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The Rebound
Romance, Comedy
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Bart Freundlich
Justin Bartha as Aram Finklestein
Saadet Aksoy as Girl in Ortakoy-Istanbul
Steve Antonucci as Waiter
Marc Alan Austen as Rabbi's cousin
Paul Basile as Goth Hipster
Robert Bizik as TV Sports Announcer
Andrew Stephen Bradley as Coffee Shop Patron (as Andrew S. Bradley)
Daniel Burress as Coffee Shop Hipster
Megan Byrne as Molly Foster
Alana Cadiz as Girl in Pop Burger
Jordan Carlos as Twentysomething #4
Gary Cherkassky as Club Dancer
Andrew Cherry as Frank Jr.
Jake Cherry as Frank Jr.
Peter Conboy as Museum Staff
John Ellison Conlee as Magnus Croom
Lisamarie Costabile as Lead Yoga Student
Helen Coxe as Sweatsuit Lesbian
Sara DeRosa as Cigarette Girl
Tom Riis Farrell as Terrence
Ramon Flowers as Transvestite
Roy William Gardner as Kissing Man
Art Garfunkel as Harry
Lisa Gerber as Susie
Joanna Gleason as Roberta
Kelly Gould as Sadie
Zabryna Guevara as Teacher
Kelvin Hale as TV Sports Announcer
Samantha Ivers as Cinnamon
Adesuwa Addy Iyare as Boxing fan
Rob Kerkovich as Mitch
Tony Kost as Ringside High Roller
Gregory Marcel as Trapeze Student
Jennifer Markey as Boxing Spectator
Thomas Middleditch as Maverick
Derek Milman as Stanley
Chris Miskiewicz as Hipster
Rich Odell as Boxing Commisioner
Zoe O'Grady as Museum Girl #2
Loukas Papas as Restaurant Patron
Rachel Parker as Yoga Instructor
Steve Park as Scott Reynolds (as Stephen Park)
Adam S. Phillips as Sportscaster
Alice Playten as Sensei Dana
Nick Poltoranin as Senior TV
Fatima Ptacek as Mozambique Girl
Sam Robards as Mozambique Girl
David Ross as The Office Guy
Danny Salomon as Boxing fan
John Schneider as Trevor
Perry Silver as Talkative Bellman
Tyree Michael Simpson as School Principal
Gabrielle Sterbenz as Kissing Girl
Stephanie Szostak as Alice Marnier
Isaiah Varisano as Boxing fan
Storyline: Sandy, upon discovering her husband's infidelity while watching her son's birthday video, leaves the suburbs and moves into the city. She gets an apartment that's above a coffee house where she befriends one of the workers, Aram, a guy whose wife only married him so she could get a green card. Aram's family thinks he's wasting his life and education by working in the coffee house. Soon after moving into the apartment, Sandy hires Aram to be her nanny while she takes on work for the first time since her children where born. It isn't long when Aram and Sandy find they get along wonderfully and start to date. But the question is: is their relationship real or is it, in fact, just a rebound for both of them?
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One of the better romcoms, but not the best
OKAY, so let me start off by saying, I viewed this movie as someone who typically doesn't like Catherine Zeta Jones in the slightest. SO, here's the thing...

The movie itself is pretty straightforward. Older woman, recently divorced, finds a rebound in her newly appointed Nanny. The guy, who is 25 years old and is also divocred, is pretty much THE exact guy a lonely woman would want to meet and spend the rest of her life with. As you can imagine, there's several bumps in the road, which ultimately leads our heroine of the title to call it all off.

Like I said, straightforward, and just a little bit predictable. The thing about the movie that grabbed me was that it was genuine, it seemed quite real. It was funny without being over the top, the kid actors had me in stitches, and it really is the epitome of a female mid-life crisis.

While it's definitely not the best of the best in this genre (that would go to "500 Days Of Summer"), it is charming and entertaining, and the end really did have me smiling. It was never over the top but it also wasn't afraid to lay it bare, with the bad language, the faults of both leads, etc.

I'd recommend this to anyone who likes the genre. Even those who don't necessarily like Catherine Zeta Jones.
An honest & funny Rom-Com.
so after i saw a trailer from this movie, i thought it will be another lightweight romantic comedy like the ugly truth or the proposal, but this one proves me wrong. The Rebound is a beautiful,funny and honest update to the relationships that with the right advertisement, could become a huge hit. It's definitely an adult comedy but i, as a teenager, enjoy it a lot. it has lol moments and i think that Jones has done her best work since Chicago. i also had to highlight Justin Barth and the kids from the movie.

it's worth watching.

PS: not for the fans of happy endings
A Nutshell Review: The Rebound
While nothing much can be done with the censors' scissors over at Black Swan, The Rebound had a scene shortened which the censors are quite clear to point the finger back the the distributor for its request to opt for a lower rating. In any case, this film is edited, at the scene where in the trailer you see a kid ask Justin Bartha if he was peeing into Catherine Zeta-Jones. So much for a joke that's not given a runway to build up.

