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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1
Adventure, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Francis Lawrence
Woody Harrelson as Haymitch Abernathy
Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen
Paula Malcomson as Katniss' Mother
Natalie Dormer as Cressida
Liam Hemsworth as Gale Hawthorne
Sam Claflin as Finnick Odair
Stanley Tucci as Caesar Flickerman
Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Mellark
Toby Jones as Claudius Templesmith
Jena Malone as Johanna Mason
Julianne Moore as President Alma Coin
Philip Seymour Hoffman as Plutarch Heavensbee
Jeffrey Wright as Beetee
Donald Sutherland as President Snow
Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinket
Storyline: With the Games destroyed, Katniss Everdeen, along with Gale, Finnick and Beetee, end up in the so thought "destroyed" District 13. Under the leadership of President Coin and the advice of her friends, Katniss becomes the "Mockingjay", the symbol of rebellion for the districts of Panem.
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Slow & Boring
What did I expect? The Hunger Games concept is a copy of Battle Royal. When a writer is trying to develop the concept to be something else than young people killing each others - well - the result is quite boring. This movie could have been a 15 minutes intro to the next movie. In order to add some excitement they are adding small scenes that have nothing to do with the story or the story boarding.

I have forgot all about the characters from the last movie - and I don't care. The only thing I can do is to be amused/entertained by Donald Sutherland's evilness.

Jennifer Lawrence is not a bad actress at all - but her acting skills are not sufficient to save this movie alone. Although Philip Seymour Hoffman is/was indeed a great actor is role is to small as well to make any difference.

This movie is a disappointment - and they are "milking the cow" shamelessly.
From Bad To Worse
I was in the middle of the movie and suddenly it looked like the matrix story but in an awful way. I closed my eyes few times and was about to leave the room. I am not sure why the decision to cut the movie in half other than making money. They knew that the story is broken and the only way to make money out of these poor kids is by doing this.

It was lame, boring and very slow. No action, no romance, no suspense, and no story.

I think what they should have done is to end her role in part I. After her web scandal, she lost lots of credibility and her caricature as a model was destroyed. The upcoming role should be given to her sister, and then they might have something to grab on in the upcoming years. It would be hot, challenging and differently tons of suspense.
Boring, No Action, Stiff Acting
There are a few good actors/actresses in this film, yet their acting is incredibly stiff/emotionless. There is no action at all throughout this incredibly predictable film. It's very slow and obviously a stretched out film to make money, there was a section where they could have done a nice battle scene, yet all you saw was an emotionless actressess giving calm, pretty obvious orders.

The plot was incredibly basic, a very poor 3rd film in the story. Why this lastest for 2 hours i don't know, they could have easily cut this down to 15 minutes.

If you have trouble sleeping, go watch this film.
A film which got on my nerves more than anything
Let me start off by saying my girlfriend is a huge fan of the franchise before this film. i was suspicious before going to watch it as i am not really a huge Jennifer Lawrence fan but i decided to go watch it anyway. We sat in the movie and i am sad to say we were both highly disappointed by this movie. Don't get me wrong i love to see more heroines starring in movies and therefore i was willing to give this movie a chance. however the directors of this movie made it so obvious they were trying as hard as they could to create a female lead role that they turned the potentially interesting story into a bland, frustrating, badly acted mess which doesn't do justice to the hype created around this movie. Every second word in this movie was about "peter", and about how she didn't care about anyone in the big picture just about saving her peter, whilst constantly collapsing in tears, endangering her peers and blowing off her boyfriend who wants to be loved but instead is ignored because of a less attractive scrawny pipsqueak, who is also blown up to be a hero undeservedly. Even the people in the movie seem to get annoyed with Jennifer Lawrence's annoying portrayal of the "mockingjay" and her obsession with peter.

my girlfriend and i are both in agreement that we wasted money and 2 precious hours on this hyped up, big budget, badly directed movie which left us totally underwhelmed. the best part of the film was the trailers at the beginning for better movies. Don't waste your money on this guys!
Plagiarism..Plagiarism... Everywhere
Literally, each and every character, most of the action scenes, and dialogs in the film are inspired, or say blatantly copied from the Japanese Battle Royale II film.. You name a character, you got him in this film. Even the background score is lifted from BR and BR2. And the worst part is that this plagiarism didn't pay off in the end. The screenplay was very poor. Action sequences looked too much fabricated, super slow, and lacked depth. It's a congery of B-grade visual effects, melodrama, and toothless humor.

Final word: If you're are an eleven year old with no Hollywood experience, it's a treat for you. Or else, don't bother watching it.
totally disappointed and frustrated
There is nothing to tell about this move. it is a test to your patience. I did watch hunger games films. This was a worst movie i saw recently. it is just 2 hour narration of same piece of information again and again, again and again. movie won't go further and do not except a single action sequence even though in the movie, there is war going on as part of story. from begin to end, all they did is just talking in different places ( a bunker or ruined building or near a lake).

only scenes I liked were fights carried by rebels against capital.if you are going to this film do't dare to have any expectation. i hope that they will make part 2 in much better way.
The anxiously waited for film, isn't really worth the money OR the time.
I was excited to see the movie, like most people. After I stepped out of the theater.....wow.

