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The Maltese Falcon
Crime, Drama, Thriller, Mystery, Film-Noir
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John Huston
Humphrey Bogart as Sam Spade
Mary Astor as Brigid O'Shaughnessy
Gladys George as Iva Archer
Peter Lorre as Joel Cairo
Barton MacLane as Det. Lt. Dundy
Lee Patrick as Effie Perine
Sydney Greenstreet as Kasper Gutman
Ward Bond as Det. Tom Polhaus
Jerome Cowan as Miles Archer
Elisha Cook Jr. as Wilmer Cook
James Burke as Luke
Murray Alper as Frank Richman
Storyline: Spade and Archer is the name of a San Francisco detective agency. That's for Sam Spade and Miles Archer. The two men are partners, but Sam doesn't like Miles much. A knockout, who goes by the name of Miss Wanderly, walks into their office; and by that night everything's changed. Miles is dead. And so is a man named Floyd Thursby. It seems Miss Wanderly is surrounded by dangerous men. There's Joel Cairo, who uses gardenia-scented calling cards. There's Kasper Gutman, with his enormous girth and feigned civility. Her only hope of protection comes from Sam, who is suspected by the police of one or the other murder. More murders are yet to come, and it will all be because of these dangerous men -- and their lust for a statuette of a bird: the Maltese Falcon.
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The mystery behind the Maltese Falcon...
"The Maltese Falcon" is a crime movie in which we watch a private detective takes on a case that involves him with three weird criminals who want to find a very precious statuette. In this quest everybody wants to find this statuette because it is very precious and they will earn plenty of money from this.

I liked this movie because it has very nice plot and many twists on it and this is something that makes this movie really good and interesting. I also liked this movie because of the direction which made by John Huston but also fro the interpretations of the cast. It has to be mentioned the great interpretation for one more time of Humphrey Bogart who played as the detective Samuel Spade and Mary Astor's who played as Brigid O'Shaughnessy. Another one interpretation that I really liked was the interpretation of Sydney Greenstreet who played as Kasper Gutman and in my opinion he was really good at it.

Finally I have to say that "The Maltese Falcon" is an interesting movie to watch and the thing that makes it so interesting and unique is the really well written plot. This movie wants to show us that you can spend plenty of the time of your life searching for something and in the end it will not matter the result. The only thing that it matters it will be the searching of it and the fight that you did in order to succeed it.
cant say much for it
i wont say it was an awful movie, but i was not terribly impressed. i guess the story was kinda cool with Spade being a somewhat crooked private detective, if you give him enough money he'll really do anything. it was a fairly fast paced movie, but that definitely does not mean it was exciting. there was a whole lot of word games, some of which became a little too confusing for me at points, you really have to be paying your full attention to keep pace with some of the conversations. as for the photography, i thought it was really pretty good. the use of light was pretty clever in a few different shots. there was also one pretty darn long take at one point, very subtle though. as the rating reflects i didn't like the film as much as most people, but to each their own.
The dawn of American film noir
John Huston jump started the "American noir" genre with this masterpiece. WB, the movie public, and of course, Bogart were lucky for sure that George Raft turned down the role. It marked the film debut of Greenstreet and the beginning of the Huston-Bogart team which reached it's zenith in 1948. That year they topped TMF with film's greatest ever, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre. Huston's incomparable talent for producing great scene after great scene is initiated here in his directorial debut. In his best films which are many there is no dead time because there is something significant happening in every scene. This movie has to be viewed at least twice to be fully appreciated because of the lightning plot speed. Bogart's unmatched screen presence is on full display as he appears in ALL BUT ONE scene and dare's the viewer to take their eyes off him. Still an all-time top ten American film.
Finally, finally, finally got a chance to watch this after it being on my watch-list for like forever. It is one of those classic films that most people know of but never get to watch. But yeah, AMC had it on and gave me a chance to watch it. It was okay. Classic noir film. It isn't the best noir I have ever seen but it is okay. The acting is frankly lacking, from pretty much everyone except Humphrey Bogart. So yeah, the film with such an iconic title and etc is a bit disappointing. It may just be a little too dated which shouldn't make much of a difference if the film was a better experience with a cleaner flowing story, better acting, set design and etc, etc. Ultimately the movie is a letdown. 6.5 out of 10.
Pretty good film, but too much talk
This film received such praise because of the quality film-noir tag it got. It's authentic, an engaging experience for the viewer right into the insides of the detective world, a grand prize involved, the complex plot with various characters and sides leading to the one same goal, the acting is assertive, energetic...

But all in all, what we really get is a ton of that fast tough-guy talk for the whole way, even the "action scenes" really are a steady-paced piece of narrative, and whether or not this film certainly has its qualities in what it does it is still non-stop dialog which requires all the viewer's attention while not delivering much more than just what one could expect at the beginning of it. There isn't much surprise, anything in the way of its basic plot, if not for the expected turns of tides as Bogart's character is one of great verve and guts, not willing to give away an inch to his dissidents.

