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Schindler's List
Drama, Biography, History, War
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Steven Spielberg
Liam Neeson as Oskar Schindler
Ben Kingsley as Itzhak Stern
Ralph Fiennes as Amon Goeth
Caroline Goodall as Emilie Schindler
Jonathan Sagall as Poldek Pfefferberg (as Jonathan Sagalle)
Embeth Davidtz as Helen Hirsch
Malgoscha Gebel as Wiktoria Klonowska
Shmuel Levy as Wilek Chilowicz (as Shmulik Levy)
Mark Ivanir as Marcel Goldberg
Andrzej Seweryn as Julian Scherner
Friedrich von Thun as Rolf Czurda
Krzysztof Luft as Herman Toffel
Harry Nehring as Leo John
Storyline: Oskar Schindler is a vainglorious and greedy German businessman who becomes an unlikely humanitarian amid the barbaric Nazi reign when he feels compelled to turn his factory into a refuge for Jews. Based on the true story of Oskar Schindler who managed to save about 1100 Jews from being gassed at the Auschwitz concentration camp, it is a testament for the good in all of us.
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Probably the greatest film of all time
Although the film has a long running time, every moment is worth gluing your eyes to the screen. With a age 15 guide line you can expect the usual swearing,nudity and violence but all with good meaning. I would recommend watching the film at any age, primarily because all of the world needs to learn of the events of the ww2. The use of no color other than the girl in the red coat is possibly what gives this film it authenticity. Spielberg uses his religion to bring this film it's emotion. Both Liam and Ralph play masterful parts and play them well. Defiantly watch this film, and I bet you will end up crying your heart out. Enjoy
Jewel Of Cinema. ♦ 93%
Astounded by the facts, grueling scenes & short scripts between the sequences, I find myself in an awkward situation where instead of thinking about which movie to watch next, I am introspecting about the purpose of my life. Seriously, this film makes it a point that you get emotionally inspired.

Steven Spielberg, as always, takes up a sensitive topic and carves it to perfection. Not taking in account the long running time (which is actually pretty fair) & the imbalance of narration, the story of Oskar Schindler saving a bunch of innocent Jews from the clutches of callous German Kommandants strikes a visual chord mentally, emotionally. The heart-aching depiction of cruelty on Jews, rampant corruption during World War, slavery & the magnanimity of Schindler, his friendship, his aura is all well filmed. The music almost backs it up, with wonderful screenplay & cinematography.

Liam Neeson is terrific. I have always loved his performances; this one makes me respect him more & more. Ben Kingsley is very very good, especially with his demeanor. Supporting cast is amazing. In fact, the whole crew should get a standing ovation for the hard-work of digging up the facts. The final sequences made me cry.

BOTTOM LINE: A 9.3/10 for this must-watch, characteristic film. One of the most emotionally touching films.

Can be watched with a typical Indian family? NO

Profanity: No | Vulgarity: No | Nudity: Infinity | Sex: Mild | Foreplay: Strong | Smoking: Strong | Alcohol: Strong | Drugs: No | Traumatizing Factor: Very Critical
this movie is cheap
Spielberg makes money out of one of the greatest mass murders in history.great! its disgusting how he makes a success story of the holocaust where 6 million people gets killed. besides the movie:- has no opinion about the holocaust -it is straining for effects(for example the red coated girl is a kitsch) -there is no character development in it -it is long and boring -the emotions presented are shallow. on the other hand the acting is good but that's all. if you are interested in the subject i recommend you to watch a good documentary(the eyes of the holocaust for example) or read these books(i am not sure they are accessible in your language but give it a try) Sorstalanság by Imre Kertész Primo Levi:Survival in Auswitz
Great movie
Many movies come out each year and we applaud them for their screen play, orginality and whatever else we can say about a movie. But only once in a long while does one come out and you say all those nice things, but one you will also never forget. This movie is more than just something for us to watch for 3 hours and 17 minutes, it is something for us to never forget, to teach us a lesson and to remember those who died needlessly along with those who tried to help those same people survive.
No more than a useful public service announcement...
Schindler's list is not a bad film per se - Liam Neeson is very good as Schindler and if you edit out some of the more overblown scenes - the story is still riveting. Yet it could have been so much more if the story just told simply and if the central theme were fully understood and developed.

