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Singin' in the Rain
Romance, Comedy, Musical
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Stanley Donen, Gene Kelly
Donald O'Connor as Cosmo Brown
Debbie Reynolds as Kathy Selden
Jean Hagen as Lina Lamont
Millard Mitchell as R.F. Simpson
Cyd Charisse as Dancer
Douglas Fowley as Roscoe Dexter
Rita Moreno as Zelda Zanders
Storyline: In 1927, Don Lockwood and Lina Lamont are a famous on-screen romantic pair. Lina, however, mistakes the on-screen romance for real love. Don has worked hard to get where he is today, with his former partner Cosmo. When Don and Lina's latest film is transformed into a musical, Don has the perfect voice for the songs. But Lina - well, even with the best efforts of a diction coach, they still decide to dub over her voice. Kathy Selden is brought in, an aspiring actress, and while she is working on the movie, Don falls in love with her. Will Kathy continue to "aspire", or will she get the break she deserves ?
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The greatest musical of them all
The biggest numbers, the greatest stars, the snappiest dialog, and a story worth telling... Sure the lengthy "Broadway Melody" ballet at the end drags things for the non-dance fan, but even it is a superior effort to other attempts at a jazz ballet, say, American in Paris. From "Fit as a Fiddle" to "Lucky Star" the numbers sizzle. If you single out the title tune and Kelly's wonderful dance, you can't forget the outrageous O'Connor's "Be a Clown" or either of the male leads comedy duets. Words fail me. See the movie.
I LOVE THIS MOVIE! Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, Donald O'Connor, and Jean Hagen are just great in this movie! The best sequences are Gene's 'Singin' in the rain' dance in the rain (pure cinematic genius!), the scene where Lina Lamont (Jean Hagen) tries to say her lines with a diction coach (Kathleen Freeman) (her 'can't' comes out 'cain't), the 'Good Morning' dance with Gene, Debbie, and Donald, and the famous 'Broadway Melody' ballet with Kelly and Cyd Charisse (with a Clara Bow/Louise Brooks haircut and a seductive dress). I was in a production of 'Guys and Dolls' and the kids in the troupe worshiped this musical. I would watch this film over and over again without getting tired of it! As many film buffs say, this is 'the greatest musical ever'. 10/10
Great characters and great songs.
A wholesome and heartwarming movie. I thought parts were genuinely funny. The acting is great too. Maybe the only thing that put me off was the amount of dancing involved. I get it that it's a musical and dancing is a key item in the plot, but somehow those long dance sequences were just too monotonous for me. Other than that a great movie overall.
admirable work
many motifs define it as a masterpiece. but it is enough to see its title to know than it is more than a masterpiece. first, it is a memorable song. than- it is a lovely performance of Gene Kelly. not the last, it is the admirable job of Deborah Reynolds. and, more important, it is seductive tool fore resurrect an old world. it is almost childish to write about it. because everybody knows the naive story, the amusing scenes, the American dream who becomes reality, the unique scene in rain in which Gene Kelly was not only courageous or crazy but the perfect sex symbol of all the times. short, a film like a precious gift.
What a glorious feeling!...
OK, after commenting on many of the great films that I liked very much, I figure it's about time to comment on one of the films that I truly love... "Singin' in the Rain".... I just adore the hell out of this film. There are only a few movies out there that can truly transcend any and all boundries, and make even the most depressed person joyful... Singin' in the Rain is one of them.

This film is pure magic. In today's teenage-dominated film industry audiences seem to want more of an adrenaline-pumping, special effect-driven thrill ride instead of a film like this which is true cinema art. It communicates feelings of joy instead of mindless heart-pumping action. Today's films are not art... they are mass-produced moneymakers that attempt to give you nothing more than a rollercoaster-like experience. No substance to them at all...

