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Rogue One
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Gareth Edwards
Genevieve O'Reilly as Mon Mothma
Felicity Jones as Jyn Erso
Paul Kasey as Admiral Raddus
Arthur L. Bernstein as Storm Trooper
Sam Wilkinson as X-Wing Pilot
Guy Henry as Governor Tarkin
Storyline: All looks lost for the Rebellion against the Empire as they learn of the existence of a new super weapon, the Death Star. Once a possible weakness in its construction is uncovered, the Rebel Alliance must set out on a desperate mission to steal the plans for the Death Star. The future of the entire galaxy now rests upon its success.
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Not worth the time or money.
Okay its not the worst film ever made but it's definitely not good. Film movies at a snail's pace, is overall terribly boring, the acting was pretty bad if not just awkwardly shameful, literally zero likable or memorable characters, but hey- of course it had some good effects! After all, an enormous budget and forcing this film into everyone's throats guarantees the return in investment so they can continue to churn out garbage like this for eons to come! I'll say the Darth Vader scene gave me goosebumps for sure, they won my old man's mind on that regard, but that's really the only good moment in the film and many of my friends agreed, and they grew up idolizing star wars like I did. And back to the acting, I get it that sci-fi films don't usually have any good acting, but you'd think with the money they're putting into these films and getting back from them, they'd hire some people who can actually act a little bit? Come on.
This is a fan fiction film
I saw this movie today and this was the first Star Wars film that I wanted to walk out on.

Here are my grips with the movie

1. NO OPENING CRAWL - It seems like the people who made this movie did not consider consistency to be important in the Star Wars franchise. This is the first movie in the franchise to not have an opening crawl and not having consistency really shows in the quality of the movie.

2. BAD PACING and TRANSITION - In the beginning of the movie you have the camera jump from random planets without any real explanation as to what is going on and this type of camera work goes on for the entire movie. It just feels like a bunch of random shots put together.

3. NO CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT - You feel absolutely no emotion or bond towards any of the characters. All of them feel replaceable and there is no memorable chemistry between the characters in any way. I have no idea why Forrest Whittaker was even in the film because he serves no purpose. His character finds the main lead and then it entirely skips any sort of character development that could've happened between the two. I don't even remember the characters names because most of them were so unmemorable

4. THE ROBOT - As I said before consistency did not seem to be important to the makers of this movie. The reprogrammed imperial robot seemed TOO human. He moved too much like a human and talked too much like a human, which did not happen in any of the other star wars movies. The most human like droid was C-3p0 but even he did not MOVE like a human.

5. VADER - Something about this Vader seemed to be off. I can't point my finger as to what it is but his style of talking and also his suit seems to be different because I didn't see a chain around his neck. Also his lightsabre fighting style seemed too agile and more like the prequel rather than a hard hitting slow style like in the original trilogy. As I said before, consistency didn't seem important to the filmmakers and little things like this pulled me out of the movie.

6. Obvious SJW Agenda - I am Korean-American. When I watch a Star Wars film, I just want a good Star Wars film. I don't need a Star Wars filmed disguised with a SJW Agenda. Is it a coincidence that the Rebels has a woman, an arab, two Asian guys, a hispanic etc. and the Empire is all white? Why can't I just have a good Star Wars film?

I will say this. The only good part of the movie was at the end when the Death Star fires at the planet because that is the only time I actually felt emotion for the characters and saw a little bit of character development.

Otherwise, this was a terrible movie. You will only watch it just because it is Star Wars.
An Amazing Addition to the Star Wars Saga—5/5 For Star Wars (Spoiler Free)
Gareth Edwards and his crew accomplished something I never thought would be possible: they contributed a great Star Wars film to the Star Wars saga and canon.

This movie was great as far as Star Wars is concerned. It truly *felt* like a real Star Wars movie, and not a cheap fan service attempt like the Force Awakens was (although the Force Awakens was very fun, it felt like it didn't take Star Wars itself seriously enough).

So what worked with this one? Here's the list:

1)The story.

It felt like a totally believable space fantasy story, and furthermore a totally believable Star Wars story. It clearly was Gareth Edwards doing his own thing with Star Wars but also paying total respect to the path George Lucas originally paved with a New Hope.

At the end of the day this story is a GOOD Star Wars story and it feels like it can be placed alongside the original trilogy in story quality.

2)Not only the story, but the fact it was taken seriously.

Whether you like the Force Awakens or not, you got to admit, it felt a bit cartoony. It didn't feel like a *serious* addition to the Star Wars saga. It felt as if that the people involved certainly liked Star Wars, but in a very fan-servicy sort of way. Everything felt very "fun" in the Force Awakens, but not serious. Rogue One doesn't fall into this trap. It was an amusing and fun ride surely, but the story was clearly priority here.

