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Saving Private Ryan
Drama, Action, History, War
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Steven Spielberg
Tom Hanks as Capt. John H. Miller
Tom Sizemore as Sgt. Mike Horvath
Edward Burns as Pvt. Richard Reiben
Barry Pepper as Pvt. Daniel Jackson
Adam Goldberg as Pvt. Stanley Mellish
Vin Diesel as Pvt. Adrian Caparzo
Giovanni Ribisi as T-5 Medic Irwin Wade
Jeremy Davies as Cpl. Timothy P. Upham
Matt Damon as Pvt. James Francis Ryan
Ted Danson as Capt. Fred Hamill
Paul Giamatti as Sgt. Hill
Dennis Farina as Lt. Col. Anderson
Joerg Stadler as Steamboat Willie
Max Martini as Cpl. Henderson (as Maximilian Martini)
Storyline: Opening with the Allied invasion of Normandy on 6 June 1944, members of the 2nd Ranger Battalion under Cpt. Miller fight ashore to secure a beachhead. Amidst the fighting, two brothers are killed in action. Earlier in New Guinea, a third brother is KIA. Their mother, Mrs. Ryan, is to receive all three of the grave telegrams on the same day. The United States Army Chief of Staff, George C. Marshall, is given an opportunity to alleviate some of her grief when he learns of a fourth brother, Private James Ryan, and decides to send out 8 men (Cpt. Miller and select members from 2nd Rangers) to find him and bring him back home to his mother...
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Inhumanity brought to life to save humanity
D-Day. Operation Overlord. What we say here cannot do justice to what they did on that day. Tom Hanks and his patrol must recover Private James Ryan before his mother gets her fourth flag delivered by an Army chaplain. It all makes perfect, illogical sense to kill many to save one.

After surviving the Normandy landing, Hanks is volunteered to put his men in the line of fire again and again. Just to save one man.

Or is it?

A bridge is saved, a town is secured, a bigger battle is won..All because Hanks saved one shoe for one horse...

Beautifully realistic to make the atrocities of war invade, assault, and overpower all five senses. You feel the bullets whizzing past your head. You see the man looking for his arm after it was blown off is shoulder. You smell the burning hatred for the Nazis as one US soldier yells to his comrades "Don't shoot them..let them burn."

It is too much to watch..but you have to see it.
What exactly are you trying to say?
Before I start let me say that this movie was extremely well crafted, pushing the envelope in the technical aspect of filmmaking.

This movie was really good if looked at in parts. The opening D-DAY sequence was beautiful. The final battle was also great. There were moments that really grabbed you (the Giovanni Ribisi monologue especially) but the film as a whole makes no sense.

It said nothing. It simply contradicted itself over and over agian. The great D-DAY sequence tells us about the insanity of war, and how awful and seemingly pointless it all is. But after two hours of walking around to further build on the whole insanity of war thing, the movie goes full circle right into hollywood. The ending attempts to justify all the madness, by saying that it's all worth it because you are fighting for matt damon and of course your country (as we fade out on the american flag). Mr. Speilberg and company, What exactly are you trying to tell us?

NOTE: This movie pales in comparison to Terrance Malick's THE THIN RED LINE.

Although I must say, if it came down to this movie and Shakespeare in love (perhaps the worst movie to ever win an oscar... oh wait thats titanic), I would have to go with this one.
My favorite movie of all time
If it weren't for the group of people with a personal hatred of America and our military, this movie would have a higher overall rating on IMDb. This movie is phenomenal. From the horrific depiction of D-Day in Normandy to the final battle, this movie keeps you entertained and worried for the safety of the main characters. This movie will tug at your heartstrings if you have a heart. The acting really draws you in and the plot, while a little out there, is very engaging and creates for an amazing journey behind enemy lines.

This movie will forever be the greatest war movie ever made. The brutal realism and gore are hard to watch at times but is necessary to fully show the horrors of war.

