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The Human Centipede III (Final Sequence)
Horror, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Tom Six
Eric Roberts as Governor Hughes
Chris Clanton as Prisoner
Bree Olson as Daisy
Michael Flores as Prisoner
Laurence R. Harvey as Dwight Butler
James Darnell as Prisoner
Carlos Ramirez as Inmate 109
Ilona Six as Driver
Daniel TwoFeathers as Stabbed Prison Guard
Sam Silverstein as Medic - surgeon
M@tch as 'Patch' Inmate
Hamzah Saman as Inmate 093
Robert LaSardo as Inmate 297
Tommy 'Tiny' Lister as Inmate 178
Jay Tavare as Inmate 346
Clayton Rohner as Dr. Jones
Akihiro Kitamura as Inmate 333
Dieter Laser as Bill Boss
Peter Blankenstein as Inmate 106
Bill Hutchens as Inmate 488
Luke LaGraff as Prison Guard (as Luke Lagraff)
Storyline: Bully prison warden Bill Boss, leading a big state prison in the US of A, has a lot of problems; his prison statistically has the highest amount of prison riots, medical costs and staff turnover in the country. But foremost he is unable to get the respect he thinks he deserves from his inmates and the state Governor. He constantly fails in experimenting with different ideas for the ideal punishment to get the inmates in line, which drives him, together with the sizzling heat, completely insane. Under threats of termination by the Governor, his loyal right hand man Dwight comes up with a brilliant idea. A revolutionary idea which could change the American prison system for good and save billions of dollars. An idea based on the notorious Human Centipede movies, that will literally and figuratively get the inmates on their knees, creating the ultimate punishment and deterrent for anyone considering a life of crime. Having nothing to lose, Bill and Dwight create a jaw-dropping 500-person...
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My Review on The Human Centipede 3
So I watched the movie last night and I thought it was hilarious, I like how Dieter Laser pronounce some words, the movie is so stupid that it's funny, people say it's the worst film but I didn't think so, it certainly wasn't the best film, the rape scene was funny, it just shows how serious they are trying to be when it reality was just a comedy, I gave it a 5 outta 10 because the disgusting stuff that happens, like the castration scene and Bill Boss eating the testicles, the castation scene wasn't that graphic in my opinion as some people made it out to be, I haven't seen the other 2 but I planning on watching the whole trilogy to see how each film is connected together. I thought it was somewhat entertaining, the language is rough, really rough, but it was an okay movie. I liked it.
the absurdity and craziness of life is shown in this movie
I am surprised by the mostly negative reviews for this 3rd chapter. It is a bit unfair since this is quite a unique movie with a great insane lead role.

I loved this movie; the Bill Boss character played by Dieter Laser shows humanity in its ugliest and craziest form....and i love it that a movie can create that feeling.

Life itself is bizarre and crazy and this movie shows us that. It is exactly the message what director Tom Six wants to address; life is bizarre and there is no logic in it.

So please don't take this film too serious; enjoy the acting by Dieter Laser and just be amazed by the absurdity of the main character. His acting is great; i have never seen a more disturbed and deranged person in a movie. I love it; it has been years that i can recall a movie that gave me that feeling.

This movie grasps the insanity of life itself; therefor it is worth watching.I liked it very much.
Not Worth the Effort
I cannot believe I actually sat through this whole movie. It was tediously painful and the "shock value" stuff was just lame and overdone. Don't get me wrong; I love a good horror movie, and B movies are awesome. However, this piece of swill should have just ended up on the cutting room floor. Even though it was an hour and 42 minutes long, I felt like it had stolen at least three times that worth of joy from my life.

Seriously, it's the crappiest Human Centipede film and really not worth the time or effort it takes to watch it. And it's definitely an effort! The acting is atrocious, the characters are one-dimensional and the script is just awful. I can laugh at bad movies with the best of them, but this one gave me very little to work with and takes itself too seriously to actually be a decent "bad" horror film.

