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The Departed
USA, Hong Kong
Crime, Thriller, Mystery
IMDB rating:
Martin Scorsese
Leonardo DiCaprio as Billy Costigan
Matt Damon as Colin Sullivan
Jack Nicholson as Frank Costello
Mark Wahlberg as Staff Sgt. Dignam
Martin Sheen as Cpt. Queenan
Ray Winstone as Mr. French
Vera Farmiga as Madolyn
Alec Baldwin as Cpt. Ellerby
Kevin Corrigan as Cousin Sean
James Badge Dale as Barrigan
David O'Hara as Fitzy
Mark Rolston as Delahunt
Robert Wahlberg as Lazio - FBI
Storyline: In South Boston, the state police force is waging war on Irish-American organized crime. Young undercover cop Billy Costigan is assigned to infiltrate the mob syndicate run by gangland chief Frank Costello. While Billy quickly gains Costello's confidence, Colin Sullivan, a hardened young criminal who has infiltrated the state police as an informer for the syndicate, is rising to a position of power in the Special Investigation Unit. Each man becomes deeply consumed by his double life, gathering information about the plans and counter-plans of the operations he has penetrated. But when it becomes clear to both the mob and the police that there's a mole in their midst, Billy and Colin are suddenly in danger of being caught and exposed to the enemy-and each must race to uncover the identity of the other man in time to save himself. But is either willing to turn on the friends and comrades they've made during their long stints undercover?
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A gripping and unique crime drama about the duality of undercover work
I got to see a sneak preview of it, and I must say: the BEST film of the year so far. Scorcese is at his best and truly deserves his anticipated first Oscar for this film. Also notable are the performances of Matt Damon (such a great "bad-guy;" he really must do stuff like this more often), Leo DiCaprio, Jack Nicholson (as always), and Mark Wahlberg (best since Rockstar). However, some in the theater with me who had seen Infernal Affairs did say that Departed did not live up to the original. I have yet to see Affairs, but I honestly believe that Departed was pulled off well enough to really bring in some respectable awards in the upcoming season.
A masterpiece right up Scorsese's alley
Director Martin Scorsese's "The Departed", a gangster flick based from the Hong Kong thriller "Internal Affairs", goes without saying as perhaps his best work since "Goodfellas." Working on a genre that's right up his territory, Scorsese is back on top of his game and recreates a new dimension to the genre. This crime thriller treads the same theme as much of its director's previous films does. It's about two young men, the people around them, and the complications brought about by their characters' ambiguity.

Set in Boston, the Massachusetts State Police sends young cop Billy Costigan (Leonardo DiCaprio) to go undercover and infiltrate an Irish mob syndicate where he quickly earns the trust of leader Frank Costello (Jack Nicholson). Meanwhile, Costello's informant Collin Sullivan (Matt Damon) works for the police department's Special Investigation Unit. Soon, stakes are raised when both the police and the mob realize there's a traitor among them, and that both Billy and Collin are both in danger of losing their cover and even their lives.

Nicholson, yet again playing another villain, owns every scene he's in with his portrayal of Costello, providing a paradoxical attraction to his menacing character. DiCaprio, increasingly maturing as an actor since becoming Scorsese's "muse", fits right in as the streetwise cop, while Damon brings his usual authoritatively calm demeanor to the part. They are complemented by the ensemble performances of Martin Sheen, Alec Baldwin, Mark Wahlberg and Vera Farmiga.

Scriptwriter William Monahan ("Kingdom of Heaven") retains much of the structure of "Internal Affairs" but adds depth to its characters and an acerbic quality to its witty dialog. The cinematography by Michael Ballhaus is brooding and morbid, capturing the character of its Boston setting while Howard Shore's score is as good as a soundtrack can be.

At its core, "The Departed" is a well-crafted, well-written, and well-acted film noir. In an age where style usually triumphs over the narrative quality, "The Departed" is one of the best films I have seen so far in recent memory.
The Untalented
The title clearly refers to Scorsese's talent, which vanished in a squirt of stage blood about 15 years back. He wasn't talented, he was brilliant -- but that was then. Today he should be making intelligent independent movies, elder statesmanly flourishes of wit and humanity, inspiring a younger generation. Instead, he's humiliating himself with overblown junk. His love affair with hoodlums is tiresome, his critique of Catholicism is ignorant and stupid -- I mean, I dislike Catholicism as an institution, and God knows it doesn't need me to defend it -- but any sociological or spiritual phenomenon with the history and complexity of Catholicism deserves better treatment than the head-kickings Scorsese metes out. And ironically, Scorsese has made his own Faustian pact with the Devil -- he had his years in the Hollywood wilderness and feels he won't get anything thoughtful financed -- so it's better to team up with a bankable but untalented actor and produce these lumbering, brainless sub-epics.

