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The Departed
USA, Hong Kong
Crime, Thriller, Mystery
IMDB rating:
Martin Scorsese
Leonardo DiCaprio as Billy Costigan
Matt Damon as Colin Sullivan
Jack Nicholson as Frank Costello
Mark Wahlberg as Staff Sgt. Dignam
Martin Sheen as Cpt. Queenan
Ray Winstone as Mr. French
Vera Farmiga as Madolyn
Alec Baldwin as Cpt. Ellerby
Kevin Corrigan as Cousin Sean
James Badge Dale as Barrigan
David O'Hara as Fitzy
Mark Rolston as Delahunt
Robert Wahlberg as Lazio - FBI
Storyline: In South Boston, the state police force is waging war on Irish-American organized crime. Young undercover cop Billy Costigan is assigned to infiltrate the mob syndicate run by gangland chief Frank Costello. While Billy quickly gains Costello's confidence, Colin Sullivan, a hardened young criminal who has infiltrated the state police as an informer for the syndicate, is rising to a position of power in the Special Investigation Unit. Each man becomes deeply consumed by his double life, gathering information about the plans and counter-plans of the operations he has penetrated. But when it becomes clear to both the mob and the police that there's a mole in their midst, Billy and Colin are suddenly in danger of being caught and exposed to the enemy-and each must race to uncover the identity of the other man in time to save himself. But is either willing to turn on the friends and comrades they've made during their long stints undercover?
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Really bad. Really, really bad. $90 milllion of bad. Watch 'Infernal Affairs'.
'Awful' doesn't begin to describe this insulting, puerile, stupid waste of everybody's time. Do you hear, William Monahan? You wrote a script that is lamer than the massed teams of the 2012 Paralympics. Not one character in it is believable, engaging or sympathetic, not one word of dialog in it bears any relation to actual human speech patterns, and any semblance of plot is absolutely smothered in unnecessary, bloated, self-indulgent pretentiousness, disguised with profanity as the 'honest' language of the good old Oirish Boston Police Department.

Martin Scorsese, you directed a tiresome, overlong, overcomplicated mess. The only actor that comes out of 'The Departed' with any credit is Alec Baldwin because it's so obvious he doesn't take it seriously - he does a prototype of his '30 Rock' psycho-boss.

For the rest of the cast, they frown harder and harder as this extremely tedious film lurches to its anticlimactic conclusion, as if that would make a viewer any more interested in it. If Jack Nicholson, the scruffiest and most inept gang boss in cinema history, had been looking for the 'rat' in his gang, he could have chosen a worse candidate than Ray Winstone, whose American accent falls off somewhere west of Shepherds Bush. As it is, he fails to suspect anyone at all.

OK, so it was purely a money-making enterprise, and succeeded in that, but please; why could they not have fleeced their customers with a little good humour? Avoid this film like the plague - it's on cheap channel reruns at the moment (Aug 2012), and it is disgracefully badly written, poorly acted, and sloppily directed.

On the other hand, if you want to hear Dvorak's 'New World' (you know, the 'Hovis' ad) played on the bagpipes, which I am asked to believe is what the Boston Police play at all their funerals, fast forward to the end. Everybody but Mark Wahlberg gets shot. Monahan and Scorsese should have been.
Totally in-justification of a masterful script!
What a waste to a masterful script! Scorsese has totally wrecked the script by polluting it with unnecessary profanity, gore, blood and tasteless sex scene. The only good thing about this remake is Jack Nicholson performance (except for the rubber penis). The original is thought provoking and make you want to see it over and over again. The characters in the original are captivating. The characters in the remake seems shallow and pointless. You don't feel for any of the characters, even the supposedly good guys, i.e. Martin Sheen, Mark Walberg and Leonardo DiCaprio because Scoresese did not care spending the time to build the story behind the 3, instead he just overloaded Walberg character with mindless swearing and stupid insults to DiCaprio. What for?????? The last few scene of shooting is even laughable. What a mistake! This is just one messy remake of a perfectly good movie.
Come on! Where is the logic of it all? (Spoiler warning)
I love Scorcese, but, eh, this is the guy who also shot Gangs of New York of ridiculous fame. And this... piece of work is worst. Don't get me wrong, I liked a lot the first half hour of the movie. Even Nicholson is "good" and doesn't overplay his part in the beginning. Quite a miracle in itself for this decade! But then... where goes the plot? By the ending you get some unlikely situations that should have been "preserved" for the Da Vinci Code Crap: "So, he is the traitor? Well, I'm not going to tell anyone, I will send him a CD with a recording I don't have yet and I will bring him on the top of a building to... huh... to use the lift with to get to floor level and I... huh... will call my old academy friend... huh... to... huh... ask him to come so the 3 of us can use the lift! Yeah! Good idea! And we will shoot everybody, and I won't tell the police, and I won't tell the only officer who knows who I really am. Genius!" NONSENSE! The last 45 minutes are full of pretentious unbelievable "so called smart ideas". Try the original "Infernal Affairs". Even if it's not much glamorous, it definitely has "something". PS: and, BTW, don't you Damon is bland in this film?
Jack is great but the Original is MUCH BETTER
Just watched it last night and can't help but think how much better the original "Infernal Affairs" was compare to "The Departed." The Departed had wasted its cast power, failed to fully develop the characters, failed to focus on the inner conflict for the two undercover, didn't make enough of a point in betrayal, and tried but failed to made up with Scorsess' trade mark violence and sex.

