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Slumdog Millionaire
Crime, Drama, Thriller, Romance
IMDB rating:
Danny Boyle, Loveleen Tandan
Dev Patel as Youngest Jamal
Saurabh Shukla as Sergeant Srinivas
Anil Kapoor as Prem
Jeneva Talwar as Vision Mixer
Freida Pinto as Latika
Irrfan Khan as Police Inspector
Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail as Youngest Salim
Ayush Mahesh Khedekar as Youngest Jamal
Jira Banjara as Airport Security Guard
Sheikh Wali as Airport Security Guard
Sanchita Choudhary as Jamal's Mother
Himanshu Tyagi as Mr Nanda
Storyline: The story of Jamal Malik, an 18 year-old orphan from the slums of Mumbai, who is about to experience the biggest day of his life. With the whole nation watching, he is just one question away from winning a staggering 20 million rupees on India's (2000) (Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?) But when the show breaks for the night, police arrest him on suspicion of cheating; how could a street kid know so much? Desperate to prove his innocence, Jamal tells the story of his life in the slum where he and his brother grew up, of their adventures together on the road, of vicious encounters with local gangs, and of Latika, the girl he loved and lost. Each chapter of his story reveals the key to the answer to one of the game show's questions. Each chapter of Jamal's increasingly layered story reveals where he learned the answers to the show's seemingly impossible quizzes. But one question remains a mystery: what is this young man with no apparent desire for riches really ...
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An uneducated orphan makes it to a popular game show and manages to answer all the questions.
First, I'll get out of the way what did work in this film. One, the scenery and cinematography. Two, though cleaned up, the abject squalor one sees in India, even in areas of prosperity. Three, that the audience is shown, for the most part, how Jamal knows the answers for most of the questions. That aspect of the film I really liked, and how his past was revealed through these questions. Otherwise, this film was a mess. First off, I found this movie one of the most boring films I have ever seen. I had no sympathy for any of the characters, even though we get a decent back story on the 3 main characters. None elicited any emotions from me whatsoever. The acting was sluggish, and for the most part, actually quite bad, and by most everyone in the film. I could see why the production company had so much press, even negative, to promote this movie. Another problem I had was that for a lot of the Hindi spoken we did not get subtitles, and some of it was important to the story. And though I noticed that all these uneducated, lower caste people spoke such good English, for some reason this did not bother me. Much. A "smart" street kid would learn a major language; otherwise, how else to survive? Well, that's how I saw it. And I waited a long time (Netflix) to get this movie, only to take 5 hours to get through it. It's a basic love story (for a girl; for one's brother; for one's life), and a story of how even the lowest can "make it" (have to have that happy ending you know), so if you want that, then this is the movie for you.
The most over-rated movie of 2008
Over the past few months, I've been hearing a lot of praises for this movie. And the Oscar achievement added more to that. Congratulations to everyone associated with the movie. But I seriously feel its 'much ado about nothing'.

I agree that the concept of the movie - the basic plot - is a fantastic one. But all said and done, the movie still doesn't work (at least for me it didn't). Its the screenplay that has been a let-down.

I haven't read the actual book. But the movie-plot is full of holes. The major one is the language. I feel the makers were forced to use English as a medium of dialogue, obviously because this was a Hollywood movie. The so-called 'Slumdog' Mumbai kids talking in English is something I cannot digest. It was quite good at the beginning when the kids conversed in a dialect of Hindi which was very similar to the actual one used in slums of Mumbai (including the swear words). But then we find the teenage Jamal, Salim and Latika conversing in fluent English. That's simply unrealistic, especially after what they had gone through in their lives. The villain Mamman too switches over to English while talking to the teenage Jamal and Salim, while he was talking to them in Hindi a few years ago.

The way in which the events in Jamal's life were connected to the answers to the questions, failed to impress. Most reeked of poor research. Almost all of them were unrealistic and unbelievable. Trust me, I can guarantee this, no boy from slums would call a revolver a 'Colt'. And how does a blind kid looking for alms know about Benjamin Franklin? The communal riots sequence could have been good connection, but how does a boy disguised like lord Rama turn up in an area of total chaos, and is just standing there absolutely relaxed.