I made an IMDb account JUST SO I could review this horrific train wreck of a film. It's terrible. Save yourself the tedium of watching this crap. It's not worth it!
A brilliant Dark humoured Comedy
*Minor Spoilers*

I brought this movie on Blu Ray. I've watched Part 1 and Part 2 but Part 3 is completely different from the last two. The actors were absolutely brilliant especially Dieter Laser (Bill Boss) He played a foul mouth, racist, violent and sexually frustrated prison warden who's failing to run a prison. I found Bill Boss extremely funny as he shouted every offensive word that came in his mind. Laurence's character (Mr Butler) played an totally opposite character, which I found funny as hell (especially if you've watched Part 2). Plus Eric Roberts and Bree Olson was in this movie; so extra points!

I noticed little Easter eggs to the last two movies, which was brilliant, I loved pointing them out and would make great drinking game! YAR!

The colour grading was perfect and gave a new and exciting feel to the movie and at times the movie did make me want to scream (Castration Scene) and the Coma rape was just as bad but just as funny. I applaud Tom Six for going too the extreme again!

The overall movie was brilliant in my opinion and that Tom Six has ended the trilogy in style.

"This is exactly what America needs"
crap with a side of poo
This movie is a utter bucket of dung. I was very disappointed. I liked the first two well enough, though the second movie in the series is quite an unpleasant experience, but this should never have been made. It was deeply unsatisfying. The best thing about it was Bree Olson, who plays the sadistic warden's secretary. Next would be the castration scene. The centipede itself is anticlimactic. The guy who plays the warden (Dieter Laser, also the star of the first entry) sure is good at chewing scenery. Even Eric Roberts kind of sucks in this crap pile. What a pointless steaming pile it is. Steer clear! Do yourself a favor. This movie is the wrong kind of bad. Not the "Leonard Part 6" kind.
Atrociously dull
I was expecting this film to be the most shocking and gruesome one so far, but was totally let down. There is no 'centipede' part until right at the end of the movie (half way through I was wondering if I was watching the right one!), and the centipede idea has been changed so it's much tamer than the first and second movies. Plus, the shock factor is over in the first half of the movie with the whole torture theme, so when the centipede theme comes in, it's just uninteresting.

I also came very close to turning it off several times because of The Warden's incessant unintelligible shouting/shrieking. Completely over the top, drawn out, and genuinely very annoying to listen to.
Migraine inducing boredom
The standard for torture porn isn't exactly high but it isn't so low that you can substitute being a passable well made film with torturing the viewer with boredom, which this final installment does.

The first two at least had some kind of passable narrative and were decently shot and edited. This on the other hand can't get the basics right. The acting is god awful. Its worse than just being flat because the main character, governor Hughes, yells out every damn line he has. Even after this it still somehow has the problem of NOT BEING ABLE TO HEAR/UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY ARE SAYING. The audio is pretty poor. The dialogue at times is muffled by the soundtrack, which is pretty pathetic. How long is the film? 2hrs and 20 minutes! If you are going to make a piece of crap then at least make it 1hr and 30 max.

So what about the "plot"? Governor Hughes is shown the first two films first thing in the film. You would think that the main character, Hughes, a over the top Texan loudmouth psychopath who abuses his prisoners, would get the idea that he has been shown the film because his accountant wants to do it for real. Nope. Instead we have a long drawn out tour of the prison. There is though a decent message to the film about the state of prison abuse and the contempt of the Americans to actually care. Sadly it beats you over the head with it in the final 20 minutes of the film.

As for the gore there are two decent scenes. There is a waterboarding with boiling water and a mutilation. I would not watch the film just to see those scenes simply because it is surrounded by 2 hrs of yelling and boredom.

Human Centipede is a sad, and surprisingly tame and boring, end to the series.
If it's sole purpose was to troll mankind it is a masterpiece...
What is there to say at this point in the game? Tom Six really exists only to disgust his audience to the best of his abilities in bad taste. Does 'The Human Centipede III' live up to this lofty goal at reaching a new level of disgust and bad taste? Not really. 'Centipede II' was far more disgusting but this one may be much harder to sit through. It's far more successful at being loud and obnoxious than it is at making me want to throw up. I think Six' core audience of torture porn fans will probably be very bored with this one. It just doesn't do anything. His detractors though who see him as a cinematic Antichrist are going to have a blast with 'Centipede III'. It's disgusting, offensive, and really a waste of film except in the fact that it will tick off a lot of people. In an odd way I have to give Six credit for this...

