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Rogue One
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
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Gareth Edwards
Genevieve O'Reilly as Mon Mothma
Felicity Jones as Jyn Erso
Paul Kasey as Admiral Raddus
Arthur L. Bernstein as Storm Trooper
Sam Wilkinson as X-Wing Pilot
Guy Henry as Governor Tarkin
Storyline: All looks lost for the Rebellion against the Empire as they learn of the existence of a new super weapon, the Death Star. Once a possible weakness in its construction is uncovered, the Rebel Alliance must set out on a desperate mission to steal the plans for the Death Star. The future of the entire galaxy now rests upon its success.
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Totally Disappointed
Wait until it comes out on DVD don't waste your time and money. This prequel has a terrific cast but it is definitely without the charm, character,humor, charisma and fascination of its predecessors. The 3d version i saw with friends was truly not needed and the film was so dark and dreary ( so unlike the force awakens ) very disappointed.The new female lead was wonderful as were the special effects but that's where it stopped for me. I watches The Force Awakens the next day as once again I was delighted. It is my contention that this new episode doesn't exhibit the heart and soul of Mr Lucas Sorry folks new episode was just OK.
Gareth Edwards has done it - The prequel story that Star Wars deserved.
With all the rumours flying about that Disney had interfered with the creative process on this one, just as when Alderaan blew up - I feared the worse. Fortunately my fears were unfounded.

Rogue one is as engrossing as it is seamless and while its not perfect it had everything required to make a great movie. I guess everyone has different expectations of Star Wars. The plot which I will only briefly describe involves a group of rebels attempting to secure the plans to the Death Star, the designer of which, having a morale conscience, built the deliberate flaw (The exhaust port which Stewie Darth Vader asked about in Family Guy) so that it could be easily destroyed as long as the information fell into the right hands. This information is contained in an archive and it falls to the daughter of the designer, Jyn Erso, to not only restore her fathers name but get the designs to the rebels who are just itching to get on with events in Episode One and blow the thing up.

So does it hold up? Well, yes, not only does it hold up I would put this film on par with Empire and also Episode One and this coming from someone who saw the first film on the silver screen in 1977. Gareth Edwards is a director who understands all the combined elements that make a Star Wars Film great. First a good script with the right mix of drama, action, pathos and humour and above all a story that actually makes sense, secondly good well written, rounded, characters that are interesting, diverse and unique, third great visuals - there's so many memorable shots in this film and so many of them are the shots you always wanted to see, fourth well directed action that looks and feels real, that is tense and that you can follow, fifth - tension, this film has it in spades, Sixth nods and references to the original trilogy - they come in abundance, some are comedic, some pure nostalgia while others are entirely appropriate and work so well within the story. Seventh - real sets, please give me a London Underground station redressed over bland CGI sterile sets any day of the week. Here the technology enhances the story and the tension and at no time tries to substitute for either. It is the perfect mix of live action & CG effects. I have not seen them so well combined since Lord of the Rings.

This is a man who clearly understands his craft of what makes for a great film. I was highly critical of the prequel movies, which really are a masterclass in how not to make a film, here the total opposite is true. I am not a die hard Star Wars fan in any sense and was fully prepared to be very critical of this film, but find it hard to find fault in it anywhere. The supporting cast were especially good here, everyone from Riz Ahmed to Forest Whitaker giving it their all. The new villain of the piece is brilliantly played by Ben Mendelson (Hard to believe this is the kid from The Big Steal!) Donnie Yen's character was beautifully written, I could have watched another movie just about him alone. The cast feels truly international, as any universe should. Many British actors really make their mark in smaller roles including Duncan Pow & Ben Daniels as Rebel Foot Solider and General Pilot respectively while the likes of Sharon Duncan-Brewster & Jonathon Aris as Rebel Senators argue the merits of the attack in a tense conference debate - gone are the boring council meetings of the prequels. Strong drama is the key ingredient of the day. Here the Rebellion is shown as a far more tangible real faction, not everyone agrees with each other, things get messy and sometimes the wrong people are killed - the film even begs to ask the question, how better really are they than the Empire??? - we know of course, but its great to see such shades rather than just plain good and bad guys.