At the end, watching Dev Patel and Frieda Pinto dance in the railway station to the tune of Jai-Ho made me roll-over laughing. It was hilarious. The dance moves seems totally disconnected to the lyrics of the song. And Dev Patel's two left feet were not much help either. In fact, it would have been better if there was no dance at all. But hey, after all, its a Bollywood movie, and every western director who wishes to direct an Indian movie always wants to direct a song-and-dance sequence. But this one here has beat many Hindi movies in terms of the ridiculousness of a song.

About the performances, the kids did an absolutely marvellous job. Anil Kapoor, Dev Patel and Frieda Pinto did a nice job too. Irfan Khan has been wasted in a forgettable role. AR Rehman rocks as usual, but Jai-ho is certainly not his best.

Overall, I think this movie was a loose interpretation of the Mumbai slums, the people there and their lives. Its a confused movie, which just stops somewhere in middle of making a feel-good movie suited to the sensibilities of the western audience, and going for a total 'indianization' of a Hollywood movie. It should have rather sided one end.
An average film. Nothing worth the buzz!
I'm honestly surprised about the recognition and buzz about this film throughout the world. And 10 Oscar nominations!! Man.! How are stupidity and ridiculousness instantly absorbed and appreciated by people without hesitation? OK. let me be pragmatic in my turning down this film as average.

Most things about the film is clichéd. Every damn bad thing imaginable in India happens to the protagonist. But the protagonist overcomes them all. In a way, it confirms what many outside India think about India. People rolling in sh*t, dirty slums, caste based riots, begging, cheating, poverty, cunningness blah blah. All packed in one tight container name "Slumdog Millionaire". The only good souls in the movie are Jamal and Latika (and perhaps amitabh who generously signs autograph for a fan drenched in sh*t). We call this type of movies as "mas ala" in India. No logic. Lots of action. Fast paced screenplay. The protagonist finally smile along with his lady-love who does nothing essentially but just dances in a few songs. (Danny has satisfied even this criterion by making the duo dance with a suddenly formed gang in the railway station at the end of the movie) A typical bolly-Hollywood mas ala movie. A few questions.. How can a slumdog get the answers for every damn question from his life and win 2 crores of rupees? How can slum dogs speak such an excellent English to cheat the foreigners by impersonating themselves as guides? And did you notice their perfect slang?! Rupees is never mentioned in millions. Another attempt toplease the western audience rather than attempting to bring about the truth. Truth? damn! who needs it?! Why did Jamal reject the host's help? Why did the show host suddenly turn villainous? Why did Jamal's brother let Latika go at the last minute and get killed after ceremoniously killing the gang leader? My god! height of insanity.

Certain parts of it are awesome without doubt. Music, screenplay, cinematography. The way the slum has been captured in the police- chasing-the-boys scene is really appreciable. A.R.Rahman is God. But these are nothing to justify the hero-worship the movie is getting. I'm not bothered about India being portrayed in this way by a foreigner. I just expected truth and naturalness which are greatly missing. 6 votes!
Somewhere Danny Boyle must be rolling in disbelief at how his laughable effort has been taken seriously!
After delivering an overly contrived, utterly plain and ultimately boring movie, what else would any respecting director do but lick his wounds and hope nobody notices. But for Danny Boyle - his joke worked!

He fooled the movie world into thinking Slumdog is anything of anything at all! He must be amazed at how easily a badly written badly acted pretend Bollywood fare is taken as award-ready 'art'!

Well, good for him, but woe the rest of us of having to put up with the silly hype over nothing at all...yawn...and the Globes and BAFTA takes another steady slide down the path to irrelevance... with every chance the Oscar would go likewise... oh well, in the end... things bland and plain prevail.
Slumdog Millionaire with 8 Oscar nominations? Huh?
Last night we went to see what the fuss was all about.

While Slumdog is fairly entertaining, I found the overall package to fall far short of an "instant classic". My main gripe with this film was that the plot mechanisms were very contrived, in many cases incredibly predictable.

By the time we got to the second flashback, the scene was pretty much set. There will be some horrific disaster or injustice; and then, there will be some miraculous turn of events to contrast with the evil. This formula was repeated again and again; I suppose the thinking was that this was an analogue of the Indian experience itself. I thought that it was simply clumsy and self-serving.

