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Rogue One
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
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Gareth Edwards
Genevieve O'Reilly as Mon Mothma
Felicity Jones as Jyn Erso
Paul Kasey as Admiral Raddus
Arthur L. Bernstein as Storm Trooper
Sam Wilkinson as X-Wing Pilot
Guy Henry as Governor Tarkin
Storyline: All looks lost for the Rebellion against the Empire as they learn of the existence of a new super weapon, the Death Star. Once a possible weakness in its construction is uncovered, the Rebel Alliance must set out on a desperate mission to steal the plans for the Death Star. The future of the entire galaxy now rests upon its success.
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Yawn. Pretty much sums it up. Nothing special at all.
Sorry Star Wars fans, you're probably gonna hate this review. But you'll all admit in a couple of years, that this was one of the worst Star Wars movies. You just need time, I get it.

OK, so I'm no big Star Wars fan. But I did enjoy The Force Awakens. And as this is a huge movie with a big budget, big stuff, I was positive. I'm almost always positive when it comes to movies. And with all the stuff that is Star Wars, it kind of has to be at least pretty good, right? Well I thought so, but wrong. This movie commits the greatest sin a movie can: it's boring. It's just downright boring and dull.

The main characters, the guy and the girl, have no chemistry, super dull and not even charming in the slightest. Especially the guy, he's like anti-charming. To spare you the boring details, let me just say this, it was two characters I liked, one of them is Donnie Yen. But guess what, he criminally underused! He has like one fight scene, and that's it. He is such a cool character, what a damn shame. The other character I liked is that new robot. He's entertaining.

But yeah, this movie is just boring. Sure, for the ultra fans I guess there's a bunch of easter-eggs and connections, but for me, it was just dull. Even the huge action scenes really fail to entertain.

Alright alright alright, yes, there is a scene with a VERY famous character, and yes it's awesome. But every scene should be at least a little like that one. You can't have ONE awesome scene in a movie. I also liked the CGI-dude. It's ballsy to try something like that, and they almost pulled it off.

So, not saying the movie sucked, it was just really meh. It's visually alright, and has good parts, but all in all boring. Shame.
A film worth rebelling against
"Rogue One" is an American science fiction film from 2016 and actually the highest grossing film of the entire year. The reason is obviously the film's close connection to Star Wars and as the series got new life breathed into it back in 2015 and we get the next film in 2017, this one here was a bit of a filler movie that made sure fans don't have to wait for the next blockbuster for two years. What a long time! And eventually the film was nothing but forgettable filler material. And at easily 2 hours, it really dragged on many occasions. The director here is Gareth Edwards and I am not familiar with the name or works at all I think. The writers are really many and I won't list the names, but it turned out to be an example of too many cooks spoiling the broth. The film can easily be structured into two halves with the first ending with Mikkelsen's character's death. The first half is certainly superior to the second and because of the latter you could maybe also add War here as a genre. There with Mikkelsen I already mentioned an actor who is one of Europe's very best these days for sure and in my opinion, except the opening scene, he was completely wasted. Same can be said about Forest Whitaker, another very talented guy and the only Oscar winner in the cast here I think. I also think that Smits, Ahmed and Mendelsohn have more range than they were allowed to put on display here.

And then we have lead actress Felicity Jones and there is no denying that she is really talented, recently got her first Oscar nomination too. But this kind of movies may not be her thing, maybe she is actually too talented to lead a film like this. She may not have huge star potential, even if she is stunning and that's certainly why people in 10-15 years will talk about Ridley, but not about Jones I am afraid. Her male co-lead Diego Luna may be another actor from this category. Talent yes, star potential not really. There is just no denying that this film is about nothing but the technical aspects, most of all the visual effects of course and the latter is also one of two categories where this film, mostly thanks to its box office success, managed Academy Award nominations. But in my opinion, this is a contender for weakest Academy Award nominee released in 2016, even if the work in the respective fields may be impressive. I can't deny that. But story is just so much more important to me. So yeah as you see, I had quite a few problems with this one. I think that frequently good villains/antagonists are more important than good heroes really, but the bad guys here are just as forgettable. One of the not too many positive aspects from the film is the ending, which probably let many also forgot about the tons of mediocrity in the previous hour. Overall, I cannot share the praise critics and audiences had for this one.

