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The Rebound
Romance, Comedy
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Bart Freundlich
Justin Bartha as Aram Finklestein
Saadet Aksoy as Girl in Ortakoy-Istanbul
Steve Antonucci as Waiter
Marc Alan Austen as Rabbi's cousin
Paul Basile as Goth Hipster
Robert Bizik as TV Sports Announcer
Andrew Stephen Bradley as Coffee Shop Patron (as Andrew S. Bradley)
Daniel Burress as Coffee Shop Hipster
Megan Byrne as Molly Foster
Alana Cadiz as Girl in Pop Burger
Jordan Carlos as Twentysomething #4
Gary Cherkassky as Club Dancer
Andrew Cherry as Frank Jr.
Jake Cherry as Frank Jr.
Peter Conboy as Museum Staff
John Ellison Conlee as Magnus Croom
Lisamarie Costabile as Lead Yoga Student
Helen Coxe as Sweatsuit Lesbian
Sara DeRosa as Cigarette Girl
Tom Riis Farrell as Terrence
Ramon Flowers as Transvestite
Roy William Gardner as Kissing Man
Art Garfunkel as Harry
Lisa Gerber as Susie
Joanna Gleason as Roberta
Kelly Gould as Sadie
Zabryna Guevara as Teacher
Kelvin Hale as TV Sports Announcer
Samantha Ivers as Cinnamon
Adesuwa Addy Iyare as Boxing fan
Rob Kerkovich as Mitch
Tony Kost as Ringside High Roller
Gregory Marcel as Trapeze Student
Jennifer Markey as Boxing Spectator
Thomas Middleditch as Maverick
Derek Milman as Stanley
Chris Miskiewicz as Hipster
Rich Odell as Boxing Commisioner
Zoe O'Grady as Museum Girl #2
Loukas Papas as Restaurant Patron
Rachel Parker as Yoga Instructor
Steve Park as Scott Reynolds (as Stephen Park)
Adam S. Phillips as Sportscaster
Alice Playten as Sensei Dana
Nick Poltoranin as Senior TV
Fatima Ptacek as Mozambique Girl
Sam Robards as Mozambique Girl
David Ross as The Office Guy
Danny Salomon as Boxing fan
John Schneider as Trevor
Perry Silver as Talkative Bellman
Tyree Michael Simpson as School Principal
Gabrielle Sterbenz as Kissing Girl
Stephanie Szostak as Alice Marnier
Isaiah Varisano as Boxing fan
Storyline: Sandy, upon discovering her husband's infidelity while watching her son's birthday video, leaves the suburbs and moves into the city. She gets an apartment that's above a coffee house where she befriends one of the workers, Aram, a guy whose wife only married him so she could get a green card. Aram's family thinks he's wasting his life and education by working in the coffee house. Soon after moving into the apartment, Sandy hires Aram to be her nanny while she takes on work for the first time since her children where born. It isn't long when Aram and Sandy find they get along wonderfully and start to date. But the question is: is their relationship real or is it, in fact, just a rebound for both of them?
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Short sweet love story
Its a nice movie .... Very predictable (like all other love stories ) but nicely presented .... Though i almost always knew what was going to happen next , but something in me wanted to see more and more .... Actors fit in their roles perfectly .... The way the story moves u wont get bored at any moment ....

The reason m not rating it higher because i felt as if the director has rushed it towards the end .... As if he was in a hurry to finish the movie ....

I have seen it twice in past one week and i wont mind seeing it again .... Worth watching movie ....If u like love stories you'll definitely like this one
An average sorta romantic comedy that hooked me with the older woman/younger guy angle
This was your average chick-flick, nothing remarkable but ultimately not boring either. Its described as a "sexy romantic comedy" and its moderately entertaining with a few funny moments and likable characters in Catherine Zeta-Jones and Justin Bartha who provide a somewhat intriguing romance with the whole older woman-younger guy hook.

