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The Martian
Drama, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
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Ridley Scott
Sean Bean as Mitch Henderson
Sebastian Stan as Chris Beck
Jessica Chastain as Melissa Lewis
Donald Glover as Rich Purnell
Naomi Scott as Ryoko
Lili Bordán as Blair
Mackenzie Davis as Mindy Park
Chen Shu as Zhu Tao
Nick Mohammed as Tim Grimes
Kate Mara as Beth Johanssen
Jeff Daniels as Teddy Sanders
Matt Damon as Mark Watney
Michael Peña as Rick Martinez
Aksel Hennie as Alex Vogel
Benedict Wong as Bruce Ng
Kristen Wiig as Annie Montrose
Chiwetel Ejiofor as Venkat Kapoor
Jonathan Aris as Brendan Hatch
Storyline: During a manned mission to Mars, Astronaut Mark Watney is presumed dead after a fierce storm and left behind by his crew. But Watney has survived and finds himself stranded and alone on the hostile planet. With only meager supplies, he must draw upon his ingenuity, wit and spirit to subsist and find a way to signal to Earth that he is alive. Millions of miles away, NASA and a team of international scientists work tirelessly to bring "the Martian" home, while his crewmates concurrently plot a daring, if not impossible, rescue mission. As these stories of incredible bravery unfold, the world comes together to root for Watney's safe return. Written by 20th Century Fox
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Were all the scientists on a day off when this script was written?
Wow this was a bad one, I thought Interstellar was painful but this was even worse (I know hard to believe!) My favourite part in the whole movie was when Matt points out that an explosion which occurred in a particular room during an experiment he was conducting was due to (you'll love this!) him exhaling too much oxygen into the room! Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure we exhale CO2 and inhale O2. I think even a fifth grader would be able to tell me that. I nearly cried with laughter when I heard him say that line and how he kept a straight face is beyond me, unless he thinks its true of course.

This was just the beginning of the lack of believable science in this movie and it was so painful to watch after more and more random unbelievable events started popping up. His one line killed the movie for me, from that point on I was looking for more "errors" and they just kept on coming.

Anyway to cover the opening sequence with how poor Matt ends up left on Mars to die, well there's a big storm that no one seems coming, they all rush to their landing vehicle to hot tail it back up to their orbiting mothership. Matt gets a whack in the gut with something (which we later find out pierced his suit completely but yet somehow the suit manages to stay pressurised with a hole in it) and decides to pass out. The rest of the crew fly back up to the mothership and, get this, immediately set course for home! They don't stay in orbit for say another 24 hours and recover Matt's body they just leg it back home asap. Odd I thought for a NASA mission to just abandon him and not say bring the body back for his family to bury.

When poor Matt wakes up he finds all the communications are down and all his friends gone. And by communications I mean the one satellite dish that was stuck to the habitat roof has blown down in the storm and been completely demolished, but not one of the solar panels outside is damaged, just a bit sandy. Seeing how comms back to Earth would be one of the critical systems would there not be 3 or 4 other methods of calling home, redundancies in case of a disaster? NASA didn't see the point in having any of those backups on this mission to Mars, what could possibly go wrong? Another good one is when he is told to drill and cut a whole in the roof of a perfectly airtight rover and sticky tape a big plastic balloon to the top of it. No reason is given for this yet it happens, I think it's so he can take some more plastic painting sheets with him but I cant be certain. Also wouldn't this drilling and cutting a big hole compromise the pressurisation integrity rendering the vehicle unsafe to drive around in without a space suite on, oh but not for Matt, he happily drives around Mars with no suit on at all with his new plastic sticky taped sunroof fitted trying to work out how far he can get on his batteries while whinging about how he'll never make it to the RV due to lack of power all the while singing along to the stereo with more flood lights turned on than at a football stadium. Um turn some crap off Matt that'll save you some juice.

