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Saludos Amigos
Fantasy, Family, Animation, Music
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Wilfred Jackson, Jack Kinney
José Oliveira as Joe Carioca (voice)
Fred Shields as Narrator
Storyline: Live-action segments show members of the Disney staff touring South America and recording their impressions in sketches. These segue into four animated sections: "Lake Titicaca" depicts tourist Donald Duck's troubles with a stubborn llama; "Pedro" tells of a little mail plane's adventures flying over the treacherous Andes; "El Gaucho Goofy" transplants an American cowboy into the Argentine pampas; and in "Aquarela do Brasil," Jose Carioca shows Donald the sights and sounds of Rio de Janiero.
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Spirited, if minor...
Animators on assignment from Walt Disney tour South America (along with Donald Duck!) to soak up new cartoon ideas. This long-unseen Disney item is full of color and music, but is obviously a holding-pattern release for the company. I watched the film on video, coupled with the quite-entertaining additional 20-minute documentary which regales even more of the non-animated adventures. Never too popular with the kids, probably because a major cartoon segment involving Pedro the Airplane isn't very funny and lacks the local flavor. Otherwise, some visually dazzling bits but not as good as the similar "The Three Caballeros", released in the US in 1945. **1/2 from ****
Fun, but overlong, even at 40 minutes
"Saludos Amigos", is a short (but, at the same time, long) Disney film featuring four animated shorts set in South America. Surprisingly, I found myself LAUGHING throughout the film (I'm a Looney Tunes guy, not a Mickey Mouse guy. What gives?!). The Donald and Goofy segments in particular provide good insight into the customs of these Spanish-speaking people. The cartoon about the plane had good animation, yet it was a little too "cutesy" for me. By the last segment, however, I had grown tired of this film. Donald and Joe Carioca (who both appeared in "The Three Caballeros", one of my childhood favorites) appear in a dull and tacked-on short that can't seem to decide if it's supposed to be a pretty cartoon about the scenery of Brazil or a comedic cartoon full of Donald-style gags. Then, without warning, the film abruptly ends, leaving me even more disappointed. To wrap it up, this film is a nice time-waster, but see it for the first and third cartoons, and the live-action segments.
Now, we see a bit of live action - plus animated sweetness!
iHola! Que tal? (sorry, I can't do an upside-down "?" on my keyboard) iMuy bien, gracias!

Yeah, I'm doing very well, indeed!

Why the Spanish? Because today, we are looking at the other 1942 Disney animated movie, "Saludos Amigos!" This is one of many 1940s Disney short cartoon compilations released into theaters. So, we see a few short cartoons that take us south of the border and in between these shorts, we see a travel agent telling us about the many places of Latin America and such.

Come to think of it, I actually remember seeing the last part of this on the Disney Channel back nine years ago from this month of writing this (yes, you DCOM fans, we forefathers had old stuff on this network back in the days of yore), and though I didn't get to see this movie in whole, I still thought that this was good, among many other Mickey and Friends movies.

"Saludos Amigos" - iSi! Diez estrellas (10 stars).
Unremarkable mixture of animation/live action - routine Disney.
This 43 minute feature has lain in the Disney vaults for almost sixty years. Although one or two of the cartoon segments within have appeared on the Disney television shows, the work itself entered a state of oblivion, not undeserved. It is a live-action travelogue to South America, inserted into which are four cartoons: Goofy as a gaucho, Donald as a tourist, Pedro (a mail carrying junior plane) and Donald with Joe Carioca dancing the samba. Accompanying it is a 30 minute 16 mm travelogue of the tour (in reverse order), utilizing more local detail. This work inexplicably garnered three Oscar noms: Sound, Scoring and Song - all undeserved. Probably it was honored due to its goodwill efforts in acknowledging our South American neighbors continued opposition to Naziism - so can be counted as propaganda. The Academy chose to nominate the forgettable title song, appearing only under the credits, and not the hit parade song (Tico, Tico) from the film - dumb Academy. This is harmless for kids but a piece of boring fluff for adults - certainly not worth buying, but maybe a rental or two for the young set may be in order. Newly released on video 5/00.
War times were tough, even for animation studios
Saludos Amigos is basically Disney's desperate wartime attempt to find new markets and to make some quick cash, because understandably European markets had something else on their minds at the time. And it shows. Saludos Amigos is straight pandering to South American public and at least it earns some points for honesty and for at least trying to be entertaining.

Nevertheless, it's pretty clear that this was made in some rush and with an extremely limited budget. All of the segments are brief, kind of rough and don't contain much of a story. All are also little more than tourist ads for various South American locations, which isn't as much of a problem as you would think, given that this was done by Disney, after all.

The first and the third segment, featuring Donal Duck and Goofy, respectively, are the two better ones in my opinion. Both heavily resemble the various Disney shorts made before this and in a good way. They're quick with jokes, the two characters are as entertaining as they've always been and as a whole I have nothing major against them.

The second segment, featuring Pedro, the littlest airplane, is the granddaddy of Pixar's whole Car franchise, and that's not a compliment. While the segment contains some of the nicest animation sequences in the whole film, and the various images are both threatening and cute, varying as the scenes demand, the main character is annoying, the story predictable and as a whole it's just painfully childish.

The last segment, featuring José Carioca, is not my favourite, but it's a fun little story about one crazed parrot introducing Donald to samba and various other Brazilian traditions. From what I've understood, José is still a popular character in South America, and I can see why. He has a lot of personality, funny hijinks with his whole "ladies love samba" gigolo routine and he works very well with Donald. The whole segment is painfully advertising, but at least we got a good character out of it.