I didn't feel the inner conflict of Matt Damon the same as Andy Lau. I couldn't help but feel for Jack when Matt betrayed him while I could understand Andy's inevitable turn and his trying to be a better person than he was.

I couldn't feel for Leonardo. He was crying and breaking up after what? SIX MONTHs? Damn! Tony Leung was a undercover for nine years and he didn't sign up because he chose to, he signed up because that was the only way he could be a cop! Martin Sheen got shafted in his role. There was no time for his character to develop a believable relationship with Leonardo. His screen time was wasted. When he got pushed off the roof, Leonardo wasn't feeling the loss of his only life-line to the world, there was still Mark, he wasn't feeling the loss of a trusted friend, there was no friendship, he wasn't feeling the loss of a fatherly figure, and the only emotion he could have was the shock from the brutality of the murder.

Mark Walhberg and Alec Baldwin got shafted, too. Mark Walhberg was reduced to a foul mouth asshole turned plot device. What do we need him for other than showing up at the end to put Matt out? Alec Baldwin? His whole highlight was to make that stupid speech about marriage at the golf course? COME ON! The only bright spot in this movie is Jack Nicholson. But even his talent is wasted because he had no one but "Mr. French" to play off his evilness. The classic scene of the original Infernal Affair had Jack's character to confront his counter part in the police station with some of the most memorable moment of the film. Jack has no counter part in "The Departed" and his brilliance was wasted. (The dock encounter was lousy with Martin Sheen making empty threats and Mark Walhberg just running his mouth off.) Matt Damon and Leonardo Dicaprio made lousy under covers, nowhere up to the professionalism showed in the original. Even the confrontation at the end lack the power of the original with the surprise. More dead bodies and more punches and elbows actually subtracted the suspense and the confrontation. There was nothing like the psychological confrontation with the calm manner in the original. Instead, we had elbows flying and a character cracking up crying. Mark Walhberg's existence actually ruined the helplessness of Leonardo. Unlike the original, logically he didn't have to do it alone.

"The Departed" is a good movie if only it wasn't a remake. There is a reason it is not doing well in Hong Kong. The original is much much better plot wise and character wise. The acting was superb in both movie but the script and the direction was the difference. Even though the plot was essentially the same, Infernal Affair was a much better movie.

Watch the original if you haven't seen it, and see the difference in camera work and characters.
"Honesty is not synonymous with truth..."
Cocky Boston police detective with the Special Investigations Unit--who, as a young man, was mentored by a drug kingpin, an overgrown thug who is still making everyone shake in the old neighborhood--is still in-cahoots with this mob boss and attempts to ferret out the police cadet whose job it was to infiltrate the bad guys' circle and get hired on. In turn, the cadet--who is frustrated by his lack of identity--must find the spy on the police force who is playing both sides. Big Oscar winner from director Martin Scorsese is an Americanization of Hong Kong's "Mou gaan dou" from 2002. It is also very typical of this particular filmmaker: flashy, fast-moving, repugnant and yet reveling in its nastiness--to the point where one nearly feels the rampant ugliness and constant homophobia gets the director's seal of approval. As the undercover cop, Leonardo DiCaprio does some of his finest work yet; although he can't do much with the man-woman stuff involving a perplexing Public Service psychiatrist, DiCaprio is convincingly rough in a very difficult role to pull off. As the bad detective, Matt Damon is also first-rate, bravely playing a real pr*ck while giving the picture a smug swagger that suits the narrative well (I would have preferred more about this character's loss of morals however, which happens entirely off-camera). As the drug-lord, Jack Nicholson performs without vanity and slithers through the movie like a smiling cobra; his unpredictability as an actor is tailor-made for this role, and Scorsese is careful not to overload the screen with Jack (we get just enough of him, although one sequence in a porno theater goes over-the-top). "The Departed" isn't particularly shrewd, and it is not Scorsese's best work, but the linear structure of the complicated plot is nearly free of static and has many gripping scenes. **1/2 from ****
The Departed is rubbish, go watch Infernal Affairs instead!
The director practically gutted the original story. This is classic Hollywood doings. I've never seen a worse adaptation from an original movie. They basically added more sex scenes and cut out all the meaningful parts of the original stories, made the story choppy and hard to follow, then stick a couple of big names to draw the audience.

