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Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
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George Lucas
Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker
Harrison Ford as Han Solo
Carrie Fisher as Princess Lea
Peter Cushing as Governor Tarkin
Alec Guinness as Obi-Wan Kenobi
Kenny Baker as R2-D2
Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca
David Prowse as Darth Vader
James Earl Jones as Darth Vader
Phil Brown as Uncle Owen
Shelagh Fraser as Aunt Beru
Jack Purvis as Chief Jawa
Alex McCrindle as General Dodonna
Eddie Byrne as General Willard
Drewe Henley as Red Leader (as Drewe Hemley)
Storyline: The Imperial Forces, under orders from cruel Darth Vader, hold Princess Leia hostage in their efforts to quell the rebellion against the Galactic Empire. Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, captain of the Millennium Falcon, work together with the companionable droid duo R2-D2 and C-3PO to rescue the beautiful princess, help the Rebel Alliance and restore freedom and justice to the Galaxy.
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It feels so good to review films that are actually awesome!
STAR WARS! Just the title evokes a reaction and what follows is a series of emotions. Passion, joy, love, laughter, anticipation and excitement. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away there was once such a thing as really good films, and Star Wars may be just about the greatest of them all. Without going into too much detail on the other films of the original trilogy, Star Wars may actually be the best of the three just because of its simplicity. Sure Empire takes it to a deeper level, but Star Wars is just the simple and relatable fable of Dorothy on her farm, wishing for a greater existence in life, however in Star Wars our Dorothy is Luke Skywalker, searching for his own purpose in life. We've all been there surely? That's what great films are made of.

Star Wars starts out with a small and soon to be obsolete rebel ship being pursued by the ominous and disturbingly bad guy looking star destroyer of the evil empire! The storm troopers soon board and take control of the ship, lead by their captain in command, Darth Vader. The moment Vader steps out from the smoke, stands tall above the dead rebels and his infamous breathing begins, one can easily distinguish the fact he is the most bad-ass evil villain in the history of villainy. And he is. No doubt Vader is as bad as they come, but you instantly get the sense there is more to this guy than first appearances would give. More on that later. So Vader and his storm troopers take the Princess Leia hostage, played wonderfully by Carrie Fisher, who has sent her faithful R2-D2 and his tag along C-3PO away with the plans of destroying the death star, down to tattooine, the Sahara of the galaxy. Que Luke Skywalker, played subtly by Mark Hamill, who dreams of a bigger purpose in life. The chances of fate bring him and the two droids together and from there the film catapults young Luke into the adult world of the rebellion fighting for freedom against the empire.

So many great characters to talk about in Star Wars, Han Solo takes the cake for being the best character for my money. He is cocky, smug and shows growth of character the most throughout the film. Harrison Ford created his first iconic character in the arrogant and charming space pilot, captain of the millennium falcon (another amazing creation) and best friend to wookie Chewbacca. I also really like the character of Ben Kenobi. Not only was Alec Guiness the superb choice to be cast as the character, there is so much depth and richness to the character too. Ben is just an old guy hiding in the desert of tattooine to begin with, but once he rescues Luke and they get off of tattooine with Han Solo and the gang, Ben starts opening his mouth and you really get the sense that this guy was once a really formidable Jedi, and still is to an extent. The real power of the force lies within his voice, within his wisdom and advice, which are truly inspiring, not only for Luke, but for the viewer too. Not only is Ben a great mentor and adviser, he is a bad-ass. His climatic duel with Vader is not only thrilling but also insightful, as Ben willingly sacrifices himself, realising he will pave the way for Luke to become a Jedi and save the galaxy. Awesome stuff.

Special effects are also a triumph in this film. Everything from the glow of the lightsaber to the fantastic final battle of the death star at the climax of the film all come together in a crescendo of beautiful storytelling. It isn't just effects for the sake of effects, they are in aid of the story and help enhance it. Also, the score of Star Wars is truly memorable and without a doubt, the opening credit sequence of the film along with its famous score makes for a thrilling film moment every viewing.