Furthermore, the story elements and movie went *dark* when it needed to and didn't hold back. If the story needed death, that's what we saw. If it needed to show slaughter and killing, we saw it.

3)No element of Star Wars was abused.

There was no over abuse of lighstabers, the Force, or any old Star Wars characters. Wherever there was any fan service in this movie, it was done VERY tastefully. A respectful nod to the previous movies, but it never went "HEY LOOK HOW COOL THIS IS. THIS IS SOMETHING YOU GUYS LOVE, RIGHT?"

4)The characters and the actors that played them.

Star Wars is never going to be known as a movie with "great acting", but full credit should go to the actors in this edition of Star Wars. They did a great job of bringing life to these characters— enough for us to care about them and the action occurring on screen, but not so much that it distracted from the ensemble story.

5)The pacing. This movie was perfect Star Wars pacing. And by perfect Star Wars pacing, I refer to Empire Strikes Back. This was not an overly speedy movie that gave you no time to think, and yet it was not an overly slow and drawn out movie.

6)The tie-in with the original trilogy.

This story takes place before A New Hope. And as much as Rogue One completely does it's own thing and takes its own direction as a standalone film, it *beautifully* ties in with the original series. As I said above, I completely believe and accept this story as great Star Wars material as much as I do George Lucas' original stories.

Overall, this Star Wars film is a 5/5 Star Wars film. I only rate it 7/10 on IMDb because, well, Star Wars is Star Wars and not the Godfather :D. As far as Rogue One stands in movie history, it's a great action movie. But as a Star Wars film it now has a special place in my heart.

My personal new Star Wars top 3 ranking goes as follows: 1)Empire Strikes Back 2)A New Hope 3)Rogue One
This movie lacked the quality that makes a Star Wars movie....well a Star Wars movie. It just doesn't have punch-line humor, warmth, and bonding between the characters so classic in bringing the story to life. I have truly liked every Star Wars film, some more than others. But this one really came up short. As for the rest, well it is was typical of Star Wars in great cinematography but that shouldn't be the the "only" good factor in a film series with a long standing history. Nonetheless, try not to fall asleep during the first half because the second half picks up the pace with action finally, if you aren't confused by then. There are some good seasoned actors(Mads Mikkelsen, Donnie Yen, Jiang Wen, and Forrest Whitaker) but were sort of hidden behind less notable actors in my opinion. In the end,I left with just the fact that I have seen every Star Wars motion picture to date at the box office.
Boring characters. Stilted acting. Boring plot. Beautiful scenery and special effects
I honestly don't understand how or why this movie is getting so much praise. Without getting into spoilers, there were so many parts of this movie that just did not make any sense.

Jyn's attempt at a rousing speech was stilted and weird. She was an incredibly flat character. On that note, none of the characters were interesting or memorable. I don't even remember any of the other characters besides the robot...and you know your characters are bad when a robot is the most memorable one.

Grand Moff Tarkin as a CGI character was a bad move. Any time he talked I couldn't get over how fake he looked, which was very distracting and it was hard to concentrate on what he was saying. The same could be said for another prominent character who was brought back with CGI.

A lot of the attempts at instilling hope were just kind of cheesy and unconvincing. Contrary to what you see in this review, I am not at all a cynical person. I'm not typically the type of guy who tries to pick apart movies, either. But this one was so half-baked that I really felt the need to. I wanted to give a balanced review that contrasted the heaps of praise that this movie has received that I simply do not understand.

Just for reference, I really liked The Force Awakens.
Dull as Dishwater
This film should be classified as a sedative . Honestly , I tried watching it to completion 3 times to no avail as fell asleep midway through . I fear it may send me into a coma the next time ! There are no redeeming qualities here . Dull non cohesive plot , insipid characters , poor editing . I could go on but will curb myself to prevent boring you. Just take my word for it .
Entertainment for a bored afternoon, lacks depth and imagination
Entertaining, but ultimately retains the patterns seen in the previous movie. The lack of imagination of these new SW's movie is the only thing that ceases. I can't overstate how tired I'm of people saying what a SW experience ought to be, that the fans will be pleased, which is just utter rubbish. I shan't waste my energy saying what others have already pointed, such as the fact that SW has become a juvenile franchise - the reason thereof is of no importance to evaluating the movie itself, so I don't care - other than pointing the pathetic portrait of the Empire, or of the Dark Side, really.

The greatest feat of this movie is to show how plenty of resources and direction of the movie itself can be used to get the worst, or just plain mediocrity, of the actors. No acting can be complimented; nothing is impressive or new. The plot is as dull as it can be.

