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The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
USA, New Zealand, Germany
Drama, Action, Adventure, Fantasy
IMDB rating:
Peter Jackson
Noel Appleby as Everard Proudfoot
Sean Astin as Sam
David Aston as Gondorian Soldier 3
John Bach as Madril
Sean Bean as Boromir
Cate Blanchett as Galadriel
Orlando Bloom as Legolas
Billy Boyd as Pippin
Sadwyn Brophy as Eldarion
Marton Csokas as Celeborn
Richard Edge as Gondorian Soldier 1
Jason Fitch as Uruk 2
Storyline: While Frodo & Sam continue to approach Mount Doom to destroy the One Ring, unaware of the path Gollum is leading them, the former Fellowship aid Rohan & Gondor in a great battle in the Pelennor Fields, Minas Tirith and the Black Gates as Sauron wages his last war against Middle-Earth.
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Brilliant. Simply brilliant
Where to start with this masterpiece? Quite simply one of the greatest movies ever made. A fitting end to a stunning trilogy. The acting as it has been is brilliant again. Special mention must go to Sean Austin, for his performance as Sam. In this one he gets his big moment in the trilogy, and he nails it perfectly. His scenes with Elijah Wood (Frodo) on Mount Doom, as Frodo weakens are full of emotion and very powerful. As for the rest of the movie? It has one of the greatest scenes EVER in a movie : the riders of Rohan charging into battle outside Minas Tirith. You simply cannot tell where the real riders end, and the CGI begins. The battles again are well done, and not simply a repeat of the siege at Helms Deep in The Two Towers.

As I said, the acting is again first rate from the entire cast. And it was nice to see Andy Serkis getting his face on screen as Smeagol, before his transformation into Gollum.

By the end of the movie, there were more than a few tears as the boat left the Grey Havens, as the movie ended on a quiet emotional note, after the epic battles before.

I could happily have sat through this again and again. Well done to everyone, both in front and behind the cameras for such a brilliant work, but of course special mention has to go to Peter Jackson. He deserves every award he's received for this.

One last point. If you only seen the theatrical release, then go get the extended version of this film. It's even better!!
Is it good? no. Is it Very good? no. Is it Perfect, no... even better!
The Final Chapter of this great trilogy will just rip your heart out of your ribs! I don't know how Peter Jackson did it,and perhaps sucha masterpiece such as this has the right not to be questioned. I loved the first movie, its steady pace of adventure is non-stop, the characters are loveable, the costume is nice, the settings are stupendous and the Visual effects is Jaw-Dropping. And I loved the second even better with the Battle of Helm's Deep finally winning over my breaking heart with the Two LOTR Movies already gnawing at the bottom, I had to say a final farewell to Star Wars 4 & 5 and welcome The LLord of the Rings. And with this, my heart is fainally complete. The MArmaluks are unstoppable and Visually Great!!! No words could describe the intensity of their presence alone. And the Battle of Pelanor Fields will get you to want to wish you were there yourself, and not as an orc (Though Trolls are Cool! Though pales in comparisson with the Mass of Undead and, of course, the Oliphaunts.) Gollum is once again as great as ever and The rest of the cast are comendable, with great praises going to be due to Gandalf and most especially Sam! The emotional intensity of the film is a full ten! And after you cry from the movie's story, you'll cry about why oh why wasn't it any longer!!! And indeed, we must now bid a final farewell to our dearest, The Lord of The Rings Trilogy, the only Trilogy to have a complete set of Movies with no equals but each other. Good bye........ sorry, I just don't wanna leave it alone....
More than ready
Usually I don't want to see a movie more than once in a theater let alone a movie this long. But I just want to see it again, as well I can't wait for the extended version to come out on DVD. However i know that it will be a while with how good and popular it is.
Return of the King does Deserve #4 status
In an era when filmmakers of mediocre ability can get financing to do grunge slash thrillers or sex-pie college comedies of Farrelly-manque nonsense, this poll serves to illustrate the gratitude of fans everywhere at being served such a luscious 9 course meal of a film. Or 3 of them. At the Director's own insistence, the writing, the production, the editing, the art design, the sound planning, the actors/characters, the costumes, the music, the effects. Everything was delivered until the limits almost gave.

None of these and ALL of them are the stars.

To say this vote reflects only appreciation of the special effects is to disingenuously shoulder aside the leadership and dedication and commitment from ALL teams required to produce not just one but all three films to such incredible standards of consistency to the books, while pleasing worldwide fans, and new audiences, as well as all ages.

