so he simply gets out when his time is up. Once on the streets he kills yet again, but before he could be prosecuted for it, he dies in a warehouse fire when he goes in to check a leaking gas main. Once dead, the two witnesses that could of railroaded him back to Sing Sing die in single mysterious deaths, and even though there are no longer any witnesses left breathing, an innocent man takes his place behind bars. So now he surfaces as a business man who dates a high priced criminal lawyer. Thats his story folks, told to you specifically to get you to buy that he is this arch super-villain with the ridiculously bad name. Meanwhile this film does all it can to paint Verbal Kent as a bumbling idiotic club footed buffoon con man. The problem with all this blatant manipulation is that Kevin Spacey might as well have the name Keser Soze stenciled across forehead in bright neon letters.

Another place this film falls short is in its attempt to be a two fisted tough guy movie, lets face it, the only female character that even has a name, is simply in the movie as a reason to move the protagonist like pawns on a chest board at convenient times in this contorted plot, so what we are left with is the five criminals, who like small grade school children, spend half the movie puffing their chests out at one another. One scene that never fails to get a good laugh out of me is when Kevin Pollack and Stephen Baldwin almost get into a fight with one another. Possibly for reasons of keeping both men in the frame, director Bryan Singer has these two guys standing toe to toe facing one another with their mouths only a few inches apart, instead of looking like a fisticuff might take place, it looks far more likely that they might engage in a lusty soul kiss. This nice moment is capped of by brilliantly by a disembodied macho voice calling them ladies, and Kevin Pollack asking the Baldwin brother if he wants to dance. The fun continues in a later scene in which the Baldwin character comes up behind Pete Postlethwaite as if he might mount him any second, and whispers in his ear "I'm the guy thats gonna get you." Yes, due to inept story tellers and bad dialogue, what might of been Clint Eastwoon like one liners, is reduced in the hands of these hacks, into homoeroticism running wild.

I know that audiences continue to be impressed by this film, and that this thing won an Oscar for its script, but this story is nothing but a clunky ludicrous mess wrapped up in a bow of paper thin phony freshness, it simply does not deserve all of the love it is getting. The Usual Suspects is a film that makes me want to quit my day job and move to Hollywood, since tripe is so often confused with genius.
must see
This is a great movie, lots of twists and turns. Kept you guessing till the end. I saw this movie years after it came out and was surprised that the ending was never leaked out I was very surprised to find out at the end of the movie Verbal's true identity. A lot of well known actors were in this movie. Kevin Spacey did a wonderful performance. Kevin Pollack had a few one liners that were funny- his stand up act is very good. I thought it was hilarious when Pollack called Spacey peg leg. I really enjoyed the interaction between Stephen and Benico. They have good chemistry with one another. Chazz did a great job as the detective.
Perfectly Simple / Simply perfect
One month ago, I was at work finishing some boring reports. After finishing them, I surfed the web in order to find really good movies I haven't watched yet; more precisely on IMDb, when I checked the IMDb Top 250 list out . I knew most of the movies, at least I've watched the plot, nevertheless this didn't happen with Usual Suspects, I have never watched a trailer or read some synopsis…Nothing. Therefore I rented the movie which from my point of view started kind of slowly. Afterwards, I honestly felt confused about the combination of scenes in different timeline; you need to pay close attention to the unexpected and subtle movements on the storyline. Suspense, tension and psychological terror might be the exact words to describe this masterpiece, tangled story with several important characters whom cannot be ignored, with the masterly performance of Kevin Spacey who totally deserved the Oscar for best actor. You must stay hooked up to the screen because this film has in my opinion the best movie ending of all time. Only thing that sucks about this movie is that you can only watch it for the first time once.
Intricate Storyline, complex but is made amazing by its ending.
To be honest I thought this film was good up until the last ten minutes, thats when it became a great film. The preleptic techniques used was amazing so that by the end you are just as fooled as the characters in the story.

Spacey's performance was excellent you really don't see the ending coming as a viewer it really comes right out of the blue, this film by the end is something so complex and really makes you think, without completely exhausting your mind it creates a paradox that I don't think anyone could figure out by the end.

Yes, you are left with a few questions at the end, but thats the beauty of this film, as the case just ends in the film, the police are left and so are you as a viewer, however they don't leave annoying small links it instead ties up the main storyline well. It is truly an ending that is mind numbing and something that other films should definitely try to replicate.

The story is so intricately written and portrayed that it is amazing to watch, and I noticed that the complexity of shots improves as the film progresses and the team venture into larger operations, yet even still Im left with the feeling that I could watch it again, and not see the ending coming again.

Only negatives were for me the police investigation which proved to be completely irrelevant to the storyline, and so can be seen as a hindrance, but the rest of the film makes up for this.