The film contains so many pure Star Wars moments. I have no doubt the Droid (Voiced with skill by Alan Tudky) will become a favourite of many and new aliens and ship designs are not thin on the ground.

Chiefly in the acting credits, plaudits must go to Felicity Jones who plays Jyn with real conviction while Diego Luna avoids a Han Solo portrayal of Cassian, her would be ally and sometimes adversary. The appearances of Vader and Tarkin (Incredible) are entirely warranted and in proportion with the rest of the film.

One or two of the subplot characters are a little underwritten (perhaps deleted scenes and a longer cut will reveal them to be less so) but that really is nit picking, I had no issue with this at all. To juggle so many major and minor characters in a single narrative in a tight running time, for any director is no mean feat and Edwards manages it extremely well.

I have no doubt Edwards had to steer an entire army of Executives in order to deliver the film he wanted. Perhaps one day someone will make a film about that? I have no doubt it would make for quite a story - Whatever were his obstacles, he clearly overcame them. He has done himself and every Star Wars fan proud. Pure class.
Soulless Cash Cow
I am not a Star Wars fan, but must say that the old trilogy was and is very viable and cool, whereas newer trilogy started well, but then plunged into a total mess of a horrid making. This new pre- pre- prequel is not good. Why? Let's be honest - it's slow, it's very long, fat too much longer thane it has to be in fact. Be it 90 minutes, the world would devour it better. With its 2 endless hours run and very boring slow scenes it seems an eternity. Honest. The plot? Ah, rubbish, the obvious exploiting of far too well known scenery, places and even monsters. The main hero? Nay, she is just okay, but in a deeper sense, she is none above average and is paled into insignificance when displayed in relief of better stars. The effects? Good, but again, we have seen it all time and again. So, what remains? Nothing, in fact. Even all the recognizable characters and places do not warm up our hearts, all 2 hours an undying feeling of exasperating discomfiture does not leave us. We've been had by and racketed by greedy studio bonanzas.
Star Wars A snoozefest story
Wow this is a really dull movie, I could hardly stay awake. Edwards continues his trend of making movies that put intelligent people to sleep and entertain the simple minded masses. Three thirds of this movie don't even feel like Star Wars, could be any other sci if film. There are no jedis, no lightsabers and no space battles. Although darthvader does show up for a couple of minutes, he breaths some life into this hollow husk of a film but not enough to save the viewer from boredom. There are a lot of newly introduced characters in this movie, and they are all uninteresting and one dimensional. The actors do an okay job but it seems like they are phoning in there performance, especially the lead actress she seems very unemotional and boring. she's probably the least likable. It seems a lot like Edwards is purposely directing his actors to show as little emotion and interest in the events that are transpiring in front of them as possible. Rogue one is a weird movie in a sense; it's to fast paced at times and also to slow sometimes. Generally it's a very slow paced movie but when they're are dramatic or emotional moments that require a slower pace for them to work properly and sink in. The movie just blazes past them at a lighting pace, not allowing the audience to digest whats happening. It ends up making the more dramatic moments feel superficial and rushed. The last fourth of this movie is were it goes full Star Wars with a big space battle accompanied by a land battle going on simultaneously. This part of the movie is admittedly a little fun, but it's to late, to little to compensate for the rest. which is dull, drab, vanilla and down right boring! I really don't understand how people find this fun. My father watched this movie, and he normally loves sci fi regardless of the quality;and even he thought this was boring. It seems to me like Disney is just trying to milk the series for all it's worth, they don't care about anything else. Rogue One is defiantly the most overrated movie of 2016; it's sad that people have such low standards.
Shallow and pointless.
Instead of picking a more interesting period in the Star Wars story universe, they stuffed another movie in the already overly saturated stretch of original trilogy timeline. Unsurprisingly, this is a pointless piece of contrived cinema with shallow characters portrayed through mediocre acting in a story of which we already know the outcome. This makes for an oddly paced, unbalanced movie that is simply rather bland and boring. Even the special effects were tame and the much discussed CGI revival of some characters looked quite ridiculous. The film is not terrible, but considering the resources at the disposal of the makers, it does not deserve a higher rating. The Darth Vader cameo is the only element that is extremely well done.
Rushed, tacky, disjointed, boring, no character development, VERY DISAPPOINTING!
*** SPOILERS*** More effort was put into FX than plot and character development. Rushed. Boring. CGI Leia was ABSOLUTELY ATROCIOUS! Couldn't really feel anything for the characters as there was little to no character development and we all know they are going to die anyway. The only reason this got 1 star from us is it can't be given no stars and we found it mildly amusing picking the easter eggs from other eps - scenes taken straight from Ep.IV, Characters from other eps popping up here and there briefly, Use of sets the same or similar, etc. The other TOTALLY SUCKY thing was the music! It WAS NOT STAR WARS MUSIC! This did NOT feel like a star wars movie. It was a rushed mess of FX & CGI to raise money for Disney coffers. Wait till you can stream it and don't waste your money at the theatre!
Boring and drab
It's a typical run of the mill Hollywood action film. Lots of cliques, forgettable characters, typical formula, full of special effects but no substance to it. It didn't have that feel of a Star Wars film. There was no lighthearted humour in it either. I was incredibly bored and switched off after an hour and a half.
Yawn. Pretty much sums it up. Nothing special at all.
Sorry Star Wars fans, you're probably gonna hate this review. But you'll all admit in a couple of years, that this was one of the worst Star Wars movies. You just need time, I get it.