Saludos Amigos is important part of Disney's legacy, because it was one of the films that allowed them to tide over the war years. It's not a very good film compared to Disney's usual fare, but I like that I've seen it.
A duck, a llama, a guacho Goofy, a parrot, an airplane and plenty of Samba spirit.
While I may have commented on a number of occasions that Disney documentaries were well-intentioned but highly flawed pieces of work I should also say that they are still well worth seeing when placed in a historical context. Many of the earlier outings from The House Of Mouse managed to show people parts of the world and natural spectacles that they otherwise would have remained completely unaware of. In this respect, the older movies still hold a certain cultural value. Sadly, I still hold the opinion that most of the stuff they put out nowadays in that field (e.g. African Cats) is a waste of time and nothing more than sanitised stories indoctrinating youngsters into the Disney worldview.

But let's get to Saludos Amigos, something that I found surprisingly enjoyable. It runs for about 40 minutes and is really just a few cartoons linked by footage of Disney animators visiting Latin America. We get to see some local colour and lovely scenery and we also get cartoons with the following plot lines: 1) Donald Duck visits Lake Titicaca, meets some local folk and gets in a right mess with a stubborn llama.

2) Pedro, a small airplane, sets off on his first perilous journey to pick up mail and bring it home.

3) Goofy is transported from his cowboy life to show what it is like to be a gaucho.

4) "Watercolor Of Brazil" mixes wonderful music with great visuals as an animator paints a number of lovely, Latin American scenes and then lets Jose Carioca (a cool parrot) introduce Donald Duck to the fun and exuberance of the Samba.

As usual with Disney features of this kind, a number of people took charge of the different sequences and stories. Thankfully, they all do a very good job. The weak spot may be "Pedro" but it's still bearable enough in a film with such a short runtime and the other cartoons and snippets of footage from the areas visited more than makes up for that one poor segment.

I certainly wouldn't call it an essential viewing for Disney fans but it's very enjoyable, especially if you like Goofy and Donald Duck, and I'd recommend picking it up if you ever stumble across it at a bargain price.
Buy it if you're a Disney collector. Other than that...
When I first heard that Disney was going to release a number of films from the early years which had been "almost forgotten," I was very intrigued. Would there be another Sleeping Beauty or Fantasia hiding out there?

Sadly, Saludos Amigos falls very short of "Disney classic" status. It is basically forgettable.

There are a few smile-inducing moments, but overall the piece really does feel like a "keep the Sudamericanos on our side against the Nazis" period piece from the WW2 era. It's strange to watch a movie made in 1943 with live action sequences of South America looking so peaceful and unaffected by the world's events. Sure, the region was less involved in WW2 than many other regions... but, it is still strange to watch.

Anyway, I'd sum it up thusly: 1. Worth buying if you are a Disney collector and 2. Worthy of note simply to see live shots of Buenos Aires, Lago Titicaca, and Rio de Janeiro, filmed almost 60 years ago.

Other than that, you can skip this one.
Innocent and informative
I had never heard of this before I looked it up, compared the other animated Disney movies before this where I at least saw them once during my childhood. Normally, I would skip this because it's just a few shorts crammed together, and those are pretty hit or miss. That being said, I enjoyed this little movie. It's not as good as "Pinocchio" or "Fantasia", but it's length combined with the quality of the shorts and the educational factor shoot it up to those levels. It's not stretched to over 60 minutes, it has a job to entertain and inform you, and when the job's done, the movie ends. It's simple, and straight-forward. I'm not sure how accurate the information about South America is 70+ years later, but I learned something from this, so I say give it a watch with your kids if you want.
Dark days, bright cartoons
The Disney movie "Saludos Amigos", which runs for little under 45 minutes, came out in 1942 when World War II was in full force and a certain movie called Casablanca hit theaters as well. Basically, this Disney work is a collection of four cartoons, each under 10 minutes. Between these cartoons, we find out some information about life in South America at that point. I did not like the introduction about cartoonists traveling down south, but the other sequences between the cartoons very informative and certainly worth a watch already for the contemporary historical documents they are.

The four cartoons were all created by different directors and also work as stand-alone films. The first is about Donald experiencing South American in his usual slapstick fashion. We see his struggles with a llama and with dizzy heights. The second is about little mail plane who suddenly gets called to action after his parents suffer from high oil pressure. I found the ending a bit too melodramatic, but everything else about this short film is very good, possibly my favorite from the quartet. The third is another how-to short film featuring Goofy about how Argentinians/Gauchos live. I like especially the sports-related Goofy shorts, but this one did not do too much for me. Finally, Donald is back and meets a Brazilian bird. A fruitful collaboration as these two caballeros join two years later for "The Three Caballeros" with another bird not seen yet in this short film. Also, I would like to emphasize one scene, where a bee gets swallowed by a carnivorous plant, then transforms into Donald and spits out the bee again. This example that the bee is not just gone shows how family-friendly these cartoons were and really neglected the presence of death completely unlike animated films these days.

"Saludos Amigos" scored three Oscar-nominations in the music/sound categories, which is fairly uncommon for a short film looking at today's standards. It did not win an Oscar, but its success was probably one of the main reasons for the sequel. Worth a watch for cartoon enthusiasts or people interested in the history of South America. Lots of Latin music included here as well.
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