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The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
USA, New Zealand, Germany
Drama, Action, Adventure, Fantasy
IMDB rating:
Peter Jackson
Sean Astin as Sam
John Bach as Madril
Sala Baker as Man Flesh Uruk
Cate Blanchett as Galadriel
Orlando Bloom as Legolas
Billy Boyd as Pippin
Jed Brophy as Sharku
Sam Comery as Éothain
Brad Dourif as Wormtongue
Calum Gittins as Haleth
Bernard Hill as Theoden
Bruce Hopkins as Gamling
Paris Howe Strewe as Théodred - Prince of Rohan
Storyline: While Frodo and Sam, now accompanied by a new guide, continue their hopeless journey towards the land of shadow to destroy the One Ring, each member of the broken fellowship plays their part in the battle against the evil wizard Saruman and his armies of Isengard.
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Great One
I considered The Fellowship of the Ring to be one of the greatest movies ever. This one is better!

The scenery is marvelous, the animations great, and the story superb. This episode strays further from the books when it comes to the unfolding of events, but I feel that it stays closer in atmosphere and realism; the nazgûls are now the fear-inspiring creatures they should be. Gollum, excellently implemented, even becomes more realistic then I remember him from the books, not to mention other attempts to portray him. His schizophrenic monologues are among the highlights of the movie.

The major drawback is once again the apparent incapability of the dark-side creatures. Aragorn with fellows can ride back and forth among them unhurt, while the Uruk-Hai fall in large numbers just for being nearby. Though I enjoy many of the jokes made at Gimli's expense, this still is another thing I partly dislike. Gimli sure is no clown in the books.

I rate the movie 9/10 (my highest so far).
Scary, Action-Packed, Eye-Popping Second Film In The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy
Following on from The Fellowship Of The Ring, JRR Tolkien's The Lord Of The Rings saga continues as hobbits Frodo and Sam, in the company of the devious Gollum, continue their quest to destroy the One Ring, Aragorn and his friends fight to protect the people of Rohan from the evil Saruman's vast army of orcs and kidnapees Merry and Pippin escape from their captors and befriend the Ents of Fangorn Forest.

This beautiful and breathtaking fantasy film's only flaw is that being the middle book of a trilogy it doesn't have a beginning or an end. That aside, it maintains the stunning high quality of the previous film in every aspect of production and keeps the epic story sweeping along at a magnificent pace. The performances are uniformly excellent but three actors new for this movie in particular distinguish themselves. Hill as the proud but miserably oppressed King Theoden. Dourif as the slimy Grima Wormtongue. There's a wonderful moment where he says to Lee, "But we'd need an enormous army for that !!", to which Lee strides to a balcony and looks down at a colossal orc army amassed outside. And in particular Serkis, who never appears on screen (Gollum is computer-generated) but performed on set, motion-captured the character's moves and provided his incredible voice. For me, Gollum is the key character in the movie and he is brilliantly realised, bursting with pathos, rancorous bile and schizophrenic nuttiness ("We hates Bagginses !! We hates them forever !!"). Howard Shore's excellent score and the outstanding effects work by Richard Taylor, Jim Rygiel and Randy Cook (the battle for Helm's Deep setpiece especially is a stunning composite of live-action and effects) serve to make this film even more spectacular than its predecessor. This is a movie with too many great scenes to mention, and tells a classic story with incredible visual splendour.
Can't wait for extended verion!
I want to really thank Peter Jacksson and all the actors for sharing their talents so heartfully. Peter Jacksson has really put aside all qlichees and easy going fooly and created a movie true to the books and the author him self. I think Mr. Tolkien is smiling to see what they have created together. Actually I also want to thank the sponsors for not making a commercial stunt of the movies, like e g the first Bat Man movie. There is also no feeling of intefearing with the movie or even the casting of the characters. No playing it safe, just tying to make the books come alive. I have seen first two movies and so far top-notch, I hope to see the extended version of the Two Towers soon :-)
The Best Imaginable Second Chapter
For this movie, Peter Jackson was faced with a challenge: how to make a great stand-alone film when the beginning and ending are in separate movies? He did a magnificent job. Like the first one, this movie starts with a slam-bang battle; however, where the first film had armies, this film has a clash between two titans.

