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So Dear to My Heart
Drama, Family
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Harold D. Schuster, Hamilton Luske
Beulah Bondi as Granny Kincaid
Luana Patten as Tildy
John Beal as Jeremiah as an Adult, Narrator (voice)
Bob Haymes as Singer Bob Haymes
Ken Carson as Voice of Wise Old Owl (voice)
Burl Ives as Uncle Hiram Douglas
Bobby Driscoll as Jeremiah 'Jerry' Kincaid
Raymond Bond as Pete Grundy, Storekeeper
Matt Willis as Mr. Burns, Horse Trainer
Walter Soderling as Grampa Meeker
Harry Carey as Head Judge at County Fair
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Hidden piece of watchmaker's shop
I'm sure that everyone who loves this film agrees that its title is exactly how they feel about it. And so do I. It really becomes very dear to the heart. Unfortunately it is very injusticed for being extremely difficult to find, even almost impossible. An insane amount of luck is necessary to find this movie and apparently it is ridiculously expensive, which only will scare off potential buyers. Consider yourself lucky if you find a copy of this for a good price.

'So Dear To My Heart' follows the basic formula of 'Song of the South': live-action and animation combined, the similar scenario and environment, the same two charming children (Bobby Driscoll and Luana Patten). By taking inspiration on 'Song of the South', they made a better 'Song of the South' out of it.

This film is gold! It's so sweet, endearing, innocent, immensely enchanting and oh so beautiful! It's made with dedication and values. It's perfect in every way. The whole thing is adorable. It doesn't have too much songs, which is a good thing. The few songs it has are very simple and may not be the most memorable Disney songs, but they eventually grown on us.

The 2 kids were and will always be 2 of the most charismatic Disney child stars ever. They always had a perfect chemistry in everything they did together and they had a gift for acting. They bring such joy and tenderness to the movie, a real feeling of the age of innocence to it. The adults (Beulah Bondi and Burl Ives) are excellent.

The movie has lots of fun and classic humor and at the same time it teaches good values which sadly seem to mean nothing anymore for this generation and society without values, without color, without soul...

Disney's films in general of nowadays pale behind treasures like this. Whatever happened to good old Disney? This is from a time when Disney was really Disney. Nowadays's Disney is not worthy of the prestigious Disney name. Not by shadows! I don't think anybody who was involved in this film is alive, but wherever they are they must be ashamed of what Disney has become and at the same time proud of having been part of something really good as this.

This should definitely be on Top 250.
One of Walt Disney's personal favorites
A boy-and-his-sheep story, set on a farm at the turn of the century, and a valentine to childhood. This family film from Walt Disney opens, literally, with help from a collection of animated greeting cards. It proceeds from there with bits of animation accentuating the story of a likable youngster entering his beloved pet sheep in a county fair contest. Attempt to recapture the uncanny mix of animation and live-action warmth and humor of "Song of the South" doesn't completely succeed because, although the same kids--Bobby Driscoll and Luana Patten--are present, there's no Uncle Remus or any memorable songs beyond "Lavender Blue" (which, granted, is a dilly). Still, the film is meticulously produced and overwhelmingly heartfelt. A nice addition to the Disney catalogue, and rather touching in its old-fashioned way. *** from ****
A wonderful Disney film! Song of the South-like
Being a huge fan of Song of the South, this movie was also a delight. Bobby Driscoll and Luana Patten ("The Sweetheart Team"), are great as usual just like in all the classic Disney productions of this decade. And Burl Ives (voice of the eagle in Disneyland's old attraction America Sings) and his song Lavender Blue bring back memories! Quite honestly, I'm surprised the "offend no-one" attitude of Disney today hasn't got to the religious content of this film, which is refreshing and makes me thankful that they at least hold SOME things sacred (unlike digitally removing Pecos Bill's cigarette or editing out the Hatfields and McCoys scene from Make Mine Music). I love this film.
I really hate how underrated this film is, because I adore it!
So Dear To My Heart is an immensely charming live-action Dsiney film, but sadly it is overlooked. Same with Song of the South, and that was great too. I will say that asides from seeing it twice when I was 10, I didn't see this wonderful film til recently, and boy I am glad I did. It has a lot of charm, that makes it a genuine joy to watch. Considering that it was made in 1949, it looks beautiful, and I loved the animated sequences, especially with the scholarly owl. The songs are beautiful, from the stunning title song So Dear To My Heart, the charming Lavender Blue, the rousing Oodalay to the triumphant historical song with figures such as Christopher Colombus. The performances were great, with Bobby Driscoll very convincing as Jeremiah, and Beulah Bondi superb as his grandmother and Burl Ives appealing as Uncle Hiram. Danny, the neglected lamb was absolutely adorable, and Jeremiah was very loving towards him. The dialogue wasn't so bad either. So Dear to My Heart shouldn't be overlooked as a bittersweet kids film, instead it should be recognised as a charming film for the whole family, for that is exactly what it is. 10/10 Bethany Cox
Too innocent for contemporary audiences, but taken in the context of when it was made this is still enjoyable.
So Dear To My Heart is a more-or-less forgotten Disney movie made in 1949. It feels like an attempt to repeat the success of the studio's 1946 classic Song of the South, but the innocent, twee approach is likely to be met with derision by many of today's street-wise youngsters. That's not to say the film is bad. In fact, if you can put it into the context of when it was made and try to enjoy it for its merits, this film is actually a lovely slice of entertainment.

