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The Godfather
Crime, Drama, Thriller
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Francis Ford Coppola
Marlon Brando as Vito Corleone
Al Pacino as Don Michael Corleone
James Caan as Santino 'Sonny' Corleone
Richard S. Castellano as Young Peter Clemenza
Robert Duvall as Tom Hagen
Sterling Hayden as Capt. McCluskey
John Marley as Jack Woltz
Richard Conte as Don Emilio Barzini
Al Lettieri as Virgil 'The Turk' Sollozzo
Diane Keaton as Kay Adams Michelson
Abe Vigoda as Sal Tessio
Talia Shire as Connie Corleone Rizzi
Gianni Russo as Carlo Rizzi
John Cazale as Fredo Corleone
Storyline: When the aging head of a famous crime family decides to transfer his position to one of his subalterns, a series of unfortunate events start happening to the family, and a war begins between all the well-known families leading to insolence, deportation, murder and revenge, and ends with the favorable successor being finally chosen.
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Classic Cinema
Could it get any better than the Godfather? Classic film with iconic plot twists, incredible performances and an overall feeling of "familia"...no wonder it stands the test of time. The performers were at the top of their games in this one. Maybe they should make a modern- day follow up. I mean, they are remaking everything else. Why not? Need a writer? Let me know! :)
Family is important
What matters is family, you pick a side and you stay on that side, if you switch side, you're the enemy and will forever be the enemy until you're dead. You look out for your family, and make sure everyone is okay. You don't discuss business at the table when having dinner. Power and Money - "Business" comes second! It's the Corleone family against Barzini and Tattaglia and 3 other mob leaders. The Corleone family is the biggest most powerful mafia family in New York, and the family you turn to if you need a problem to disappear. A lot of blood is spilled and Don Vito Corleone also known as the Godfather (Brandon Marlon) is almost killed in a shooting by another gang. Mike and Sonny are his sons. Sonny is his right hand at first until one day when he gets killed by a gang after going after his sisters boyfriend for assaulting her. Then Mike steps in and takes over, Don Vito gets older and more cripple and soon he dies too, that's when Mike (Al Pacino) becomes the new Godfather, and kills the 5 mafia leaders, to take control over New York, and eliminate all potential threats.

Ah, I just love this movie, slow pace and leaves nothing for your imagination (sometimes I don't like that about a film, but it works in this one). Can we just take a minute to appreciate Marlon Brando's role interpretation, I love the way he worked with the body language, his voice and acting calm. And same goes for Al Pacino, just amazing! I'm so glad I finally got to see this film.
True masterpiece
This movie is strong, good script, great casting, excellent acting, and over the top directing. It is hard to fine a movie done this well, it is 29 years old and has aged well. Even if the viewer does not like mafia type of movies, he or she will watch the entire film, the audiences is glued to what will happen next as the film progresses. Its about, family, loyalty, greed, relationships, and real life. This is a great mix, and the artistic style make the film memorable.
One Can See Why It's So Highly-Rated
Some people have called this one of the best movies of all time. I can see why they say that, although I wouldn't quite rate it that high. It does feature an interesting storyline, great acting and magnificent photography so I am not going to argue with those who place in so high, because it's understandable. It also has a memorable score.

One needs to see this on a nice widescreen DVD because it's so beautifully photographed with tons of greens, grays and browns that are just beautiful. It makes me want to visit Italy. The only reason I personally didn't rate it as high as others was I didn't like any of the characters, and especially the hot-headed James Caan. When he got riddled with bullets and was done with, a la "Bonnie & Clyde," that was fine with me!

There isn't as much violence as people might think, if they've never seen this movie. To some, this film might be too slow, in fact. However, when the violence or something dramatic occurs it is intense and can be very brutal. Who can ever forget a guy waking up with a dead, bloody horse in his bed?!!

Like a good film noir, there is a lot of tension running throughout the Godfather films. Everybody is after somebody it seems and you never know whom to trust. That's part of the downsides of living a criminal life: constant paranoia. All this is put together nicely as we become close observers of the Corleone family, its family ties and its "business."

Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Robert Duvall, Caan, Robert DeNiro (later in the saga), Talia Shire, Diane Keaton, Sterling Hayden, Richard Conte, John Cazale, Richard Castellano, on and on - quite a cast and quite a movie. I enjoyed both sequels, too.

