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The Pianist
UK, Germany, France, Poland
Drama, Biography, History, War
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Roman Polanski
Adrien Brody as Wladyslaw Szpilman
Thomas Kretschmann as Captain Wilm Hosenfeld
Frank Finlay as Father
Maureen Lipman as Mother
Emilia Fox as Dorota
Ed Stoppard as Henryk
Julia Rayner as Regina
Wanja Mues as SS Slapping Father
Richard Ridings as Mr. Lipa
Nomi Sharron as Feather Woman
Anthony Milner as Man Waiting to Cross
Lucy Skeaping as Street Musician
Roddy Skeaping as Street Musician
Ben Harlan as Street Musician
Storyline: A brilliant pianist, a Polish Jew, witnesses the restrictions Nazis place on Jews in the Polish capital, from restricted access to the building of the Warsaw ghetto. As his family is rounded up to be shipped off to the Nazi labor camps, he escapes deportation and eludes capture by living in the ruins of Warsaw.
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More than just a Movie
How often do you see a movie that is capable of touching your Heart? how often do you see a movie that will occupy your thoughts for a good while? Roman Polanski's "The Pianist" is one of those rare breed of movies that can actually do that. It's undoubtedly one of the most impressive movies you will ever see. From The Solid Direction Of Roman Polanski to the Flawless acting of Adrien Brody This Movie without a doubt can be called a Masterpiece. The Movie is based on The true story of Wladyslaw Szpilman, who in the 1930s was considered one of the most accomplished Pianist. But the movie is not about his fame, Nor his Glory as a pianist. It's About A Polish Jew, who fought against all odds, Faced situations that he never even imagined and Finally Survived by losing almost everything and everyone he loved. It shows not only a tale of horrific surviving, but also the emotions that many people had to face and fight in order to live. It makes you wonder how people who really faced and Fought against those odd and lived, makes you ask yourself what would i do in that situation? The Cast is great, Whether it is a important character like Fox as Dorota or Minor character such as Ronan Vibert as Janina's Husband. But Adrian Broody Truly proved his worth as an actor in this film, i mean he was so into the character that he will make you believe that he really is Szpilman, He lost over 14 kilograms and developed a unusual body language for some scenes, and an actor of his level deserve much more recognition, but it's a fact that people nowadays prefer flash and looks over true art, however if you are one of those who can appreciate a true masterpiece you must have a look at "The Pianist"
How courage and hope prevails in the face of adversity
Unfortunately, my review contains a spoiler. The Pianist took place when people were being killed because of their nationality, and it tells the story of how Germany carried out the hatred felt toward the Jews almost like Hiltler did in The Holocaust. It is amazing to think of how Roman Polanski must have felt as he produced this film due to the fact that he actually experienced some of the same horrors that are seen in this film. While viewing The Pianist, I got to feel the emotional pain and turmoil that Wladyslaw Szpilman played by Adrien Brody felt as he experienced the worst time of his life. The look of total despair, anguish and pain that grips the face of Wladyslaw throughout the movie makes it hard not to have empathy for his character. The film depicts the life of a man who has a passion for playing the piano watches his life unravel before him. Even though Wladyslaw was faced with various obstacles and life changing experiences he never lost his love for playing the piano. As Wladyslaw faces life's uncertainties, he can never forget his days of playing the piano. It is only through courage, endurance and tenacity that Wladyslaw Szpilman is able to become victorious against all odds. The heroic gestures of people willing to risk their own lives in hopes of saving someone else are the backbone of this gruesome film that takes place in Poland during a period when wars were on the rise. Some of the same social injustices that were prevalent back in the early 1900's still take place in various cultures around the world today which makes The Pianist such a magnificent film. People can relate to the different aspects of the film because of the humanness it portrays. The angle in which Adrien Brody's face was shot as he faced the worst years of his life when everyone and everything around him was becoming a figment of his imagination allowed me to sympathize and connect with the desolation and anguish he must have felt in the later part of his life. The lighting used to display Wladyslaw's fingers as he played his beloved piano allowed me to focus on how passionately he felt about what he does as he delicately strokes each key of the piano with such grace and poise. The piano that Wladyslaw loved so much helped his life gain new meaning as he triumphed over the agony and despair he endured in his life with great courage.
To hell and back.
The Pianist is an incredible film in many aspects. Roman Polanski's account of the survival of the pianist, Wladyslaw Szpilman, is a document about how one man can overcome the worst possible situations in a world gone completely mad around him.