From there, the movie builds to the enormous set-piece siege. And, along the way, we meet one of the most interesting characters of this, or any movie: Gollum, the complex, torn, schitzophrenic slave to the will of the One Ring.

And, even more than the first film, the Ring is also a character: the viewer can see it wearing down Frodo, pushing him to the limit, tempting those around him. The encounter at Osgiliath, while not in the book, is a fascinating visual realization of more subtle themes in the book. I know that, when I walked out of the theatre, I knew that there was only one movie I was looking forward to during the next year, and that was Return of the King.
Peter, what have you done!?
This film was such a disappointment compared to the first one... About EVERYTHING has changed from the book, and it is not for the better, that is for sure. I don't quite know where to begin:

- Frodo is made to look like he is totally under the rings spell, and that he does not see the treacherous nature of Gollum. But then suddenly he is himself for two seconds when discussing with Sam whether their adventure will be told in a song or story... WEIRD!

- Gollum is just wrong... His eyes are too cute, sort of...looks like a small baby (they are not too beautiful when they are a week or two old, to tell the truth...)

- Shadowfax is supposed to be the fairest horse there is; almost supernatural. In the film he is just an average horse, and not even the most beautiful horse of the film... As to Gandalf, he is supposed to look radiant and powerful, almost like a god! But he just looks like an old, tired man...

- The elves in Helms Deep...where did that come from!? The elves never came to the rescue in that battle!!!

- Faramir is reduced to a copy of his brother, something which really annoys me! And then he brings them to the city with him...?

- Poor Gimli is made to be a "JarJar"...he is just this helpless, useless person that we are to laugh at. Yes, he is helpless sometimes, especially when it comes to horses. The thing with Gimli willingly going up on a horse in the film is just wrong; he's terrified of riding horses, and will only do so if he gets to sit with Legolas on his horse.

- Aragorn is made too much of a hero; it almost made me sick (And I am a girl!!!)

- Why did they have Pippin bite that brooch off his cape instead of letting him try to run away from the orcs before throwing it in the grass, like he did in the book? He doesn't seem so heroic in the film...

- Why did they make it look like the Ents were not interested in helping?

- There is so much from "Two towers" that is not in the film...I guess it will be coming in the next one, though, so I won't complain too much about that...

There are lots of other stuff I could have mentioned here, I am sure, but I will spare you for the rest. The first film was great, but Peter, you disappointed me with this one - I hope you do a better job with number three!

This is short, unlike the movie
A decent movie, worse than the first in the trilogy and equally not deserving of the hype it has gotten. Visually alright the effects are not a good reason for a Lord of the Rings fan to attempt to draw in non-fans or undecideds as I was. All of the matrix movies still dwarf this if you are going to talk Computer animation.
A true masterpiece!!
Of all three movies in this illustrious trilogy this might be my personal favorite. This is an incredible film. IMHO the opening and closing sequences (Gandalf Vs. Balroc & Helm's Deep) are unmatched in their greatness. The middle isn't too shabby either with a few great action sequences, some interesting character development and some of the most breathtaking settings ever put on film.
The Best of 2002!!!! Another masterpiece to the Lord of the Rings trilogy!!!
The Two Towers is another masterpiece of returning after Fellowship of the Ring. This had excellent and brilliant action. Like the Helm's Deep battle which made the 100 best battles of all-time. There wasn't much of a story but who cares, it's Lord of the Rings!!! I loved the sword-fighting and the orcs too. This movie gave me chills down my back from the fighting and the unforgettable lines. Gollum was so cool and funny. Andy Serkis did so well in doing Gollum's voice and the CGI was amazing! The landscape once again was superb. This is another one of my favorite movies. It's not better than the fellowship and Return of the King but was very close and is still a smoking brilliant film. Go LORD OF THE RINGS, BABY!!!!!!!!!

