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The Dark Knight
Crime, Drama, Thriller, Action
IMDB rating:
Christopher Nolan
Christian Bale as Batman
Heath Ledger as Jack Napier
Aaron Eckhart as Two-Face
Michael Caine as Alfred Pennyworth
Maggie Gyllenhaal as Rachel Dawes
Gary Oldman as Commissioner James Gordon
Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox
Monique Gabriela Curnen as Detective Anna Ramirez
Ron Dean as Det. Michael Wuertz
Cillian Murphy as Scarecrow
Chin Han as Lau
Nestor Carbonell as Mayor Anthony Garcia
Eric Roberts as Salvatore Maroni
Ritchie Coster as The Chechen
Storyline: Set within a year after the events of Batman Begins, Batman, Lieutenant James Gordon, and new district attorney Harvey Dent successfully begin to round up the criminals that plague Gotham City until a mysterious and sadistic criminal mastermind known only as the Joker appears in Gotham, creating a new wave of chaos. Batman's struggle against the Joker becomes deeply personal, forcing him to "confront everything he believes" and improve his technology to stop him. A love triangle develops between Bruce Wayne, Dent and Rachel Dawes.
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"The Night Is Darkest Just Before The Dawn!"
Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Heath Ledger, Aaron Eckhart, Gary Oldman, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Morgan Freeman star in this 2008 action sequel. This picks up a short time after the previous film where Bruce Wayne/Batman (Bale) faces a clown criminal, The Joker (Ledger) who starts menacing Gotham City. Bruce meets D.A., Harvey Dent (Eckhart) who is not only engaged to his friend, Rachel Dawes (Gyllenhaal), but tries to help stop the crime until he's disfigured becoming, Harvey Two-Face. Jim Gordon (Oldman) becomes commissioner and Lucius Fox (Freeman) is now Bruce's assistant of Wayne enterprises. Caine also returns as Bruce's butler, Alfred and Eric Roberts appears as mob boss, Salvatore Maroni. This is a good sequel with a good cast & score. Heath was the heart of the film and was brilliant as the Joker. Aaron is also great and I recommend this.
Awesome Movie
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not as good as all the hype
I really wanted to see this in the theater;however, I never did last summer. Instead I waited till it came on cable, and after watching it; I really didn't miss anything by not going to the theater. I was rather disappointed because I was expecting this to be as good as Spiderman, but I don't think it was. I thought it was rather slow moving with sparse action scenes. I mean Batman on the chopper really wasn't that much action. A lot of films have had better car chasing scenes then that.

And I really didn't think Heath Ledger was anything special in this. His role was just a lot of hype. Probably the best role was by Aaron Eckhart and the special effects with his face at the end.

I also have to comment on Christian Bale's Batman voice. What was he trying to do?? He sounded like a chronic smoker with emphysema.

FINAL VERDICT: It was good, just not as good as advertised. I don't get why so many people thought it was the best comic book movie to be made.
The Dark Knight Delivers
The Dark Knight maintained the intensity and overall gunmetal grayish feel that sets this Batman apart. The film takes us to a Gotham City that has grown accustomed to the big bat's crime-fighting crusades, and the last remaining big time criminals have actually grown fearful of his wrath. They form an alliance to attempt to keep their illicit business activities alive but are feeling even more pressure from yet a different angle: the passionate and fearless new district attorney, Harvey Dent. Recognizing the crime group's looming extinction, a stranger enters their circle and offers what he thinks is the only solution: kill Batman.

The bad guys don't know if they can trust this seemingly demented madman, and they later learn the hard way that they don't really have a choice, for the most disturbing part of the Joker's personality is his motive. He doesn't care about money or power. He just enjoys causing trouble and watching, with pleasure, from the sidelines, as the terrorized city scrambles in mayhem...which leads me to the real star of this film, Heath Ledger.

Ledger's performance as the Joker is astounding and consuming. We come face-to-face with a villain bearing the coldness of a psychopath and a personality that remains as mysterious and inexplicable as the real reason for the scars on his face. He develops the air of the lone offender quite early on as he nonchalantly kills those who help him commit his crimes. Yet, he has no problem building an army of followers, and the viewers easily find that believable. As insane as he is, he's focused and quite determined. Ledger also brings the Joker's humor to the role, but he does it in a way that is unique to this interpretation...with subtlety and honesty. The very words and mannerisms that made me laugh also evoked feelings of sadness in its clarity. The evil is incredibly convincing.