Again another scene in the movie, an airlock somehow gets blown to bits and a big gaping whole is left in the side of the habitat Matt lives in. The solution, a big piece of plastic sheet and more sticky tape, he then repressurises the habitat and somehow his sticky taped plastic painting sheet is able to hold up fine, outside there are wild storms going on (which are visible through a few of the more believable looking pressurised windows) raging away and not one single piece of debris punches through his plastic painting drop sheet or does any damage to his rover or solar panels.

The mission to get him home is to send back the craft which ran away and left him in the beginning. NASA didn't tell the crew of the ship for months that he was still alive as they didn't want to hurt their feelings! So the plan to get him back is drive the mothership all the way back to Earth, do some gravity sling shot thing around Earth (sounds like Apollo 13?) rendezvous with a supplies pod (food and movies onboard probably) and fly all the way back to Mars and pick him up as he fires himself into space from a lander (after stripping out all the gear inside, removing the roof and covering it with another plastic painting sheet held on with sticky tape to save weight) already there for the next disastrous mission to Mars NASA has already cooked up.

For me this movie just went too far, way beyond what any normal person with a even a tiny grasp of science can cope with. I cannot believe Ridley, NASA and JPL were happy to have their names mentioned let alone their relevant ground breaking departments portrayed with such a lack of any real science.

I know it's a SciFi movie but you have to get the basics right and have some kind of explanation for the viewer to be able to buy into the ludicrous things which take place in the movie. Otherwise it just becomes a complete bore to watch and the viewer spends their time looking for more flaws.

My opinion, save yourself the money, stay home, get a pizza in & watch Blade Runner on BluRay again :-)

Ten reasons why THE MARTIAN didn't work.