I did want to see how this was going to play out, if and how our couple would get together in the end. I thought the choice the writers came up with was realistic except for the "son" angle.

The story follows Zeta-Jones as a 40 something woman who moves to New York City with her two children after discovering her husbands affair. After several disastrous attempts at dating 'Sandy' realizes that she has developed feelings for the 25 year old former barista she befriended and hired as a nanny. Can they overlook the generation gap and forge a lasting bond or do they both have some growing up to do? 9/7/15
Nothing special about it
The Rebound is a movie that tells the story of Sandy (Catherine Zeta- Jones), a woman that after knowing about her husband infidelity, decides to move on and tries to make a new life with her 2 kids in the city. She moves to an apartment where captivates her new neighbor, a much younger man. It is the typical love story about the older woman falling in love with a younger man but with a not so typical ending. The first hour of the movie is OK with some funny moments but the last 15-20 minutes it turns a little boring a with a very slow pace. The cast is good Zeta-Jones delivers a very good performance and Justin Bartha was also very decent, the two kids are very funny. In conclusion, it is a movie you could wait for it to be in DVD, nothing special about it
A great romantic comedy!
I watched this movie on a whim and was extremely impressed. It quickly became a new favorite of mine. I have seen several reviews that are giving this movie completely unfair reviews. I mean seriously, you're going to grade a comedy based on the camera work? A comedy has one job - To make you laugh. With that said this movie will do that, a lot. I also see a lot of people giving this a lower review because of a slow start but I don't see it. If you really can't handle a movie taking ten minutes to introduce the characters and set up the story then just go watch stupid videos on youtube and leave the movie community alone. The final gripe I see is that the characters are unlikable, which I also don't see. The characters in this movie are great depictions of two people who have just been through a bad break-up. Aram is a very likable young man who is slightly adrift in life because he is recently divorced and has a lot of trouble relating to people his age most likely because the one friend he does seem to have commits 90% of his dialogue to sex for example at one point Aram asks "Do you ever think about kids?" and he replies "I think about making them all the time" and proceeds to hump a nearby counter. Sandy is also slightly adrift because of a recent breakup with her husband of several years so she now finds herself single, forced to move, and find a job all pretty much immediately. The two meet when Sandy moves into an apartment above a coffee shop where Aram works and he is eventually talked into babysitting for the family as well. Romance ensues if you couldn't guess. Overall the story is pretty solid. So all that there is left to discuss is the comedy so here is what i will say, If you think it is funny to see people in those giant sumo suits getting the crap kicked out of them, or someone being so bad at bowling they can't hit a single pin, or someone using a port-a-potty in the middle of a date and still talking to the girl amidst several farts, then you will like it. (Don't worry that's not all the funny stuff in the movie) The final thing I wanted to talk about was the ending so SPOILERS! Yes of course they break-up the point of this movie is that this is a rebound. What that relationship did for both of them was get them out of their rut, it really saved both of their lives. Sandy got a career of the ground, and Aram finally took some time to figure his life out and basically got his crap together. Once the two of them got everything else taken care of then they could get together but before then it wouldn't have worked. The movie is much more realistic than most and I applaud it for that.
A bloke liking this?
Yes, I did largely. Normally rom-coms aren't my thing but Catherine Zeta Jones playing a newly separated Mum approaching my own age had me checking it out, though admittedly I hadn't set my sights very high.

Probably a bit better and enjoyable than my 6 stars might indicate, it was actually the kids that made this movie for me. They were sassy, knowing, picking up on the adult's conversations and taking their own slant on things and had the best lines. For a change, precocious American kids that weren't obnoxious.

Zeta Jones takes to the role naturally and her toy-boy babysitter come lover was pleasant enough. You could see the rather protracted attraction between them, even if together, the chemistry didn't exactly boil.

