🎦 #SquadGoals full movie HD download (Danny J. Boyle) - Drama. 🎬
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Danny J. Boyle
Bettina Devin as Mrs. Perkins
Chelsea Switzer as Miss Desai
Peyton Clark as Rudy Kampion
Paris Berelc as Brittany Gomez
Pedro Correa as Jordan Reynolds
Alissa Latow as Angela Dodds
Kennedy Lea Slocum as Samantha Hodges
Eric Stanton Betts as Lance Hobart
Corey Fogelmanis as Nate Squires
Jim Jepson as Officer Jepson
Alexa Mansour as Gillian Brady
Sherri Saum as Jane Pope
Sheryl Lee as Emily Hodges
Michele Panu as Paula
Storyline: Ambitious high school senior Samantha Hodges is a serious journalist, both for the school paper and for the yearbook, but she's just as serious about her friends, Nate, Gillian, and Rudy, all of whom are vying with her for a full-ride local scholarship to college. Very close to her mother, Emily, who is the school's guidance counselor, Samantha finds her reporting taking an investigative turn when two of her classmates--and contenders for the scholarship--are murdered.
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