Star Wars has so many great themes involved, but as Ben realises when he surrenders himself to Vader, it is all about the bigger picture. Its about the future, its about growth and learning, coming of age and of course, Han shot first. Star Wars might just be the perfect film of all time.
A Legend is Born.........
All folklore no matter where you come from as several basic tenants. You have the hero, the villain, the damsel in distress, , sidekicks, minions, guides, heroic battles, tragedies and victories. Good stories but hardly the stuff of a blockbusting movie. Or is it...? How on earth to take something as basic as a Good-vs-Evil Hero-vs-Villain story and make a movie that will capture imaginations? It can't be done can it? You just can't do it? Well yes actually you can. If you're George Lucas.

I was but a babe in arms when the incredible triumph that is the Star Wars Saga was wowing generations of movie-goers worldwide.But although I didn't experience it on the Big Screen I can honestly say I fully understand and appreciate Lucas genius today 20 years on.I can honestly say I have yet to see another Saga measure up to Star Wars in both its look and its content.

The premise of course the story of a young farm boy Luke Skywalker, wonderfully played by a young Mark Hamill who captures Luke's frustrations and desires perfectly.Young Luke seems destined to spend his life on his Uncle's farm on the remote planet of Tatooine doing chores but he dreams off more. He longs to be a pilot and see the universe. But that seems to be nothing more than a dream.

That is until a chance meeting with two droids called C3PO and R2D2 results in his befriending an old hermit by the name of Ben Kenobi( Sir Alec Guiness) changing his life forever. For the old Hermit is in fact a great Jedi warrior called Obi-Wan Kenobi and the droids carry a distress message from a Princess on a Star Ship under the captivity of the Galactic Empire and it's ruthless leader Darth Vadar. Now Luke will leave his home and begin an adventure he could only have dreamed of, make new friends and learn things about himself and his family that he never knew were possible.

Thus began one of the greatest movie adventures of all time and thus were created some of modern cinema's most memorable characters. All the folklore-type characters are present in Lucas masterpiece but he has managed to change and alter them enough to fit his incredible vision.

The Hero of course is young Luke. Spirited and dreamer, Luke is also fiercely brave and loyal and something of an adventurer. He is also desperate to learn more about his Father, about whom his Aunt and Uncle refuse to speak.Mark Hamil is top notch in the role.

The Damsel in distress is the Plucky Princess Leia , played with gusto by the then just 19 year old Carrie Fisher. Leia is the sender of the message that changes Luke's life. She is a member of a Rebel Alliance formed to oppose the mighty Galactic Empire and she was carrying the plans to the Empire's ultimate weapon , the dreaded Death Star to members of the her Alliance when the Imperial Fleet attacked her convoy.Little do either she or Luke know that they are connected by more than the droids.

Luke also acquires a side-kick in the form of the smart, selfish rouge Han Solo. Smuggler and skilled pilot Han also proves to be a useful ally and a firm friendship is formed between the seasoned Solo and the young idealistic Jedi-in-Training. Solo is played by the ever wonderful Harrison Ford who lends just the right amount of sarcastic selfishness to an essentially good lovable character.

Sir Alec Guiness is a cinematic legend and his wise old Jedi Knight is yet another fine performance from this seasoned veteran. Just mysterious enough to make you wonder just who he is and what he knows ( you learn more in EpV) he is also wise and a comfort to Luke ( and indeed the viewer) as he guides the young man ( and us) through his development as a Jedi and a man.

Star Wars also gave rise to perhaps one of cinema's most iconic and best loved Villains. His almost mechanical breathing and deep sinister voice ( courtesy of James Earl Jones) have made Darth Vadar the best loved of all villains and indeed the most feared. At this time he is in command of the Imperial Fleet and rules the Empire with an Iron fist. All in black with that fearsome mask he is the epitome of the Dark Side and is wonderfully brought to life by Earl-Jones and David Prowse who wears the suit.And of course as we see later on he is also one of the most human and pitiful characters in the Saga despite being more man then machine.He will become Luke's biggest threat but also his strongest connection, a connection Luke never dreamed he would find but the last he wants to have.