Written and directed by Bart Freundlich, The Rebound tells the story of how the going to be divorced mom Sandy (Zeta-Jones) had relocated herself and her two kids Sadie (Eliza Callahan / Kelly Gould) and Frank Jr (Andrew and Jake Cherry) to New York City to start their lives anew, and runs into a drifting Aram Finklestein (Justin Bartha) who's still at the crossroads of his life, not knowing what to do with it and taking the odd jobs as a barista, and helping out at a Women's home. As you'd have it, he soon becomes the nanny of Sadie's kids when she either gets set up to go on a blind date, or when routines at work in a sports channel run beyond what's reasonable to get her home, and from there the pair hit it off, 15 years age gap notwithstanding.

For this to work, I suppose the chemistry between the leads had to be believable. Zeta-Jones still look gorgeous and it's no wonder how any one would not want to give a relationship a go, while Justin Bartha fit right in as the kid out of college, and being an incredible help around the kids become a plus point for their hook up. Freundlich brings about tried and tested scenes pulled from a typical romantic comedy genre, and it actually just coasts along as we see how the couple tries to figure out their relationship, which of course serves up the requisite frowns from friends and family, especially Aram's (played by Art Garfunkel - yes that Garfunkel! And Joanna Gleason as Dad and Mom respectively).

So it begs the question whether it's socially acceptable for a younger man to go out with an older woman, or vice versa which are scenarios dealt with in other films. For this one, I suppose it's up to your threshold whether it'll work (and the limit to the age gap that you find acceptable), and for the most parts you'll actually find yourself rooting for them, even as their scenes as a couple do take some time to become reality. Which in the meantime you're more than entertained by the antics of Sandy's two kids and that of Aram, which become some of the best comedic scenes in the film. There's this other out of this world comedic situation involving Sandy and her blind date who turns out to be a chiropractic practitioner with some really filthy habits.

However for all the ideas that the narrative had built up, there's a nagging suspicion that it didn't know how to end, which accounted for its very abrupt final act that continued along the path of each lead character's growth in life and finding their true calling. For what it's worth there's even an Eat Pray Love inspired montage sequence for Aram, before everything fizzled hurriedly back to the usual Hollywood finale, that while it was a tremendous letdown, still makes this an ideal choice as a date movie even though it comes with that empty feeling at the end of it all.
A rebound in all senses
Never has a title so accurately summed up a film. I saw The Rebound immediately (and probably too quickly) after the crushing disappointment of a previous film that I had such high hopes for. I knew going into it that it wasn't really for me, that I wasn't really ready for another film, but I felt the need for something familiar, something soothing. I wasn't looking for the 'right' film, just a film 'right now'.

So I got what I deserved. An experience which started far too quickly, that wasn't really thought through and not grounded in any kind of reality. All my friends told me that it could simply never last and apart from a few brief moments when I thought we might have a future, I knew they were right. Luckily I came to my senses and realised that we were simply not meant to be and the inevitable unsatisfying ending played out in front of my eyes.

I realise now looking back at the whole experience that I have a lot to thank The Rebound for, as it helped me move on from that earlier crushing disappointment. It is true that we had some fun and it made me feel slightly better for a short period of time, but it ultimately left me feeling unsatisfied and realising that I could, and indeed deserved, something better. A true rebound indeed.
A bloke liking this?
Yes, I did largely. Normally rom-coms aren't my thing but Catherine Zeta Jones playing a newly separated Mum approaching my own age had me checking it out, though admittedly I hadn't set my sights very high.

Probably a bit better and enjoyable than my 6 stars might indicate, it was actually the kids that made this movie for me. They were sassy, knowing, picking up on the adult's conversations and taking their own slant on things and had the best lines. For a change, precocious American kids that weren't obnoxious.

Zeta Jones takes to the role naturally and her toy-boy babysitter come lover was pleasant enough. You could see the rather protracted attraction between them, even if together, the chemistry didn't exactly boil.

There are far worse films out there, chick-flicks, or otherwise - and one that to me, at least, does neither much harm nor good to Mrs Douglas' career. Recommended, if it's your type of thing.
Formulaic romance for women only
I went to see this movie with my girlfriend because I don't mind romantic comedies as they often have some pretty funny moments in them.

I have to say, this one fell flat for me as the attempts at humour were pretty toe curling, so all that was left was the romance. And whilst it was OK, it wasn't entirely believable. As you would expect in a movie made for women, Catherine Zeta Jones' character is pretty human and her protagonist played by Justin Bartha is superhuman: young and good looking but likes older women, way more mature than he should be for his age, loves other peoples' children, shy but outspoken when it matters, and of course he is not interested in other women.

You know the story. You've seen it 100 times before. This one doesn't have the laughs. Just about worth watching, but not worth a special trip.
Slow and dull
This film is about a recently divorced woman with two children, who falls for her 24 year old babysitter guy.

