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The Rebound
Romance, Comedy
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Bart Freundlich
Justin Bartha as Aram Finklestein
Saadet Aksoy as Girl in Ortakoy-Istanbul
Steve Antonucci as Waiter
Marc Alan Austen as Rabbi's cousin
Paul Basile as Goth Hipster
Robert Bizik as TV Sports Announcer
Andrew Stephen Bradley as Coffee Shop Patron (as Andrew S. Bradley)
Daniel Burress as Coffee Shop Hipster
Megan Byrne as Molly Foster
Alana Cadiz as Girl in Pop Burger
Jordan Carlos as Twentysomething #4
Gary Cherkassky as Club Dancer
Andrew Cherry as Frank Jr.
Jake Cherry as Frank Jr.
Peter Conboy as Museum Staff
John Ellison Conlee as Magnus Croom
Lisamarie Costabile as Lead Yoga Student
Helen Coxe as Sweatsuit Lesbian
Sara DeRosa as Cigarette Girl
Tom Riis Farrell as Terrence
Ramon Flowers as Transvestite
Roy William Gardner as Kissing Man
Art Garfunkel as Harry
Lisa Gerber as Susie
Joanna Gleason as Roberta
Kelly Gould as Sadie
Zabryna Guevara as Teacher
Kelvin Hale as TV Sports Announcer
Samantha Ivers as Cinnamon
Adesuwa Addy Iyare as Boxing fan
Rob Kerkovich as Mitch
Tony Kost as Ringside High Roller
Gregory Marcel as Trapeze Student
Jennifer Markey as Boxing Spectator
Thomas Middleditch as Maverick
Derek Milman as Stanley
Chris Miskiewicz as Hipster
Rich Odell as Boxing Commisioner
Zoe O'Grady as Museum Girl #2
Loukas Papas as Restaurant Patron
Rachel Parker as Yoga Instructor
Steve Park as Scott Reynolds (as Stephen Park)
Adam S. Phillips as Sportscaster
Alice Playten as Sensei Dana
Nick Poltoranin as Senior TV
Fatima Ptacek as Mozambique Girl
Sam Robards as Mozambique Girl
David Ross as The Office Guy
Danny Salomon as Boxing fan
John Schneider as Trevor
Perry Silver as Talkative Bellman
Tyree Michael Simpson as School Principal
Gabrielle Sterbenz as Kissing Girl
Stephanie Szostak as Alice Marnier
Isaiah Varisano as Boxing fan
Storyline: Sandy, upon discovering her husband's infidelity while watching her son's birthday video, leaves the suburbs and moves into the city. She gets an apartment that's above a coffee house where she befriends one of the workers, Aram, a guy whose wife only married him so she could get a green card. Aram's family thinks he's wasting his life and education by working in the coffee house. Soon after moving into the apartment, Sandy hires Aram to be her nanny while she takes on work for the first time since her children where born. It isn't long when Aram and Sandy find they get along wonderfully and start to date. But the question is: is their relationship real or is it, in fact, just a rebound for both of them?
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The worst movie I've seen in quite some time.
What can I say? It just does everything wrong. Starting off with extremely unlikable, unbelievable characters, horrible acting and a really stupid and predictable kind of humor, it just goes nowhere from there. Well, actually I've kinda got accustomed to the characters over time. But I never was able to actually like them or somehow relate to them. Zeta Jones sort of stands out of the heap for she is really cute. But that's really all there is to her. No good and believable acting on her part either. Justin Bartha is just annoyingly goofy. Every time he stood around grinning that shallow grin of his I just wanted to hit him in the face. Hard. And the Kids are the most annoying thing I've seen in years. Why is it that Hollywood just doesn't seem to be able to show children as they are. Why do they always have to be so violently cute and smart? It's just implausible. And those two here are the blandest and shallowest smart-asses I've seen since Home Alone.