This was a new genre of film, Sci-Fi mixed with Fantasy and it worked a charm. The world was, and indeed still is, captivated, and its easy to see why. Its got action, suspense, romance, humor, danger and fear. And all this from Lucas twin interests in Space Travel and Folklore combined with a love for and real skill at making movies. The Saga, so wonderfully brought full circle with parts 1,2 and 3 recently , took off from the base so amazingly created in A New Hope and has gone from strength to strength ever since. This film is a wonder of modern film and I firmly believe it will stand the test of time.
The worst movie (by far) in an otherwise great series
- The Force Awakens: 10/10; - Rogue One: 9/10; - A New Hope: 4/10; - Empire Strikes Back: 8.5/10 - Return of the Jedi: 7.5/10; - Phantom Menace: 5/10; - Attack of the Clones: 6/10; - Revenge of the Sith: 7.5/10

You're welcome X )
Silly kid's movie or world-changing classic?
From a scientific point of view, C3PO is as silly as you can get, from the way he looks and walks to the ridiculous things he says. He goes from berating his friend, R2D2, to worrying for his safety, from calling him incompetent to saying "I knew you could do it" when R2 eventually saves them all. Aside from the incessant whining of Luke, who manages to be funny without having a sense of humor, we relate to him. We feel the frustration he feels when he is stuck on the farm, the pain he feels from the death of his aunt and uncle and later when he loses Ben Kenobi.

The waving of blasters with flashes of light which are obviously added later, the terrible aim of anyone shooting at our main characters, and the big presentation of awards to our heroes at the end of the movie make me feel retarded for liking this film so much. But the pure goodness of the good guys (except for Han) makes me want them to win and makes me glad when they do. They're trying to save us all from the evil empire. Star Wars is so popular because most of us want to be the good guys, the ones who risk everything to do the right thing for the right reason and be appreciated by the people we save. This is the reason Spiderman was so enormously popular. He's just a kid who has some moral goodness, whom we can be proud of. Most of us would love to be Luke Skywalker.
What really gets me
It's what movies are all about, really - sitting in a seat that's already been worn in by a thousand other tushes, crunching as much popcorn under your feet as you crunch in your mouth by handfuls, sipping a soda that's three times as big as you would ever really need... and then there's this very quiet little opening line written on the screen, like a new way of saying "once upon a time..." and you know the fairy tale is beginning, but before you can even get ready to get interested, that fateful, stirring, uplifting and scary chord throws you deep into your seat, in time with a logo that's too big for the screen... and the rest is just a ride. That's what movies are all about and that's what Star Wars gave us.

If you never saw it in the theater, get yourself a really great audio visual system in your house, pour soft drinks on the floor (prep this a day prior to get the proper sticky effect) put too much salt and too much butter on a bucket of popcorn that's too big, and hit the "play" button on the remote.
Do movies get much better than this?
Not really. Almost 30 years later, Star Wars is a household name. It would be a challenge to find someone who has never heard of Mr. Lucas's little adventure story. This highly imaginative story is one that almost anyone could find enjoyable. The weaving of action, adventure, drama, conflict, and a plethora of other genres and literary devices is absolutely remarkable. All of this encased in a theme of science fiction is a clear cut example that great writing is just that, great writing. A New Hope along with its sequels, especially the two that followed, TESB and ROTJ will be remembered for a very very long time, even in a galaxy far, far away.
My first favorite movie...
This movie was the first (and only) movie I ever obsessed about. I was 11-years old and it is still the greatest movie experience I ever had. Nothing has come close. It was the first cast I ever memorized and I still know the soundtrack like the back of my hand. I can't explain why.