10. They tried to make it funny. Matt Damon is not funny, except that one time he was a puppet in Team America: World Police. 9. 1990's quality special effects. Couldn't they have hired the effects guy from GRAVITY? Or even watched GRAVITY to see what a space movie looks like in 2015? 8. The main character had no back story. None. Zip. We know nothing about this guy who we are supposed to be rooting on. Except in a random voice over where he said he loved his parents. And that he was the "best botanist on Mars..." I actually hoped they would leave stranded so he could glib himself into the next solar system. 7. The device of the voice over was him talking directly into camera a la THE REAL WORLD - again a 1990's device - known from this day forward as "The Pipe Cam" where Damon would lay out exposition mixed with a bag full of bad jokes. (My guess is this: these clams were pitched by Damon himself because SEE REASON 10) 6. The supporting cast was dreadfully miscast with special accolades for horribleness to the other astronauts, and (the usually terrific) Jeff Daniels. Daniels must have made this film while doing NEWSROOM and forgot to change characters while walking from one sound stage to another. I'm never going to Michigan if this is what happens to a man. (Chiwetel Ejiofor had the only compelling performance. But that's no surprise) The film's best actor was Damon's "skinny" body double who happened to be a foot taller than Damon, but this guy could dry his hair to cover his face until Matt could put his space suit back on like nobody's business. If he hadn't been a 70 year-old John Holmes body double, you never would have guessed it wasn't Damon. 5. The soundtrack was wall-to-wall disco. Yes, disco. Yes, wall-to-wall disco. Which we had finally KILLED by the 90's. 2 hours of disco left behind by the sadistic Commander of the mission. There's even an ABBA song! And I paid $15 dollars to listen to this. The on-the-nose but BEST disco song plays over the closing credits. Not the first disco song where they roll the cast and A.D.'s credits that everyone in LA stays to see. No the second half over the caterers and "Mr. Damon's assistant" credits. The song was I WILL SURVIVE by Gloria Gaynor meant not for the fact that Damon survived, but that WE DID SURVIVE this entire film. Damon's character even jokes about the lameness of the disco, but... 4. Matt Damon is NOT funny! So now we're stuck with bad jokes told by an unfunny actor and lots of bad disco. AND I'm sitting next to some old broad whose hearing aid has fallen out of her ear and she doesn't even notice. So Helen Keller here has scammed Medicare for $500 or whatever a Costco hearing aid runs for these days. The aid apparently has a two second delay because I get to hear disco and bad jokes twice. If I had filled my empty popcorn bucket with water, pulled my t-shirt over my face and had my wife dump it on my mouth and nose it wouldn't have been as tortuous as this movie. Not that water-boarding is torture, but you get it... 3. Derivative. Seen it a hundred times: when Damon successfully docks with his returning shipmates (who had abandoned him, ostensibly because he is so damn annoying) the film cuts from one foreign city to another where Times Square type crowds are rooting on the American as they watch the happenings on their own Jumbotron. Russia, France, communist China rooting for America. America. Right. Another example is they lifted an entire scene where Damon operates on himself removing a piece of antennae which is a beat-for-beat rip-off of Javier Bardim removing a bullet from his leg in NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. Only Damon didn't have to blow up a car outside a drugstore for an opiate because... 2. Damon has his own pharmacy at the space camp. When things look grave he resorts to drug abuse. He breaks open a Vicodin, rubs a potato in it, looks into his Pipe Cam and tells us, "I ran out of cat sup 3 weeks ago." It made no sense, so I assumed it was another joke. Because as we all know.... 1. MATT DAMON IS NOT FUNNY.
A film for kids. PC ridden and cliché bound.
What is it about directors that they have to stoop to the very worst of clichés when making "space" films? I'm old enough to have seen "2001" when it first came out and it seems to me that far from emulating Kubrick's marvellous film Ridley Scott has regressed to some kind of Boy's Own adventure movies style - but peopled with every kind of PC cliché and dialogue that constantly sets this viewer's teeth on edge. Here's the scruffy ethnic that lives in a pile of mess but has worked out how to save the stranded astronaut - and develops his idea in the most childish way even though most of us had worked it out a good hour beforehand, Gruff Sean Bean growls and fights against the system. Pretty female astronauts are in control, a teenage NASA technician (female) spots something none of the more experienced men in real life would have noticed at the drop of a hat, the hideously white NASA director is stupid but the USA's new friends - the Chinese - come to the rescue. The scenes of jubilation in Times Square, Trafalgar Square and somewhere in China with massed crowds waiting with bated breath as the "live" rescue mission is beamed directly on to large screens is just pure nonsense. Pretty landscapes. Pity about the people, the dialogue, the plot and the suffocating PC-ness of it all.
Touching but dull
The story about Mark Watney, an astronaut in the future that is left on Mars, when his crew mistakingly leave him behind. I had expected huge things from this movie, it started very well, but then it came quite boring, there is only so much solo time one man can do on the film. The other characters were not too interesting, except for Vincent and Bruce, the only two likable. Matt Damon is a very good actor, much better news that he is doing another Jason Bourne film. The Martian is watchable but what is the problem is the ending, it was really badly done, the film was credible up to then. Best thing about the movie were the special effects, the film looks good.
Most boring movie of the year, by far.
2 hours and 21 minutes of Matt Damon gardening, and people at NASA discussing how to rescue him. Seriously. That's the whole movie. Total boredom.

Just so you know, I like all kinds of movies. I'm not impatient. I have a degree in a tech field. But geez, this movie is soooo boring.

And it's stupid!! And the casting is terrible. A 22-year-old hot model-type woman is the only one at NASA smart enough to locate Damon. And a 22-year-old slob who looks like he's strung-out on drugs (rolling out of a bed in his FILTHY MESSY office, twitching, shaking, stuttering) is the only one at NASA smart enough to think of using a slingshot-effect for the rocket. But they're SOOOO smart that they can attend high-level, and I'm talking the highest level on a national scale....they can attend these meetings in street clothes, while everyone else is in suits and ties.