The only fault one can find with the adaptation of Mr. Szpilman's story by playwright Ronald Harwood, is the fact that we never get to know the real Wladyslaw Szpilman, the man, as some of the comments made to this forum also have indicated.

There is a very interesting point raised by the the pianist's father who upon reading something in the paper, comments about how the Americans have forgotten them. Well, not only the Americans, but the rest of the world would not raise a finger to do anything for the people that were being imprisoned and made to live in the confined area of Warsaw. The exterminating camps will come later.

What is amazing in the film, is the frankness in which director Polanski portrays the duplicity of some Jews in the ghetto. The fact that Jews were used to control other Jews is mind boggling, but it was a fact, and it's treated here matter of factly. Had this been made by an American director, this aspect would have never surfaced at all. Yet, Mr. Polanski and Mr. Harewood show us that all was not as noble and dignified as some other films have treated this ugly side of war.

Wladyslaw Szpilman, as played by Adrien Brody, is puzzling sometimes, in that we never get to know what's in his mind. He's a man intent in not dying, but he's not a fighter. He accepts the kindness extended to him. He never offers to do anything other than keep on hiding, which is a human instinct. He will never fight side by side with the real heroes of the ghetto uprising. His role is simply to witness the battle from his vantage point in one of the safe houses across the street from where the action takes place.

Adrien Brody is an interesting actor to watch. As the pianist of the story he exudes intelligence. There is a scene where Szpilman, in one of the safe houses he is taken, discovers an upright piano. One can see the music in his head and he can't contain himself in moving his fingers outside the closed instrument playing the glorious music from which he can only imagine what it will sound in his mind.

The supporting cast is excellent. Frank Findlay, a magnificent English actor is the father of the pianist and Maureen Lipman, another veteran of the stage, plays the mother with refined dignity.

In watching this film one can only shudder at the thought of another conflict that is currently brewing in front of our eyes. We wonder if the leaders of the different factions could be made to sit through a showing of The Pianist to make them realize that war is hell.

Good film!
This is the kind of magnificent filmmaking that shows a director not only being as true to the story given to him (that of Painist Szpilman, based on his autobiography) but to his past as well- Roman Polanksi faced similar conditions as a boy in the early 40's, and has found the best line to show, never crossed or mis-stepped, in representing the characters and the period. There aren't any hints of tightened suspense, no clues as to where the film could veer to, it just is. The big difference to be seen between a film like this and Schindler's List is not just in the people and situations (Schindler's List was a film about two people, Schindler and Goeth, in the foreground while the Pianist is a total first person tale), yet also in the filmmaking qualities being here surely European. And while the accents on the Polish-Jewish actors sounds a bit too British, that is quite forgivable considering the scope of the project (thank heavens he didn't put in English speaking Germans).
Powerful,Realistic ,Masterpiece of Directing ,Polanski at his Best
I have watched this movie at least 4 times. This is about survival at its worst.This movie is a masterpiece from my perspective.It is exactly what it is.no pretense ,you must survive at any or all costs.Murder,suicide by jumping out the window.People being starved,shot in the head,burned,gassed,run over.a nightmare that lasted for 5 years. This is the real thing. Polanski is witness to all of this.this is first hand reporting of what happened in Poland. No propaganda ,romanticing the war,holocaust,whatever you want to call it. Its Polanski at his best.To believe Chicago won the Best Picture of the year means absolutely nothing. This movie is not a song and dance silly movie. There is no award for making this movie.Its a documented story of the worst nightmare you could have.I wouldn't worry about not winning any awards.There are no awards for this kind of "movie" Would you give an award,for murder,suicide,death,misery,starvation being gassed and burned.a Holocaust of a movie experience.
JAHM (Just Another Holocaust Movie). It shows nothing new, it is no more realistic in its portrayal than many other movies (and nothing like as good as Schindler's list). It shed no new light on the subject and compared to Schindler's list is dull, tedious, mediocre and plain boring.

It's redeeming features? Good acting, reasonable characterization and a few snatches of beautiful music. If you have never seen a holocaust movie then it will probably appear quite powerful and moving, but set against the best of them, it offers little.

