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The Godfather
Crime, Drama, Thriller
IMDB rating:
Francis Ford Coppola
Marlon Brando as Vito Corleone
Al Pacino as Don Michael Corleone
James Caan as Santino 'Sonny' Corleone
Richard S. Castellano as Young Peter Clemenza
Robert Duvall as Tom Hagen
Sterling Hayden as Capt. McCluskey
John Marley as Jack Woltz
Richard Conte as Don Emilio Barzini
Al Lettieri as Virgil 'The Turk' Sollozzo
Diane Keaton as Kay Adams Michelson
Abe Vigoda as Sal Tessio
Talia Shire as Connie Corleone Rizzi
Gianni Russo as Carlo Rizzi
John Cazale as Fredo Corleone
Storyline: When the aging head of a famous crime family decides to transfer his position to one of his subalterns, a series of unfortunate events start happening to the family, and a war begins between all the well-known families leading to insolence, deportation, murder and revenge, and ends with the favorable successor being finally chosen.
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The Godfather make me an offer that I cannot refuse. This movie is a masterpiece.
It's basically impossible to watch this movie directed by Francis Ford Coppola, without already knowing some of the major themes, motifs, plot twists, within author Mario Puzo's story; due to how popular the film is. Even, if you haven't saw the movie, you probably heard of it. If you had, saw it. You might agree with me, in scope, that this movie is indeed, one of the greatest films ever made. Based off, Mario Puzo's 1969 novel with the same name, The Godfather tells the story of Michael Corleone (Al Pacino) on his journey, from reluctant family outsider to ruthless Mafia boss, during the criminal drug wars of the 1940/early 1950s. Without spoiling the movie, too much, I found that a lot of critics, overpraise Marlon Brando's work in this, a way too much. Don't get me wrong, Marlon Brando does deserve, a lot of credit for making his character, the patriarch Vito Corleone, so iconic. I just don't believe, that he deserve, the Oscar for Best Actor, that year. In my opinion, Al Pacino should had be nominated & won. After all, Michael is pretty much, the main character, not Vito. Also, Pacino is the one actor that kept the movie, going, with his great range of emotional. Brando show-what disappears, toward the middle of the film. If any, Brando deserve to win, Best Supporting Actor at the Academy Awards, because Brando's acting is secondary to that of Pacino. It's not personality, it's only business. Besides that, the acting throughout the film was well-performed, from all the actors. I just wish, there wasn't much, many characters. It was so hard to keep track of each one. Some actors, worth noting for their performance are James Caan as Michael's hot-headed brother, Sonny Corleone, Robert Duvall as Irish lawyer, Tom Hagen, Diane Keaton as Michael's girlfriend, Kay Adams & last, John Cazale as Michael's weaker brother, Fredo Corleone. As much, as I despise, certain gangster films. There was something, likable with these characters. Yes, they do, horrible stuff, but you can't help, feeling bad for them. Indeed, keep your friends close, your enemies closer. Not only was the film had gifted actors, but it was very well-shot. I love, how the film used doors, as a way to symbolize, the different between family life, and 'the family life'. A great example of this, was the last few minutes of the film in which Kay finds out, the truth nature about Michael. It's a crucial theme of the film. The five families are essentially living the American dream with specific ideals that America at the time greatly treasured. One could easily see this as a deconstruction or even an attack on the idea of the American Dream. So it was no surprise that the families met inside a Federal Reserve Bank. Talk about smart! I also like, how the movie has this stark bleak look to it. All the colors in the film, looks so muted, as if to say, this gangster film was indeed shot in early 1940s, technicolor. I like how, clever, the filmmaker was, when using bright colors. Most of the only bright color, used in the film, was orange. It was used as mostly an item, like a fruit symbol. It representing sin, and greed. It's as if it was the forbidden fruit, in the bible. It was also, used as a sexual way to show impending judgment. Everybody that got near it, end up, dying in the film. While, the movie has tons of other symbolism. It's also shroud in darkness and mystery. The movie even has a few film noir inspire scenes, where shadow, become a big factor to show, how shady, the underworld, can be. Vito's daughter's wedding scene shows the best of this. The movie has a lot of violence as well. Scenes like the real horse severed head were pretty gruesome. Still, compare to modern day, gangster movies, the sex, drugs and violence is pretty tame. For the most part, the movie kept to a somewhat classy mode with its subject matter. I do like the editing. The whole baptize sequence was amazing to watch. The pacing for the film is a mixed bag for me. There were some parts of the film that I kinda found boring or out of place, such as the Sicily, Las Vegas & Hollywood scenes. It felt like, I was watching two different films, due to how unfamiliar, each of those scenes, were, when comparing to the New York settling. I just glad, they were very short. The film also drops a lot of the novel's subplots, such as Sonny's mistress, having a large vagina, and having to get surgery on it. Another thing worth cutting is a lot of Johnny Fontane (Al Martino) and Lucy Mancini (Jeannie Linero) scenes. In the novel they both get big story lines nearly the equal of the main storyline with Michael. I'm glad, they cut it out, because it was too jarring. Though one major one, they cut out in this film: Don Vito's youth and rise to power came back, as part of the sequel, 1974's the Godfather: Part II. Happy, that they found, a way to add that, back in. Leave the Fontane BS. Take the cannoli, instead. The film score by Nino Rota was great. You really think of the word 'mafia' when you hear that tune. While, the film doesn't deliberately speak that word, it did expose, what was then, a mostly hidden underworld of Mafia organizations. Overall: While, some big time criminals and even some stars, like Frank Sinatra were against it, and boycott the film, but they couldn't stop the movie, from being made. The Godfather continues to influence producers of films, television shows, and video games more than 40 years after its release. It's a classic.
The world inside the underworld!
The godfather trilogy is an exclusive set of movies that will continue to live with humanity, every generation will see them to say, "Oh that was 10 out of 10." If you watch them you will know that the world that lives inside the underworld is same as the one we live in except that people in underworld are so smart, in fact smartness is the only thing that can keep them there. Don Vito Caroleone's early life shown in part-II is very well done to show the Don in making, how a kid who couldn't even tell his name went on becoming a underworld don who keep most senators, judges and lawyers in his pocket. Meeting of don with the so call five families are among most impressive scenes.