Intricate Storyline, complex but is made amazing by its ending.
Excellent production, but relies WAY too much on the surprise ending--which may not even be a surprise.
This film is basically a dark, sophisticated 'caper' thriller with the added twist that the main characters are rapidly awakened to the fact that they are being ruthlessly manipulated behind the scenes. The deeper they go, the more intense the experience. While none of these guys are admirable (in fact they are all clearly trash), you can't help but feel for them. They are just so in over their heads. And the puppeteer bad guy is a nightmare.

Unfortunately I guessed its 'big secret' almost as soon as I knew there was one, and am justly disappointed. It was nice to keep getting confirmation as it went along, but I would like to have experienced the final surprise. (And I am *sure* I'm not singular in guessing the ending.)

This film really relies too much on the 'wow effect' to make its major impression (read other comments for confirmation)--always a clue that a work of art is leaning *hard* on a crutch. Take away the surprise ending, and what do you have? In this case a stylish and well-produced film with a gaping hole. For example, compare it to LA Confidential. Even if you had guessed LAs secret before they let it out, it wouldn't spoil a thing--because that film didn't rely on a plot twist for its primary punch. It had a whole basket full of assets.

I'd give this movie a 7 if its secret had been better (and more creatively) guarded. As it stands, I give it a 6 for the excellence of the entire production and that fact that I was fairly well entertained. But I won't be watching it again, whereas LA Confidential will always be on my list.

********ABSOLUTE SPOILER *************** Agatha Christie first introduced this gimmick in 1926 with The Murder of Roger Ackroyd. Beyond that, the whole gig follows the classic mystery formula right down the line: Once we realize it's a whodunit (its clearly gotta be somebody we met, otherwise no punch), the obvious choice is the 'least likely one.' And there he is, perfectly disguised to fool you into not even looking his way--a good indication you should look his way. Another giveaway is that we have one guy telling the story and everything we see is from his eyes. Makes you wonder: 1) Why did only this guy survive? 2) Who says we are seeing the truth, except him? And the big one: 3) I'm supposed to believe a *con* artist? Not.
I have no words for how good this movie is
No really, I have no words. I watched this for the first time a couple of weeks ago and I stayed glue until the last second...which by the way is crucial in this movie. Even writing this now I don't even know where to begin about how much I loved it. It was just such a good story with, as far as my standards go, the best plot twist I have seen so far in film. I don't think anyone could have played Verbal better than Kevin Spacey, he just dominates this film to the point that at the end I actually clapped for him...and I was watching this home alone at 2am. There was no performance left half-assed, everything just fell into place. Watch it...just please watch it.
I'd heard people say what a great movie "The Usual Suspects" was for a long time, but never got around to watching it...until tonight. I discovered it was available to watch instant stream on Netflix and decided to go ahead and give it a go. I've got to say, I'm pretty disappointed in it.

Once again, I feel I fell victim to hype. People hyped this movie up to be awesome, and I just don't think it was. In my opinion, the movie was OK at best.

The performances were all good. It's just that the movie was so slow...I couldn't believe that it's running time was a slim one hour and forty-five minutes. It felt like it was about two hours and twenty minutes to me.

Then, I just felt the "big reveal" at the end was a little hokey. I mean, if you're that great of a criminal mastermind you would've had your BS story made up long before you ever entered an interrogation room -- for Kevin Spacey's character to have supposedly come up with the details for his story based off what he'd seen on a bulletin board...I'm sorry, but I've got to cry foul! If you've already got the story made up, you're not going to need to find inspiration for names of characters off a bulletin board, but I realize if he hadn't have gotten the names off the bulletin board, the audience wouldn't have really known he was lying the whole time. I get that, but I think the ending requires too much suspension of disbelief.

I'm sure most people who like this movie like it because of its ending. Maybe if you take it for what it is, at a surface level, it might work...but once you start digging a little deeper and actually think about what you've just watched...it's not that great of an ending.

I'll give it some credit for trying to go a different way than most movies of its type do, but that's about all I can really give it credit for. The movie itself was just really slow and didn't really pay off in the end, in my opinion, anyway.

I'd give it maybe a five out of ten. That's about all the more I think it deserves. It wasn't GREAT, it wasn't HORRIBLE...it was just OK.

You can check it out if you want to, but I wouldn't go so far as to say I'd recommend it. Take that for what it's worth coming from an anonymous movie reviewer.
SPOILERS: Totally Fun but Totally Over-rated once you think about it.

The movie script hangs on one completely implausible premise... That Keyser Soze would throw away $91 million which was left on the dock in order to achieve his true goal.

Also, no plausible explanation as to why Verbal Kint was in police custody in the first place. If he really is who we are led to think he is, wouldn't he be clever enough to not get caught? Is it some sort of game he plays with the police?

Too many holes in the script, a very sloppy story... but great fun and well acted. Just don't think about it too much.
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