Should I say something about the plot? No... I bet you already got how it works. No surprises here. It just reminded me of "prime" with Uma Thurman. At the end I got the impression they just wrote one or two pages of script to it. What else? It has no music to speak of, the camera work is average but nothing special.

It's just a really bad movie. And it is not like I don't have a soft spot for good romantic movies. This one just isn't good.
hilariously entertaining,one of the best comedies i have seen
it's absolutely hilarious.the jokes are well-written without making them over the top. the base of the story isn't that original.i mean the first thing that comes to mind when you see it's about single-parenting is clichéd and over-used.which is exactly what I thought but boy was I wrong.the take on this concept is amazing.instead of taking the usual depressing/boring story about life is so hard as a single parent they chose humor it was a great decision.the humor was great without being disrespectful or trying too hard.th script was very well written.but what deserves most credit is th casting and the cast itself.every actor suited the role so well it was like they were made for it.the chemistry between Catherine zeta jones and Justin bartha is great but it's also very balanced as if not to give too much considering the age difference shown in the film.my favorite part of the movie were the kids.they did an absolutely phenomenal job.seriously i'm a harsh judge of child stars.i usually think they're over the top and bad actors but these kids were great,over the top maybe but that's what their characters were like. the whole family worked pretty well together I don't know if they just got lucky or something but for I thought the casting was perfect.

so if you're looking for a good comedy with humorful jokes and a relatable story line this film is definitely for you
This film was absolute rubbish!

The characters where poorly developed, and the ending was a nauseous cliché montage, somehow fixing the characters relationship problems in 120 seconds. The dialogue was awkward,and the humour often crass and overdone. The most pathetic scene is easily when CZJ lets out her grief on a sumo wrestler, screaming the c-word multiple times in front of her bratty and instantly irritating children.

This is a romantic comedy gone totally wrong!

What was CZJ thinking? The leading actors have no convincing spark between them, and the audience is in no way emotionally attached to the future of their awkwardly blossoming relationship. Do not see this film! Ever!
Moderately entertaining, but bland and mediocre
The movies which are most difficult for me to write a review about are not those which provoke nausea because of their horrible technical and creative quality; neither are those which renew my faith in cinema with an unusual display of greatness.The most difficult movies to write a review about are the simply mediocre ones, which provide the minimum quantity of entertainment in order not to get us bored, but without any ambition of transcending that basic function and say something more, or make us feel something.The Rebound is one of those movies.

Bart Freundlich's direction is too bland and impersonal, because he does not bring too much passion to his work.On the positive side from The Rebound, we have the naturalness in the characters and their attitudes.I was very grateful not to see "meet cute" (the casual and funny first encounter between the main characters), or ridiculous public humiliations to show the love between the couple, or artificial obstacles in the romance to create suspense about the invariable reconciliation.Well, there are obstacles, but they feel more honest and realistic for being based on the age difference between the two main characters.And even though Catherine Zeta-Jones and Justin Bartha are not a precisely blistering couple, their affinity and attraction feel credible.

It is definitely a paradox, but I think those positive elements also are fails from the movie.I did not feel too much interest in the future from the couple, or in their evolution.Zeta-Jones and Bartha make a decent work, but the screenplay does not give them too much to do.Talking about Zeta-Jones, the only specific moment which endures in my memory is a scene in which her character goes to a class of self-defense, and she fights against a "criminal" disguised as a Sumo wrestler.That scene was obviously designed for provoking laughs, but there is a moment in which we see intense emotion and frustration because of her recent divorce in the main character's eyes.It was on that moment when I remembered that Zeta-Jones can be a very competent actress when she works with the right material, so it was a bit of a pity to see her relatively wasted during the rest of the film, because her talent goes further.

