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The Human Centipede III (Final Sequence)
Horror, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Tom Six
Eric Roberts as Governor Hughes
Chris Clanton as Prisoner
Bree Olson as Daisy
Michael Flores as Prisoner
Laurence R. Harvey as Dwight Butler
James Darnell as Prisoner
Carlos Ramirez as Inmate 109
Ilona Six as Driver
Daniel TwoFeathers as Stabbed Prison Guard
Sam Silverstein as Medic - surgeon
M@tch as 'Patch' Inmate
Hamzah Saman as Inmate 093
Robert LaSardo as Inmate 297
Tommy 'Tiny' Lister as Inmate 178
Jay Tavare as Inmate 346
Clayton Rohner as Dr. Jones
Akihiro Kitamura as Inmate 333
Dieter Laser as Bill Boss
Peter Blankenstein as Inmate 106
Bill Hutchens as Inmate 488
Luke LaGraff as Prison Guard (as Luke Lagraff)
Storyline: Bully prison warden Bill Boss, leading a big state prison in the US of A, has a lot of problems; his prison statistically has the highest amount of prison riots, medical costs and staff turnover in the country. But foremost he is unable to get the respect he thinks he deserves from his inmates and the state Governor. He constantly fails in experimenting with different ideas for the ideal punishment to get the inmates in line, which drives him, together with the sizzling heat, completely insane. Under threats of termination by the Governor, his loyal right hand man Dwight comes up with a brilliant idea. A revolutionary idea which could change the American prison system for good and save billions of dollars. An idea based on the notorious Human Centipede movies, that will literally and figuratively get the inmates on their knees, creating the ultimate punishment and deterrent for anyone considering a life of crime. Having nothing to lose, Bill and Dwight create a jaw-dropping 500-person...
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the absurdity and craziness of life is shown in this movie
I am surprised by the mostly negative reviews for this 3rd chapter. It is a bit unfair since this is quite a unique movie with a great insane lead role.

I loved this movie; the Bill Boss character played by Dieter Laser shows humanity in its ugliest and craziest form....and i love it that a movie can create that feeling.

Life itself is bizarre and crazy and this movie shows us that. It is exactly the message what director Tom Six wants to address; life is bizarre and there is no logic in it.

So please don't take this film too serious; enjoy the acting by Dieter Laser and just be amazed by the absurdity of the main character. His acting is great; i have never seen a more disturbed and deranged person in a movie. I love it; it has been years that i can recall a movie that gave me that feeling.

This movie grasps the insanity of life itself; therefor it is worth watching.I liked it very much.
Interesting way to make sequels, but still just bleh
My quick rating - 4,1/10. Don't listen to any nonsense about how violent/gore filled this is. It just isn't. The movie leads itself to being a sequel within a new movie premise taken a step further from how part 2 was to 1. Kudos to Tom Six for making sequels that don't follow the traditional role, but smack him at the same time for being so pretentious to think a film fan won't see right through his arrogance. Multiple scenes of what Tom considers humor point this out entirely by being long, drawn out scenes with Deiter Laser (Bill Boss) acting like a complete jackass overacting a joke to the point that would make Jim Carrey cringe. Basically the story in a nutshell (about all you need) is a deranged prison warden (Laser) decides at his last straw to use the ideas from the Human Centipede movies to punish criminals and deter further offenders to ever break the law. This revelation is made when the governor (played by, wait for it, Eric Roberts) gives Boss 2 weeks to get his prison in order. What better way then take all the prisoners and sew them ass to mouth together, right? Anyway, back to the gore, a scene or two MAY have been considered "gross" years ago, but there is nothing to raw at all. Some of the humor is quite funny in a very dark way (his idea of health food is one of them) but the overshadowing of the poor acting is a deterrent (in other words, yes, it is a b- budget movie BUT it was so painfully obvious the actors were purposely acting bad to become a b-budget movie) So again the numbnut,Tom Six, thinks he is outsmarting the audience with this backasswards attempt at laughs. These laughs tend to come more from suggestion and the cheesy attempt at being an exploitative film(women should love a secretary named "Tits") All and all, it has the pros but is to outweighed by the cons. Good news, it was only supposed to be a trilogy, so we may be spared of another one.
just bad...
Usually I think people are harsh on horror movies but anything greater than a 1 star is generous. The movie is 90% yelling for no given reason, the actors are awful. The movie borderlines on parody but tries to be serious at times, both aspects fall completely flat. At least the other two films were somewhat set in reality, this one is comical to the point where the "Governor" and also the creator of the series both make cameos and the Governor is perfectly cool at the end with the human centipede and THE END. Literally as soon as the centipede is made the movie is over, anticlimactic isn't the word. Sometimes horror movies are so bad it's good but this is so bad it's just really bad. Skip this movie at all costs. This movie is just plain stupid
Sadly, sadly bad
I was scrolling through netflix trying to find a movie to pass the time on a dreary afternoon and to my surprise found THC3 and was wild with excitement. I was a fan of the first two just because of how twisted they were, and after hearing Six say that this was going to be the most gruesome yet, I was very eager to see it. What a disappointment.

