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The Alphabet
Animation, Short
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David Lynch
Storyline: Against a backdrop of bizarre shapes and textures, a small organic figure gives birth to the letters of the alphabet while a mixture of children's voices and an operatic tune are singing out. The figure's head collapses causing blood to rain on a girl while she lays in her bed, resulting in the girl violently vomiting blood herself.
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2 Lynch Shorts
Alphabet, The (1968)

*** (out of 4)

David Lynch's second film is a four-minute short of a nightmare with a woman in bed saying the alphabet. This is an extremely weird short but at the same time it's perfectly surreal and just downright strange. The bizarre images of the woman spitting up blood are eerie to say the least. This certainly isn't a film to show you kids to each them to say their ABC's.

Six Men Getting Sick (1966)

** 1/2 (out of 4)

David Lynch's first film is an animated short running four minutes that shows exactly what the title says. The animation is ugly, the soundtrack annoying but these two things are what makes the film work. The film is rather surreal in a weird sort of way but this fits the director just fine.
Spelling lesson for grownups only
If you missed your abc-education from the Sesame Street during your preschool-years no worries. David Lynch will teach you the basics in this less-than-4-minute short film. The frame to the story is an extremely pale, possible sick woman lying in bed right at the beginning and also at the end. We see a strange structure rising including the letters a to z and more and more growing as the alphabet proceeds. After a short cut to a pout with red lipstick we hear all the different ways in which the letter a can be shouted, some sounds downright creepy. Then we see an animated female figure having the letters put, literally put, into her head, which, not long after, explodes from the pressure. The blood is particularly memorable as the rest of the film is almost exclusively inconspicuous shades of gray. Then finally the cut back to Lynch's wife at this point who sings the alphabet song before she faces a similar fate like the previous girl, only she exhales the letters and the other had them inserted.

This short-film is indeed very Lynch. If you like his abstract, surreal works, you'll probably have a good time watching, otherwise you'll wonder what in God's name is going on or even be downright appalled. You won't feel nothing though, that much is safe.
Fittingly creepy and strange...but what is this all about?
Many films, or books, or any form of media will challenge the mind and make you think in order to draw your own conclusions. What this short film feels like, is something that wasn't written with too much depth. The direction was what the time was spent on making this, not any kind of deep writing, and because of that, this short film suffers from a lack of any kind of coherent anything.

A girl lays in bed and begins having nightmares about the alphabet. The beginning is live action, and the middle moves into animated territory where the letters are given birth to and nightmarishly appearing. The film ends with a weird upside down face, and the girl from the opening reciting the alphabet, only to then throw up blood. It's quite original, but at the same time, quite impossible to comprehend.

The acting...well, there's one actress and she is fine. The direction is very atmospheric and creepy. The background is almost always black, and the constant chanting of the ABC's is both strange and eerie. The writing is what I question. Director David Lynch must have had something in mind for what this meant...no I don't think so. It really doesn't seem to mean anything. It's just a creepy short about an alphabetic nightmare that can really only be taken at face value. The deeper you dive into what this means, the less sense it makes. Let's just call it an experiment with animation and direction and leave it at that.

This short is effectively scary, but missing the substance necessary to make a short that has some sort of meaning. Yet these disturbing images are still tattooed on my brain(?)...

My rating: ** 1/2 out of ****. 4 mins.
Alphabet Horror
Where can i start? I believe with the corrupt mind of this sleeping girl portioned out into a chaotic death at the end of the film. Wither the girl's nightmare came true or an utter deep symbolic meaning to this film really existed, i think that this short was overall a perfect solid eight. I can't put out a explanation to what this film really meant, but between the creepy child voices, the nightmarish voice- wind sounds, and the mumbling of the creepy girl is nothing more close to a nightmare. To put into words it made feel uncomfortable, in made me feel scared, and it made me feel completely blindsided, but hey it's just like David Lynch's " Absurd Encounter With Fear" from 1967. Both shorts are to the point, horrifying and utterly confusing.
Frightening imagery
Based on an actual event, Lynch's niece had a nightmare where she recited the alphabet in her sleep, this film is basically the same thing, with a young woman reciting the alphabet in her sleep while we see nightmarish imagery.