The simple story tells of a young boy called Jeremiah Kincaid (Bobby Driscoll) who lives on a farm in 1903, helping his granny (Beulah Bondi) with the up-keep of the place. He comes to own a young black lamb named Danny, and dreams of taking the lamb to the County Fair - though granny advises him not to bother, since there's no call for black wool. Young Jeremiah is visited by some animated creatures who convince him to follow his heart.... if he thinks the lamb has a chance of winning, what the hell! Why not go for it?

Driscoll was one of the finest child actors ever and here he is excellent as the young boy with a far-fetched dream. Bondi as granny is stern but lovable, and Burl Ives is good too as the boy's optimistic uncle. The animation is quite good, but the live action takes up most of the screen time. There are some memorable songs, although the Oscar nominated tune "Lavender Blue" is actually rather disappointing.

So Dear To My Heart is worth watching, just so long as you remember that it was made in a time when the world was more innocent.
One of my favorite movies of all time!
This is one of the best Disney movies ever made. It is a story of a boy and his black lamb. But it teaches you a lot about life. Academy Award winning song Lavender Blue is sung by Burl Ives. Mostly live acting with tastefully done animation.
To Get To The County Fair
One of the most enduring products from the Magic Kingdom is So Dear To My Heart still retains its charm after 62 years. It's a very simple story about a young lad trying to earn enough money to get to the Pike County Fair at the turn of the last century. Young Bobby Driscoll aided and abetted by Luana Patten wants to get his lamb Danny to the County Fair and get awarded the first prize.

Young Danny came by his name because of a passing visit to their town of the Great Dan Patch legendary trotting horse champion from back in those days. He is literally the black sheep of the family with a fine coat of black wool. He also has no pedigree to speak of and that's important in these county fair events. Still Driscoll is full of hope.

He also has to convince is grandmother/guardian Beulah Bondi, a kindly and pious woman who's not really into wasting money on frivolities. For that the kids rely on Burl Ives, village blacksmith with a continual song for all occasions.

This film marked the farewell performance of Harry Carey who has a small role as the judge at the County Fair. So Dear To My Heart features a nice musical score by Elliot Daniel and Hy Morey which includes the Oscar nominated Lavendar Blue which Burl Ives delivers in a straightforward style. The song lost however to Baby It's Cold Outside from Neptune's Daughter.

The ensemble cast is great, especially the kids. Hard to believe what eventually happened with Bobby Driscoll, he looks so innocent here. Still that's the power of film, to freeze time and images that were more favorable.

After 62 years a great family film.
Even minor Disney movies from the lare40's- early 50's were exquisite 50's
This film was another opportunity to see the talented Bobby Driscoll(possibly the best child actor of all time) and Luana Patten(the epitome of feminine demureness and modesty in a child actress). Although not as good overall as The Song of the South, which featured Driscoll and Patten at a younger age, this film celebrates the anglo-protestant core of America, and the honesty and religious values of America's past before Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson launched us on the road to empire-a road Americans never wanted to travel. The animated beginning is poignant, and the Christian faith that unselfconciously permeates the film portray America's rural past as an idyll, The cast is superb-Harry Carey captures perfectly the kindly rectitude of an older generation of Americans as the chief livestock judge at the county fair-he has the air of a stern but insightful church deacon, touched by and concerned with rewarding the virtues he sees in the emerging generation of his day. Beulah Bondi is superb as the stern but wise and loving grandmother. Each of the adults, even Uncle Hiram(Burl Ives) show a commendable concern for the children, providing not only for their safety but protecting their souls as well. What a wonderful world we once had!
Question: Could this wonderful little movie be made now ?.
Straight answer: Estimate, just how popular is Harry Potter.

A very significant data-point on how darkly coarse public taste has turned in the intervening decades. Need one say more ?.

As a seven-year old, I fell in love with this gem in the 1950 first release. All Disney releases were top-of-the-mark at the Italian box-office then. SDTMH was wildly popular, held-over for weeks.

Personal note: I just _knew in my bones_ it said something breathtaking about America. That's how kids thought in those days. In a way, it spurred my desire to directly experience American culture someday. Just one kid's fervent dream in bleak, war-devastated Europe. It became a 32-year-long reality in 1969. For which I am duty bound to thank The One God referred to in the movie.
Exceptionally well made schmaltzy Americana.
"So Dear to My Heart" is the sort of unabashed bit of schmaltz that Disney did very well and which you would never see today. It's pure Americana--the sort of perfectly groomed and manicured America that Walt Disney himself wanted to promote--and which he later promoted with Disneyland and Disneyworld. It represents a look at a time and place that isn't realistic--it's more hyper-idealized and sweet--and it's pure nostalgia. Some might balk at this sort of thing--I felt like it was an incredibly sweet film.

The story is about a boy (Bobby Discoll) and his pet lamb. It's also a parable about hard work, determination and good old fashioned values. And, it culminates with the lamb going to the county fair.

When the film was tested, audiences didn't like that there was no animation as they expected animation in a Disney film. I really do NOT think it was needed and the animated sequences are completely unnecessary for the film, though they have a certain charm. I think they weren't needed because the film had so much going for it already--great acting by Driscoll (a very talented child actor), Beulah Bondi and Burl Ives, some AMAZING cinematography (with amazing shots of forests and meadows) and a nice but very simple script. It's a great film for kids--especially because of its healthy messages and an unusually strong religious message for a Disney film. Well worth seeing for all ages.
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