I made it through the first 17 minutes before I got incredibly irritated with Dieter Laser screaming all of his lines (seriously, everyone who's said that that's all he does is not lying. he LITERALLY screams ALL of his lines) and I started to just fast- forward to all of the gore/torture/death scenes to see what was in store. huge huge letdown. They're few and far between and they're total crap. There's little to no gore and they're very under- dramatic, if you consider that a thing. In my opinion, part of a good torture/death scene is the pain and suffering of the victim and there is just none of that. These people must have botched pain receptors.

This whole movie is a mess and a failure. I hate to say that because i really love Tom Six, but this should have never happened. It's like he spread the word that there would be a third movie and when it came time to start filming he was like "damn, i really don't even feel like doing this anymore" and he just let it go and let whatever happen. There probably wasn't even a solid script and everything was likely done in one take, whether it was satisfactory or not. Everyone involved just wanted it to be over. I hope to see another film come from the beautifully disturbed mind of Tom Six but for the love of god, please no more human centipedes.
A shame to the complete series
Where the first two movies of The Human Centipede where interesting and 'entertaining', this sequel is just over the top. What made the first two movies so great was the curiosity of the storyline combined with the feeling that something like it could be possible.

In The Human Centipede III the storyline is so bizarre that you cant really be entertained at all. The selling point of this sequel is the grossness but even that isn't well enough to make it a movie worth a recommendation.

The Human Centipede III features a bad storyline, bad work of acting and makes you regret watching the movie as it spoils your enthusiasm for the first two movies.
Watch Reactions Here - Also Review
I hated it. This is why: Review here: http://www.thewildbore.com/2015/08/human-centipede-3/

Watch us watch the film here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Q02s1xaCag

Safe to say I really, really didn't like it - and I liked the first two!

When you make one of the most talked about horror films in recent times, then once you hit the third instalment there's always an expectation. In director Tom Six's case, this doesn't necessarily mean an improvement in quality, instead it's how far can he push the boat out and really disgust his audience. Unfortunately with Human Centipede 3, he fails on all fronts.
My Review on The Human Centipede 3
So I watched the movie last night and I thought it was hilarious, I like how Dieter Laser pronounce some words, the movie is so stupid that it's funny, people say it's the worst film but I didn't think so, it certainly wasn't the best film, the rape scene was funny, it just shows how serious they are trying to be when it reality was just a comedy, I gave it a 5 outta 10 because the disgusting stuff that happens, like the castration scene and Bill Boss eating the testicles, the castation scene wasn't that graphic in my opinion as some people made it out to be, I haven't seen the other 2 but I planning on watching the whole trilogy to see how each film is connected together. I thought it was somewhat entertaining, the language is rough, really rough, but it was an okay movie. I liked it.
One of the BEST "B" Movies ever made! **minor casting and story spoilers**
I've been here since IMDb was born, but just registered to show my appreciation and counter the hate for this movie.

I watched the previous two, because I LOVE Horror movies, although these fit more into the SAW/Hostel Kinda gory stuff genre, without a story or anything, just a truly disgusting idea put to screen by Tom Six, none the less, while not good movies on their own, I enjoyed them as this was a first for movies anywhere and everywhere to go there, and i enjoyed the coldness of Dieter and the sickness of the 2nd guy, even though I found myself looking away at the ultra gory stuff.