All I can say about this movie is don't expect your favorite characters to make it out alive. I was pretty upset originally when my two favorite characters in the movie died, but that just adds to the realism of the movie. People died. Your friends died. Heroes died. War is Hell, and full of heroic sacrifices. This movie is a must see for any American, though I believe foreigners should enjoy this movie as well. An excellent 10/10 from me.
The Goonies goto war: As George W. Bush would tell you how WWII went down.
You have to love a war movie, which just like 'Goonies' is based around a serious of characters, all of which have one defining characteristic, and go on a quest, finding out who they are along the way.

As 'Goonies' had the fat kid, the Asian genius, the smart-arse; 'Ryan' has the religious guy, the cowardly guy, and smart-arse, among others. As the 'Goonies' fought impossible odds, so too do the American soldiers of the 'Ryan' cast.

And WWII is seen as it really happened, with the Heroic American's fighting for the cause of good single-handedly, against those crazy Germans! Canadian's, British, French, and even Commonwealth soldiers don't feature on this Western front. And nor would they, with this being an American film starring Tom Hanks, they should be neglected from such "history". There's only room for the central character's and there quest for flag waving glory!

When this film was first released it was sold as being so accurate it was a history lesson within a piece of entertainment. But blood and guts don't make for accuracy. And American's, for whom this was meant only saw war as a glorious celebration of the stars-n-stripes. To this day, America has used WWII not as a warning, but as a starting point. Lost in this film was the supposed anti-war message, with nationalism the resounding lesson that this filth passed onto it's American viewers. George W. Bush must surely love this piece of violent film making at it's worst.

Forget about this Goonies rip, and just check out the original, it's far less offensive, and a lot more entertaining.
AMAZING MOVIE EVER!!The first time that I watched this movie was in school and I knew that I HAD to get it for myself! I love the way they had the affects of guns and grenades. I can't wait for my son to be old enough to sit and watch it with me :) I don't think any other movie about war would even come close to Saving Private Ryan. Tom Hanks and Matt Damon were a good pair, and would be good to pair up again! I recommend this movie to A LOT of my friends. They come back and tell me that it was remarkable, then they tell other people to watch it. I wish that I could shake Spielberg's hand to say Thank You for making an AWESOME movie and that I'm going to wear out my disc very soon.
A good film, but over-rated
Considered by many to be a fantastic film, I feel I must have missed something. This film is certainly a good film by any standards. (The camera work is well done, backdrops are excellent and the opening scene on the beaches of Normandy is one of the most memorable in cinema history) But the film does suffer from a couple of failings.

Firstly, it is strongly and unapologetically patriotic. The film beings and ends with the American flag, and the in fact, the Americans appear to be the only people in the film. The only appearances from other nationalities are the Germans, and the only character seen is a back-stabbing monster. In contrast, the American soldiers are all rough diamonds, and each death scene for an American character is a tear-jerking moment of sadness.

Secondly, the plot. After the initial scene, the plot becomes somewhat silly, going increasingly downhill until the surviving half dozen characters end the movie fighting a battalion of soldiers and a squad of tanks. I really don't understand how anyone can watch the end of this film with any seriousness.

In conclusion, I'd say that the only way this movie deserves the high regard it seems to have is if after watching the opening half hour, the movie was switched off. None the less, I would recommend viewing this film, as its qualities do outshine the flaws.
I think this film is terrible. The war scenes are gimmicky, especially the flanging, shakey camera work. Some scenes are outrageously unrealistic, such as when those American soldiers shot the Germans using the mirror. Also, studies have been done showing that only about 1/3 of American troops landing during D-Day fired their rifles. Not all of these soldiers were hardcore killers like the movie makes them out to be. It's laughable that people call this film "realistic."

The audience is given very little credit. The dialogue sounds like it is cut out of newspaper articles which editorialize the mission. It's as though Spielberg thought his audience was so stupid that the moral dilemma of the film had to be spelled out for them in detail.

It also overused action sequences. Those in creative control of the film tried to make up for the lack of depth with gritty, excessive scenes of violence. All in all, this is one of the worst films that I have ever seen.
A Movie Is Only as Good as the Reactions It Provokes!
.............................................,..............from Pasto,Colombia...Via: L.A. CA., CALI, COLOMBIA and ORLANDO, FL

Numbing shock…on a cellular level…motivated me to return to the theater a week later, to experience it again. I was not in the least disappointed. Indulged myself by acquiring the DVD soon after its release and reliving the experience on numerous occasions! In RYAN, Spielberg succeeds in getting inside the viewer's head by immersing us in his ingeniously structured cascading time-lapse glacier of chaos, resulting in a 2½ hour free-fall rush into overwhelming impotence. RYAN seers the hell of war into every pore of your psyche, like no other war movie before or since. Watching it is a delightful exercise in masochistic pleasure.