Another annoyance was the injection of Western arrogance into the film; for example, the "three musketeers" scene which of course was just a contrivance to set up the dramatic final question. Two Indian children whose mother had just been brutally murdered, who had just seen a man burned to death in front of them, would be prattling on about the characters in an Alexandre Dumas novel? Really? What in the world was this director thinking? Did he really think that anyone could watch this scene with a straight face?

The subplot with Salim as a gangster was quite unbelievable and discontinuous with the rest of the film. This could have been a good concept for a different film, where this plot could have be more fully developed, but it did not fit well in this movie. Another contrivance, and one that did not work well, I thought it was very awkward.

With that being said, there is still enough entertainment value to rate this film 6 stars. It was worth the matinée price that I paid, but I am not certain it would have been worth full admission.

Best Movie of the year? Spare me. That outcome simply shows how meaningless the Oscars have become.
who am i to say anything...
to those non-Indians and the conformist Indians here's a little bit of perspective...

when i write what i have to say some of you may think that I've been hurt by the negative depiction of Mumbai... well, not at all, actually i was hoping for a more gritty, realistic, up-close depiction rather than a 'long-shot' impersonal superficial one...

slum-dog millionaire is not a great film, slum-dog millionaire is not a good film. it's an OK film.

first the good things... cinematography is edgy and mind-blowing... editing is razor sharp... sound design is amazing...


it is very hard to digest slum kids talking in English, harder still to digest is their (kind of) fake UK accent. also the cops speaking in English, the local mafia speaking in English...

the acting (in Hindi) of Salim and Jamaal though over-the-top, is passable. but once they grow up and start speaking in English, it's pathetic.

the story which is basically a love story between Jamaal and Latika is lost in the gimmicky impersonal screenplay and you don't connect... actually you don't connect with any character and not because the characters are dark but because neither the lines nor the acting are good. and Danny Boyle knows this and that's why the long-shots and the silhouettes and the characters-in-dark treatment to the film. Dev Patel has only one expression on his face when he is on the 'chair'. Anil Kapoor is irritatingly snobbish, Mahesh Manjrekar is irritating, Freida pinto is irritating... Irrfan Khan and Saurabh Shukla are passable...

Rehman's music is a mix of few average tunes from the great A. R. Rehman library. he's given great music, absolutely great music in infinite Hindi, Tamil films... so if he gets the Oscar, it'll be for his great compositions over the years and not for the average 'slum-dog..' album. ditto for the lyrics of Gulzar...

the main problem in the film is the lack of emotional attachment one feels with the film... i mean when Salim suddenly changes his heart or when he dies in the bath-tub filled with currency, we don't feel anything... when Jamaal finally gets Latika, we don't feel anything... when Salim kills Maman, we don't feel anything... when the film ends we don't feel anything (except irritation)...

the film is an amazingly shot and stylishly edited set of gimmicks which have been forcibly interwoven in to a very convenient story...

but when the world says that it's brilliant cinema, who am i to say anything... and if the world enjoys the irritating yet laughable ( a bad wannabe Bollywood) song and dance sequence in the end, who am i to say anything...
Why Does Everyone Think This Film Is Amazing???
I've just been looking at the IMDb top 250 films and was amazed and shocked to see that Slumdog Millionaire is ranked at #46 in the best films of all time!!! The only question I have to ask is why?? I went to see this film full of anticipation and excitement, not only because its a British film with a British director, but because I hadn't read one bad review or heard anybody say anything remotely negative about it. I'm very sad to say that I've never been more disappointed in my whole life (with the exception of the recent Star Wars films).

I'm not saying that the acting is bad because it's not, its actually very good. I'm not saying that the direction or the cinematography is bad because its not, the film moves at a nice pace and is beautifully made. It shows India in all its magnificent glory and gives an in depth view of the poverty that many of its people, especially children, have to endure. The music is good and it has the "feel good factor" that i had been reading about for months before seeing it.

What I couldn't believe was how predictable it all was. I was under no illusions from 5 minutes into the film that the main character was going to win the money and get the girl and it made the whole experience incredibly boring. It was a journey through a series of bumpy, unbelievable stories and situations that eventually (2hrs later) culminated in the downtrodden hero winning a fortune and ending up with the girl, yawn!!! Lets be honest here too, the girl was stunning and wouldn't have looked twice at the big eared, geeky main character.