I may be a bit biased as Sci Fi was always among my least favorite genres, but I also liked the Star Wars film from the year before a lot more than this one here. By the way, the occasional Star Wars reference here in terms of character inclusions (like Leia in the very last scene) could not save this style-over-substance film either. And it is also not very original anymore to have a robot creature be the only source of comedy here, not even for the franchise. My idea here would have been extend the first 75 minutes story-wise to 100 and include the crucial parts of the rebellious attacks and make this a more focused film. That way I may have liked it more. It's a thumbs-down. Not recommended and it is a good thing that many aspects here (gonna avoid spoilers) indicate that there will be no Rogue 2. I just hope they come up with something better if they need to fill another year before Episode 9.
Soulless Cash Cow
I am not a Star Wars fan, but must say that the old trilogy was and is very viable and cool, whereas newer trilogy started well, but then plunged into a total mess of a horrid making. This new pre- pre- prequel is not good. Why? Let's be honest - it's slow, it's very long, fat too much longer thane it has to be in fact. Be it 90 minutes, the world would devour it better. With its 2 endless hours run and very boring slow scenes it seems an eternity. Honest. The plot? Ah, rubbish, the obvious exploiting of far too well known scenery, places and even monsters. The main hero? Nay, she is just okay, but in a deeper sense, she is none above average and is paled into insignificance when displayed in relief of better stars. The effects? Good, but again, we have seen it all time and again. So, what remains? Nothing, in fact. Even all the recognizable characters and places do not warm up our hearts, all 2 hours an undying feeling of exasperating discomfiture does not leave us. We've been had by and racketed by greedy studio bonanzas.
Too simple movie for Star Wars universe
I just feel sorry for money I spent to watch it. All story is primitive, and main target of script to make you worry for life of characters which in immediate danger. But they always managed to save themselves. And they manage to make it so many times and with such magical ways so you just don't care about them anymore - its a fairy tale, so why should we care about all that magical creatures in the script.

Where is Luke Skywalker? What will be in next part? One more side line of the main story? Do you ready to wait a year to watch one more mediocre movie with predictable story?

Better Disney make TV series with such pure idea, at least it will fit the format.
A prequel, built on fan service.
I was honestly really disappointed with this prequel to A new hope, and no I'm not going to call this a stand-alone movie, because to me, it doesn't feel like one. The movie just felt like a lifeless and boring drag that doesn't go anywhere interesting. While I do agree it isn't as bad as most of the prequels, it isn't as special as I thought it was going to be. While the special effects of the movie are pretty great, everything else surrounding it doesn't work. Lets start with the characters of the movie. The characters in this movie really disappointed me as they had no really personality or character arc. Jyn Erso, our main character, does start out with an interesting arc. Her parents are taking away from her by the Empire, and then is raised by a man known as Saw Gerrara, who takes her in to raise her after her tragic experience. But then it just cuts to another showing that she has grown into an older woman, who is able to take care of herself. It doesn't show or explain how she grew up to be the rebel fighter that she is. I'm not saying that she has 15 minute scene that shows her entire backstory, but at least give us something more. Movies like Wonder Woman where able to give their main characters a backstory as well as personality at the same time. This situation happens to most of the characters in the main cast. It just goes from one scene to another giving us enough time to get to know the character a little bit more. Instead, they give us boring exposition about who they are, or what happened to them, instead of just showing us emotionally with visuals (Basically show don't tell). And this brings me to my next problem, the pacing. While it improves overtime, the first two acts cut from one scene to another so fast that it isn't giving itself time to slow down, take a breather, and let us experience one situation without cutting to another 3 minutes later. It makes the story feel like a cluttered mess that doesn't really work. Another problem I mentioned is the fan service in this movie. There's just so much fan service that becomes so obvious that it become annoying. Darth Vader is the biggest example, as he doesn't do anything in the entire movie. Sure he has the best moment in the movie, but he was only in there for about 5 minutes and has no real reason to be in the movie. He contributes nothing to the plot, and was honestly just added so that he can be in the trailer so that fans can can get more excited for the movie (I'm guilty of this myself). And possibly the weakest part of the movie for me was the acting. Sure is isn't Attack of the Clones bad, but it doesn't feel like the actors are really trying. They all just feel the same, coming out as bland, boring, lifeless, and dull characters. Plus some the dialogue is just so bad that it made me laugh a couple of times (I'm taking to you Forest Whitaker). Overall, I wasn't really a big fan of this movie and I don't see myself watching this often, but I'm still glad they took the risks of telling this story. It's not a bad movie at all. It still has amazing special effects and visuals, it's shot well, and it does have some memorable moments that I did like, and as a fan of Star wars I'm still glad I watched it. But to me this didn't feel like a Star Wars movie, it felt like a promise that wasn't kept to it's fullest.
A disappointing cash-grab movie, loaded with fan service
Hey do you guys remember Storm Troopers? AT walkers? Blue Milk? Boy do we have a movie for you!

