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The Croods
Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy, Family, Animation
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Chris Sanders, Kirk De Micco
Catherine Keener as Ugga (voice)
Chris Sanders as Belt (voice)
Clark Duke as Thunk (voice)
Ryan Reynolds as Guy (voice)
Emma Stone as Eep (voice)
Nicolas Cage as Grug (voice)
Cloris Leachman as Gran (voice)
Randy Thom as Sandy (voice)
Storyline: The Croods is a prehistoric comedy adventure that follows the world's first family as they embark on a journey of a lifetime when the cave that has always shielded them from danger is destroyed. Traveling across a spectacular landscape, the Croods discover an incredible new world filled with fantastic creatures -- and their outlook is changed forever.
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In my top five animations of all times!
This is my first review but just had to write a short one for this great film. Was dubious about watching this to start with but loved it so much have now watched it five times!

It held my attention throughout with great animation, amusing characters and originality.

I like the way the family are portrayed- in many ways just like a modern family with the youngsters leading the parents.

I cannot fault this film it is so amusing and original-it even rewrites evolution-with fish and sea creatures starting out on land! I recommend it to all age groups.
Lets just say that this family is different
The Croods take place many years ago in a prehistoric time that should be like the stone age on planet earth and at the same time it presents creatures, colors and scenery that is not of this earth :) Lets just say that this family is different, they are strange and yet peculiar familiar, they are a good blend of characters and they live in an interesting world.

There are great animations, it might not be like a Disney classic or Pixar film, but Dreamworks really hits the spot with this different and sometimes weird family animation film. It is very entertaining and the characters are both charming, likable and sometimes strange, but they fit into the story and experience a lot of new stuff and that keeps you interested and watching all the way.
Funny one liners
This film tells the story of a family in the prehistoric times. The head of the family does everything he can to protect his family from the dangers of the nature. One day, a courageous young boy enters their life, and change their lives forever.

"The Croods" has many funny one liners, such as the father proclaiming that he is a cat person, and also the scene of making a family portrait. These scenes made me laugh, but overall the story is just alright. The visuals are good, the fantastical creatures are visually interesting, and the story entertains children. The plot contains points for adults to reflect upon to, such as stepping out of the comfort zone and being courageous. However, the characters are not cute and adorable enough for me, so I knock a mark off from the final score.
A families cave gets destroyed. The family sets out on an adventure to find a new cave to live in but couldn't make it without guy and belt.
One day me and my little brother (10) were looking for a movie on netflix to pass the time. He choose to watch the croods. I loved this movie. It kept me laughing the whole time. I am a 16 year old so cartoons and animation movies rarely attract me but this was just a great and really funny movie. At the beginning of the movie Eep wanders out of her cave to run into a guy named guy. Guy tells Eep how the world is going to end. When Eep tells her family about guy and calls him her gift gets smashed then an earth quake or something, causes their home to be destroyed. Guy saves the family from man eating birds and need to help the family get a new and safe home. Gurg don't like Guy so they fight most of the movie witch i thought was hilarious. The movie had a really good plot and I didn't want the movie to end. Watching the croods made me laugh hard and made me feel like a kid again. This is a great movie for all ages cause i got my parents to watch it and they loved the movie.
All around great family movie
I have to say this movie is worth a watch for whatever age you are. It will be fun for the younger ones and even older adults. Basically this movie revolves around the age old debate of how to live your life, in fear cautiously(in the dark ie:the cave) or freely with courage (towards the light)?. Basically it may seem the girl EEP is the main character who basically wants to 'leave the cave' and become independent. But it shifts towards the end focusing on Grug who learns to break out his shell and fulfill his desired role better ,as the masculine protector of his family.

As it can be seen there are some interesting character development and relatable issues at hand. Nonetheless the Croods manage to blend this perfectly with a humorous and compelling adventure.I had quite a few laughs, it is a special movie and one I would recommended movie enthusiasts to purchase.
For the whole family, entertaining
A prehistoric adventure full of beautiful animated landscapes and constant laugh that makes it perfect for the whole family.

The publicity of this movie makes you think that the main character is Eep (Emma Stone), but actually her father Grug (Nicolas Cage), is also a main character. The plot of the story go around this two, everything one of them do affects the other to the point that at a time Grug is more a protagonist than Eep. The fact that this is so makes a different approach on certain themes, like that the message is more for adult parents than for the young audience, which is odd on animated movies.

Of course, the story is not complicated and either deep, but Dreamworks is not known for making that kind of movies. It doesn't have anything special either, except for the final approach to adults than to kids. But it is fun, full of physic and verbal jokes, which keep the audience laughing all the time. Regularly I wouldn't say that physical jokes (like punching), are well used and effective, but in this case we are talking about cavemen, brutal force is suppose to be the principal characteristic. So in this movie all the "punch to laugh" is justified and proper to the setting.