A saga that goes on for 9 continuous hours takes you around various walks in life of Mike (Don's younger son who become Don later), his school days, love life, personal life, family life, business life, political life and religious life. How all of these different roles Mike plays in his life and how intertwined these are.

I enjoyed watching these movies so much, I wish I had seen them much before then I did. Its amazing to see how the Part-III was made 18 years later the part-I was made and everything looks so continuous if watch them together.

I need not say much! The Godfather father trilogy been around for a while and everyone knows that they are great set of movies, its just the matter of when you actually get to see them.

Watch them! Kudos to Francis Ford Coppola! -Vishy
The Finest American Cinema Has To Offer
It has been said so many times that it seems cliché, but I wil continue to say it. The Godfather is one of he greatest movies ever made. Words cannot express how well the film combines all the elements a film needs, to be good. The acting is top notch, the cinematography is beautiful, the filming locations and sets are perfect, the sound is great, the music is excellent... I could talk about how great this movie is for hours. Francis Ford Coppola has a clear vision for this movie, and is expertly brought to life.

The beginning of the film starts out at the wedding of Don Vito Corleone's daughter, Connie. At the wedding reception we are introduced to the many of the members of the Corleone crime family, however not all of them are part of the "family business". At the wedding, Vito's youngest son, Michael, tells his then girlfriend, Kay, that he was not like his family. Throughout the rest of the film, we see Michael Corleone transform into the very thing he claims he hates. It's an excellent example of how character growth should be done.

From the intriguing beginning where we find Vito Corleone being asked for favors, to the climatic ending where Michael finishes his transformation, The Godfather is a landmark film in American cinema.
Legendary Movie
This type of movies which you get to watch over and over again without getting bored of it, they way it has been scripted, acted, produced and directed is really attractive and amazingly catching your breath, it has a lot of life lessons to learn from no matter what do you do in your life, it also shows the importance of family bonding and keeping it all balanced. I'm convinced that I will never ever get to watch a similar movie to this one with this brilliance in every aspect, I don't even believe that if there would be anyone on this earth who has never saw the Godfather Trilogy, it is absolutely highly recommended, but of course its not suitable for the little kids, it has lots of violent scenes, hopefully we'll get to see more and more of these awesome titles.
Best Movie Ever
The movie is phenomenal, is rightly considered one of the greatest films ever made. The Godfather continues to influence producers of films, television shows, and video games more than 40 years after its release.