Okay, so the first 30 minutes were good and exciting. But the next hour and a half....let me say....sucked. Don't get me wrong-it was excellent acting and all, but there were many issues with this particular movie which made me want to walk out. Basically, there's an hour and a half of the exact same thing. Almost nothing happens in this movie. They all are in one place, doing the same thing. Breaking it up into two parts was a bad idea. Now that they broke it up into two parts, they had to make the first one long. Apparently, they didn't know what they were doing and just made a long, boring plot. Yes, it did have good action. In the first half-hour. At the beginning, it was action-packed and felt like the rebels would rise and fight back at the capitol. But instead, they just died down and started loosing. I mean-what the heck?

I am a HUGE Hunger Games fan, but I will say, this movie sucked. Good thing is that this movie sucked so bad, that Part 2 has to be WAY better. So, if you're a hardcore Hunger Games fan, hopefully this movie won't let you loose your interest in it.
Another BATTLE ROYALE II: REQUIEM Rip-Off Down the Pike !!!
Urgh, as an American, movies like these embarrass me. American film industry has been putting out solid rips & remakes in the last decade or so and this certainly is not one of them.

As you can probably guess from just glancing at the poster, it is a BATTLE ROYALE II: REQUIEM rip-off. It tries to season the plot with cringe-worthy new additions and a ridiculously generic love-triangle which I wanted to close my ears and eyes throughout.

The story involves a lot of characters who are trying to overthrow the corrupt regime and retrieve the Prime Minister's seal which will determine... blah blah blah.

The CGI was bad and the cast was terrible not that their given characters and dialogue were anything special. The female lead in particular was just horribly miscast as this badass terrorist captain. Her action scenes were so unconvincing to be honest.

Predictably,it was profitable at the box office, since people who flocked to see another American blockbuster failed to get tickets to that one and instead saw this crap. At least that's what I want to think has happened.

I sincerely hope this doesn't get a sequel.
Big Disappointment of the Year
I don't know how this movie got 7.5 out of 10 so far but for me its awful. There's not much to be happy about in "Mockingjay," which shouldn't come as a surprise if you've read the book (it's pretty depressing).

Much of the film plays out in District 13, a secret underground bunker revealed in last year's "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" that's led by President Coin (Julianne Moore).

Unlike the previous two films, "Mockingjay" doesn't have a whole lot of action. Katniss fires off only one arrow throughout the film from her now iconic bow. The first movie of this year that I kept checking the clock for movie to end . It was so boring , I felt like I just watch 1/4 of the story line . I should have watch Big Hero 6 second time rather than paying to see this movie
Hollywood continues ripping of Asian Cinema without any explanation..
Is it just me who didn't think this film was better than the first? All the scenes were drawn out and there were so many stupid and unimportant scenes slotted in. ( Despite the fact everything was explained so a twelve year old could understand. Not only did it pretty much copy the first film. It started with Gale and Katniss hunting, like the first. All of it was a cliché and barely anything unpredictable. It's a shame that Jennifer Lawrence is incapable of making her role good. Just plain good. Nope, she's too bad an actress for that. After seeing this film, I doubt I will ever go to see another 'Jennifer Lawrence' film again unless my friends drag me to it. Save your money, do NOT spend your money on this, you will regret it. It's an awful film which contains: Clichés Plot holes the size of the state of Texas Ignored subplots Flat, boring characters Unrealistic ideas (I don't CARE if it's the future, some of the stuff is just plain stupid) Lack of acting skills. Only Phillip (R.I.P) could really do some decent acting. Even then, it was ONLY decent. Phillip was a brilliant actor, he let himself down in this film by not giving the best performance, but oh well. Finally, the most horrible thing of all: Overall. If I could rate this film, it would not even get 6 on IMDb. It'd get less than Disaster Movie, at least 1.2 stars. Do not see this film, unless of the age 12-14. If you're older, it's not a good idea. The film is not suitable for you. Honestly, the plot devices and conveniences are like they've been written by a (profanity removal) 12 year old. I feel as if the director didn't make this or his inner 12 year old allowed the script. I have no clue how Jennifer accepted the stupid childish ramble in her lines. Yes, the lines are all childish ramble. Nothing deep or clever placed into the script. It's effortless, but it is not well written. Jennifer Lawrence seriously needs to learn to pick appropriate roles. She's not a bad actress, but this is making me think she is.

I'm not sure if the film is so bad because the books weren't great, but even so, this film should have been written properly to make sure the script made sense. If you want a good film... watch Battle Royale 2: Requiem, you'll enjoy it way more than this and so will your children.
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