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The Croods
Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy, Family, Animation
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Chris Sanders, Kirk De Micco
Catherine Keener as Ugga (voice)
Chris Sanders as Belt (voice)
Clark Duke as Thunk (voice)
Ryan Reynolds as Guy (voice)
Emma Stone as Eep (voice)
Nicolas Cage as Grug (voice)
Cloris Leachman as Gran (voice)
Randy Thom as Sandy (voice)
Storyline: The Croods is a prehistoric comedy adventure that follows the world's first family as they embark on a journey of a lifetime when the cave that has always shielded them from danger is destroyed. Traveling across a spectacular landscape, the Croods discover an incredible new world filled with fantastic creatures -- and their outlook is changed forever.
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Do not forget to "release the baby,"
This movie leads a story of a family living in the prehistoric time known as the 'Croodaceous.' I found this interesting since that ridiculous beginning. There are so many scientific facts all around the movie, but I like the way that they used to tell it to the audience. Anyone can understand it so easily.

The few main characters have the same humorous lifestyle as they can take us into their crazy world. (This is something more than that we've heard about the prehistoric time)

This is not another typical animated movie. DreamWorks have done a great job with that amusing story and the cast.

In any case, do not forget to "release the baby,"
Great movie, great story! I highly recommend it!
A great movie to see!! It reminds us to always remember and appreciate our families. We all do mistakes sometimes, and we don't want to listen. But our relatives are our biggest treasure in this life! No matter how angry we can be, we always love them and we always want only good for them.

The Croods show us how it is important to love and help animals! It's so great that kids will see it and understand!

And of course there are a lot of great scenes that explains the science to kinds and make them understand the prehistoric world.

Plus it's so funny! Enjoy!
Simple, funny, and sweet -- not 'clever' or 'artistic', but so what?
Yes, the story is very simple. Many of the jokes are simple. So what!? I loved the characters. I loved the simple fun humour. I loved the funny and cute creatures. This movie does a perfect job at it's goal: being a fun and sweet movie for all ages to enjoy.

Some more specifics:

Humour style: ridiculous situations, stupid behavior, cheesy and easy to relate to human interactions.

Creatures! Very imaginative at times and quite cute and funny.

Most people will like this movie.

If you are the kind of person who really enjoyed Citizen Kane, then you may not like this movie.
Lively, thoughtful crowd-pleaser
A Stone Age family of six, The Croods live in a world where life is a nonstop struggle for survival and where anything new is to be feared and avoided at all cost. Or at least that's what young Eep (Emma Stone) has been taught to believe by her well-meaning but over-protective dad, Grug (Nicholas Cage). But Eep is a naturally bright and curious sort, and when she meets a cute boy, Guy, (Ryan Reynolds) living out on his own who's discovered this new-fangled thing called "fire," she makes it her life's mission to start venturing out a bit more on her own. Guy also offers her a more optimistic view of life and the future than she gets from her scaredy-cat dad who prefers to huddle with his family in a tiny cave safe from the threats outside. But when an earthquake destroys the family's cave, they are all forced to hazard out into the big bad scary world of threats by nature and hungry prehistoric predators.

Written and directed by Chris Sanders and Kirk DeMicco, "The Croods" is lively and fun and built upon the theme of learning to face one's fears and of finding the courage to move on to bigger and better things in spite of the potential dangers lurking along one's path..

In addition to the amusing, nicely differentiated family members, there's the customary bevy of cute and cuddly prehistoric creatures (even the threatening ones are kind of cuddly) to make this a fine, non-threatening look at life in prehistoric times, fit even for the more impressionable kiddies.

The computer-generated animation is clean, if not exactly envelope-pushing or spectacular, and it makes up in speed what it lacks in sophistication.
Simply Brilliant
This was a treat, a feast for the eyes, plenty of belly laughs in fact the laughs just kept coming. The characters were well developed and cleverly observed. The kids (6 & 7) loved it, they got a little scared at certain points and a little upset at the sad moments, but all within reason. There was a little plagiarizing of other movies most notably Avatar, Pitch Black, but wow what a great job the animators did.

What a Tour-de-force it didn't slow down or take a breather, relentless fun, jokes and action. I would say its the equal of Toy Story 3 and that's saying something - definite franchise opportunities and many sequels no doubt, expect a TV show.