In summary, I think I can give a slight recommendation to The Rebound, mainly because it is never boring.But at the same time it is moderately entertaining, it is also bland and absolutely forgettable.
What a Gem!
I was just browsing through Netflix looking for something to watch, stumbled upon Rebound, and decided to check it out. For the first twenty minutes or so, I wasn't sure where it was going, what to expect or what kind of story it was going to be. Actually I didn't expect it to be much, but WOW I was not expecting it to be the gem of a movie turned out to be! The setup seemed a little undeveloped, and there were a couple parts here and there that I thought were a little ambiguous as to what they were supposed to be to the story; but what soon emerged was a really, REALLY touching love story about two people who formed an unlikely couple and who by all outward appearances should not have been together romantically; but you WANTED them to be together. "Sandy" (Catherine Zeta-Jones) and "Aram" (Justin Bartha) were so cute as a couple and played so extraordinarily well opposite one another that I was so drawn into the story that I couldn't wait to see how it was going to turn out. When they broke up, I was heartbroken and misty-eyed. The story then follows each of them on their post-split endeavors and they bump into one another what turns out to be five years later, and get back together again. Then I couldn't stop smiling from ear to ear and got misty-eyed again!

This film touched a few places for me and while not perfect in places, was quite an unexpectedly touching story that turned out to be a rare gem of a movie. Deftly navigating through the emotional ups and downs of a serious relationship and of career/family/life events, it's a commentary on life & love, finding one's path in life, and of finding love where you least expect it. I definitely recommend!
Pretty okay,but slightly inconsistent...
This films starts off and goes on any typical rom-com with all the elements in it, from the weird best friends that the protagonists have, to the falling for each other for no apparent reason but the situations and the clichés... I could go on. But overall, this movie was watchable because both the leads to decent jobs and the kids are fun to watch. Aram shares a great chemistry with the kids and it looks pretty natural too.

The part that I didn't like was the uncalled for - forced break-up scene which didn't make any sense at all. The only relief that comes from that is the very beautiful ending which somehow reminded me of Into The Wild.

I think the movie should have been like the last 10 mins... magnified and then some non-linear editing - maybe showing how they go about their lives and then meet up... I would have liked it like that, but then it wouldn't be a rom-com, it would be drama...

Very few film-makers can get it just right, and sadly, Bart Freundlich's piece just remains a very decent effort, but not the actual thing.

All said and done, it *was* worth a watch and I may check out some of his other titles. :)
A very surprisingly funny and sweet "chick-flick" that guys will like too. Very funny up until the end, which was bad. I say B
"I know how I feel about you, it's you who doesn't know how you feel about me." Sandy (Zeta-Jones) is a 40 year old mother who is getting divorced. Aram (Bartha) is a 25 year old kid who should get divorced. While they are both trying to figure out what to do with their lives Aram takes a job taking care of Sandy's kids. The relationship grows and the age difference doesn't seem to affect them...at first. I have to start by saying that I am not a huge fan of chick flicks. I did however like this movie quite a bit. Very funny in parts and kept me interested through out most of it. I did like how this movie had the typical male/female roles reversed and that made it a little different then the other movies like this. The one down side is the ending. Movie was going along great then with ten minutes left it totally lost all its momentum and the ending almost ruined the entire movie for me. I recommend this, but shut it off with ten minutes left (would make it better)Overall, a very funny and good movie with a horrible ending. I give it a B.
Never mind the botox, this movie is wrinkle-free (well, more or less)
I admit it, I like movies. A film that transports me to see things in a different way, or inspires me, or explores deep and complex questions where the language of cinema can transcend the limitations of words and other media.

But some people I know don't think like that. What's worse, they're not stupid or uneducated or lacking in taste. They just expect a movie to entertain. Much like food stops you being hungry. You go in the cinema, buy some overpriced sweets, sit down, and switch off your brain. Simple. Maybe they've had a long day. Maybe they're on a date. Maybe they just fancied a night out. They don't care too much about the movie as long as it's easily digestible, starts and finishes at a convenient time, and has free parking nearby.

Is that so wrong? It doesn't even have to be that good, it just has to tick some boxes. A bit like this one.