Schindler's List was not Spielberg's story by authorship any more than Tolkien's was Jackson's, both borrowed a cultural event, one historical, one literary, story to exploit on the big screen using the appropriate talent. That's what filmmakers do. And if they're smart, they get the right material. I don't think Spielberg could have delivered LOTR. But I have a funny feeling PJ might have come close to SL. Both proved their genius by traveling outside their closest strength positions and moved to new arenas. Both borrowed from past projects and knowledge of film to create the dramatic impacts they engineered in those films.You cannot say because one was historically based then it was by that ilk superior.

Schindler's List may be the most sociologically impactful movie ever made, but it was not the best. There was exploitation, and the Nazi's character was colored fancifully, and Schindler was not the spitting image of Liam Neesam, etc etc. You can read history without the women prostituting themselves and children lying in outhouse filth. Spielberg made the same kinds of decisions making that movie Jackson did making rings, but each used "special effects" of a different kind. Did Naziism happen in black and white?

That anyone would seek to disprove Rings popularity by citing the more proximate (and non-disputed) sociological consciousness raised by SL is gaging on the wrong scale. I would not pay to see SL again, once as enough. But I've paid a dozen times (X3)and for the extended DVD's to relive Tolkien's world, because like those characters "I believe there's something good in this world worth fighting for". And Jackson's world gives me and others a place to go to encourage us. The films are about Hope.

Wasn't THAT the message from Schindler as well?
The Film of the Decade
This is one of the greatest films I have ever seen. It has everything! The battle scenes are wonderful especially, and since the first hour is drama, the action really gets to you and you feel like you're really there (that is, terrified). You care about the characters more than anything in this film, so it's scary watching a battle scene for the first time because it's extremely unpredictable and you don't want your characters to die (a few of them do). However, the battle scenes are also very well done with a great mix of live-action and cgi. Although this is a PG-13 film, Jackson really went over the limit with his battles; there is blood, gore, limbs cut off, people on horses being crushed and kicked through the air by giant elephants called Mumakil; you see orcs shoot a million arrows at an oncoming rohan army, and when they hit the horses, they flop to the ground and the riders hit it hard and are thrown; you see armies crushing other armies in waves (literally!); you see rocks from catapults hit and crush people in the wonderfully-made city, immense destruction, trolls whacking people and crushing them with their clubs, and so on. There is a lot of violence i haven't gotten to describe! That explains the sheer immensity of this film! And remember those gargoyles from the second film they call Nazgul? Well, let's just say Gondorian soldiers taste good and are fun to pick up and drop from 1,000 feet in the air! However, violence and gigantic battles is not only what makes this film great. What makes it great are the characters, who you love so much, the music, which is some of the best I ever heard, and most of all the visuals. They are very amazing and beautiful. Even Minas Morgul, the dark city of Mordor, is an eye-catcher. The scenery of New Zealand-which is where this work of art was filmed-is just wonderful.

The special effects are also some of the best i've ever seen. The oliphaunts (nickname for the Mumakil, the giant elephants) are CGI, but not obviously. They are some of the most real-looking fake images i've ever witnessed! The soldiers which get crushed, thrown, the horses that are thrown, they all look real too, which is what makes the battle scenes frightening! They look so real! The best special effect in the film, however, is Gollum. He is also the best acted-character in the film, and the best acted CGI character ever! He practically is real, from his emotions, to his body, to the hairs on his head! His voice is also memorable (i am trying to perfect doing it myself!). He is a sight to see.

The script is amazing, the story is amazing, everything is amazing! This is one of my highest-recommended films. Thank you J.R.R. Tolkien for creating this wonderful story. Thank you Peter Jackson for interpreting this wonderful story to film. And thank you all for making this possible.

10 out of 10
A cut too far.
Warning contains spoiler.

Five years of anticipation and delight are finally over, from the first hints of a cinematic version of the Lord of The Rings to the release of the Return of The King and I have been enthralled by it all.

However, I was amazed that there was no hint of the Houses of the Healing episode or Faramir's romance with Eowyn. Having taken such care to develop her character (brought to life so wonderfully by Miranda Otto)in TTT and RoTK it seemed criminal to leave her on the battlefield - except for a brief glimpse at the end, all smiles next to Faramir as the man she adored kisses another woman! My husband (who has not read the books) left the cinema proclaiming "I don't know what she was laughing about, I thought she was suicidal" leaving me to fill in the missing pieces.

One or two minutes less of Frodo's doleful expression might have allowed for a brief glimpse of the two of them together whilst Aragorn et al marched on the Black Gate or even a shortening of the return to the Shire and journey to the Grey Havens - for heaven's sake get on that boat! I can only hope the missing parts are in the extended dvd.
Absolutely Awesome!
It's difficult to process something like The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King: Its very nature defies comparison.