The dynamic between the members of the family is very close to a reality. None of us need to go out hunting to survive, but we often fight with our relative. Imagine that you are in a trip with your whole family. Well, all the talking, arguing and everything that drive you crazy about the guy next to you is in this movie. So there are plenty of elements that make this family of the Stone Age similar to modern families. Like the fact that you can fight all you want with your mom, dad, brother or grandma, but in the end you will protect them and give everything for them.

The world where this movie takes place is beautiful and unique. All the things that you encounter aren't real, the animals, the plants, everything has been invented by the creators with references of real creatures. That puts you in the same spot that the Croods. As they will discover new creatures and explore new worlds, the audience will know the world too. So the audience can't muck of the fact that the Croods don't know what kind of animals live on the earth, because they don't know either what are the species living on that world.

This is a good movie to go and enjoy with the whole family. Kids will love the graphics, the colors, some of them the 3D, and the jokes. Adults will laugh too with the jokes and will have a nice time with the ones they love.
Actually, pretty amazing!
You have to take into account the expectations as well, I mean I was going to watch the film, probably on fast forward, because it is a silly animation movie. I was going to enjoy it for the few scenes that are probably in the trailer as well and call it "seen it". Can you, then, believe I never touched the keys from my laptop and watched it all start to end?

The film had great animation, even if 3D, an interesting world, with all kind of weird animals that are not real, yet tons of fun, but most of all, a really nice script. It had the usual tricks to make most audience like the movie, in this case the cosy feeling of family love and support and the expected caveman clichés, but also subtlety and expression of a whole range of emotions. In a sentence, it made me feel good watching it.

The Croods had only eight people in the cast, including for the roles of one small animal and one inarticulate child, and not the most famous ones either, but they did a great job.

Bottom line: I may be a sucker for transformative journeys with your entire family movies, but I really enjoyed it. For a Hollywood animation film, it is even more amazing. Or maybe I was just in the right mood. No dirty jokes, no references to other films, emotions that can be enjoyed and understood by small children, but with added subtlety that will entertain adults as well. Watch it.
A strong Dreamworks animated film
Dreamworks has had a decent string of movies with their Shrek and How to Train Your Dragon franchises. However, their one off animated films are not always that memorable. The Croods is one of those films that goes above most of the average material that these films settle in delivering some sweet moments along with outstanding animation.

Good: The cast all around are great lending their voices which make the characters pop out with Cage, Stone, and Reynolds being the standouts. The animation is gorgeous and I loved the designs of the creatures in the world this movie created. The movie was also really sweet without being cheesy and moved by on a good pace.

Bad: The humor is pretty weak at times and it especially falters in the third act. While the story is solid enough, it still followed the typical teenage rebel wants more storyline we have seen multiple times before.

Overall, while the humor is not terribly funny and the story still hits the familiar beats, it remains entertaining enough to gain your attention and deliver the goods.
I loved it!
This film is one of the best movies I've watched ever!!!

Congratulations to the entire cast and production. A special congrats to Nicolas Cage, who really did a great job with the role!!!

A film that entertains us from the beginning to end. Funny dialogs, with emotion and humor.

I loved the way that the human emotions was used in the film. After all, we all have our conflicts and struggle, and seek a new tomorrow, even better.

In some scenes I cried. So beautiful!!!

I'm looking forward to watch the sequel.
Visually beautiful animation with an average script
This film was nominated for the Academy Award for Animated Feature, losing to Frozen. There will be spoilers ahead:

This is a very good film. It says something for the year in animation when a film like The Croods is, for me, the fifth best film in a very good field. The visuals on this are magnificent.

The main problem I have is with the script. After about the fourth or fifth time we have the point that the father is completely and totally afraid of everything that's even remotely unfamiliar, I thought to myself, "Okay, I get it! He's scared of anything that's unknown! Get on with other things". This was probably 15 minutes into a film more than n90 minutes long. It detracted from the film for me.

Essentially, this is about the Croods, a prehistoric family. It's narrated by Eep, the daughter of the above-referenced father. She's, if anything, more exasperated by her father's fears, no matter how well-founded they seem to be (her recounting of why they have no neighbors at the start of the film is gruesomely hilarious.

Eep sneaks out one night, in defiance of the rules and meets Guy, a thinking caveman. She proceeds to wipe the ground with Guy, being stronger than he is. He tells her that destruction is headed this way and everyone has to head to safer grounds or be obliterated. When she declines his invitation to come, he gives her a shell to call to him with.

Through various events, the entire family of Croods find themselves caveless and traveling "with" Guy (in a running gag involving Guy and a log). Grug, the father, dislikes Guy immediately, for lots of reasons. Guy gets the upper hand and winds up in charge, which irks Grug enormously and it becomes a sort of competition between ideas and muscle.

The family and Guy have lots of brushes with the danger they're running from and lots of funny moments along the way. Their introductions to fire show that father and daughter are a lot alike. The ending of the film is nice and permits a sequel, which is scheduled for released in 2017. I'm looking forward to it as I type.

This film is available on Blu-Ray/DVD and is well worth getting. The Blu-Ray is particularly nice.
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