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The Shawshank Redemption
Crime, Drama
IMDB rating:
Frank Darabont
Tim Robbins as Andy Dufresne
Morgan Freeman as Ellis Boyd 'Red' Redding
Bob Gunton as Warden Norton
William Sadler as Heywood
Clancy Brown as Captain Hadley
Gil Bellows as Tommy
Mark Rolston as Bogs Diamond
James Whitmore as Brooks Hatlen
Jeffrey DeMunn as 1946 D.A.
Neil Giuntoli as Jigger
Brian Libby as Floyd
David Proval as Snooze
Joseph Ragno as Ernie
Jude Ciccolella as Guard Mert
Joe Ragno as Ernie
Storyline: Chronicles the experiences of a formerly successful banker as a prisoner in the gloomy jailhouse of Shawshank after being found guilty of a crime he did not commit. The film portrays the man's unique way of dealing with his new, torturous life; along the way he befriends a number of fellow prisoners, most notably a wise long-term inmate named Red.
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Oh my godmother
Three words: Oh. My. God.

How am i supposed to describe this absolutely fantastic and unbelievable film in words? I don't know. But I'll give it a shot. Here goes.

This movie is just bloody excellent, brilliant, fantastic, unbelievable, not a thing wrong with it, shocking (in a good way), heck, pretty much every single good comment word you can think of.

I mean, for gods sake, its so damn good it takes your breath away! i seriously could not speak after it! it instantly took every other film i had seen under its shadow, and that's saying something, as i have seen some pretty excellent films.

There's not a single actor or actress in this movie who is crap!!! standouts are Morgan freeman, Tim Robbins, and the dude who plays brooks.

I could say 1239643609260246704272628xinfinity more things good about this movie, but unfortunately I haven't got that much space, and my fingers would get sore.

An absolute must see for everyone, and I'm positive that ill never see another movie better than this, and this will stay at #1 on my list forever.
Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins) bides his time during twenty years' imprisonment for the murder of his wife in this adaptation of a Stephen King story. And being Stephen King, the setting is once again Maine, though you'll find 'Shawshank State Prison' in Ohio. It's the forbiddingly Gothic Mansfield Reformatory, 100 Reformatory Road, Mansfield, on US Route 30, about 80 miles southwest of Cleveland.

Built between 1886 and 1910, the reformatory remained in operation until 1990 and was scheduled for demolition when the film was made. In fact, much of the prison yard has now gone to make room for the adjacent Richland Correctional Institution, but the striking Administration Building lives on as a tourist attraction. Find it just north of downtown Mansfield, off South Olivesburg Road.
One word. Outstanding.
Now, I see what everybody was talking about. It took me 4 years to see this, in my opinion, masterpiece. If you have not seen this movie rent it anyway you can. The performances delivered by Robbins and Freeman are, to me, the pinnacle of both their careers. This film cannot help but evoke tactile imagery to the fullest capacity. You feel what the main characters are going through the sensation is uncanny. Robbins (Andy) and Freeman ("Red") are a balance of the human spirit. Andy is your freedom-seeking hope side and "Red" is your rational, pessimistic counterpart. Find your equilibrium in "The Shawshank Redemption."
This is a wonderful movie!!!!
When I first see it, I am too young to understand all the things the movie what to show us. The film gave me a very different feeling. Hope is a dangerous thing, is the root of mental distress. Because since come in the day, the warden said, "the soul to god, the body to me."Except that he can get the cigarettes and naked woman printed CARDS and any other changes I can't seem to grow within the walls of the dark. However Andy told him, "remember, hope is a good thing - and perhaps even good. And no good thing will never disappear." So Andy can use 20 years digging Red think can chisel in tunnel in six hundred.When he finally climbed out of the five hundred yards of the stench of sewage pipes, standing in the pouring rain can't help, we seem to see faith Pierce heavy darkness, played a luminous in the dark of the night out of the blue.Under the light, the soul of our weak under Andy with open arms in the sky in succession, and shaking.
Simply Perfect
Like I did a few years back, you might be hesitating about watching this film. The title didn't appeal to me, and neither did the subject matter, so it was only by chance that I started to watch it.