Many people in their comments here have struggled to express quite how deeply bad this film is. I too am at a loss. It's intriguing for a while, then downhill races into one of the worst supposedly classy films EVER MADE. Jack does his Jack Show, because he is vain and because no one has the guts to tell him that it was already self-parody 20 years ago. Supposed hard man Leonardo looks as enraged as a poodle when the canine beautician has gone a bit to close to his ear with the electric clippers. Matt is actually OK in the light comedy bits, which makes one wonder why he has become Hollywood's current Brooding One. Wahlburg -- rubbish. Sheen looks like he's focusing all his energies on trying to deliver his lines without spitting out his dentures. By the way, I reckon the script originally developed the sexual thing a bit more -- as it implies that Damon is not as groovy between the sheets as Leo, and his homophobia and other things seem to hint at his being a gay in denial -- but they decided that audiences wouldn't buy a gay hero, or it scared Damon, or God knows what -- just another loose end in this spaghetti-plate of a movie.

Overall, hardly anyone in this movie (Winstone is an exception) act-ually ACTS. They are all oh so boringly themselves. Consider Olivier in Marathon Man, how his characterisation of an ageing Nazi suggested all sorts of undercurrents of twisted psychotic nastiness -- and then look at Nicholson's leering, over-the-top gurning. Chortling as you pull the trigger on someone is not really quite enough to convince us we are witnessing evil, Jackie baby.

By the way, the film shows cutting-edge developments in cinematic blood-squirting technology. Instead of the wounds exploding using charges that produce a small cloud of smoke, they sort of vaporize -- it looks like it's done with compressed air. A great advance Scorsese can be proud of.

This film has been larded with praise -- by gaga members of the Hollywood money machine. Every year people say Scorsese deserves an Oscar, and it's usually because we remember his early films. Well, they have Lifetime Achievement Oscars if we want to reward a body of work. Now he has to go to his grave knowing he got the Oscar for a Turkey. Only he probably doesn't know. And do any of the egos involved in this mess care? Hollywood cynicism, parodied in Scorsese's last film, The Aviator! What a joke.

Right -- my last word, if you're still reading. We are currently being told by our masters to hate Iran. It has one of the few cinemas in the world that sometimes try to show something true about the human condition. Whereas our civilization produces, as one of the top-billing cultural manifestations of the year, expensive to make, heaped with praise and awards, exported around the world and seen by multiple millions--something about as edifying as watching lions tortured or Christians having limbs lopped off at the Roman Colisseum two millennia ago. What does this say about us?
Doesn't deserve the ratings
Sigh. After seeing the raving comments here for this film, I have to do a double take.

I watched it and enjoyed it, but it's just an average movie, with big stars and a famous director.

It's OK at best. Worth a watch, but not worth getting to excited about, which is why I think there is a reality distortion around the ratings here.

I think most people will watch this in 10 years and wonder what all the fuss was about. It's probably because this is the first film of this type that has been made successfully in a while, and so subconsciously we must be pretending it's going to make us feel warm inside like True Romance or Goodfellas; probably because most people haven't seen Internal Affairs and so the main plot is new to them; and probably because it bagged an Oscar and everyone figures it's hip to dance at the winning party.

Lets be clear, the original Internal Affairs worked because it left gaps, which helped get a sense that time had passed and you accepted that each of the main characters had gradually worked into their respective positions over many years.

This gave a sense of increasing tension as each of their relatively comfortable positions were made more vulnerable, when essentially, they were activated for the first time by each of their masters for the end game.

With this remake, it fails because they tried to fill those gaps with well known actors and then provided them with excess dialog to warrant their appearance; as a result the situations the protagonists find themselves in, feels forced.

If Costello was really the evil, guilt free gangster Nicholson was trying to portray, then frankly, he'd have had no hesitation taking Costigan outside to dance with a few bullets and put the doubt out of his mind once and for all.

It reminds me of another Scorsese film where an evil, guilt free gangster had a few doubts about his associates and did exactly that.

It felt real in that film, because, well, it was based on the real events and well... thats what evil, guilt free gangsters tend to do.

As for the Oscars, well, it says something I suppose. The Aviator was a better made film, both for Scorsese and DiCarprio who nailed Howard Hughes. They should have bunged it Scorsese's way then, now it just feels arbitrary and robbed Little Miss Sunshine of best picture, of which it most certainly is.
don't believe the hype
just saw this movie. absolutely pointless. everyone can fluff Scorsese, Nicholson, etc, but this movie is not that good. everyone may think its good because all movies now are garbage. however, a better smelling bag of garbage beside a worse smelling bag of garbage is still a bag of garbage. DiCaprio does a good job and Damon is surprisingly good, but the story is just so blah and predictable that it is easy to fall asleep while watching the movie. in my opinion,the movie does not focus enough on one character to facilitate viewer involvement. also,the music is not prominent enough and some of it is recycled from other Scorcese films which makes a veteran movie goer such as myself think Scorcese should ride off into the sunset.
I Couldn't Wait to Depart from the Violence **
Martin Scorsese, the master of gang epics, is at it again. This time in "The Departed," he uses modern technology to show what mobsters et al can do to create mayhem.