It makes for quite a linear experience, and while again it achieves what it sets out to do, for non-fanatics of the genre it remains there is a flatness about it with a tinge of predictability or even monotony, but a fine product of its realm nonetheless.
loved this film
I have always been a big fan of movies like this and have watched this one a couple of times actually. I absolutely loved the casting of Sam Spade and his secretary OShaughnessy and they complimented each other magnificently throughout the film as Spade worked to find the prized possession. I think this is an American classic for a mystery film and really set the bar high for films after this that try to achieve the same thing in a film. While I found the film not as action packed as some may have wished it to be nowadays, the mystery and how it is unveiled is truly a masterpiece. I found it interesting how this was made after the book and can see how it must have been brilliantly written. Overall I would recommend this film to anyone and I have came back and loved it time and time again
John Huston's Directional Debut Is One Of The First Examples Of Film-Noir!
Jam-packed with twists n turns from start to finish, presenting Humphrey Bogart in one of his most impressive roles, and also marking the feature film debut for esteemed filmmaker John Huston, The Maltese Falcon is regarded by many as one of the first examples of film noir and although its plot is always on the move, I wasn't entirely enthralled by it.

Based on the novel of the same name, The Maltese Falcon tells the story of Sam Spade; a private investigator in San Francisco who takes on a case that results in his partner's death on the very first night, and involves not only his beautiful client who's very manipulative but three more eccentric criminals, who are on a quest to obtain a priceless statuette.

Written & directed by John Huston, this is a finely crafted mystery that instantly sets its tone & is swiftly narrated from that point onwards but then, it also stays on the same level from beginning to end because of which there is no escalation in the story. But it nonetheless features some impressively staged camera-work & tight editing which makes sure every scene has a role to play.

Coming to the performances, The Maltese Falcon packs in a dependable cast in Humphrey Bogart, Mary Astor, Gladys George, Peter Lorre, Sydney Greenstreet & others and everyone is very poised in their given roles. Bogart delivers a supremely confident performance as the private detective Slade, Astor is overly melodramatic at times, Lorre is hilarious while Greenstreet steals nearly every moment he's in.

On an overall scale, The Maltese Falcon never really steps on the wrong foot yet the entire experience of sitting through it was quite ordinary. There's rarely a moment when anyone isn't talking, which isn't a complaint for it kept the momentum going but none of its twists leave a lasting impression. The film is at its best when the screen is shared by Bogart & Greenstreet and for that alone, The Maltese Falcon is worth a watch.
About Mary's hairstyle...
Yes, Mary Astor seems a bit matronly in this film. This version was made under the Hayes Code, meaning that the characters and their behaviour had to be

hinted at. Her character is a serial seducer who masquerades as a perfect

lady, hence her tight girdle, dowdy but 'good' clothes and terribly English

accent. Her style of beauty, though, might be better suited to the 20s and 30s of her film heyday.

Cairo, Guttman and Wilmer are gay in the book and the film is right to drop the hints it does. Look at the way Guttman clutches Spade's arm to him when

they first meet, places a hand on his knee and pours him a stiff whisky. The

swooping soundtrack and Spade's raised eyebrows as he sniffs Cairo's

visiting card is supposed to give the game away. Sorry if I'm offending

anybody, but look up 'gunsel' in a slang dictionary.

A theme of the film is that no one is what they seem. Even Spade isn't as

crooked as he's made out to be, angel. xxxxxxx
"The stuff that dreams are made of"
Private detective Sam (Humphrey Bogart) is drawn into a case that involves finding a blackened gold statue of a bird that is covered in jewels - the "Maltese Falcon". He is approached by 3 individuals to help find it - Miss O'Shaughnessy (Mary Astor), Mr Cairo (Peter Lorre) and Mr Gutman (Sydney Greenstreet). These three individuals will stop at nothing to get it and there are also 3 murders that need explaining by the end of the film. Sam needs to piece together what has been happening.

The cast are good in this film - except the very annoying pipsqueek that is Elisha Cook Jr, who is usually badly cast as a "heavy". What a joke! Well, he's cast as a "heavy" again in this film although they have given him what sounds like a suitably girlie name - "Wilmer". Everyone else does well with my favourite being Peter Lorre who provides some memorably humorous sequences, eg, his first appearance when he is so doggedly determined to search Bogart's office. Lorre also has an unpredictable edge to his character that is genuinely funny, eg, his declaration that he is tired and wants to go home and his non-greeting to Bogart one morning in a hotel. His dialogue delivery is inspirational at these moments. However, the dialogue, in general, was spoken quite quickly - it seemed like everyone was using too many words - but the plot constantly carried the film forwards. A mention must also go to Lee Patrick who plays the secretary "Effie". She was very good in her role and deserved a bit of romancing.

The story is good and moves along at a good pace. Bogart is a bit of a ladies' man in this film which is odd coz he's got a weird mouth. Anyway, he knows what he is doing and I wasn't as sharp as Bogey in figuring things out.
The Maltese Falcon, (1941)
John Huston (director of The Maltese Falcon) did an amazing job by keeping the viewers on their feet. By the two murders, the guy who follows Sam everywhere, and how Joel Cairo and Sam have their problems. For example, when Cairo comes into Sam's office and threatens him, I thought that scene was great for keeping the viewers interested. Also, another scene like that is when Sam sets up a meeting for Cairo and Brigid and the cops intrude. I loved the drama in the film. Huston used some close-up shots to display the items or scenes that you needed to be focused on. He also uses low-angle shots looking up at Gutman when Sam and Gutman have their meeting and a "drink" about the falcon. I also love how everything ends up in the end, you never know what's going to happen.
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