The original Hong Kong movie Infernal Affairs has a solid character development. Infernal Affairs also used more intelligent ways of communication between the undercover and the source, making you sit at the edge of your seat. Aside from much stronger story lines, it also portrayed mental health workers in a much more professional manner...the psychiatrist in the Departed would've had her license taken away in a snap as there are strict laws prohibiting dual relationships. Just like all meaningless mainstream movies, as if putting in a sex scene and showing some flesh would make up for the horrid chopped up story. The original made the psychiatrist-patient relationship more real and tapped into the inner workings of the psychiatrist working with an undercover. If you are looking for a truly well written screenplay with deep emotional plots, go watch the original Infernal Affairs instead!
major let down
what a let down, after all the fuss and rave reviews, the film is not a patch on the honk kong original. scorcese takes two and half hours to tell a very simple story that in the original had you tensed up all the way. here what we get is banal dialogue,(goodfellas again) implausible plot turns, (i'm trying to remember if infernal affairs plot was as ludicrous, take the fact that di caprio goes to see the police shrink, in the police building, what no ones sees him. the basic premise and point of the movie is when and how they are going to discover,each, it takes ages to get to this point, by which time i was bored silly with nicholsons way over the top performance, di caprio looked and sounded like he was about to cry any moment, but worst of all was that the film had no energy, it just sagged, this is now the third film from sorcese that looks tired, it started with gangs of new york, then aviator and now this, by this going, his next film will positively crawl to the end. overrated, overblown and forgetfull
Just An Ugly Film
OK. First off, I'm glad to see that "The Departed" has as many detractors as it has admirers. My objections to it, for the most part, have been filled in by other users. Therefore, I'll keep it brief. The movie's characters, just like its gushing audiences,seem to suffer from attention deficit disorder. As if they've never read a book in their lives. And it appears as if Scorcese had that in mind, knowing fully well in advance that the film would appeal to people who seemingly have no problem with the F word being uttered every twelve seconds--whether it's in the movies, or in their actual,everyday pedestrian conversations. Which, I've found to be a problem with those who, quite simply,did not stay in school long enough. And who would believe-- even for a second--that two members of the Boston P.D.(played by Alec Baldwin and Mark Wahlberg) would engage in banter graphically describing how each of them had sex with the other guy's mother--at a meeting where the bulk of the attendees consists of top- level Federal Agents?. What are these guys--in the 8th Grade? If I held that position in real life ( FBI,CIA,etc. ),I--while walking out on the two of them-- would look both in the eye and let them know what slobs they are.

Finally, to switch gears, I guess nobody thought the film went awry when Leo DiCaprio has apparently no trouble beating the hell out of two grown men from the Rhode Island branch of the Cosa Nostra (man, that's some muscle that got sent in from Providence, huh?). All of it punctuated by the unnecessary--not to mention perfunctory-- accompaniment of The Human Beinz "Nobody But Me". And later, when one of Nicholson's men is being interrogated, we are treated to about six and a half seconds of "Sail On Sailor". If you're anything like me, when you think grueling questioning, you think... Beach Boys. And don't get me started on the fact that this is an Oscar winning film, the last ten minutes of which consist of not one...not two... not three...but four-count 'em-- men getting a bullet through his brain. Lovely.Just like the conclusion of "Babe", where the talking pig wins the Sheepdog Contest. Guaranteed... when you're at some guy's house/apartment--and you don't see any bookcases--that if the subject of this film comes up, he'll tell you just how terrific it was. Childish, pernicious drivel.
if Marty was trying to parody himself he's a genius. i don't think he was trying.
so lame. you didn't believe any motives behind any character. Nicholson & marky mark make you laugh i hope on purpose. Matt Damon doesn't get hit in the head nearly enough. there's a funny nod to jack's joker. do not expect goodfellas. don't even expect a chainsaw sequel/prequel. think more like scary movie 2, but without trying.

do Southey's ever get tired of being made fun of in movies? between this and mystic river, i'd be real upset. i get it, Irish guys love their moms and miss their dads. the only thing that could have made this worse is if ed burns was in it. the best performance was the lady with the nose plugs.
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