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Rogue One
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Gareth Edwards
Genevieve O'Reilly as Mon Mothma
Felicity Jones as Jyn Erso
Paul Kasey as Admiral Raddus
Arthur L. Bernstein as Storm Trooper
Sam Wilkinson as X-Wing Pilot
Guy Henry as Governor Tarkin
Storyline: All looks lost for the Rebellion against the Empire as they learn of the existence of a new super weapon, the Death Star. Once a possible weakness in its construction is uncovered, the Rebel Alliance must set out on a desperate mission to steal the plans for the Death Star. The future of the entire galaxy now rests upon its success.
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So Underwhelming
So no spoilers from me think this time. The movie is a spoiler on its own. Really, really disappointed. Been a fan since the very first Star Wars in the 70s. I remember standing in line in the summer heat for hours. No way would I have endured five minutes indoors with air conditioning to see this one.

So I understand Disney bought the franchise and it shows. Disney took an epic sci-fi series and made it less than mediocre and no more than a cliché for the pc lovers at Disney. Oh the special effects are there for sure. After all George Lucas's company handled that part of things but the rest?? Very little to attract the fan of the series.

No one with the force, no Jedi nada. Just very boring script and barely watchable acting. For me watching it was painful. Being stubborn and because I spent money to see it persisted to the end. Argh

So for this old fan - nothing to get excited about. I did notice it went right to Netflix which should tell you something. Perhaps as a standalone film with no Star Wars connection rated against other sci-fi films of the year I would have rated it higher, if for the special effects alone. But trying to tie is to the success of the Star Wars series and throwing a two hundred million dollar budget at it?? Sorry not for me.
Rogue One another worthless Hollywood cash-in that runs at snails pace.
Rogue One - another worthless Hollywood cash-in that runs at snails pace.

Die hard fans will obviously find enjoyment in this film - entering the star wars universe again, the stunning visuals, and soundtrack... But look closely at the film itself and there is not a lot on offer.

It starts out with this awfully paced run of throwaway scenes to showcase the main characters in the story - they go far to quick to feel any emotional connection with them later on in the film.

Two large chunks of the film are worthless dialog (that sound like video game instructions) and this 'epic' beach siege at the end that clearly looks like the Atlantis hotel resort in Dubai. Once you see it in your head - you can't take what is going on seriously.

The cast are also not well put together, the main character Jyn Erso is unlikable - half her lines are rushed and predictable and her acting made me cringe. On the other hand the characters - Chirrut Îmwe (blind fighter), Saw Gerrera (dying extremist) and Orson Krennic (Empire deathstar leader) offer some great nuggets of depth but aren't in it enough to justify their full potential.

SPOILERS!!: I did enjoy however the stunning cgi restoration of Peter Cushing as Grand Moff Tarkin, but when a young cgi of Princess Leia appeared at the end of the film acting as the lead into 'A New Hope' - felt cheap and reinstated the fact that this was a cash-in film and i was stupid enough to fall for it and go see it!!

Rant over! x
"...thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread."
Rogue One, like Gareth Edward's previous film Godzilla, was over-hyped, completely underwhelming and very boring. I have to admit, I went to see this movie with a very optimistic attitude however 15-20 minutes in I started to drift off. It is especially difficult to appreciate any of the secondary characters here as they are killed off almost as quickly as they are introduced, making them feel inconsequential. In particular, I thought the character played by Forest Whitaker should have had a more significant role in the movie, plus I could barely understand what he was saying! It was good to see Vader but ultimately he is only a presence in a movie beyond rescue. The story had promise but it did not deliver at all; it was another nose dive for the Star Wars franchise. Rogue One is disappointingly forgettable.
star WARS
The strange thing about this movie is that it is more of a war drama than the sci-fi adventure one might expect from a Star Wars story. It is dark, it is gritty and the main characters are traumatized and made homeless by a brutal civil war waged by an oppressive Empire. Consequently, the main characters don't start out as heroes but turn into heroes by the choices they make. It is in many ways the most realistic description ever shown in a Star Wars movie of how ordinary people become warriors because there isn't much of an alternative but fight. "The time to fight is NOW!" and the actors do a great job of conveying that feeling to the audience. Sprinkled in is a fair bit of humor and comedic relief. We get good creature designs, ample special effects and a lot of fighting: Ground battle, urban combat, space engages, close quarter fighting; you name it, they give it to us. And don't think those fights are Disney squeaky clean. To a degree you get war in all its nasty brutality. The final result is a good action movie set in the Star Wars universe. Somewhat lacking in the light saber and Force aspects a true fan might wish for but still well worth the money you spend on it.