It was a combination of the old, Peter Cushing, James Earl Jones, and Alec Guiness; and the new, Harrison Ford, Mark Hamil, Carrie Fisher. The special effects are STILL awesome. The story is timeless and fresh some 27 years later.

It's just such a great movie to get lost in...still.
Where It All Began-----10/10
I can never pick a favorite movie because different movies have different effects. Goodfellas is my favorite drama. Face/Off is my favorite actioner. But when it comes to pure amazement, nothing beats Star Wars. We are introduced to a whole other universe with different creatures, different lifestyles, and different history. We are dropped in the middle of an intergalactic war between an empire and a rebellion that has raged for years and left the universe in ruin. It was the most fascinating thing to see when i was eleven, but to this day i am still a Star Wars nerd.

The cast of characters includes some of the coolest, funniest, and most tragic in film, and the actors who play them fit seamlessly into this new universe. Alec Guiness is flawless as Obi-Wan Kenobi, a Jedi on the run from the evil Empire. Harrison Ford is awesome as Han Solo, a smuggler and thief who helps the gang rescue the princess. But the my favorite character of all time is Darth Vader. Not only is he the coolest bad guy, but we learn in later films why he is evil and start to feel sympathetic for him. Not to mention that badass booming voice that can make ordering a pizza sound threatening.

This was not only the beginning of the best movie series ever, but it was the beginning of my love for movies. George Lucas is a genius for being able to come up with a great story and an incredible backdrop for what was supposed to be a flop, but turned into one of the best films ever.

Star Wars: One Of The Most Enduring Movie Of All-Time
In a distant galaxy, a long time ago, young Luke Skywalker assembles his motley crew of allies including space rogue Han Solo and two "droids" -- C3PO and R2D2 -- to rescue Princess Leia, the rebel leader of her planet from the clutches of the evil Empire as embodied by its enforcer Darth Vader in Star Wars:A New Hope.It is epic space opera film series created by George Lucas. The first film in the series was originally released on 1977, under the title Star Wars, by 20th Century Fox, and became a worldwide pop culture phenomenon, followed by two sequels, released at three-year intervals. Sixteen years after the release of the trilogy's final film, the first in a new prequel trilogy of films was released. The three films were also released at three-year intervals, with the final film released on 2005.

The Star Wars film series has spawned a media franchise including books, television series, video games, and comic books. These supplements to the film trilogies comprise the Star Wars Expanded Universe, and have resulted in significant development of the series' fictional universe. Obviously,it is a legendarily expansive and ambitious start to the sci- fi saga, George Lucas opened our eyes to the possibilities of blockbuster filmmaking and things have never been the same.It is a magnificent film.Lucas set out to make the biggest possible adventure fantasy out of his memories of serials and older action epics, and he succeeded brilliantly.It is a seminal movie that began a whole cycle of sci-fi works and also launched the careers of many actors and craftsmen.A sweeping epic with classical themes lifted from the teachings of Joseph Campbell, but it maintains strong central characters.And most of all,it is one of the most enduring movies of all time.
Although I loved the movie. . . .
This movie was a significant part of the childhood of almost every American born in the later third of the 20th century. This doesn't change the fact that Mark Hamil's acting is simply terrible and the action scenes are simply atrocious. There is no explanation as to why the Storm Troopers cannot aim their guns to save their lives. I don't understand why Obiwan is considered a crazy hermit, when the uncle knew him to be a Jedi knight. I still don't get the flashing lights and buttons on Darth's chest, why didn't Obiwan just use his force powers to switch off the power on the jump suit. Also it is supposed to be about twenty years from episode 3 to episode 4 but Obiwan ages like 40 years. Whats up with that? That whole suicide by Vader thing is incredibly lame, too. Don't get me wrong parts of the movie were absolutely brilliant (esp. acting by Harrison Ford), but it definitely leaves a lot to be desired.
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