I am also fortunate to own "The Godfather Epic" on tape, which must be some sort of collector's item by now. It is three two-hour tapes in which Godfather I and II are sliced together and the story is presented in chronological order, instead of with all the flashbacks. It's well-done and I would have printed a review on that version, but I don't see it listed on IMDb.
Brando's aged make-up is incredible
Coppola's near perfect masterpiece. A first class cast including, James Caan, Al Pacino and heavy weight Marlon Brando to name a few. There is not much I can add that hasn't already been written, it frankly is the quintessential family, Mafia gangster film.

The 1950's nostalgic feel is captured, distinguished cinematography by Gordon Willis and the script honed. The costumes, locations and sets add to the overall authentic experience. Brando's aged make-up is incredible, particularly for 1972 and apart from some insignificant choppy editing and stock footage the film is near enough picture perfect.

Timeless, compulsive viewing, there is a reason why The Godfather is on a pedestal as one of the greatest movies or of all time… There is no offer to refuse, it's a must see.
Probably - if not definitely - the most overrated movie of all time
In a word, underwhelming. The Godfather is a decent film with some strong acting, but I did not find any exceptional or unique quality in the film that would render it a masterpiece. It's a simple a mob story in which everybody is an antagonist; the story is not gripping, the characters are hard to care about, the camera work is adequate but not in any way remarkable, the list goes on. I don't think The Godfather is a bad movie, but in no way is it the best I've ever seen, or anywhere close.

The movie has been so hyped that I really was expecting to see the best movie all time when I watched it. What I saw was a decent flick with some very quotable moments, but in my mind the film has no singular or superior quality when compared to other great films. Monstrously overrated, but still a respectable movie.
The Pioneer of All Filmmaking
The Godfather is one of the most iconic films in cinema history. There are three points in the film that made it stand alone: direction, acting, and writing.

The direction of this film was great! Frances Fran Coppela really knows how to make a great film. Like Steven Spilberg, Peter Jackson, James Cameron, and so many others, he as list himself as one of the most greatest directors in Hollywood. He's my role model.

The acting was terrible, just kidding! :) The Acting was amazing. Marlon Brando carries the anchor of this movie, but Al Pacino holds it carefully. The cast of this movie was a good example of cast chemistry. Great Cast!

The Writing was awesome. Coppela knows what he is doing when he is writing a script to a major blockbuster hit. That's why he's my role model.

The Godfather is one my favorite films of all time. I would recommend you see this movie. It's awesome.
A Film About Succession Is A Masterpiece
"The Godfather" is about the Corleones - an organized crime family better known as the mob or mafia - that tells a great story of succession of the leadership of the crime family from an aging Don Vito Corleone to his reluctant and youngest son,Michael Corleone.

This film directed by Francis Ford Coppola that was based on the novel of Mario Puzo stars legendary actor Marlon Brando and Al Pacino,an up-and-coming young actor back then who just happened to appear on his only second major film role.The cast also includes talented actors and actresses such as James Caan, Robert Duvall,Diane Keaton,John Cazale and Talia Shire.

The story starts during the wedding of Don Vito Corleone's daughter Connie.In it,we get meet the members of the Corleone family such Don Vito's oldest son Sonny and his adopted son as well as the consigliere Tom Hagen together with the different henchmen like Tessio and Clemenza as well as different people who are obtaining favors from Don Vito who is also known as the godfather.Then,we get to meet Michael and his girlfriend Kay.It was evident that Michael has no intentions of joining his father's business.But several events happen such as Don Vito getting shot,Sonny getting killed and the other rival members of the Five Families trying to overthrow the Corleones power and influence as Don Vito does not want to be part of the illegal drugs trade.Then,it became clear that the only son who should replace Don Vito,who is getting older and weaker as he approaching near his death,as the leader of the family is reluctant Michael.After Don Vito died,Michael made moves to retain the family's power and influence by killing the leaders of the rival families and getting rid of the traitors of among family.It ended with Michael succeeding and becoming the new godfather.

This epic film definitely is the greatest film ever made.We have great performances coming from Marlon Brando,who won an Oscar as Don Vito,the upstart Al Pacino and the rest of the cast.We also have a great story involving the Corleones as we get to see the transition of the family's leadership from Don Vito to Michael.The characters of the story are definitely far from one-note and they can be as complex evoking humanity.We are also treated to great production set designs, memorable musical scores coming from Nino Rota, a superb script coming from Puzo and Coppola, and a magnificent direction coming from Coppola.With that said,it has become a benchmark for excellence in film and has for many years remained relevant despite being initially released 45 years ago when this review is written.Overall,it is simply a masterpiece.
The Godfather (1972)
Taking a best-selling novel of more drive than genius (Mario Puzo's The Godfather), about a subject of something less than common experience (the Mafia), involving an isolated portion of one very particular ethnic group (first-generation and second-generation Italian-Americans), Francis Ford Coppola has made one of the most brutal and moving chronicles of American life ever designed within the limits of popular entertainment.