OK, so I'm no big Star Wars fan. But I did enjoy The Force Awakens. And as this is a huge movie with a big budget, big stuff, I was positive. I'm almost always positive when it comes to movies. And with all the stuff that is Star Wars, it kind of has to be at least pretty good, right? Well I thought so, but wrong. This movie commits the greatest sin a movie can: it's boring. It's just downright boring and dull.

The main characters, the guy and the girl, have no chemistry, super dull and not even charming in the slightest. Especially the guy, he's like anti-charming. To spare you the boring details, let me just say this, it was two characters I liked, one of them is Donnie Yen. But guess what, he criminally underused! He has like one fight scene, and that's it. He is such a cool character, what a damn shame. The other character I liked is that new robot. He's entertaining.

But yeah, this movie is just boring. Sure, for the ultra fans I guess there's a bunch of easter-eggs and connections, but for me, it was just dull. Even the huge action scenes really fail to entertain.

Alright alright alright, yes, there is a scene with a VERY famous character, and yes it's awesome. But every scene should be at least a little like that one. You can't have ONE awesome scene in a movie. I also liked the CGI-dude. It's ballsy to try something like that, and they almost pulled it off.

So, not saying the movie sucked, it was just really meh. It's visually alright, and has good parts, but all in all boring. Shame.
Rogue One, but not the first Star Wars tragedy
It could have been a good part of the saga, it could have been dramatic and tragic, but it didn't work out, and that's the most tragic part of it.

Bad acting. While the actors in the original trilogy weren't quite the major league except for the few ones, with the downfall of the standards they can certainly give the new 'promising' faces in the cinema industry a lesson or two. Felicity Jones is painful to watch - who called her an actress, actually? Diego Luna is nonexistent, nothing to be gathered about his character revealed by the acting. My gosh, Forest Whitaker whom I enjoyed in some of the very silly movies like Species, caught something from the rest and is cardboard AF. Maybe a 'death' of a robot, a lame C-3PO substitute and a forced comedy effort, was the most dramatic death of them all. That should certainly give an idea of how much the actual characters don't deserve a single *** to be given.