The acting here is first rate as Jack Nicholson, who portrays a vicious criminal, is right on target. His antics are terrific. Leonardo De Caprio delivers a knockout performance as the guy working secretly for the police. Matt Damon does a fine job as the guy going in the opposite direction.

The film deals with 2 young men recruited to serve in various capacities. One works for the mob to infiltrate the state police department in Boston, the other is a cop working for the mob boss. You would think that their lives would connect sooner as both see and fall for a female doctor.

The violence and use of the 4 letter word is really too much to bear.

Look for nice supporting performances from Martin Sheen, Alec Baldwin, and Mark Wahlberg as veteran cops.

The film goes downhill in quality as the body count begins to mount. This film is certainly not for the squeamish.
if THE DEPARTED is the movie fo the year then INFERNAL AFFAIRS is the worlds best movie
i am a huge fan of 'Infernal Affairs' when i heard that Hollywood were remaking it, i was a bit sceptical about it, then i heard it was being directed by Scorses i was excited.

i sat there for the first half hour or so, thinking the original got this part over and done with in about 10 mins. The Departed just didn't have the suspense or the character development of the original. When Sheen died, you just didn't feel anything for him, and the shock factor that the original had was just not there.

the character development in the original was great, as you genuinely felt for the characters went hey died, but in the departed it was like so what if you die. The ending of the departed was a bit of a joke, it was just too much, i think Scorses just thought 'i don't want to make a sequel or a prequel to this movie' - (didn't want to make another goodfellas).

to those who say Scorses deserves best director or that the departed deserve best movie, must be kidding me. Infernal affairs didn't even get nominated for best foreign language movie. When it is certainly a cut above the Hollywood remake. I'm sure they'll be nominated but to win, i don't think so.

however on the plus side, DiCaprio has probably produced his best work since 'Whats eating gilbert grape', and is certainly in with a shout for best actor.

the movie alone is a gd movie, but compared to the original its just another unfulfilled remake So if you have only watched the departed, go and rent out/ watch on film four the original and then re-write your review because I'm sure it will be very different.
I beg you all to see the original version from HK
I beg you all, especially those who vote > 8, please view the trilogy of "infernal Affair" (Wu Jian Dao) from HK before doing any judgment on anyone in Departed.

I personally favorite staff in the movie, Jack, Matt, Leo, Martin. I have to say all actors are the best, also, the script. Director, i am so disappointed.

The story and even most charming details are borrowed from the original version(the first installation of the trilogy, if you are interested, the following two are also the most excellent movies in HK movie history), however, Martin turned me down finally.

No discussion on the reasons why the two mouse come to be themselves, (it has been a long way why they "departed"), please do not use only F-word to attract us, please don't regard everyone of us as fool. Matt is kind of no-brain to get all the info to Leo when they finally meet at the police office, and then became just a cold blood killer(still no-brain) to delete his files. is that make any sense, they looks like idiots there? Music is nice, but still a long way to the old one, which is much compatible to the atmosphere(which is also missing in this cut).

And finally, the end is disappointed. where in the HK version, it is most exciting and moving 10 minutes during last 10 years. thanks!
Don't compare with Infernal Affairs
I went to see this film yesterday after reading all the wonderful comments along with some slightly bitter comments from people that have watched Infernal Affairs and were not entirely happy with Scorsese's take on the Hong Kong original.

The first comment I would like to make is that I saw the original Infernal Affairs a week ago meaning that it is still fresh in my memory. That film was a very complex thriller that got straight to the point. The Departed on the other hand focuses on story telling and whilst staying faithful to the original, it becomes its own film.

Scorsese has taken a great film and turned it into a masterpiece with breathtaking violence and superb character development. If fans were expecting a shot-for-shot remake, they obviously don't understand why Scorsese is regarded as one of the best directors of all time.

The acting of all the leads were legendary and they all looked very comfortable in their roles. Anyone out there who previously disregarded Leo DiCaprio as an actor will be totally converted as he delivered an astounding performance and showed a gritty side to his character. In fact, he was so good that Mr Nicholson didn't act him off the screen when they shared screen time together. Accolade also has to be heaped on Damon also as he came into his own as the sneaky but smooth rouge cop. Add Sheen, Whalberg, Baldwin and Winstone to the mix and you have the best cast assembled for a motion picture this year.

Offcourse no film is perfect (Although this comes close) but the only disappointing aspect of the film will be from the perspective of those that have seen the original. I am ultimately referring to the ending. Whilst anyone seeing this film for the first time will most probably embrace the climax, anyone that has seen the original will know what I mean.

That aside, this movie has marked its place alongside such classics as Goodfellas, Raging Bull and Scarface.
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