Go see it!
Star Wars is brought to a whole new level

About previous episodes(1-6):

Nothing can reach the rating of the original Star Wars trilogy. The visual effects(which were revolutionary back then) will be the last thing a true Star Wars fan would consider important, simply because the story is so perfect in those episodes. No critics are worth mentioning from the original Star Wars trilogy!

But then, the prequels came(by George Lucas) and I understand that they did not came in as a warm welcome for many of us(especially the first two episodes). George Lucas had all the imagination that was required to make the excellent Star Wars Prequel trilogy. If he had only put more effort in adding more structure in the whole story line and script and in character development, which could improve acting for some, than the prequels would get another picture in a far more positive way. At any rate the story of the prequels is still very original and even as a critic I have to say, that the prequels are very underrated nevertheless. I find 'Revenge of the Sith' the best among the trilogy by the way, personally maybe even the best of the whole Star Wars franchise. I knew Darth Vader was the main villain of Star Wars, but I did not know that it was Anakin himself, because when I finally decided to watch Star Wars for the first time, I did that chronological. That twist gave me quite a surprise, when I was watching Episode III for the first time. All in all, there are a lot of missteps made in the prequels, that can not be denied, but the imagination in those movies is beyond question and that can also not be denied!

Currently Disney has taken over Star Wars and I can only say that it was NOT a very good choice. One of the biggest reasons is that Disney seem to tread Star Wars in the same way as they produce cash grabs nowadays, with its predictable movie structure, with bad developed characters, often filled with childish humor in an annoying way(I could go on). All in all, Disney seem to be out of original idea's and became more the big 'Movieproducing factory', with its 'cash grabs', with here and there an exception. Unfortunately Rogue One was not one of them and neither was The Force Awakens(Episode VII).

About Episode VII:

I saw The Force Awakens in the cinema, of course it is fun to see old characters, with that feeling: It is great to be back! However the whole story is almost a copy from 'A New Hope', but even if Episode IV did not exist (or the other episodes from the original trilogy), the story would still remain very lame. I do not get the chance to know the new main characters, if they keep making silly choices, that does not make any sense whatsoever! They also did not show any background story(take the Republic for example) and many events during the whole movie happens with pure coincidence. It does not only stop with the unprofessional story line. The new main characters are very bad developed, followed by very mediocre acting. The visual effects are stunning though, but as I said earlier: 'Visual effects' is the last thing a true Star Wars fan would consider important. Star Wars was always about: Breaking the limits by giving us a story mind-blowing. I understand that many people like Episode VII: old memories, old characters, a strict order during every scene(typical Disney), which makes it also very easy to predict what is coming next. In my opinion Episode VII is nothing but a regular, average cash grab(typical these days). It is far away from the original trilogy and for me it will not reach even close to the prequels.

Now finally to Rogue One:

I left the cinema with mixed feelings. Again this movie has a weak story line, better than Episode VII though, because it did not feel like a remake, nevertheless it was just not interesting enough. The character development is very bad, pretty much in the same way as Episode VII, it lacks humor, no Star Wars intro, the music does not sound inspiring(again) and a common cliché with a loss of a family member at the very beginning of the film does not win my sympathy in the new main character, it just won't work that way. All in all the story was just too easy to grab my attention. It grabbed only my attention, when I saw the connection with the original Star Wars trilogy, which was just a few moments of the film, but that is just one of the few positive things I can say about this movie. It has a few good action scenes(only in the 2nd half). Visual effects are also fine, but that is it. Overall I experienced Rogue One just as another typical cash grab(it also came out during Christmas).

As I said earlier: Star Wars was always about making a story extraordinary, unforgettable, mind-blowing and original, however in my opinion Rogue One and Episode VII clearly are not. They are a big step away from the previous episodes. The whole structure of events in both movies seem to contain more movie than story itself(also explains why both movies are rated so high), which is definitely not the Star Wars I knew. It is amazing that Star Wars continues to exist, but NOT this way. This is NOT what Star Wars is meant to be! I am sure many will disagree on that, but Disney brought Star Wars to a whole new level, that can not be denied. Anyway I really do envy those people out there who think Rogue One is awesome or Episode VII, because I simply can not.