I was hoping "The Rebound" to be a funny romantic comedy, but it was not. The story concentrates on being romantic, and lacks comedic elements. The typical formulaic high-low-high points are followed but the low point comes too late, is unconvincing and is too brief. The final high point is even more brief and rushed, as if the filmmakers have run out of money to make more footage, and hence the film ends abruptly. I would have liked a longer and more thoughtful ending. In short, I find the "The Rebound" slow and dull.
Moderately entertaining, but bland and mediocre
The movies which are most difficult for me to write a review about are not those which provoke nausea because of their horrible technical and creative quality; neither are those which renew my faith in cinema with an unusual display of greatness.The most difficult movies to write a review about are the simply mediocre ones, which provide the minimum quantity of entertainment in order not to get us bored, but without any ambition of transcending that basic function and say something more, or make us feel something.The Rebound is one of those movies.

Bart Freundlich's direction is too bland and impersonal, because he does not bring too much passion to his work.On the positive side from The Rebound, we have the naturalness in the characters and their attitudes.I was very grateful not to see "meet cute" (the casual and funny first encounter between the main characters), or ridiculous public humiliations to show the love between the couple, or artificial obstacles in the romance to create suspense about the invariable reconciliation.Well, there are obstacles, but they feel more honest and realistic for being based on the age difference between the two main characters.And even though Catherine Zeta-Jones and Justin Bartha are not a precisely blistering couple, their affinity and attraction feel credible.

It is definitely a paradox, but I think those positive elements also are fails from the movie.I did not feel too much interest in the future from the couple, or in their evolution.Zeta-Jones and Bartha make a decent work, but the screenplay does not give them too much to do.Talking about Zeta-Jones, the only specific moment which endures in my memory is a scene in which her character goes to a class of self-defense, and she fights against a "criminal" disguised as a Sumo wrestler.That scene was obviously designed for provoking laughs, but there is a moment in which we see intense emotion and frustration because of her recent divorce in the main character's eyes.It was on that moment when I remembered that Zeta-Jones can be a very competent actress when she works with the right material, so it was a bit of a pity to see her relatively wasted during the rest of the film, because her talent goes further.

In summary, I think I can give a slight recommendation to The Rebound, mainly because it is never boring.But at the same time it is moderately entertaining, it is also bland and absolutely forgettable.
Pretty okay,but slightly inconsistent...
This films starts off and goes on any typical rom-com with all the elements in it, from the weird best friends that the protagonists have, to the falling for each other for no apparent reason but the situations and the clichés... I could go on. But overall, this movie was watchable because both the leads to decent jobs and the kids are fun to watch. Aram shares a great chemistry with the kids and it looks pretty natural too.

The part that I didn't like was the uncalled for - forced break-up scene which didn't make any sense at all. The only relief that comes from that is the very beautiful ending which somehow reminded me of Into The Wild.

I think the movie should have been like the last 10 mins... magnified and then some non-linear editing - maybe showing how they go about their lives and then meet up... I would have liked it like that, but then it wouldn't be a rom-com, it would be drama...

Very few film-makers can get it just right, and sadly, Bart Freundlich's piece just remains a very decent effort, but not the actual thing.

All said and done, it *was* worth a watch and I may check out some of his other titles. :)
Amiable, with a turn towards the unexpected
Sandy (Catherine Zeta-Jones), on looking out a video of the kids' birthday party, spots her husband (not realising he was on camera) getting, er, personal services in the kitchen from a neighbour. So, at the age of 40, she ends up in New York with the kids, starting a new life. She is helped in this by Aram (Justin Bartha), a 25 year old who babysits and nannies the kids, who take to him very enthusiastically. Over a period of time she warms to him too and, inevitably (especially given that much of this sits firmly in romcom territory), a relationship starts. However, the age difference is never very far from the surface - will this drive them apart, or will they be able to negotiate their way through it? The weakest part of this movie (finally reaching the UK nearly a year after its release in other markets) is the rather glib way everything falls into Sandy's lap - job, apartment, babysitter - and scant attention is paid to the heartache of divorce, apart from two scenes which utilise the same dialogue in an engaging way. But this glibness means that the mechanics of real-life can be glossed over in order to get to the meat of the matter, which is the relationship between Sandy and Aram.

And they are both pleasingly realised characters, delivered well by the two principal performers (although Zeta-Jones, despite playing her actual age, never really convinces as a woman concerned about the advent of fading looks etc.). They are helped immensely by Kelly Gould and Andrew Cherry as her children, and Joanna Gleason and Art Garfunkel as his parents, not to mention John Schneider in a very funny (if somewhat improbable) sequence as a date from hell.

The Rebound is amiable, without often being laugh-out-loud funny throughout much of its length although at about the 75% mark there are a couple of plot developments which, though logical, are unexpected, and the film enters drama mode and drops the romcom element almost completely. This part of the film was a complete surprise - the trailer gives a very accurate picture of the early part, and no clue at all about the final quarter - and, to me, was very welcome. It gives a satisfactory resolution to a story which was never going to be comfortably topped off with a conventional happy ending.
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