The Godfather, which opened at five theaters here yesterday, is a superb Hollywood movie that was photographed mostly in New York (with locations in Las Vegas, Sicily, and Hollywood). It's the gangster melodrama come of age, truly sorrowful and truly exciting, without the false piety of the films that flourished forty years ago, scaring the delighted hell out of us while cautioning that crime doesn't (or, at least, shouldn't) pay.

It still doesn't, but the punishments suffered by the members of the Corleone Family aren't limited to sudden ambushes on street corners or to the more elaborately choreographed assassinations on thruways. They also include lifelong sentences of ostracism in terrible, bourgeois confinement, of money and power, but of not much more glory than can be obtained by the ability to purchase expensive bedroom suites, the kind that include everything from the rug on the floor to the pictures on the wall with, perhaps, a horrible satin bedspread thrown in.

Yet The Godfather is not quite that simple. It was Mr. Puzo's point, which has been made somehow more ambiguous and more interesting in the film, that the experience of the Corleone Family, as particular as it is, may be the mid-twentieth-century equivalent of the oil and lumber and railroad barons of nineteenth-century America. In the course of the ten years of intra-Mafia gang wars (1945-1955) dramatized by the film, the Corleones are, in fact, inching toward social and financial respectability.

For the Corleones, the land of opportunity is America the Ugly, in which almost everyone who is not Sicilian or, more narrowly, not a Corleone, is a potential enemy. Mr. Coppola captures this feeling of remoteness through the physical look of place and period, and through the narrative's point of view. The Godfather seems to take place entirely inside a huge, smoky, plastic dome, through which the Corleones see our real world only dimly.

Thus, at the crucial meeting of Mafia families, when the decision is made to take over the hard drug market, one old don argues in favor, saying he would keep the trade confined to blacks—"they are animals anyway."

This is all the more terrifying because, within their isolation, there is such a sense of love and honor, no matter how bizarre.

The film is affecting for many reasons, including the return of Marlon Brando, who has been away only in spirit, as Don Vito Corleone, the magnificent, shrewd old Corleone patriarch. It's not a large role, but he is the key to the film, and to the contributions of all of the other performers, so many actors that it is impossible to give everyone his due.

Some, however, must be cited, especially Al Pacino, as the college- educated son who takes over the family business and becomes, in the process, an actor worthy to have Brando as his father; as well as James Caan, Richard Castellano, Robert Duvall, Al Lettieri, Abe Vigoda, Gianni Russo, Al Martino, and Morgana King. Mr. Coppola has not denied the characters' Italian heritage (as can be gathered by a quick reading of the cast), and by emphasizing it, he has made a movie that transcends its immediate milieu and genre.

The Godfather plays havoc with the emotions as the sweet things of life—marriages, baptisms, family feasts—become an inextricable part of the background for explicitly depicted murders by shotgun, garrote, machine gun, and booby-trapped automobile. The film is about an empire run from a dark, suburban Tudor palace where people, in siege, eat out of cardboard containers while babies cry and get underfoot. It is also more than a little disturbing to realize that characters, who are so moving one minute, are likely, in the next scene, to be blowing out the brains of a competitor over a white tablecloth. It's nothing personal, just their way of doing business as usual.


Directed by Francis Ford Coppola; written by Mario Puzo and Mr. Coppola, based on the novel by Mr. Puzo; director of photography, Gordon Willis; edited by William Reynolds, Peter Zinner, Marc Laub, and Murray Solomon; music by Nino Rota; production designer, Dean Tavoularis; produced by Albert S. Ruddy; released by Paramount Pictures. Running time: 175 minutes.
A masterpiece
Directed by Francis Ford Coppola and based on a book by Mario Puzo. The aging Godfather of a mafia family, Don Vito Corleone (played by Marlon Brando) is keen to pass on control of his empire to his son, Michael (played by Al Pacino). Michael is reluctant at first but over time becomes quite adept at being a ruthless mafia boss...

Hard to come up with any more superlatives for this movie, as it is rightfully regarded as one of the greatest movies of all time. Great story, excellent direction. Despite the long duration it doesn't drift or lose focus.

Excellent performances too. Marlon Brando well deserved his Best Actor Oscar, as did Al Pacino, Robert Duvall and James Caan their nominations for Best Supporting Actor.

A masterpiece, and all-time classic.
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