Although Batman is a character that is often marketed towards kids, this film is definitely not appropriate for young children. In addition to the dark images, the violence, both seen and implied, is sometimes unsettling, and Ledger's Joker is chilling even for adult viewers. Having said that, this is, by far, one of the best films I've ever seen, and it will easily find a place in my personal top ten. I am only disappointed that this Joker, the best villain in a film since Hannibal Lecter, will never be revealed to us again.
No Backstory, good action and acting
First I'll say, if you're one for the story and the 'why' of a character, in this movie, you will be disappointed. It was not the directors goal to explain everything about every character, and wanted to show the story instead. I feel that the story went along nicely. Most movies, I look at my watch, I'm not a movie person, this movie did NOT feel like 2 1/2 hours at all. I feel that Aaron Eckharts transformation from Harvey Dent to Two Face sucked. He didn't play Two Face up good enough... they had developed him as too much of a good guy, and didn't seem able to throw himself into the 'bad' Two face role. He needed to be more tormented when talking... more dramatic. He fell short as Two Face IMO. Ledgers Joker was perfect. He lost himself in that role. Sometimes when watching, you can see an actor through the part.. and that was not the case here. All you saw was Joker... crazy, funny, quirky Joker. Oscar worthy? maybe.
The Dark Truth
What is going on with all of these maximum ratings for a barely average film? According to IMDb, this is the best film of the decade so far. Not one sane person could argue that this is justified. Have the studios finally managed to get the masses to 'believe the hype'? I was a bit skeptical about this film, due to the hype, and especially because I wasn't impressed with Batman Begins, but I must admit, the heist in the first five minutes was excellent, and I thought my skepticism was unwarranted. But then Batman turned up and began speaking like a wrestler with throat cancer, and it continued to go down hill from there. What I didn't expect this film to be was tedious. But it was. It was far too long and bored my pants off me. There was no character development, the story was convoluted and over-complex and it was far too long. But my my main problem, and this goes against nearly every reviewer here, even those who weren't impressed, I thought Heath Ledger was absolutely awful! Who are these people calling for a posthumous Oscar? There is nothing I despise more than a 'look at me' performance. Ledger did all the tricks required to portray a 'crazy guy', including shifting his eyes up, down, left and right at every opportunity, and ingeniously, due to having his mouth cut as a child, he keeps licking around the inside of his mouth, which rather than being an impressive feat of method acting is actually as irritating as watching a fat man eat chips with his mouth open. His performance was utterly self-indulgent and it seems like all you sycophants fell for it. The only decent acting performance in this film is Eckhart. Caine and Morgan bore, and Bale, with his 'employ me for movie trailers' voice barely has one dimension. I would have rated this film higher if it hadn't taken itself so seriously, but as it stands it is a pretentious hyped-up and tedious movie. At last, the dark truth.
A good film but not the master piece every one is making it out to be. One word. Hype. Two face is wasted and his existence is only known by Gordon and batman in the end so why bother using (and wasting)his character?, was there any real point in Maggie Gylenhall? The ferry bit went on far too long (probably so they could give ledger more screen time), The batbike/pod thing looked really slow and spent most of its time spinning its wheels and looked like more of an excuse to release a cool toy tie in! and i could go on but you probably all agree but are too blinded by hype and the fact that ledgers dead to see that this is a pretty average film. Why was the scarecrow not arrested at the start of the film? How come the clear reference at the end of batman begins regarding the jokers existence is completely forgotten about in the next movie. I could go on but i'm sure you'll all realise when the hypes died down. In summery, too long, wasted characters, a bit of mis casting and what the f**k was with batmans ultra gruff voice! i nearly choked on my popcorn first time i heard him! Heath ledger is a sad loss however.
Did you people see the same film I saw?
Do you REALLY think this was a better film than the Godfather? The Good, the Bad and the Ugly? The Seven Samurai, Pulp Fiction? OK, the Joker was a stand out performance, and the rest were good, but was this really the best film of all time? Can't see how that happened, and in 30 years this will sink to the middle of the pile where it should be.

You want an examination of good and evil and the duality of man? Watch the King of New York. It's a better film than this. I'm not saying it's not worth seeing, but please, this is NOT the best film of all time.....

This may be the best Batman film we've seen, but frankly I enjoyed Iron Man more. The action was good, the story reasonable, and there were some good supporting acts, but the whole experience doesn't move you like the Shawshank redemption, it wasn't a seismic shift in film-making like Pulp Fiction or the Godfather. The direction - better than Sergio Leone? The film hasn't been hyped that much, so where is this coming from?
One of my favorite movies of all time
This is one of the best superhero movies of all time. This movie was composed of the right people playing right part. This movie would not be as great if it wasn't for Heath Ledgers' phenomenal acting. Sad that this part took a toll on him and his life but i think he sacrificed his life in order to play the best villain of all time. Oh yea Christian Bale was a fun batman to watch. I think he represent who batman was unlike this Batman v Superman Batman. I don't remember batman being a stone cold killer so Nolan and the guys did a good... great job.
I've felt moved to comment on this movie if only to provide some much needed balance to the string of 10 out of 10s being awarded. My real rating would be about 7/10 but I can't stand seeing this up at number 4 on the top 250 list , it wouldn't make my top 100! The plot was confusing and ludicrous throughout.

The 'moral dilemma' of the two ferries at the end really spoilt the movie for me. Why weren't the passengers diving off the boats and swimming for it ? would both boats (especially one full of ex-cons) really have taken the morally high decision to choose death to save the others ? Some great scenes, special effects, cinematography, lighting, dark mood etc. Brilliant performance by Heath Ledger but overall the plot let this film down.
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