10/10!!! Highly Recommend!!! You better go see this movie!!
A standing ovation for all concerned.
It seems ridiculous to want to add my own comments to a slew of others that are already in IMDB's records, but I feel like I cannot sleep nor cease the throbbing in my chest until I release some of what I have so recently seen.

Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings is one of the bravest projects ever attempted by a filmmaker. Mr Jackson deserves every ovation he will receive, every award, every bit of the praise and adoration that will be spoken and written.

This second installment of the story is a masterpiece in every sense, forget your prejudices about the books, they are another way of looking at this beautiful story (I know this is slightly against the rules, but a I cannot resist saying that a previous writers comment - a comment that compared the Lord of the Rings Films and Books to the difference between Romeo and Juliet in screenplay and ballet formats - was entirely accurate).

Gollum was an excellent amalgam, so easily could he have been an annoying Jar-Jar-Binks-Alike. Instead the way that Jackson and Serkis (and doubtless many many others) chose to portray the CGI incarnation of "Smeagol" was incredibly emotive and powerful. Gollum is profoundly disturbing, amusing, almost lovable... Not even John Ronald Reuel himself could induce that range of emotions for Smeagol in me...

A truly skin-crawling performance by a superb Brad Douris as the evil Grima Wormtongue was just beyond words. Douris _Became_ Wormtongue in a skillful fulfillment of what was already inspired casting.

Probably the most definitive casting of this film though was Manchester born Bernard Hill as Theoden, King of Rohan. The casting for "The Two Towers" makes one shake ones head and wonder, in retrospect, whether anyone else could have filled these roles. Mr Hill's performance was truly first rate, a performance which contributed greatly to "The Battle of Helms Deep", scenes which were a spinning tornado of emotions for the viewer.

Viggo Mortensen goes from strength to strength. His performance is visceral and yet sensitive. The overriding emotion that Tolkiens vision of Aragorn induced (at least for me) was awe at his heroics. Mortensen's portrayal in Jackson's frame brings new aspects to the Aragorn character. Mortensen's Aragorn is emotionally dextrous to go with his physical dexterity, he is sensitive, seemingly empathic, warmer and more fundamentally human, and yet super-human in presence and charisma. "Definitive" is not strong enough of a word.

If you still view Jackson's epic with scepticism I implore you to put down your preconceptions and your prejudices, but most of all put down the books... This is beautiful way to see middle earth, don't pass it up - The books are the ultimate fantasy epic - the pictures you draw in your head are better than anything you can imagine, but The Lord of the Rings "The Two Towers" is one wonderful interpretation of that epic story.

Go, Laugh, Cry, and Sit in Awe of this cinematic treat.
My favorite of the trilogy!
The epic saga of Middle Earth continues in this very good sequel to Fellowship. In fact, I think it's the best of the trilogy. I enjoyed it even more because I knew a bit more about the characters and the story. I must admit that I haven't read the books.

The special effects are once again great and the battle scenes are spectacular. I wouldn't say this is one of the 10 best movies ever made, but it's still very entertaining. And I think it really has to be seen on a big screen to be fully appreciated. I also liked the humor brought by characters like Gimli. But Gollum was a bit too present in the movie. My favorite characters: Arwen (Liv Tyler), Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen), Galadriel (Cate Blanchett), King Theoden of Rohan (Bernard Hill) and Legolas (Orlando Bloom). Too bad that the Arwen and Galadriel characters are not more important.

Out of 100, I gave it 88. That's good for ***½ out of ****.

Seen in Toronto, at the Famous Players Paramount Cinemas, on January 19th, 2003.
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