Go see it and take the family
Something for the entire family
This is a must see for ANY FAMILY appropriate for all ages It was nice to finally see a movie made !!for the entire family.. The animation was great!!The Characters were amazing and you definitely picked the right cast for this film .We enjoyed the whole film and even got a few laughs and trust me when I say it is not easy to get my husband to laugh but he even enjoyed this one!!! I will definitely be recommending this movie to my family and friends I would also like to say Bravo to the producers,Directors,Actors,Actress' and writers You did extremely well on this one thank you for making and family night even more enjoyable The Flintstones and land of the lost don't have anything on this movie it was by far a much better film then either of those
Great colourful fun from Dreamworks
Dreamworks have been hit and miss for me(mostly hits), while I love The Prince of Egypt and How to Train Your Dragon, Shark Tale and Bee Movie left me underwhelmed. Watching the trailer for The Croods, admittedly I wasn't entirely impressed. But as I love animation so much and because I believe in giving any film a chance, I went ahead and watched The Croods anyway. And it was much better than anticipated and what the trailer made it out to be, in fact I found myself liking The Croods very much. I did think that the ending was a cop-out, it seemed to me that the film didn't know how or when it was going to end and it seemed too convenient also. And I also thought that the film was a little too long, some of the story structure towards the end seemed on the verge of petering out. The animation however is really wonderful, it is detailed and very colourful with the character designs well modelled and convincing in movement. If you see The Croods, try and see it in 3D if you can, I am usually not a fan of the 3D gimmick but this is one of those instances where the action is enhanced instead of the 3D detracting from it. At the top of my head, only the Vincent Price film House of Wax(also given the 3D treatment) has had that effect on me. The soundtrack is rousing and lively, though appropriately subdued in the more touching moments. The dialogue is very funny and extremely smart, with much to entertain children and adults. It is quite sophisticated in tone, although it thankfully doesn't feel too much. Amongst the humour, there's also room for some morals and family issues, and they are nicely done without being too heavy-handed. The story doesn't exactly break new ground and will seem formulaic to some. On the other hand, it is briskly paced, consistently engaging and is heart-warming in more ways than one. The prehystorical slapstick is frantic, but hilarious and never too childish. The characters are also a large part of the fun, they are very likable and amusing characters and you can relate to them. Grug and Guy's relationship was especially convincing. The voice work is great. A more restrained than usual Nicholas Cage is a big surprise and he is an ideal fit for his character. Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds are equally appealing, and Cloris Leachman relishes some of The Croods' most amusing moments. In conclusion, great colourful fun without being among the very finest from Dreamworks. 8/10 Bethany Cox
awesone movie
the best comedy I've seen ever! Although my little boys felt a little scared during the process in cinema, they finally got over it and laughed all the time. As an adult, I rarely watch the movies for kids seriously, yet regard to this one, I was deeply attracted to it and was tightly held by it. The dramatic plot, the genuine imagination, and the funny sceneries and the lovely and brave roles, everything in this movie is cool! one of the most deserved movies to spend one and a half hours in the cinema! you will regret for missing it!my boys always talked about after watching and hoped one day that they could have a look again. Strongly recommend!
right up there with the best of em'
I have got 3 favorite animated movies Wall E , Brave and Finding Nemo.. This just made it into my list.. Beautifully animated(2d)characters to make you laugh and cry with and a story line to die for.. Just got back from the cinema with my 2 girls 13 and 8 they both loved it as much as me(big kid at heart) wont spoil it for anyone but i think its a must see movie for all ages. the voice acting and character interaction is superb especially from Cage and Reynolds.you could almost believe the over protective father figure Cage portrays.(and I'm not a big fan of Cage) ~.~ i think someone mentioned in a previous review the story gives us a glimpse at the transition from cave man to humans in an albeit diverse and colorful way using some of the most technically brilliant animation that i have seen to date. well dome Dreamworks you have nailed it
Like an extended cartoon, we were entertained and laughed often.
When I watch an animated movie like this one I try to identify the voices without knowing the cast. It took me a while, discarding Tom Hanks and Owen Wilson, finally recognizing the distinctive voice of Nicolas Cage. He is arguably the main character, the over-protective dad, Grug, in this animated movie about a prehistoric family. They apparently stay in their cave, with a boulder protecting the entrance. Only Grug is strong enough to move it.

All this doesn't sit well with the strong-willed daughter, Emma Stone as Eep, who often goes off by herself, and sometimes explores high cliffs without dad's permission.

One day she is stumped when she encounters a boy, Ryan Reynolds as Guy. But they eventually manage to become friends but when the rest of the family meets him they go a bit crazy. They are afraid of anything new or different. So much of the story is that theme, learning to accept new things, and to explore a bit instead of being so afraid that you stay in your cave until you are so hungry that you have to get out to find food.

But Guy also brings news that the world they all know is about to be destroyed, and they will have to find a new land. Other interesting characters are Catherine Keener as the mom, Ugga. Cloris Leachman as the old grandmother, Gran.

It is just a cool animated movie. There is a bare thread of a "message" about getting out of your cave, your safety zone, to live life instead of just waiting to die. But few of us look to animated movies like this for direction in our lives.

We enjoyed it, a good 90 minutes of entertainment.
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