I know Damon is extremely politically-correct, and so are most Hollywood movies these days. But this one goes too far. Literally every scene alternates between a person of a different race. White, African-American, African, Hispanic, Asian, Middle Eastern. And every scene has a man and a woman in it. Michael Pena as an astronaut?? Hello....do I really need to explain that you have to be in-shape to be an astronaut??
pleasantly surprised
Seeing that the movie was over 2 hrs long, and knowing that the person was going to be stuck on the planet by their self for the majority, I didn't have high hopes for it. Usually these types of movies are boring. Not a lot of writers can pull this off. This movie was really good tho. A group of us watched it and really enjoyed. There were some things they failed to explain, that we collectively came up with our own answer for. Other than that, it was great. I never felt bored or left waiting for more. Overall, I feel it was very well written, produced and acted. Well worth the watching. Some people on here have griped that it was 'predictable', but then, most movies are. Who ever watched Star Wars with the thought that Vader would ultimately win??? Who ever watched Star Trek thinking that Kirk wouldn't find a way to save the day? And frankly, who grew up watching Scooby Doo thinking that someone would actually kill Scooby, Shaggy, Fred, Daphne or Velma???
safe,dull and ... predictable
I went to see the martian with high expectations,hoping to get a story that will take you by your throat keeps you on the tip of your seat and thrill you,surprise you...etc etc...i got nothing of the above!! instead i watched a very dull,predictable and very safe movie,Matt Damon,i really love as an actor but he never got to me,i simply was not taken by his acting,it just did not come across,the surrounding characters were so predictable,the young and beautiful captain,another young chick and a science head...the happy Latino...a German...oh please give me a break,who wrote this,and sorry to say but the name Ridley Scott seems to disappoint me more and more the last years.The scene where his garden gets blown away i saw coming from a mile,the science well,that was nicely done for a 10year your kid,but for me it looked like a Sunday afternoon cable movie,safe and predictable.There were so many things they could have done differently,also the music did nothing good for it.the photography could have been done so much better...i am very disappointed.
More Familiar Than I Expected, It's Still an Excellent Nail-Biter
Matt Damon is left for dead during the rushed evacuation of a small-scale Martian expedition. It's like Apollo 13 on steroids, mixed with short dashes of 127 Hours, MacGyver and Survivorman. Much less of a one-man show than I was expecting, which gives the film a little more spirit but also a more conventional structure. I think it would've been a far more interesting, daring picture if we'd seen more personal video journals from space and less debate around a round table at NASA, if just because we've seen the latter film several times already. Damon is excellent, bringing a blend of hopeless desperation and punchy good humor that gives him credence as both a technical expert and a likable, relatable everyday guy. The supporting cast is scattered with some strange choices, though - Kristen Wiig in a dead-serious role and Sean Bean as a kind-hearted supervisor are particularly out of place - which left me enjoying the scenes with Damon alone in the red landscape much more than the rescue effort. Still, the epic moments far outweigh the sub-standard ones, there's a strong sense of humor beneath all the suspense, and the visuals are really pretty incredible. Bonus points for getting so much of the science right, too. I'm conditioned to expect a lot of flaws when I dig deeper into sci-fi like this, but apart from one notable exception (the weather on Mars), the experts looked at this one and said "Yeah, that could actually work." Cool stuff.
Do not trust any review above 2 stars. I think such users are payed reviewers.

I went to watch this "movie" not expecting much, but what i get was a total frustration.

I'd like to get a refund for the ticked i payed because i felt cheated. The movie is insulting to human intelligence. Totally pointless, superficial and from a scientific point of view, is an insult to every scientist. In addition i hope the NASA will call the production to a courtyard for how they have been represented in the movie.

Acting is quite often terrible too, no psychological immersion, all is a joke and with a little montage everything become possible... this movie is a waste of money and time, i want my money back!!!

Do not waste money and time over this one!