There has never been a cinematic endeavour based on a more daunting...or more beloved...literary work. There have never been motion pictures of the magnitude undertaken by co-writer/director Peter Jackson and his production team. The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy will endure forever as one of the most bold and audacious enterprises in the history of cinema. It is, quite simply, a seminal event. Other projects (for example, a movie filmed in space) are already being considered and may someday be attempted. They may challenge LOTR's logistical complexities (or, at the very least, present a comparable set of obstacles), but it is unlikely the numbers of people involved or the sheer duration of the creative process will ever equal this effort.

Jackson & Company have made believers out of millions of readers who doubted the works would ever enjoy respectable translation into a more "mainstream" media. They have changed the way production models are approached for large-scale projects. They have forged what may well be the premiere visual effects house in the business (WETA Digital). They have raised the bar for all filmmakers to follow, and reminded millions of jaded moviegoers of one simple truth: Love, attention, and genuine dedication to (and appreciation of) one's material can overcome inconceivable obstacles, and always...always shows on-screen.

And now it's over.

With the longest running time of any film in the cycle (early indications suggest next year's extended DVD cut will clock in at over 4 hours long), RotK is an all-out assault on the senses. There are times when it is simply impossible to take it all in: Armies of hundreds of thousands clash beneath towering war beasts as deadly, dragon-like bird-things strafe hapless victims on the ground. Mountainsides erupt with pyroclastic fury as lava flows labour to engulf our heroes. This film is off the hook, gloriously so.

In tone and "feel", RotK rests comfortably between Fellowship of the Ring's penchant for character-centric drama, and The Two Towers' colder, more mechanical "war movie" approach. What we end up with, is, in essence, an emotionally charged war movie sprawling in scale yet intimate in heart, its effects are frequently overpowering.
The best 17 endings of all times!
I think that almost everything that can be said about this trilogy has been said already, but still I will try. There are so many films that destroyed the beauty and perfection of the novels they have been built upon, not this one. In front of an amazingly beautiful scenery, Peter Jackson was able to create a fantasy-movie, which unlike so many others before did not deal with old clichés and thus is far away from any trash-movie a lot of people had expected it to be beforehand.

Although I am sure that the cast of this film will soon be forgotten, The "The Lord of the Rings"-trilogy will stand the times and be one of the most renowned pictures of the las decade.
The perfect ending for a great trilogy!
Wow, what a movie! It's not only the best of "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy, it also is one of the best movies of the past couple of years.

"The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" is a totally spectacular movie. It has some of the most amazing battle scene's in movie history. The word spectacular isn't good enough to describe it, it's breathtaking, epic and emotional involving. Who didn't wanted to pick up a sword and shield and charge with Aragorn towards a large number of Orcs for honor and glory?

Even though the special effects are far from the best ever, Peter Jackson is a master in mixing the special effect with real life action. The use of it never feels overdone and the result is spectacular as well as believable.

I think lot's of people were worried after "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers" after seeing the battle of Helm's Deep. How was Peter Jackson ever going to top that great battle? Well, with "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" he topped it alright! The battle for Middle Earth is something you've never seen before. Greatest moment was when the riders of Rohan charged, it was really a moment in which you felt the true meaning of fighting and dying with honor. Also great moment during the immensely large battle were the fights against the oliphaunts, just when you thought the battle was over, those large creatures appeared! Really great moment.

The characters are possibly at their best in this movie. No characters need introductions anymore and we get to see the deepest of their emotions in this movie, even Gollum's!

Still the movie is not really deserving to be third in the top 250 here on IMDb.com. It's also not really deserving all those Oscar's it won. Like all The Lord of the Rings movies, it's great, spectacular and absolutely breathtaking at times but not classic masterpieces in my book.

Also the movie is far from flawless. Once again the editing is just poor at times and what was with the ending? Couldn't they just think of one ending? I expected the end credits to start rolling multiple times during the ending but it just went on and on.

Despite some of those flaws it still is an excellent movie with some unforgettable battle's sequence's. Truly a wonderful ending for one of the greatest movie trilogies in history.


I knew it would be good, but this takes the entire cake. Peter Jackson has absolutely outdone himself with this masterpiece. True, there are a few tiny holes in the plot, but they are easily overlooked. Even if you're not a huge fan of Tolkien, you should really make an attempt to see this movie. I wasn't a fan of the books, but Jackson's movies have inspired me to pick them up and give them all a good read. Can't wait for the DVD. Let's see if Jackson does as good a job with The Hobbit.
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