I can only say that the film was a revelation for me and has stayed with me ever since. There are so many dark and hopeless films out there which, whilst they leave an impression, leave the wrong one i.e that there is no hope in life. Watch this film and be uplifted and be encouraged by the message...that there is ALWAYS hope....in any situation.

Please watch this film and the watch it again. It's a great answer to all the cynicism that is out there.
This movie is for every man
There are few movies that capture and identify with the American male spirit. Shawshank is one of those movies. I don't care what anyone's take is on prison treatment or whether you are conservative or liberal, this movie is moving. There are three movies, in my opinion, that every man, or developing man, should watch: Shawshank Redemption, Dancing With Wolves, and Brave Heart. Unless you are a total pansy, these are the movies that will confirm your heterosexuality. Andy Dufrane is the person in us. Red is the person we want to be. Aside from the being in prison, the job they have is well apt to the people of this great nation.
Good movie, but best of all time? Hardly . . .
I was a little surprised at first to see this film ranked #1 out of all possible candidates in the IMDB user ratings. When I thought about it, though, it made more sense--this is a "Rocky"-type feel-good movie that doesn't really make you think and reinforces what we would all like to believe about human nature. Don't get me wrong--it's a fine film (I gave it a solid 7 out of 10), it's just not, in my view, up there with _Casablanca_ and _The Graduate_.

I guess the main problem I have with _Shawshank_ is the nature of the script and characters. Think about it: is there a single person in the film who isn't a one-dimensional cardboard cut-out with very simple motivations, or a Hollywood cliche or stereotype? We have (in no particular order), a corrupt, bigoted prison warden (who is a religious hypocrite for good measure), a brutal prison guard, a man who is wrongly accused of murder, an old convict who knows all the ropes and can't live on the outside, and a convict who is murdered by the brutal guards. Now where have we seen this stuff before? Only in a few dozen movies made from the 20s to the 90s. There's really nothing new here. Probably this comes from the fact that the story is from Stephen King, who doesn't really do well with complex characters (a problem I noted as far back as _Carrie_).

If you want to see a good prison picture, try _Cool Hand Luke_ (from which this movie borrows considerably). If you want an escape picture, see either _The Great Escape_ or _Papillon_, both with Steve McQueen. Or if, by some chance, you want a crime and punishment movie that really makes you think, go with the late great Stanley Kubrick's _A Clockwork Orange_.

I couldn't stop thinking about the warden: doesn't he have a family? How did they feel? What are they going to do now? I realize the story is inside the prison, but I wish the movie had made better use of its characters than simply as simple-minded symbols of EVIL or VIRTUE.

I'm not Mr. Cranky, I did enjoy the movie, but I enjoyed it the same way I do an Italian dinner at the Olive Garden--a well-constructed genre product with nothing special to commend it.
"I'm a convicted murderer who provides sound financial planning".
Well I guess I'm a little late to the party as far as writing down a review for this picture. I've seen it a couple of times, but that was before I became a regular contributor to the IMDb. When I first discovered this site a few years ago, "The Godfather" was in the Number #1 spot, and since then the films have traded places for first and second, with Shawshank maintaining the top spot most of the time. That puzzled me a bit until I watched it again tonight, and I've come away from the picture with a new found appreciation. My favorite movies tend to be the story of underdogs in some way, shape or form, and my personal Top Ten list includes titles like "On The Waterfront", "To Kill a Mockingbird" and "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest". I may have to reconsider that list, an infrequent exercise but one I don't mind doing every now and then as situations warrant.

