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So Dear to My Heart
Drama, Family
IMDB rating:
Harold D. Schuster, Hamilton Luske
Beulah Bondi as Granny Kincaid
Luana Patten as Tildy
John Beal as Jeremiah as an Adult, Narrator (voice)
Bob Haymes as Singer Bob Haymes
Ken Carson as Voice of Wise Old Owl (voice)
Burl Ives as Uncle Hiram Douglas
Bobby Driscoll as Jeremiah 'Jerry' Kincaid
Raymond Bond as Pete Grundy, Storekeeper
Matt Willis as Mr. Burns, Horse Trainer
Walter Soderling as Grampa Meeker
Harry Carey as Head Judge at County Fair
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Question: Could this wonderful little movie be made now ?.
Straight answer: Estimate, just how popular is Harry Potter.

A very significant data-point on how darkly coarse public taste has turned in the intervening decades. Need one say more ?.

As a seven-year old, I fell in love with this gem in the 1950 first release. All Disney releases were top-of-the-mark at the Italian box-office then. SDTMH was wildly popular, held-over for weeks.

Personal note: I just _knew in my bones_ it said something breathtaking about America. That's how kids thought in those days. In a way, it spurred my desire to directly experience American culture someday. Just one kid's fervent dream in bleak, war-devastated Europe. It became a 32-year-long reality in 1969. For which I am duty bound to thank The One God referred to in the movie.
The Title is Just How I Feel
The title of this motion picture is just how I feel about it. It is "So Dear To My Heart". This film is easily my most-favorite motion picture. Some may feel the theme of "It's What You Do With What You Got" is out-dated or otherwise not applicable to current times. To me, nothing is further from the truth. The dream of a young man to achieve with what he is given, no matter the odds or the obstacles, is as current now as when this film was made or even from the year it is supposed to be from (1903). With the animated portions showing life's simple truths and how others in history have overcome long odds, the viewer can find room for its use in his/her own life. I feel that will always be true.
Farm life in the early 20th century
A small boy becomes emotionally attached to a new born black lamb and decides to enter it in the county fair. Living with his stern Granny on a farm means there is little money for frivolities, so the youngster goes out and gets the needed funds the old fashioned way...he earned them. Many things conspire to halt the trip to the fair: most brought on by the critter itself, but, of course, the lad and his pet enter the competition. There are lots of songs and animation in this dated but still enjoyable film, which also carries a simple but solid message about dealing with life's good and bad times.
A good story like this one is rare today.
With all of the stories within this story you really have to look at this film several times to get all the messages that are in it. Themes that were so real-to-life's lessons, and filled with teaching values like Stick-to-it-isty, I recommend it as a film that today's kids and parents should view together and re-examine with discussions. It was Disney story telling at his best. I especially enjoyed the Columbus Stick-to-it-isty piece.
Poignant Americana. One Of Hollywood's Best Pieces Of Filmmaking
'So Dear To My Heart' was one of Walt Disney's personal favorites and it happens to be one of my favorite Disney classics as well as one of my favorite films in cinema in general. as far as Hollywood filmmaking goes in particular, it's one of the very best products they have ever manufactured. it has a heartfelt sincerity and genuineness that is exceptionally rare. even in this kind of sentimentalized nostalgia, sentiment can often end up as a maudlin mix of syrupy, overwrought contrivance and recollections that are overly idealized. not here. everything is fashioned to matter of fact perfection without dismissing the power of feeling or emotional responses.

this is a example of superior craftsmanship. not only in it's beautiful Technicolor photography and rural panorama, it has set direction that details authenticity and features some of Disney's best and most attractive animation from the 1940's. the old steam trains and general stores, the horses and cows grazing in meadows, the nostalgia of the old time state fairs and of it's accurate depiction of American rural farm life, all of it depicted with such warmth and loving perfection that has few equals. even in a time period where there were so many films that attempted to do this kind of thing. but few with such real success as this film.

the performances are charming and cosy, as is the case with the honest, unaffectedness of Burl Ives singing, and the children (Disney child stars Bobby Driscoll and Luana Patten) are believable rather than molded facsimiles of a idealized childhood. but for me, the core performance here is the eternal sagacity of Beulah Bondi's grandmother. she is essence itself. essence of life, love, and femininity that evokes not only motherliness and age, but also a girlishness when being flirtatious with a much younger Ives when they dance to "krick-it-on-da-fryun pan ya'll'. Beulah Bondi's spirituality, as she interprets through rural American Christianity, is often really more pragmatic than anything too ethereal. often what she interprets as the ways of the Lord are simply common sense observations. Bondi's granny character often gets taxed or irritably preachy when pushed, but she never seems cruel or arrogant. Bondi's performance is one of my very favorite Hollywood film performances and something the Academy Awards neglectfully overlooked.