It takes its subjects seriously, bestowing legitimacy upon the internecine power struggles of the Mafia normally reserved for classical themes in high art. There is something deeply resonant in the film's treatment of filial piety, the need for respect, and our culture's abiding interest in the parallel moral universe of the Mafia. Just the best.
The Geatest Movie Ever Made
You can't really criticize a film like "The Godfather", especially from a younger-type guy like me. Since its release in 1972, "The Godfather" has been highly praised by fans universally. It's extremely hard for a person who has never seen "The Godfather" without having high expectations because millions of people, maybe more have been talking about how wonderful it is. But as a film critic who has seen the movie several times and has read the novel that it was based on by Mario Puzo, this movie really deserves the credibility it gets. It really is that special. The film is a gripping epic that indulges the viewer with plenty of unsuspecting twists and a plot that works in a multitude of dimensions. The mobster's depicted here face many trials and tribulation that involve marriage, favours, family struggles, turncoats, tragic events, violence and rigor mortis.

Don Vito Corleone (Marlon Brando) is the head patriarch and kingpin of his esteemed enterprise is acquainted to at his daughter's wedding, which is a special occurrence in Italian tradition (Sicilian in particular) where the father of the bride is to refrain from offering the groom any special favours. His representatives showing their signs of respect towards the Don are featured in the opening scenes are told through their ways of personal address and greeting regimentations. The Don is to be treated with respect and dignity, a man who follows his own frame of mind to what is fair, and will likely deny any means of avenge. As an example, if anyone was to fondle with his daughter in any kind of way grounds for murder. It's not revenge, as long as your daughter's still breathing.

There are also numerous facets that indicate how not so respected the Don really is. Vito comes from the old school of Mafia, and can be labeled as a "Moustache" Pete. For one, unlike his adversaries, he refuses to get involved with drugs or smuggling for that matter. It this is much to the chagrin of other rival mob units in the state of New York. The violence is described disturbingly as nothing personal, it's just business. The philosophy behind this organized crime is chilling, but quite convincing. The violence is creepily accepted and sometimes happens all of the sudden. Suddenly, the Corleone enterprise falls on its foundations, and it's up to the next generation to restore the family so it could be ranked as the top of the best mob families.

The cast features a myriad of talented performers each playing their respective roles flawlessly. The top stars like Brando as Vito, James Caan as the hot-tempered Sonny, Al Pacino as the likable Michael, John Cazale as middle-sibling Fredo, Robert Duvall as mob attorney Tom Hagen, Richard Castellano as Clemenza, Abe Vigoda as Tessio and Diane Keaton as Kay Adams are what I may have expected what the characters from Puzo's book look like physically. Even the smaller roles deserve special credit. The performances were absolutely amazing. The characters in the film compliment the characters from the novel and it is mainly due to the physical structuring and the carefully planned interpretation.

The novel this movie was based on by Mario Puzo deserves praise in itself. Even though this movie was a fictional, there are a lot of authentic features that make every scene and every chapter to be real. I guess people when they think of mob bosses they visualize a supreme Don, sitting in his chair with a long facial expression contemplating with endless level-headedness and leadership. "The Godfather" is a marvel from both the film and the novel and it is hard to determine what medium is the better of the two.

If there is one thing that the book is better would be character development. Al Pacino's Michael Corleone is a more prominent character in the novel than in the movie. Michael's transformation in the movie is at times a bit rushed, while in the book it's handled more gradual. The other character Luca Brasi played by Lenny Montana was a more vital character in the novel, which while he was an ally to the Corleone clan, is marked as a threatening adversary with a dark and dreary secret. In the movie comes across as a big oaf, and not as scary. It's also nice that some of the smaller characters from the novel have engaging back stories like Captain McCluskey (Sterling Hayden). But that's good for the novel's sake, while the film would result in overdone detailing.

Overall, "The Godfather" is one of the greatest films ever made. Thanks mainly to the crew for creating a well-structured setting that compliments nicely to the characters, the script and most importantly, the direction of Francis Ford Coppola. Hats off to the cinematography from Gordon Willis which is backed nicely by the elegant score from Nino Rota and Carlo Savina. This film truly defines the words "required viewings."
Classic Cinema
Could it get any better than the Godfather? Classic film with iconic plot twists, incredible performances and an overall feeling of "familia"...no wonder it stands the test of time. The performers were at the top of their games in this one. Maybe they should make a modern- day follow up. I mean, they are remaking everything else. Why not? Need a writer? Let me know! :)
History is made with this movie
I cannot think of a single negative of the Godfather. It truly is a classic and will always be one of the greatest films ever made. I have seen it many times and recently purchased the movie so that I could watch it anytime that I want.