After taking so much heat for the first two films, especially for mentioning they are "medically accurate", Tom Six is just having a blast with this one, This is more like a South Park episode or a story line. Tom six is completely self aware, and crapping on the continuity of the first two films; He cast Dieter Laser and The 2nd guy as totally new characters, with nothing to do with their previous selves, and they even watch the 1st and 2nd movies! logically they should be either the actors in the previous movies if they were fiction, or the same two guys from the movies if they were real, somehow survived and got together under hidden identities... well it's not! Completely different characters, running a prison, that seems out of the reach of any authority. Tom Six doing this is a brave move and a satirical response to all critics that it's a movie, not to be taken seriously, or as seriously as some reviewers and critics took the 1st and 2nd film.

The overacting of Dieter Laser as a hateful, racist German warden in an American Prison, with an unmatched anger problem, is simply wonderful and hilarious, and the way the whole prison, inmates and employees, react to him is magnificent, the dialogue is very funny and serious and the way it is delivered by all characters terrifically, in a nonsensical, awesome B movie style.

In the first 30-40 minutes it was like watching a Tarantino movie, because this movie is SOOO self aware of its B-movieness and nonsense, that it hides it so well, among the magnificent, silly, inconceivable plot. It has the soul of the 1980 Flash Gordon, but funnier and less cheesy.

Even Tom Six shows up, and he disgusted by everything he sees, and yes he is aware him being in the film might be mistaken as a chance to redeem himself and answer critics for the first two movies, but it is not, he is just there just to serve the plot purpose.

Forget about the first two movies or the plot or disgust, if you want to enjoy this movie more, watch the first two just to see what the hell is going on so you relate to the actors and how Tom Six spins the whole thing into a whole new concept. Other than a couple of disgusting scenes, this is by no way as gory as the first two films

I am a huge fan of B movies, and have watched and laughed to countless ones, they are best watched with friends, a lot of people don't get the B movie thing, and this is ONE OF THE BEST/FUNNIEST B MOVIES I HAVE EVER SEEN - Highly recommended for anyone with a sense of humour or a b-movie goer.
Dreadfully boring and a complete waste of time
Whilst I haven't seen the first film, I watched the Full Sequence which was fairly bad, and so didn't have high hopes for this one. Well it seems I still should have set my expectations considerable lower as I made it through 20 minutes of this snore fest before turning it off.

What has clearly happened is that Tom Six came up with one suitably shocking idea that could be turned into a decent movie, provided you're in the target audience of people who want to be grossed out by extreme taboos. And so The Human Centipede: First Sequence was made. Now I can't comment on the quality of the first film (having not seen it myself), but I can say that this was the only thing Tom Six came up with, and hoped that with suitable hype-building slogans and by capitalising off of the shock value of the first film he could go even further. Literally the only shocking thing about it is that enough people agreed it was worth putting out that it actually got released.

It's so dull. The acting is dreadful, the script is astoundingly lazy and unimaginative, the direction is dire, there's no plot and there's no point. If you want to watch it for the shock value, don't. In fact there's no reason why you should watch it at all. It gives the impression of being made by a 12 year old, and has absolutely no merit as a horror film. I'd even suggest the term 'film' is an optimistic one to use here.

Tom Six is a one-trick pony and a lazy, immature, amateurish "director" who thinks he's a lot more controversial than he is just because he made a film that garnered some discussion and shock a while ago.

Don't waste your time on this junk, please.
Stupid bungle of a film
I saw the first one twice. I began watching the second one before switching it off half-way through, then building up the courage to finish it a few days later. I managed this stupid bungle of a film in one sitting. I got what I probably deserved - copious amounts of gore, an unfathomable story and some terrible, terrible acting.

I was somewhat impressed with Dieter Laser's performance in the original film, but he is easily the most exasperating aspect of this one - he seems to have confused shouting and bawling at the top of his lungs with acting. What seems really saddest of all though is that he, his co-stars and director Tom Six - who makes the most self-aggrandising cameo in cinema history - seem to genuinely believe that they are making a seriously important work of art. In actual fact, Final Sequence is one of the most grotesque works of alleged art in recent memory.
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