But back to the film, the performances are phenomenal! Gene is always great and is the true entertainer. In the famous 15 minute Broadway finale Gene combines three art forms into one (Song, Dance, & Film) to communicate the story of the aspiring actor who comes to Broadway without using one line of (spoken) diologue. This scene should also be noted as quite possibly the most beautiful use of technicolor ever committed to celluloid.

Donald O'Connor... what can I say, the man is incredible! It is so refreshing to see a vaudeville performer in a film outside of the silent era. His gravity-defying performance of "Make 'em Laugh" echos the great silent comedians of the 20's (especially the great Buster Keaton)...

And Ms. Debbie Reynolds rounds out the trio. She's magnificent... especially considering that it's one of her first roles. She posseses a wide range of emotion throughout the film, going from the popping out of a cake :) ...to the tears at the end. I really think her performance is underrated... she really brought so much of everything into this movie and I could never, ever picture anyone else in her role. It's really a shame that her performance of "You are My Lucky Star" was cut from the final print.

Of course my favorite moment is when these three legends come together to sing "Good Morning"... ahhh, pure magic!

Anyway, I just thought I'd express my joy towards this film... not one of the greatest musicals of all time, not one of the great classics, but one of the greatest films of all time.... period.
Except for two sequences, what's all the fuss about?
This movie is worth seeing for two reasons: the inimitably exuberant rain scene and Cyd Charisse's unbelievable legs.

There's an extremely silly story here, loaded with hammy, stereotyped performances.

Gene Kelly is a dance genius and watching him move is an aesthetic thrill. However, his acting here mostly reeks. All of that saccharine grinning gets old really quick.

Donald O'Conner's part is more grating. His wise-cracking smart aleck is forever making vaudeville-tacky jokes. He dances well but is only tolerable with his mouth closed.

Unrecognizably glamorous compared to her moll role of two years earlier in "The Asphalt Jungle," Jean Hagen is funny the first time she speaks, but her chalkboard-scratch schtick eventually produces an earache.

Ah, but the magic of Kelly and his umbrella in the downpour! It captures the essence of man at his best. When we send our rockets into the nothingness of space, these few inches of celluloid should be humanity's calling card.

Kelly's artistry in this brief clip guarantees his immortality!
Grandmother loves it, but why?
Wow did I hate this movie. I feel like I need to rewatch it, because this IS supposed to be a good movie right? Like, classic, everyone loves it? I don't for the life of me understand why. I know all the songs, everyone knows all the songs. I recognized the singing in the rain scene. Who doesn't? But goddamn! This movie was a star vehicle if there ever was one! This movie exists just to show how awesome Gene Kelly was, and doesn't get anything else right. I've seen musicals before (who hasn't?), and I know for a fact that they're capable of having good plots and likable characters like any other movie! Then why does this one seem so flat?
The Iconic MGM Movie Musical
This is an iconic movie musical. About the transition from silent film to talking pictures. The tons of musical numbers abound all choreographed brilliantly by legendary Gene Kelly. Singin' in the Rain the title song will put a smile on your face whether you're having a bad or not.
one of my wonderful childhood memories
This film has a charming and warm story, beautiful music and choreography (and dance performance) and lot of fun gags. It's a must see for people of all ages, but seeing it in early youth it's probably best (it made quite an impression on me). They don't make this kind of films anymore, and thus Singin' in the rain may remain unique in the history of film making. I don't know if it's the best performance of Gene Kelly but it sure is one of it's finest. I'm very glad to see that the film and the title song are still appealing for present generations as the were for those of the past. I hope it's beauty will also enjoy in the years to come.
How do I love this movie? Let me count the ways...
I'm glad that this movie is one of the top here on IMDB. That's the way it should be. With the exception of the dreadful "Gotta Dance" number, this movie is a classic to be treasured for years to come. Each time I watch it, I love it more and I laugh harder. The music is catchy, the acting is great, and the jokes are hilarious. Donald O'Connor has to be one of the funniest people ever...and Cosmo is just so darn loveable. :-)

10/10 -- definitely!
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