I feel bad writing this review because its the first time I have written about a film on IMDb and I would love to write something positive. Unfortunately, I can't sit back and see this film rated as one of the best ever when in reality its no better than one of those 50's Disney films where you know exactly whats going to happen from the start but you watch it because it makes you feel warm and fluffy inside.

I'm astonished it won best film and best director at the Oscars because it's a well made, straight to DVD film at best. I'm giving it 1 out of 10 for the simple reason that this film doesn't deserve to be in the top 250 of anything and I'm hoping that my score brings it's average down. If I wasn't scoring it based on this decision I would give it 4 out of 10 and thats being generous.
No Top 250 material.
Overly sentimental, anything but credible and ridiculously over-hyped, this petty excuse of a movie managed to reel in a multitude of Oscars. I have to admit I wasn't exactly bored while watching it, but a second viewing just isn't going to happen.

The storyline's a wash - to name just one inconsistency, as Salman Rushdie pointed out: from Bombay to the Taj Mahal by jumping a train? Really? -, the actors don't bring anything truly endearing or sympathetic to their characters, and the 'award-winning' music is more often a nuisance than an extra to the whole movie-going experience. Don't get me wrong: I love M.I.A., for instance, but for the biggest part it just didn't work for me.

In fact, the only virtues of this film are the often astonishing landscapes, the energetic, yet dynamic camera work and the rhythmic, punctual direction. But you simply cannot make a good movie out of those three elements - except if you wanna go all 'Koyaanisqatsi', which I love. But they didn't.

Hence: six out of ten.

P.S.: To be completely honest, I would probably rate this a seven, seven and a half tops if it weren't for the suffocating hype surrounding the film, but I feel like bringing the overall score down a notch in my own humble way, because 'Slumdog' simply doesn't deserve such a high rating. I mean: Top 250? No.

Let's just wait and see who will remember this film in three to five years' time.
not worth watching
when i saw the movie i felt so cheated by the movie reviews,its really a depressing movie.except for the background score which is OK compared to rehaman's work in earlier movies like (lagaan,dilse,guru) etc.and the performance of the child actors were amazing.other than that there is nothing great about the movie. some scenes in the movie are too disturbing and they project India and Indians in a really bad way. especially the instance when a US tourist car is looted and the driver hits Jamaal,and the US lady offering some dollars to Jamaal saying this is what US is!(sooooo unreal) this movie is nothing but a depiction of everything that is ugly about India and is just every scrap and dirt picked up from every corner and piled up together to try and hit back at the growing might of India. and it is hard to digest seeing the young actors speaking in English. definitely not worth watching.
Burden of a white man's false vision about India.
It is rather bizarre that this inane flick is currently at spot 205 in the IMDb top 250 list. It may be because these days it has become a fashion to trash the strong homogeneous cultures of developing economies. This is the reason why so many films are being made which try to belittle booming economies of Brazil, Russia, China and India. Slumdog Millionaire is one such film which is a half baked attempt to mix realism with social message. It fails on both counts. The biggest fault one can find with Danny Boyle's film is that it looks at poverty, poor kids only from an exploitation angle. This is the reason why so many negative scenes about poverty have been put in order to create a sensationalist approach. This can work wonders for those foreigners who have always looked upon India with their myopic eyes full of contempt. One can be sure that things would have been different if a solution angle had been applied to the film's narrative. The vision of Danny Boyle is so conceited that he feels that "Slumdog Millionaire" is his prerogative to suggest that India is nothing but a land of poor people where snake charmers merely rub shoulders with hungry elephants and crime is the only thing which pays. Slumdog Millionaire is a trashy film which will please only those who choose to ignore the real beauty of India. It is a sad fact that Danny Boyle has been able to fool people in the west. His real test will take place when his film is shown in Indian cinema halls where it would surely be trashed as a stupid white man's discriminatory vision of India's misery. It would meet the same fate as that of Mira Nair's "Salaam Bombay" when it bombed miserably at Indian box office after being shown for commercial distribution.
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