OK, 1 star for being slightly better than the Farce Awakens. 1 star for not flawless, but bold effort to reconstruct Peter Cushing with CGI. 2 stars for the non-typical for the main saga cruelty, only the Expanded Universe had the balls to show all sides of the story before, that's why I loved it so much. 1 star for Darth Vader presence, with James Earl Jones voice, as it should be, but there's something off about him actually. 1 Star for the last 40 minutes of action. Minus 1 star for SJW agenda - I don't care if they're white, black, Hispanic, Arabic, men, women, straight, gay, if they can't act to save their lives. Minus 1 star for the forced dialogues, worst of the lame video game mission briefing kind, and may the Force be with you if you actually lived through a single one of them.
"Your Father Would Have Been Proud Of You."
Spoilers Ahead:

Let's get the picayune objections out of the way: Yes, everyone on the Death Star is not only white but appears to be blue eyed Germans. Often, the commands are echoed with a German accent. That said, I went into this movie with a deep bias against it. I detested Force Awakens for violating the laws of Jedi development and removing the animism that gave the six movies their spiritual depth. Why did I love it? My answer was best spoken by Mads Mikkelsen when asked why an actor, of his stature (Flame And Citron), would appear in a Star Wars movie. He said that his character was an Oppenheimer like tragic figure. Here, he has his family used against him, by monsters, to build a horrific weapon. Jyn has a tragic background this gives her character a depth of believability that Rey simply did not possess. The movie's main tragedy is not the only one: all throughout this dark movie people are dying for the rebellion. Also, things go wrong, just like real life. Plans turn to crap, the wrong people are shot, misunderstandings and mistakes plague the Alliance continuously throughout the movie. As a philosopher, what I most admired was the bravery to make a pure tragedy that reflects the nature of human existence. This is the only one of the series where the actual nature of war is realistically portrayed: where dying for your cause is personalized right in front of you.

I cannot describe to you how beautiful Gareth's movie is visually, I will try with my single favorite image of many. The Death Star eclipses the sun before it fires to destroy the moon. Out of the darkness, a ray of planetary death shoots forth in the night. The movie is filled with visual brilliance like this one. I also loved the Mustafar like Stygian world where Vader is residing. This is the Empire Vader, not the kinder, softer Vader of Jedi. He is joyfully threatening and choking just like we remember him. His scenes may be short but they have gems like: "My apologies", "You were not summoned here to grovel", and, my favorite,"Be careful you do not choke on your ambitions." Find me another one of the series where the Alliance spy, masquerading as a pilot, kills an informer before the Empire can capture him? The movie is the tragedy of Erso, the scientist whose family is destroyed. His daughter Jyn is damaged from the horrors of her mother's death in front of her. The effects are the best I have seen in a Star Wars movie but, they are not why it earned an eight. When I change my mind towards a movie, overcoming an extant bias going into it, this tells you how good a movie it is. If you have not seen it, stop reading from this point on, I will just wreck it for you.

My favorite scene is where Director Krennic raises his head on the communication tower in time to see his creation about to kill him and the archive planet. It is as beautiful visually as it is morally; a perfect death for a monster, destroyed by his weapon. Trust me, he does not reprise his earlier, disgusting appraisal as it fried Jedda,"Oh, it's beautiful." The final assault is filled with things going wrong, people being blown up, and failure surrounding the doomed mission. Though the movie is devoid of Jedis or Siths, we see that perhaps Chirrut was not so crazy about being a Jedi. This is the only touch of Jedi mysticism the movie has but it adds some spiritual depth to the movie. When his friend tries to replicate the feat, we see that he does not possess his fallen friend's spiritual power. The final words, in my header, spoken to Jyn by Cassian, are why I grew to love the movie. It is one of a kind in its dark reflection of the tragic nature of both war and existence that the other movies never showed you. Like many of you, Donnie Yen was my favorite. He injected both humor (Are you kidding, I'm blind) and mysticism into the movie. Deeply moral though buried beneath the surface, Gareth's use of Light and darkness convey the messages of his view of the Empire and the Alliance. I also love how the final blast is depicted as Light which comes towards them and engulfs them: A brilliant piece of spiritual imagery. She and Cassian are consumed in the Light.

If all it had was the final scene of Vader clearing the hallways, flying a man into the ceiling at high speed, and throwing their weapons through the air, it would still be worth the purchase. I have watched it ten times now, not nearly the 43 times I paid to see Jedi, but I am working on it. An Excellent Movie. Q.E.D.

"I Have Become Death, Destroyer Of Worlds." A Hindu Text Spoken By Oppenheimer Upon Seeing The First Atomic Bomb At Los Alamos.
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