what i like so much about this dear little film, is that it's cosy sweetness is for real and not something that the viewer is manipulated, sold or forced into. in troubled times it's often hard to believe that anyone in America ever lived or thought like this, but believe it or not it's very true and accurate. there are such a thing as simpler times. many of us are never born into them but they do exist. any real study of American history will verify that statement and the accuracy of this film's assertions.

for me personally, cinema is rarely finer than this. and it's the genuine article. it's a film not about magical or super power humans, but real life people coping with everyday understandings we often all share together. it's also about our dreams that occur in the earthy, everyday reality and how they manifest realistically and practically, with advice, a little "stick-to-it-ivity" and a humble understanding of what you've got. God Bless. may you find peace with the Lord.
Farm boy tries to turn black lamb into a champion.
Perhaps the least known of all Disney films, this forgotten classic is nonetheless one of the best, and was by the the most personal and revealing movie that Uncle Walt ever made. Americana is the correct term to describe this relaxed moral fable about a little boy (Bobby Driscoll) who longs to own a great race horse like Dan Patch but settles instead for a forlorn little lamb. The plot may sound like The Yearling, but nobody shoots the pet at the end, even if 'Danny' does do just as much damage to the farm. Beulah Bondi (John Ford's original choice for Maw in The Grapes of Wrath) is exquisite as Grandma (the boy is an orphan) and another Ford vet, Harry Carey, Sr., makes one of his final appearances as the judge of an animal show at the big fair. The movie, based on a Sterling North story, is anything but escapism. Underneath the 'ah shucks' atmosphere is a profound tale of growing up the hard way, and an attempt to maintain innocence when the world seems bent on destroying it. Terrific support from Burl Ives as a local folksinger. Several animated sequences introduce Professor Owl, a cartoon wise bird who would fitfully appear in Disney entertainment until replaced by Prof. Duck, Donald's uncle, in 1961. A heartwarming treat that inspired the Main Street, USA attraction in Disney parks.
A wonderful Disney film! Song of the South-like
Being a huge fan of Song of the South, this movie was also a delight. Bobby Driscoll and Luana Patten ("The Sweetheart Team"), are great as usual just like in all the classic Disney productions of this decade. And Burl Ives (voice of the eagle in Disneyland's old attraction America Sings) and his song Lavender Blue bring back memories! Quite honestly, I'm surprised the "offend no-one" attitude of Disney today hasn't got to the religious content of this film, which is refreshing and makes me thankful that they at least hold SOME things sacred (unlike digitally removing Pecos Bill's cigarette or editing out the Hatfields and McCoys scene from Make Mine Music). I love this film.
I really hate how underrated this film is, because I adore it!
So Dear To My Heart is an immensely charming live-action Dsiney film, but sadly it is overlooked. Same with Song of the South, and that was great too. I will say that asides from seeing it twice when I was 10, I didn't see this wonderful film til recently, and boy I am glad I did. It has a lot of charm, that makes it a genuine joy to watch. Considering that it was made in 1949, it looks beautiful, and I loved the animated sequences, especially with the scholarly owl. The songs are beautiful, from the stunning title song So Dear To My Heart, the charming Lavender Blue, the rousing Oodalay to the triumphant historical song with figures such as Christopher Colombus. The performances were great, with Bobby Driscoll very convincing as Jeremiah, and Beulah Bondi superb as his grandmother and Burl Ives appealing as Uncle Hiram. Danny, the neglected lamb was absolutely adorable, and Jeremiah was very loving towards him. The dialogue wasn't so bad either. So Dear to My Heart shouldn't be overlooked as a bittersweet kids film, instead it should be recognised as a charming film for the whole family, for that is exactly what it is. 10/10 Bethany Cox
Another Disney live-action/animation winner!
"So Dear to My Heart" is yet another great Disney live-action/animation film. Kind of a follow-up to "Song of the South", but equally good. Burl Ives and his songs make the film worth seeing alone. A surprise song in the movie is "Billy Boy", sung in a duet between Beulah Bondi and Burl Ives. Bobby Driscoll and Luana Patten are just as fresh and appealing here as they were in "Song of the South". During the scene with the song "Billy Boy", watching them smile just fills me with joy. Equally joyous is seeing them dance with Bondi and Ives later in the same scene. If only they lived longer in real life, then I'd probably meet and work with them. This movie is not as well-known as other Disney films, probably because of its simple story, but don't miss it. With a lot of pros I've mentioned above, it doesn't seem dated. I love it as much as "Song of the South" and rate it **** out of ****.
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