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The Alphabet
Animation, Short
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David Lynch
Storyline: Against a backdrop of bizarre shapes and textures, a small organic figure gives birth to the letters of the alphabet while a mixture of children's voices and an operatic tune are singing out. The figure's head collapses causing blood to rain on a girl while she lays in her bed, resulting in the girl violently vomiting blood herself.
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Brilliant disturbing short
This short lays the groundwork for themes that Lynch has explored in many of his later films including those of a trapped child and monster parents. This short really is like watching a captured nightmare, and I mean that in a good way.
Awesome. Very Surreal And Abstract.
I love this short movie by David Lynch. The movie, on the surface, is about a girl being tortured by the alphabet. A very surreal part in this movie for me was when the thing that melts when hit with the alphabet letters melts and that face says "Please try to remember you're dealing with the human form." I just love that part of this movie. Anyway, if you can find this movie, see it. If you're into surreal movies and abstract art, you'll love this.
Doubtlessly a Lynch film
The best thing about a David Lynch films are the elements of abstractly. The Alphabet was the epitome of a great artful film, but it still manages to leave you thinking about it. Sadly to say, David didn't make many outlandish films like this, rather he used elements like this as an additive. If you enjoyed this short, you would love Eraserhead.

If you want to see an extraordinarily disturbing film, this would be one of my first suggestions. In the day of absurdly moronic slashers, and movies with the generic schizophrenic protagonist, I will always keep close to magnificent films like these.

If you liked this, Eraserhead would be my suggestion for your next watch.
perhaps the more daring of the short-short Lynch works in his formative years
Not sure what attracted me to this film, which is really nothing more than, as David Lynch puts it on the DVD, an interpretation of someone else's dream through his own state of mind. But I really, really felt immersed in what Lynch was doing visually with the film. Obviously, it doesn't make a lick of sense if you're looking for it, but I loved the mixture of different elements within the medium. There's actual film shot of Lynch's wife Peggy going rather bonkers while in a bed. Then this is mixed around with animation treated on-TOP of the filmed footage. Then there is other mixed media, such as a filmed animated spot shook around with other pieces of color and light. There's even a quick shot of black falling down upon white, if that makes sense (which it doesn't). I was told by some others that this one was the weakest of the Lynch shorts, but that goes without saying that each one of his early works will divide viewers like in any good old art-school class. If one knows though the lengths to which the filmmaker is ready to portray his audio-visual interpretations on screen one might appreciate it a little more if they just happen to stumble upon it. On a personal level it's one of the best student works I've seen from the period of a promising talent.
Alphabet Horror
Where can i start? I believe with the corrupt mind of this sleeping girl portioned out into a chaotic death at the end of the film. Wither the girl's nightmare came true or an utter deep symbolic meaning to this film really existed, i think that this short was overall a perfect solid eight. I can't put out a explanation to what this film really meant, but between the creepy child voices, the nightmarish voice- wind sounds, and the mumbling of the creepy girl is nothing more close to a nightmare. To put into words it made feel uncomfortable, in made me feel scared, and it made me feel completely blindsided, but hey it's just like David Lynch's " Absurd Encounter With Fear" from 1967. Both shorts are to the point, horrifying and utterly confusing.
the stuff of nightmares...
lynch has, with this short, somehow managed to recreate with disturbing accuracy the experience of any childhood nightmare. on watching you are instantly transported back to being 6 years old, wanting desperately to wake up and not being able to. you have to wonder at the fact that lynch has reproduced this experience to such effect that when it is finished you're left with that morning after feeling of relief that the dream is over, yet also that lingering discomfort as the memory gradually fades. to be able to recreate on film with such accuracy, the sub-conscious experience of people everywhere is an impressive achievement. i wish i could do it... disturbing yet brilliant.
Your a weird one Mr. Lynch! (and that's a complement)
"The Alphabet" is a really bizarre experimental film short from David Lynch. It contains images that nightmares are made of. Many strange and abstract objects give birth to the letters of the alphabet. There is many creepy sound effects that give this little short film's imagery a strange hallucinatory and hypnotic feel. I could definitely see a Salvadore Dali influence during the film's animated scenes. David Lynch's former wife Peggy than sings the alphabet song against a black background. Wow, the alphabet song has never sounded more horrifying! It's like a preschooler's worst fears caught on film. If you can find a copy of David Lynch's short films, you won't be disappointed. There's no doubt about it, David Lynch is an artist who comes up with some of the most amazing nightmarish imagery.
A bad dream
'The Alphabet' has to be one of the most successful attempts to bring the atmosphere of a nightmare to film, even more so than 'Eraserhead', which Lynch once described as a filmed nightmare.

The original inspiration for the film came from Lynch's then-wife, Peggy (who appears in the film as the little girl), describing to him how she heard her niece having a dream & repeating the alphabet.

This mostly animated short is very abstract & disturbing, with a suitably twisted soundtrack, & although it's based around the alphabet, there's plenty of blood & a bit of sexual imagery. It really does invoke the type of loose, irrational feel of an actual dream, as opposed to the usual filmed 'dreams', which try to define themselves as such with soft focus & slow motion.
This avant garde piece miraculously comes off without being cliché or dismissible (as is so common with artsy avant garde film). Peggy Lynch (I'm assuming is his daughter) goes through a sequence of harrowing events that had some connection with the alphabet. I particularly liked the bed-wetting and the dirt. The person I watched this with said the dirt looked very "inviting." I strangely agreed. Only Lynch could make dirt inviting. Very interesting work. 8/10
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