Certainly, anything but war friendly, Spielberg's 1998 classic, the highest rated war themed film in the history of cinema (#33-IMDb Top 250 today), only makes oblique reference to the diabolical nature of the Nazi juggernaut. RYAN tenaciously and consistently drives home the only "shades of gray" nature of the nuts and bolts, day-to-day, moment to moment decision options available in the heat of battle! I offer, as an example of this, various moments of on screen interaction with German prisoner of war, nicknamed "Steamboat Willie"…Just watch, eventually you will understand!

Also, I think a special note of recognition is due to Denise Chamian…If the name doesn't ring a bell, don't feel bad…she did not register with me either! Her name appears for The CASTING Credit of RYAN. Superb job, Ms. Chamian!(Minority Report/Big Fish) She has been nominated on multiple occasions by the Casting Society of America…but RYAN seems to be her only win! (An extremely well deserved one, in my opinion)

The Ensemble cast also received a Screen Actors Guild Nomination in that category. After having seen RYAN at least 10 times, I stand firmly by this accolade: One of the BEST Ensemble performances ever! To anyone out there who hasn't seen RYAN, maybe because of its War or Action genre label…This is one hell of a humanistic Greek tragedy that you simply must see! To those of you who have seen it once or twice, but who haven't in years….Please give it another look…You won't be disappointed in the least…RYAN only gets better with each viewing!

Self-medication, Mr. Spielberg?
This movie serves two purposes: a) glorify the American soldier from World War II and the American nation in general and b) help Mr. Spielberg overcome his own neurosis about being Jewish, a task he started with "Schindler's List." That probably makes him the envy of anyone who ever saw a psychologist: to get paid for spreading out your psyche instead of having to pay for it.

The first 20 minutes of this movie are amazing, indeed. Very well captured is the sheer horror of landing on a fortified beach; the disorientation, the killing etc. But after that, this movie drops on the level of "Armageddon": a mother has a number of sons, all of them died during the war, except one and the US military surely puts the life of half a dozen soldiers into peril to save that last one. Of course, that is completely logical.

The German soldiers, in the contrary, don't seem to have mothers or anyone who cares about them, they are ugly, lean-mean-killing machines, shouting incomprehensible things and should be killed wherever possible. They are also not just as scared as any other simple soldier on a battle field, they don't have any feelings at all.

So, what could have been a great movie, with all the money spent for and stars on it, playing in the same league as "All quiet on the Western Front" gets to be completely pathetic, unrealistic, super-patriotic and one-sided. Steven Spielberg once said that he often didn't feel he was a "real" American and was left-out because of him being Jewish and that the past of his family haunts him. It is ok to feel that way and I wish him he will finally get rid of both feelings. But on the other hand he also was left out of getting an "Oscar" until "Schindler's List." That was a well done movie, but on the long run it seems it didn't do Spielberg too good. Somewhere he must have come to the conclusion that doing movies about WWII helps him overcome his problems and making them patriotic will help him getting an Oscar.

If you are interested in a realistic look on war, watch "All quiet on the Western Front" or "Das Boot."
some upsetting battle sequences for a plain story
War movies have often been one of Steven Spielberg' specialities. This one achieved a huge public and critic success. What drew the attention in this war movie are fight sequences. They're extremely violent and bloody. We have been rarely so far in the reality of fights. It's difficult to forget the first half an hour of the movie during the Normandy landings. Spielberg's sober and showy directing increases the phenomenon.

However, you must admit it, the movie is based on a trite, plain even conventional story. You could use this last word to describe the famous Ryan soldier. Indeed, he's told that he can go home because all his brothers have been killed. Instead, he wants to keep on fighting.

Apart from this and in spite of a few weaknesses, "saving private Ryan" is a thrilling war movie.
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