G. Lucas is no Tolkien, let's be honest, but we all tended to forgive incoherencies and the sheer incompleteness and apparent laziness of the wonderful universe he brought to life. It holds still great potential. There's no sign that Disney will explore it. If anything can be said at all, is that one has to learn how be detached, lest one will be disappointed with such insulting pieces of garbage.

I heard some chatter before watching, such as one about the diversity of the cast, but I couldn't care less about that, it's 2017, this is getting old, who cares; I guess Disney should be more concerned with the making of actual good movies rather than "shocking" people.

I gave it a 5, because it provided decent entertainment. It's probably a fair, if harsh, a rating. With its pockets full, hopefully Disney will gradually make less horrid SW movies each time, this one is better than Force Awakens. There is still hope - pun intended.
Totally Disappointed
Wait until it comes out on DVD don't waste your time and money. This prequel has a terrific cast but it is definitely without the charm, character,humor, charisma and fascination of its predecessors. The 3d version i saw with friends was truly not needed and the film was so dark and dreary ( so unlike the force awakens ) very disappointed.The new female lead was wonderful as were the special effects but that's where it stopped for me. I watches The Force Awakens the next day as once again I was delighted. It is my contention that this new episode doesn't exhibit the heart and soul of Mr Lucas Sorry folks new episode was just OK.
Quick, spoiler-less thoughts from Hollywood Premiere Attendee
Rogue One was quite awesome, and quite different from the movies that came before. It was frightening, tense, very dark, VERY dirty (literally: maybe Mon Mothma was the only character without a layer of filth make-upped onto her face. And she looked so much like Mothma from ROTJ!) Some differences were somewhat striking, but overall it absolutely felt like a Star Wars movie should feel. Lots of familiar faces to see, super tense and exciting and beautiful. I was SO fortunate to be able to attend the premiere at the Pantages Saturday night, and can't wait to see it again Thursday night! There's never been a better time to be a Star Wars fan!
A prequel, built on fan service.
I was honestly really disappointed with this prequel to A new hope, and no I'm not going to call this a stand-alone movie, because to me, it doesn't feel like one. The movie just felt like a lifeless and boring drag that doesn't go anywhere interesting. While I do agree it isn't as bad as most of the prequels, it isn't as special as I thought it was going to be. While the special effects of the movie are pretty great, everything else surrounding it doesn't work. Lets start with the characters of the movie. The characters in this movie really disappointed me as they had no really personality or character arc. Jyn Erso, our main character, does start out with an interesting arc. Her parents are taking away from her by the Empire, and then is raised by a man known as Saw Gerrara, who takes her in to raise her after her tragic experience. But then it just cuts to another showing that she has grown into an older woman, who is able to take care of herself. It doesn't show or explain how she grew up to be the rebel fighter that she is. I'm not saying that she has 15 minute scene that shows her entire backstory, but at least give us something more. Movies like Wonder Woman where able to give their main characters a backstory as well as personality at the same time. This situation happens to most of the characters in the main cast. It just goes from one scene to another giving us enough time to get to know the character a little bit more. Instead, they give us boring exposition about who they are, or what happened to them, instead of just showing us emotionally with visuals (Basically show don't tell). And this brings me to my next problem, the pacing. While it improves overtime, the first two acts cut from one scene to another so fast that it isn't giving itself time to slow down, take a breather, and let us experience one situation without cutting to another 3 minutes later. It makes the story feel like a cluttered mess that doesn't really work. Another problem I mentioned is the fan service in this movie. There's just so much fan service that becomes so obvious that it become annoying. Darth Vader is the biggest example, as he doesn't do anything in the entire movie. Sure he has the best moment in the movie, but he was only in there for about 5 minutes and has no real reason to be in the movie. He contributes nothing to the plot, and was honestly just added so that he can be in the trailer so that fans can can get more excited for the movie (I'm guilty of this myself). And possibly the weakest part of the movie for me was the acting. Sure is isn't Attack of the Clones bad, but it doesn't feel like the actors are really trying. They all just feel the same, coming out as bland, boring, lifeless, and dull characters. Plus some the dialogue is just so bad that it made me laugh a couple of times (I'm taking to you Forest Whitaker). Overall, I wasn't really a big fan of this movie and I don't see myself watching this often, but I'm still glad they took the risks of telling this story. It's not a bad movie at all. It still has amazing special effects and visuals, it's shot well, and it does have some memorable moments that I did like, and as a fan of Star wars I'm still glad I watched it. But to me this didn't feel like a Star Wars movie, it felt like a promise that wasn't kept to it's fullest.
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