Overall, the film is darn near perfect. I know it's pretty cliché to state it that way, but when you analyze the dialog, the characters, the directing and the tone of the movie, the picture flows flawlessly, even when it detours into side stories like Brooks Hatlen's release and new prisoner Tommy's introduction late in the picture. Every set-up, every nuance has some importance that eventually converges to symbolize Andy's quest for escape and personal redemption. Remember Brooks feeding Jake for the first time and eventually setting him free when he receives his own pardon? How about Andy playing Mozart into the prison yard while settling back with a smile of contentment on his face. The story transcends one man's confinement for a crime he didn't commit, and focuses instead on his reaction to circumstances beyond his control. Paul Newman showed us a different way to react to those kinds of conditions in 1967's "Cool Hand Luke", but his method was self destructive. Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins) never loses his ability to keep his eye on the prize, even if it takes him a couple of decades to do so.

But even more so, you have here the story of Ellis Boyd Redding (Morgan Freeman), a convict who sees Andy as a person, and over time, an inspiration to himself and the rest of the prisoners who call him friend. From Andy, he comes to understand that even as a prisoner, a man can live life on his own terms if he can keep his mind uncluttered by thoughts of desperation and hopelessness. Not bad for a convict who started out believing that 'hope can drive a man insane'.

I really can't recommend this picture highly enough, both for it's masterful story telling and it's technical execution. The actors, even those portraying the most minor characters were seemingly born for their roles. They deliver a seamless performance that's virtually unmatched by most modern films, in a picture that hits all the right notes with an inspiring message of discipline and perseverance.
Good , But It Is Overrated By Some
In recent years the IMDB top 250 movies has had THE GODFATHER at number 1 while THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION has remained at number 2 . The only exception was early in 2002 when FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING topped the chart for a couple of months then dropped down to number 2 for a couple of more months . I`ll probably make myself very unpopular for saying this but I don`t think SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION deserves to be so high

!!!!!! SPOILERS !!!!!!

What I don`t like about it is the amount of cliches . New prisoner arrives and finds a maggot in his food , prison cliche 37 . New prisoner gives maggot to old prisoner to feed his pet bird , prison cliche 43 . It`s revealed at the end that the prisoner who has spent so many years inside is innocent after all , prison cliche numero uno . Did anyone believe during any part of this movie that Andy Dufresne was guilty ? Neither did I . Maybe that`s why I love the American prison series OZ because all the inmates there are totally guilty . There`s other things wrong with the movie . It`s about half an hour overlong , and there`s rather unrealistic bits like the warder having someone killed after finding out Dufresne is probably innocent. Oh and how many prison friendships has there been between a black man and a white man ?

Maybe that last point shouldn`t be taken as a criticism because the performances of Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins are very good and make the movie . Neither of them give a flashy performance ( Again not a criticism ) but both are very subtle in their roles , can you imagine how different this movie would have been if we`d had Tom Cruise and Denzil Washington as the stars ? Perhaps because Freeman`s character of Red does seem to have been written as a white character he`s so good in the role . Am I alone in thinking Freeman has been the best black actor in Hollywood for the last decade because he`s more interested in exploring the character instead of playing someone who`s black ?

There`s also some outstanding touches from director Frank Darabont . Witness the scene early in the film where Andy spends his first night in prison with the darkness falling upon the prisoners faces . It`s almost like the artwork of Andy Dogg as the prisoners look out onto the landing as they search for fresh prey , and there is quite a touching sequence as Red leaves prison out into the harsh outside world to the strains of Thomas Newman`s score

I gave THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION eight out of ten . It is a classic feel good movie but unfortunately being a cynic I do think it`s slightly overrated by IMDB voters
I watched this movie for the umpteenth time probably last Sunday and how much I loved it yet again!!! A movie I would never ever get bored of and definitely, one of my all time favorites. A simple yet wonderful story about HOPE!!! HOPE – One word that drives all of us and gives us reason to live. We push ourselves through our mundane lives in the hope of achieving / finding something that we dream of. In the words of this movie's protagonist – "hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies"!!! Superlative performances by Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman.

A must watch if you haven't!!!
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