I love the score for this film and get goosebumps when I hear that opening trumpet begin to play. As the movie progresses I begin to feel a connection to the characters and become invested in their growth and story. As many times as I have seen this movie, I continue to have the same feelings. It is one of the movies that can never get old and will always be a masterpiece.

It will be a number of years before anything can come close to the magnitude of this film and it may never be contested.
Short and clear
This movie is strong, good script, great casting, excellent acting, and over the top directing. It is hard to fine a movie done this well, it is 29 years old and has aged well. Even if the viewer does not like mafia type of movies, he or she will watch the entire film, the audiences is glued to what will happen next as the film progresses. Its about, family, loyalty, greed, relationships, and real life. This is a great mix, and the artistic style make the film memorable.
An exquisite Mafia epic with outstanding performances...
"The Godfather" is a huge piece of film entertaining, involving sentiment, nostalgia, filial affection, pride, integrity, loyalty, corruption, honor, betrayal and crime... Within weeks of its release, it was clearly a blockbuster, a cinematic phenomenon, an exquisite Mafia epic with outstanding performances... Coppola got everything right, creating a landmark in American cinema...

His film acutely details the inner workings of the criminal "families," and the ruthlessness of those in organized crime, but also examines their steadfast loyalty, love for blood relations, and code of ethics... Coppola and Puzo subtly weave a complex narrative with themes of hypocrisy, power, and corruption which stands as a pulsating reflection of our uncertain times...

With his raspy voice, deliberate movements, and penetrating stare, Brando creates a personage that will be remembered for ever... The line "I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse" has reached legendary statues... Brando's Don Corleone is the moral center of the film: a tough, wise, feared old Sicilian who has risen to become an all powerful leader in an empire of Italian-American organized crime...

While crime may be the first image that comes into one's mind in the film, violence plays a vital part in this complicated tale... Brando is the head of one of the five families who are said to control the Mafia in the area of New York... He is opposed to any involvement in drugs, and refuses to risk his political contacts and prestige for such putrefied money... He is behind the time but he understands that society is not alarmed by "liquor, gambling, and even women..." He is also a loving family man... His sons, relatives and friends are part of his operations... He despises displays of weakness... He understands the strength of power and his wordless sympathy for Michael when he is forced to assume the "sovereignty." In the outdoor garden, father and son are affectionate to each other, but cannot express their emotions openly...

The Corleones are a warm, close family and the motion picture (with l0 Oscar Nominations) shows the flavor of Italian-American home life... Don Corleone is an undisputed patriarch, and as played by Brando, he has almost the manner of a religious leader... His voice is quite and rasping, his chin stands as a symbol of his authority, and men kisses his hand as they ask for his favors... He is a charismatic leader and his eyes reflect his kind heart as his implacability...

Pacino's gradual and subtle transformation is the heart of the film... From a gentle man to one of the most cunning, ruthless, and cold-blooded man ever to come on the screen, he has learned from his father never to talk in front of outsiders and always keep his own counsel... His commandment "Never to take sides against the Family."

The opening shot of "The Godfather" sets the tone of the film as Don Corleone and some of his family listen to an undertaker, Amerigo Bonasera (Salvatore Cirsitto), pleading for justice for the near-rape and brutal beating suffered by his daughter...

Attending the wedding of his sister Connie to young bookmaker Carlo Rizzi, Michael, a highly decorated Marine captain from World War II, points out the other guests to Kate (Diane Keaton), his non-Italian girlfriend... In the same time Coppola introduces us to his large cast of characters:

Sonny (James Caan), the rough, hot-headed impulsive kid who never really grew up; Fredo (John Cazale), the troubled, shy, weak young man who can't seem to do anything right; Tom (Robert Duvall), the right-hand man, the legal adviser and adopted son to the Godfather— steady, reliable, always thinking, always controlled; Connie (Talia Shire), the battered wife and rebellious sister, who achieves and promotes the movie's most horrific scene; Johnny Fontane (Al Martine), the idol star whose tears set up the shocking moment when a movie "big shot" named Jack Woltz (John Marley) finds himself in an horrifying pool of blood; Luca Brasi (Lenny Montana), the giant criminal thug, one of Corleone's most trusted enforcers; Tessio (Abbe Vigoda), the fearsome tall enforcer who implies the possibility of violent revenge guaranteeing Michael's safety; and Clemenza (Richard Castellano), the other faithful enforcer...

With a beautiful score by Nino Rota immensely memorable, Coppola's motion picture remains a triumph, nearly perfect in its execution, composition, and impact...
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