Star Wars A snoozefest story
Wow this is a really dull movie, I could hardly stay awake. Edwards continues his trend of making movies that put intelligent people to sleep and entertain the simple minded masses. Three thirds of this movie don't even feel like Star Wars, could be any other sci if film. There are no jedis, no lightsabers and no space battles. Although darthvader does show up for a couple of minutes, he breaths some life into this hollow husk of a film but not enough to save the viewer from boredom. There are a lot of newly introduced characters in this movie, and they are all uninteresting and one dimensional. The actors do an okay job but it seems like they are phoning in there performance, especially the lead actress she seems very unemotional and boring. she's probably the least likable. It seems a lot like Edwards is purposely directing his actors to show as little emotion and interest in the events that are transpiring in front of them as possible. Rogue one is a weird movie in a sense; it's to fast paced at times and also to slow sometimes. Generally it's a very slow paced movie but when they're are dramatic or emotional moments that require a slower pace for them to work properly and sink in. The movie just blazes past them at a lighting pace, not allowing the audience to digest whats happening. It ends up making the more dramatic moments feel superficial and rushed. The last fourth of this movie is were it goes full Star Wars with a big space battle accompanied by a land battle going on simultaneously. This part of the movie is admittedly a little fun, but it's to late, to little to compensate for the rest. which is dull, drab, vanilla and down right boring! I really don't understand how people find this fun. My father watched this movie, and he normally loves sci fi regardless of the quality;and even he thought this was boring. It seems to me like Disney is just trying to milk the series for all it's worth, they don't care about anything else. Rogue One is defiantly the most overrated movie of 2016; it's sad that people have such low standards.
Soulless Cash Cow
I am not a Star Wars fan, but must say that the old trilogy was and is very viable and cool, whereas newer trilogy started well, but then plunged into a total mess of a horrid making. This new pre- pre- prequel is not good. Why? Let's be honest - it's slow, it's very long, fat too much longer thane it has to be in fact. Be it 90 minutes, the world would devour it better. With its 2 endless hours run and very boring slow scenes it seems an eternity. Honest. The plot? Ah, rubbish, the obvious exploiting of far too well known scenery, places and even monsters. The main hero? Nay, she is just okay, but in a deeper sense, she is none above average and is paled into insignificance when displayed in relief of better stars. The effects? Good, but again, we have seen it all time and again. So, what remains? Nothing, in fact. Even all the recognizable characters and places do not warm up our hearts, all 2 hours an undying feeling of exasperating discomfiture does not leave us. We've been had by and racketed by greedy studio bonanzas.
Disney does it again
Let's start with an honest statement.I hated 'The Force Awakens'.It had very boring characters,the plot from 'a new hope' was basically recycled and even the much anticipated practical effects didn't save the day.In one word it was - boring. Now,let's move to 'Rogue One'.Many of the elements from 'The Force Awakens' repeat themselves - Boring characters,pointless action scenes and predictable plot.And one more thing that really upsets me is this - What about the Jedi? bash all you want the prequels but Lucas did try to move forward and go deeper exploring the Jedi/Sith/Force issue - for me,that's much more interesting then some dumb action scene of x wing shooting and spaceship or whatever.It seems to be intentional that somehow Disney is dumbing down 'Star Wars' and making it all about action,special effects and childish dialogues,sure,the dumb masses love it just like they love marvel movies because both are eye candy and give some superficial satisfaction to the senses...but what about the force? a master and a disciple relationship? some interesting characters like Palpatine from both trilogies or Yoda? nothing. just forget about that and let's distract you with some practical effects and nostalgic moments that will remind you of the glory days from the original trilogy.This just doesn't work for me and I can't really hope the next star movies will get any better as long as Disney are in charge.RIP star wars? most likely.
Not worth the time or money.
Okay its not the worst film ever made but it's definitely not good. Film movies at a snail's pace, is overall terribly boring, the acting was pretty bad if not just awkwardly shameful, literally zero likable or memorable characters, but hey- of course it had some good effects! After all, an enormous budget and forcing this film into everyone's throats guarantees the return in investment so they can continue to churn out garbage like this for eons to come! I'll say the Darth Vader scene gave me goosebumps for sure, they won my old man's mind on that regard, but that's really the only good moment in the film and many of my friends agreed, and they grew up idolizing star wars like I did. And back to the acting, I get it that sci-fi films don't usually have any good acting, but you'd think with the money they're putting into these films and getting back from them, they'd hire some people who can actually act a little bit? Come on.
cliché, boring garbage
So incredibly cliché and boring.

Death star? Again? Really? How innovative! Female or black lead character? Wow, how PC! X-wing fighters? Gasp! Terrible CGI for Cristopher Lee's face? Check! Stupid comic relief droids? Bingo! Cliché appearance of Darth Vader, as stereotyped as can be? Yes!

Seriously, this drivel passes for a "good" movie nowadays. 7.9 out of 10. People ranting and raving how awesome it is. People will swallow down anything with the SW name on it. Beyond sad.
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