Before the war Schindler and his friend, Goeth were boozy, flirtatious German businessmen. Both would have likely been uninspired failures had there been no war. In a kinder world, Goeth's and Schindler's moral differences might have manifested themselves in the size of the tip that they would leave the barmaid. In war, the consequences of moral choices are greatly magnified, resulting in Schindler becoming a most unlikely heroic figure, and Goeth becoming a loathed prison commandant. In the film, Spielberg elevates Schindler to sainthood status and portrays Goeth as a sadistic psychopath. By sanitizing Schindler's many faults (boozing, gambling, womanizing...) and by demonizing Goeth, Spielberg severs our connection with them and, ironically, blunts the conflict between them. Adolf Eichmann was far more chilling than Charles Manson. Unlike Manson, whom we could dismiss as psychotic, Eichmann was the faceless functionary that we have all experienced, whose defense of "following orders" is one that we have all heard, a defense that was used by many during the war, and one that we might see ourselves using under similar circumstances had we not Schindler's courage. By making Schindler a saint, Spielberg diminishes both his accomplishment and his inspiration to us - saints have no problems making the right decision - the rest of us do. Rather than a gaping chasm, there is but a fine moral line between Schindler and Goeth - one that we tread every day, which fortunately for us, rarely does more than determines a barmaid's salary.

Spielberg does not develop this simple theme, preferring to impress us with a grandiose view of a great moral tale. Instead, he comes off as the underskilled sous-chef drowning a wonderful filet mignon in an overly rich sauce. The quality of the ingredients still shine through despite the clumsy handling but does not approach its great potential. In the end, the best thing about the film is that it reminds Americans of a monstrous event in history. It is unfortunate that this reminder is necessary and that it reduces such a timeless parable to a useful public service announcement.
good movie, but with problems

I enjoyed certain things about SL. The story is quite good. Technically, the movie is very good. The acting is fine.

But, seeing how this film stays near the top of the "top 250", I feel compelled to rain on the parade a bit. Forgive me if I use this forum to focus on what I *didn't* like about the movie:

The scene at the train station--remember? Where people were scrawling their names on their luggage, and loading it onto boxcars on another line, then the audience is let in on the fact that the system had no intention of reuniting them with their belongings?--set the tone for the representation of evil that was the holocaust. It appeared that the immensity of the tragedy would be conveyed in this movie by equally grand and hauntingly indirect scenarios like this. But then the movie settles into what I call the "clean death" of countless shots to the head. I'm not saying that they should have shown the knee deep typhus-dead in abandoned barracks, an actual gassing, etc., etc. But the power of that train station scene subsequently wasn't matched by what came after.

I also felt that the "little girl in the pink coat" was a victim "for the rest of us"; a furtive hedging-of-the-bets which I have a funny, funny feeling might have been more-or-less foisted upon Spielburg by his producers. When we got tired of seeing Jews getting herded up and killed, the pink coat girl (who appeared to be a kind of goyim "innocent bystander") sort of "freshened our palates." And I think that's a poor substitute for more of the kind of effective and deeply moving stuff I alluded to above (the train station scene).