Its an interesting piece with truly frightening images. Unfortunately the animation isn't all that spectacular, consisting of animated drawings. Its a good piece that mostly works and shows the seeds of the later Eraserhead.

If you come across one of the short film videos of Lynch's early work this film, and one or two others, makes it worth renting.
A bad dream
'The Alphabet' has to be one of the most successful attempts to bring the atmosphere of a nightmare to film, even more so than 'Eraserhead', which Lynch once described as a filmed nightmare.

The original inspiration for the film came from Lynch's then-wife, Peggy (who appears in the film as the little girl), describing to him how she heard her niece having a dream & repeating the alphabet.

This mostly animated short is very abstract & disturbing, with a suitably twisted soundtrack, & although it's based around the alphabet, there's plenty of blood & a bit of sexual imagery. It really does invoke the type of loose, irrational feel of an actual dream, as opposed to the usual filmed 'dreams', which try to define themselves as such with soft focus & slow motion.
The Ring video got nothing on this
Only a filmmaker liked David Lynch would be able to turn something so simple and mundane as a recitation of the alphabet into something so terrifying. And yet, I found this short film to be incredibly fascinating, mostly because of the nightmarish nature of it.

While there have been many feature length films and shorts that try to make a depiction of the human psyche, none of those works had the same visual intensity and dream-like quality of the works directed by David Lynch, which I consider to be timeless and beautifully made (In a dark, twisted way)

Of all the shorts directed by David Lynch, this one is my favorite.
Art as horror
Lynch's first film is a bizarre, revolting and terrifying account of a bedridden young girl apparently being tortured by the alphabet. The letters appear as weird, threatening shapes which (as in his follow-up The Grandmother) seem to take on plant form. The girl herself eventually vomits blood.

The film's meaning isn't clear, and is really of less important than the visuals, which are themselves like moving paintings. The innocence of the child's 'ABC' rhyming song is warped to give a frighteningly naive background to the horrific events.

Lynch's trademark is the expression of fear, and this short foregrounds that motif in the most disturbing way imaginable. Fans of this director should try and catch his debut, as it casts its shadow over much of his later work.
Downright horrifying
VERY weird short by David Lynch. It's in black and white and shows a girl who looks like she's going completely mad while the letters of the alphabet go flying around her. She also sings that alphabet song.

I should have expected something weird from Lynch but this is even stranger than I thought it could be. In 4 short minutes he gives you a morbid and disturbing little story about the alphabet and terror. It doesn't make a bit of sense but the imagery is so strange and the sound so odd that you're pulled right in. Basically a short little horror film. You can see where "Eraserhead" came from. Worth seeing but only for those who don't scare easily. An 8.
Another Phobia Envisioned by David Lynch
David Lynch says this film was an attempt at visualizing the "fear of learning." In it, a young girl is tortured by the alphabet in a competely abstract nightmare. Lynch has always been fascinated by the darker side of dreams, the seemingly nonsensical black procession of symbols and fears, and this film simply adds another phobia to the canon.

We are shown images of a head with information going in one side, and this eventually causes the head to erupt into a black mess. Lynch juxtaposes the most innocent of subjects (the alphabet), which usually marks the beginning of our schooling, with disconcerting images of blood and vomit. Disturbing? Yes. Lynch apparently formed the idea after hearing of a girl who was found reciting the alphabet during a nightmare.

On a more profound level, the film examines a fear that perhaps appears for most later in life: the dread of knowledge. There's quite a bit of truth to the oft-repeated line "ignorance is bliss." Gradually, we realize that the more we learn, the less we understand, and therefore, the less control we have over our situations. It's a problem that has vexed people since the conception of "science." We ask questions out of curiosity, find there are no accessible answers, create a religious penumbra that satisfies a great deal with a few simple passages, and then science comes along and we are confronted once again with the inconsistencies of our faith. Thus, we fear that which turns the rock-solid black and whites of our existence to a confused mass of gray.

Also, The Alphabet hints at what linguists and intellectuals and songwriters have known for centuries; words are wholly inadequate to describe even the simplest of human perceptions. And once one has etched that list of letters into one's mind, in a sense, there is no turning back. Life becomes shapes patterned on paper, and conceptions of reality will no longer be formed purely and internally; they are immediately attached to an imperfect language and remained tethered to that which will never truly suffice.

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