Think about : 1- growing potato over a soil not tested fertilized with astronauts "poo"... what about bacteria ? What about soil minerals and PH ? ... why he had potatoes in a martian station? (that's a joke)

2- why there is no scientific team studying and calculating ? Just a bunch of guys wandering around saying "yes" to the big boss or the minor actor acting like the "genius" ??

3- No information control at the NASA center??? Are you kidding me ??? An astronauts left alone over mars, does a real-time chatting with a "guy" (not even a psychologist) and such conversations are real-time public shared !!!! ARE YOU F*****G KIDDIN ME?????

4- sorry i forgot to mention that in such movie radiation are totally ignored, as you will never see the reflecting visor down even in "free space" while glancing at sun

There are tons of those nonsenses in the movie... i just have time to write down 4, but all the movie is 2 hours of such nonsenses.

TO CONCLUDE: this "movie" is an insult to the viewer, who liked it does ignore even the basic concepts of science, a terrible superficial plot. This "movie" is a scam, a fraud to steal our money. I've been cheated, listen to me and don't be fooled keep you time and money for something better.
[2/5] simple, feel good movie with a lot of… unexplored, interesting ideas
RE: a friend calling The Martian a veritable, American masterpiece.

What about the false ease concerning mathematical and scientific computation? That scene when boss man tells JPL they have half the time they thought they would and then goes into a comedic exposition about how he'll say it can't be done but then he will—it was funny but not true to the difficulty of engineering, I thought. You don't see the man hours either. It's stupidly dumbed down for the audience and while that may drain its mass popularity, it's the selling point of the film and book. I was excited for a true engineering movie but what I got was a word bank of engineering jargon spewed at me and then some problem fixed *snap*.

Or how there's no sense of isolation? Even before he makes contact, we get shots from his camera over his shoulder, and it's like someone's watching him. Oh, and he's always talking to the video diary, us. No one is with him but the switching between scenes on Earth and Mars make Mars less distant. Moreover, Ridley doesn't explore the mental psychosis of a man "stuck out there. He thinks he's totally alone and that we all gave up on him. What kind of effect does that have on a man's psychology? I wonder what he's thinking right now." Yes, he mentions it but he doesn't expand on it. And what about this unexplored gem, "Everywhere I go, I'm the first. Step outside the rover? First guy ever to be there! Climb a hill? First guy to climb that hill! Kick a rock? That rock hadn't moved in a million years! I'm the first guy to drive long-distance on Mars. The first guy to spend more than thirty-one sols on Mars. The first guy to grow crops on Mars." Did you get any sense of wonder or exploration?!? I did not.

Or lack of stakes? To its credit, the night he walks back into the base after patching the door with a tarp is tensing but did you ever actually feel as though the mission was going to fail? Pardon my meanness, but what is Matt Damon's character even living for? No love interest or children and a "thankfulness" towards his parents. I'm not saying his life, or any character without "love", is meaningless but they are lacking in emotion. Had he at the very least rattled off a bucket list, I would have felt more emotionally involved. Matt Damon did an exceptional job of squeezing every ounce of emotion to make us empathize with him because the character just isn't emotionally interesting.

And by god, another slight at ABBA and I'll kill someone. They made that stupid joke 10 times, the first time it landed but that was it. It had it's laughs, ie space pirate and colonizer of Mars, but at the same time, it wasn't hilarious. Just go through some quotes from the book (https://www.goodreads.com/work/quotes/21825181-the- martian) and look at all the missed opportunities.

What I will give The Martian is an appreciation for what astronauts and the like accomplish. I actually liked that China gave NASA their technology, that action did a nice job of highlighting the universal interest in science and not political agendas. Then there are two good scenes I must nod to: when Matt Damon's character decides to shave his beard before being reacquainted with his team, a nod of the human need to be presentable in society, and visually, the belt/ ribbon tangle near the end. Big fan of the set designs as well, especially the base on Mars and Ares 3 but are tragically... unexplored.

Overall, a 2/5, simple, feel good movie with a lot of… unexplored, interesting ideas.
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