The Rebound is a light romcom where Sandy (Catherine Zeta Jones) is a beautiful, smart, suburban 40-year-old mother who discovers her husband is cheating on her and takes her two children to New York City for a fresh start. She gets a new job and meets Aram, a sweet twenty four year-old graduate who's at a low point in his life - he found out his French wife of two weeks duped him into marrying so she could get a green card. Aram works at a coffee-shop but is great at babysitting. Eventually the inevitable happens and they hit it off despite the age-differences.

The style has similarities to Sex and the City in pacing and heavy sprinkling of sexual innuendos, but really succeeds around Catherine Zeta-Jones, who soon reminds us she is an Oscar-rated actress even in this most undemanding of roles. Justin Bartha is reasonably amusing as Aram. The other characters are more two-dimensional. Zeta-Jones commands the stage and has some nice fluffiness for us to contemplate meaningfully as we search for the car park ticket on the way out. "I think what's endearing and universal to the piece is that divorce and break-ups don't just happen to women and neither do the emotions that come out of them. The Rebound shows us these events and emotions also happen to men. I also like what the script says about relationships. When they break up everyone thinks there's no hope in hell that you will find love again, but you can."

I am a bit at a loss to explain why a woman who can act, sing and dance as well as Catherine Zeta Jones should put herself through such silliness, but she is quick to explain. "My character goes through this horrific dating process and I've heard countless stories from my girlfriends who are the same age are in this position. When you're married you think your life is complete forever, then you get divorced and you have to start over again and go out into the marketplace, for want of a better word. At some point you just have to laugh at all these situations that happen when your life turns around on a dime and The Rebound helps us see this."

That is just so horrific and I feel deeply moved. I'll get the giant popcorn next time. But to be fair, unlike Sex and the City where males are mere bit-players in the big scheme of things, Aram could strike a chord with any guy that would love to fancy his chances with a woman that is of a considerably different age and richer than he is. Never mind if you can't take her out and pay pay pay in the style she 'deserves' – just go to a really awful theatre where your terrible acting friends are producing a boring play. Being a dream lady, she will not only sit through attentively, be polite to your geeky friends, but practically eat your face off on the dance floor afterwards.

You become parted irrevocably but, as Catherine says, your life will suddenly turn on a dime and the fairy godmother of happy endings will make everything right before you have to get home for the babysitter. Don't tell anyone, but I enjoyed it. I know I shouldn't . . .
A bloke liking this?
Yes, I did largely. Normally rom-coms aren't my thing but Catherine Zeta Jones playing a newly separated Mum approaching my own age had me checking it out, though admittedly I hadn't set my sights very high.

Probably a bit better and enjoyable than my 6 stars might indicate, it was actually the kids that made this movie for me. They were sassy, knowing, picking up on the adult's conversations and taking their own slant on things and had the best lines. For a change, precocious American kids that weren't obnoxious.

Zeta Jones takes to the role naturally and her toy-boy babysitter come lover was pleasant enough. You could see the rather protracted attraction between them, even if together, the chemistry didn't exactly boil.

There are far worse films out there, chick-flicks, or otherwise - and one that to me, at least, does neither much harm nor good to Mrs Douglas' career. Recommended, if it's your type of thing.
Fresh and enjoyable - charming leads
Good May December romance movie. There are many funny laugh out loud moments in this movie. The jokes aren't clichéd and the dialog is original and fresh. Wish I could see more of Catherine Zeta Jones in movies these days. She is beautiful especially without too much makeup. Sometimes she looks too sophisticated to be in that situation but she is just a pleasure to watch on screen. It's also nice to see a woman not trying to be rail thin as she enters her forties. Justin Bartha is quite charming in this role. Although he isn't tall he can do romantic roles not just the sidekick stuff. Sometimes the dialog was a bit fast to catch. The story is feel good and not far fetched without being sentimental or predictable.
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