There are far worse films out there, chick-flicks, or otherwise - and one that to me, at least, does neither much harm nor good to Mrs Douglas' career. Recommended, if it's your type of thing.
It was good until the ending
There aren't many movies showing a relationship between older women and younger men and this one started out quite well. But then it became and insult to our intelligence. They're relationship started out cute and surprisingly not just as a one night stand or sexy forbidden thing. But then the social morals kick in and they break up- because "a 40 year old woman should not date a 25 year old man", no matter how good they are for each other. And after that, this young man, who actually is very much ready to get serious, is going to do what American society expects him to do- travel the world and "grow up". Because 5 years later he is 30 and at this age it is more acceptable to date an older woman. And that's the insult. He is pretty much the same person, not a bit more mature then before, but 30 is such a round number and it represents real adulthood, right? It's just stupid. In those 5 years one of them would either move on and find a new partner or contact "the love of his/ her life" and try to save the relationship. Instead they're selling us this kind of crap. What a pity. I know men, who got married even younger and got children and they are very capable of being mature without having to "see the world or rock cleveland" first. And the children were written pretty poorly, too. As someone said- too intelligent for their age, too much of a smartmouth and so on. More like teenagers stuck in bodies of 7 year olds.
Older woman finds love interest in younger man.
I wasn't expecting greatness, but I was appalled at the script. It started nicely with her dropping the kids off to school. The cinematography was fine. But then it seemed to want to be a comedy. But the jokes were clunky, unpleasant and not funny. The way the characters acted didn't ring true to life. The director didn't seem to have a knack for comedy. After half an hour I didn't want any more and walked out. The characters and situations could have been really good and deserved much better treatment. I don't understand why an actress of Catherine Zeta Jones' caliber took on this movie. She was great in The Mask of Zorro, Entrapment, Traffic, and Chicargo. I wouldn't even give this movie one star.
Very entertaining!
The rebound, starring Catherine Zeta Jones and Justin Bartha is a very cute romantic comedy. The movie is definitely lifted up higher by the strong performances of the lead actors. Catherine definitely carries the film very well and I love her performance in this. Justin Bartha was pretty good, he wasn't amazing and I probably would have preferred someone else in his role but he still wasn't bad, it's just that sometimes in movies you would prefer someone in a role and that was the case here. But the dialogue and writing overall was good, I was pleased with it. The chemistry overall between the actors was sufficient, not the best I've ever seen, but certainly not bad at all. The rebound has light funny moments with a little romance mixed in, then it has more weighty dramatic moments. The movie carries those moments well. Also, I was just so entertained by this movie as a whole, it really does satisfy what you're most likely wanting to see if you do decide to view this film. The ending is very well done, it wraps up nicely, not quite how you may expect it to wrap up, but I think the ending is great. 8/10 for the rebound.
My new favorite romantic comedy
This movie was a pleasant surprise. It starts a little slow but it soon picks up steam. Justin Bartha was incredible and very believable. I am so glad to see him getting the lines and the billing he deserves. Catherine was magnificent as always. They appeared to have a great chemistry between them. The script and directing were very good. The kids, Sadie, Kelly Gould and Frank Jr. Andrew Cherry were very good. I am usually not a big fan of child actors but these two are real pros and add a lot to the movie. Finally, some supporting characters that deserve mention are Sandy's boss Laura, played by Lynn Whitfield and Aram's parents played by Art Garfunkel and Joanna Gleason. They played their roles wonderfully. I have watched this movie half a dozen times and it still charms me and makes me want to watch it again. I really love this movie.
Great promise, passed the time, but cop-out ending
Nice engrossing premise/film, but when she is 40 and he 14 years younger, how will it end....well.....usual Hollywood style, they didn't have a good idea, and so it let the whole film down.

Catherine is very attractive in this, and you want to see that she can be with the younger man, but when his parents disapprove of her, and then at the end without explanation approve, it just made it a little odd.

Compared to The Proposal and Killers (does Ashton have a personality?), it was a good film, as you kind of expect a let down ending on these sorts of films.
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