One of the most overrated movies of 2002 and I am quite peeved I wasted my money on it.

Bland and Obscene
So this film has won the Palme D'Or? I didn't see any reason why...

The film is well executed in its use of the usual Hollywood visual clichés, rendered in a more "European" style. A fusion of the worst of Hollywood and the worst of Europe. The result unfortunately is even less than the sum of its parts.

I am extremely concerned by the lack of any real ideas beneath the thin veneer of story. I felt that the film rubbed my nose in one awful even after the other while presenting only caricatures (or often no characterisation at all) of the participants and victims - especially the German characters. So we have caricatures versus caricatures, without a caricaturist's sense of humour or insight.

I found these caricatures quite obscene - they obscured the fact that the Germans who committed such atrocities were ordinary men and women - not merely evil-laughing "monsters". That European Jews who survived this period went on to murder and torture Palestinians and reproduce the exact same ghettos imposed on them for every year since 1945 is testament to that. I wonder if I'd win the Palme D'Or by switching the roles and making a film about the Israeli organised Chatila massacres or atrocities by the Israeli Army in the West Bank?

The result is that the real power of the film was completely lost in the process of presenting the facts of Szpilman's experience of that period. I found no insights in this movie - either into art/music nor the Holocaust, and certainly nothing about Szpilman.

Is it true to fact in its unrelenting depiction of atrocities committed? I didn't care anymore after 30 minutes. I am no historical revisionist so after the 4th violent atrocity in the first section, not only these acts, but the whole film became silly and patronising.

A far more unsettling and profound film about evil, art, personal responsibility and racism from this period is definitely István Szabó's "Taking Sides". It leaves Polanski's film far behind in every filmic and intellectual aspect.

The Holocaust compels us to think and act, even if entirely beyond comprehension. In this regard, Polanski's movie is both bland and abhorrent.

And no, I don't mean that to be a complement.
The Pianist is a great story with one of the best performances from an actor
The Pianist's story is one that grips the viewer and takes them on a gut wrenching ride. Adrain Brodie's performance as the Jewish piano player is one to remember, that is not to say that every other actor in the film was not good in this case they were all great. Even to the smallest characters that are only on screen for a matter of seconds are up to par. Also having the film be based off of a book adds to the amount of detail that the director has put into the film. I am talking about the things Adrian Brodie's character sees throughout the streets during this hard time for him. In the end The Pianist is a great story that is accompanied by great performances. The story of the Holocaust is a topic that should and will not be forgot and The Pianist keeps those who lost their lives in memory.
Great Movie
The Pianist is a really an awesome movie. Its all concept and story is magnificent. This movie help us to remember about the murders of Jews by Hitler.This type of movie is so much needed for the next generation. The Pianist helps them to remember the past. And it is a great achievement for the next generation. We want this type of movie more and more. I also thanks the hero and the director of the movie and the all characters who make the movie more real. This all characters are really important to make the movie more real. We expect from the director to get such type of movies more and more. It is not just only a movie, it is a reality of the Jews.
Dark, epic and moving
In this dark, epic and moving film, the suffering of Jews in the Warsaw ghetto is brought to life. Brody's performance, for which he won an Oscar, is breathtaking. With understated and fine-tuned acting, he portrays Władysław Szpilman, a talented Polish Jewish pianist who struggles to survive during the German occupation of Poland. The characters were very realistic, because they were not just good or bad--the Jews had mixed reactions toward the violence in the ghettos, the Poles helping the Jews escape had varying motives (some slightly dubious), a Nazi officer aided Szpilman near the end of the movie. The slow infiltration of anti-Semitism is portrayed realistically--first, Szpilman's family must wear stars of David on their arms, a seemingly harmless requirement. However, the Nazis' demands quickly escalate and soon the family is forced into the Warsaw ghetto. What began with a star on a coat sleeve culminates in Szpilman's family being taken to the ghetto, and then later to a concentration camp. My favorite scene is when Szpilman is confined to an empty apartment with a piano. Unable to make any noise, he sits down and runs his fingers along the keys as if playing. We hear the music, but see only his fingers making patterns across the keys. This scene is brilliantly directed and in a way symbolizes the Poland that Szpilman once knew, now forever changed by the Holocaust.

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