I've seen the other films in this horror classic trilogy and so in a way I sort of wanted to see what horrible things Six could conjure up to end this trilogy. Six is much more a freak show host than he is a filmmaker, trying to get people to shed their decency to indulge in debauchery even with the realization that a lot of his audience are going to the film to advertise their disgust with it. I thought the first film actually had some merit to it. It was really well shot and Dieter Laser is outstandingly campy as the mad doctor. 'II' was gratuitous but in all honesty that was the point. 'III' tries to up the ante with the size and scope of everything. The fact is that freak shows aren't as interesting when they are big. It's a little more interesting when it's smaller and filthier. 'III' is a victim of trying to fill up a large canvas with the stupid centipede idea that can't really hold it. For the most part the movie is Laser on steroids.

Dieter Laser constantly looks like he is on the verge of convulsing into a stroke into this film as he shouts out the horrific racist dialogue. I'm torn between saying wow and wanting to turn the thing off. This is pretty much all the film is. I thought his performance in the first film was campy and over the top but it's incredibly subtle in comparison (dried clitorises anyone?)

Is 'III' disgusting enough though? Not really. The whole centipede subplot doesn't come until the end. There's a horrific rape dream sequence with Laser that really is so over the top that it doesn't elicit anything. It's just blah. Sticking a gun in a stoma hole is gross but with the over punctuation by Laser and Six it just becomes "We get it already"...

I think I would have found some level of enjoyment of the film if I had viewed it with an audience at a midnight show scenario. This movie is utterly worthless being streamed or watched on DVD. It's a movie that's entire appeal comes from reading the bad reviews and watching your fellow audience members squirm. I would trade the ninety minutes I spent watching 'Centipede III' for ninety minutes of watching others watching 'Centipede III'.
Interesting way to make sequels, but still just bleh
My quick rating - 4,1/10. Don't listen to any nonsense about how violent/gore filled this is. It just isn't. The movie leads itself to being a sequel within a new movie premise taken a step further from how part 2 was to 1. Kudos to Tom Six for making sequels that don't follow the traditional role, but smack him at the same time for being so pretentious to think a film fan won't see right through his arrogance. Multiple scenes of what Tom considers humor point this out entirely by being long, drawn out scenes with Deiter Laser (Bill Boss) acting like a complete jackass overacting a joke to the point that would make Jim Carrey cringe. Basically the story in a nutshell (about all you need) is a deranged prison warden (Laser) decides at his last straw to use the ideas from the Human Centipede movies to punish criminals and deter further offenders to ever break the law. This revelation is made when the governor (played by, wait for it, Eric Roberts) gives Boss 2 weeks to get his prison in order. What better way then take all the prisoners and sew them ass to mouth together, right? Anyway, back to the gore, a scene or two MAY have been considered "gross" years ago, but there is nothing to raw at all. Some of the humor is quite funny in a very dark way (his idea of health food is one of them) but the overshadowing of the poor acting is a deterrent (in other words, yes, it is a b- budget movie BUT it was so painfully obvious the actors were purposely acting bad to become a b-budget movie) So again the numbnut,Tom Six, thinks he is outsmarting the audience with this backasswards attempt at laughs. These laughs tend to come more from suggestion and the cheesy attempt at being an exploitative film(women should love a secretary named "Tits") All and all, it has the pros but is to outweighed by the cons. Good news, it was only supposed to be a trilogy, so we may be spared of another one.
Okay, i watched half of the first one. Then i had to throw up, it's was so disgusting and i kept feeling sick many days after that. And that's the reason i haven't seen the second one.

But i decided to give this a chance. It's not horror. It's comedy. I laughed so hard watching this.

This movie is so bad and ridiculous that it is actually very very funny. I find Bill Boss hilarious. He is so sick, twisted and weird. So i have to say i really enjoyed watching this.

But if you liked the first one, you are probably not gonna like this. As I said; comedy.
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