If you want your gut blown re the holocaust, watch Shoah.
this is one the worst movies I have ever seen about the holocaust. This movie doesn't do anything to me. If I was to doubt that the holocaust ever happend, this movie would make me a non-believer of the holocaust. To set the record straight I believe and know the holocaust happend. The movie is predictable, badly shot, has one of the worst scripts and the location looked more like a holiday camp than work camp from WWII. Thru out the whole picture there is not one moment of human emotion. In this picture mister Speilberg shows his short comings in his intellect again, after bad movies like ET, Jurrasic Park and Saving private ryan(this movie is only saved because Tom Hanks played in it). And now Iam reading he is involved in a movie about Anne Frank, I really hope he doesn't have to much influence on the script and the in the shooting of the movie.
This goes beyond being just a bad film.
As possibly the world's most influential film-maker, Spielberg has a responsibility. And that responsibility entails NOT using his cheesy, shallow sensibilities to turn one of the most profoundly horrible parts of human history into a soap opera-style piece of fluff. This film is more than just a bad film, it is a downright dangerously bad film that will be watched by millions of impressionable people who might have had few other sources to base their knowledge of the Holocaust on. Most of us agree that the worst thing to do about something like the Holocaust is to forget it, lest it happen again. The next worst thing is to trivialise it to the point where it resembles so many other Hollywood pieces of trash.

What possesses a man who has become rich and powerful in the film industry solely through the making of shallow, transparent films for children to think that he is talented and wise enough to present to the masses a subject which should only be touched by the most careful and socially responsible hands? A Mid-life crisis, and an over-inflated ego, most likely, not that it matters though.

Only someone with many years of study may be a doctor; only an experienced engineer may build a bridge, and even the guy who fixes your toilet must be a qualified plumber. Yet this fool, whose only previous qualifications have been cheap, shallow, movies made strictly for entertainment, thinks he is in a rightful position to educate our children. Because, unfortunately, many people have a frighteningly limited amount of knowledge about the second world war, and Schindler's List will be for many of them their main source of information. Showing it to them in as cheesy and hollow a fashion as almost only Spielberg can, is simply a crime.

One of the best movies of all time!
This move is shocking with its brutality but also made me cry, because of the people's motivation to survive! every aspect of this film is innovative and the one who's watching it cannon see anything even close to what this film is about. another masterpiece of King- the King of directing. Main roles and extras are playing like never before. This is a must see film, involving every aspect of life and death itself. The war is bad but also beautiful with its strange aspects and turns. The situation and all the scenes in the film are unique and the atmosphere catches you from the first moment on. In one moment you will stop realizing this is a film and will totally dive into the whole feeling of being a part of that altered reality. Definitely a film, that should be watched with a nice party- from beginning till the end! Happy watching! Enjoy!
best movie must watch
" I....pardon you."

These words spoken by Amon Goethe (Ralph Fiennes) during the film can be aptly used to signify the themes of this film: power and forgiveness.

I am part of the post war generation who has been lucky enough not to experience any major war. And after watching this film, I have deep respect and feelings for those who suffered during these times, be it the Holocaust or the Nam war. This film was just waiting to be made and I'm glad it was the right man who dared to take up the challenge. Any other person would not have done it justice.

The film focuses on how a German named Oskar Schindler saved the lives of thousands of Jews by employing them to work in his factory during WWII. However, I feel the film's primary aim is not to show us Schindler's kindness but the horrors of war. There are some of the most true and graphic scenes here ever captured on celluloid. People being shot for no particular reason, hiding in fear, stripped and gased, abused......so much so that viewers watching it for the 1st time will be deeply affected. We have never got to see this "flip side" of the war in many Hollywood productions which only focuses on action and their unrealistic "gung-ho" heroes. ( Another excellent film would be "Saving Pte Ryan" by Spielberg again ) War and its horrors are finally and faithfully recreated for the audience.

Like the film Raging Bull, its shot beautifully in black and white to reflect the era and tone of the film. Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes are excellent, esp the latter for his frightening portrayal of Amon Goethe. The scene where they discuss about power is a classic and the subsequent one where Amon 'pardons' a young jew remains as one of my many favs!

awesome movie must watch available in Hindi
📹 Schindler's List full movie HD download 1993 - Liam Neeson, Ben Kingsley, Ralph Fiennes, Caroline Goodall, Jonathan Sagall, Embeth Davidtz, Malgoscha Gebel, Shmuel Levy, Mark Ivanir, Béatrice Macola, Andrzej Seweryn, Friedrich von Thun, Krzysztof Luft, Harry Nehring, Norbert Weisser - USA. 📀