Rogue One is sadly full of uninteresting characters and references to the original trilogy, and SW Rebels. From random costumes (one rebel was wearing Leia's visor/mask from Ep6) to sudden changes in their demeanor. There was obviously LOTS of footage that didn't make the final cut. Almost half the trailer we saw isn't in the movies, including Forest Whitaker's entire monologue about fighting.

Remember how you cared about Rey? They showed you what her life was like and who she was? Jyn is just an angry child and you never really learn anything about her except that she's "a rebel." (That "I rebel" line isn't in the final cut either!)

What you're left with is a soulless movie, that whisks you from planet to planet in hopes that you'll forget that you already know what is going to happen to these characters. Spoiler alert: This is a suicide mission and they all die. Thankfully, you won't care about any of them.

Okay, maybe you'll care about the robot dying. K-2 was funny.
Not worth the time or money.
Okay its not the worst film ever made but it's definitely not good. Film movies at a snail's pace, is overall terribly boring, the acting was pretty bad if not just awkwardly shameful, literally zero likable or memorable characters, but hey- of course it had some good effects! After all, an enormous budget and forcing this film into everyone's throats guarantees the return in investment so they can continue to churn out garbage like this for eons to come! I'll say the Darth Vader scene gave me goosebumps for sure, they won my old man's mind on that regard, but that's really the only good moment in the film and many of my friends agreed, and they grew up idolizing star wars like I did. And back to the acting, I get it that sci-fi films don't usually have any good acting, but you'd think with the money they're putting into these films and getting back from them, they'd hire some people who can actually act a little bit? Come on.
Rogue One another worthless Hollywood cash-in that runs at snails pace.
Rogue One - another worthless Hollywood cash-in that runs at snails pace.

Die hard fans will obviously find enjoyment in this film - entering the star wars universe again, the stunning visuals, and soundtrack... But look closely at the film itself and there is not a lot on offer.

It starts out with this awfully paced run of throwaway scenes to showcase the main characters in the story - they go far to quick to feel any emotional connection with them later on in the film.

Two large chunks of the film are worthless dialog (that sound like video game instructions) and this 'epic' beach siege at the end that clearly looks like the Atlantis hotel resort in Dubai. Once you see it in your head - you can't take what is going on seriously.

The cast are also not well put together, the main character Jyn Erso is unlikable - half her lines are rushed and predictable and her acting made me cringe. On the other hand the characters - Chirrut Îmwe (blind fighter), Saw Gerrera (dying extremist) and Orson Krennic (Empire deathstar leader) offer some great nuggets of depth but aren't in it enough to justify their full potential.

SPOILERS!!: I did enjoy however the stunning cgi restoration of Peter Cushing as Grand Moff Tarkin, but when a young cgi of Princess Leia appeared at the end of the film acting as the lead into 'A New Hope' - felt cheap and reinstated the fact that this was a cash-in film and i was stupid enough to fall for it and go see it!!

Rant over! x
Pointless And Skippable.
A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far, Far SPOILERS!

Rogue One: A Star Wars story by Gareth Edwards is basically Star Wars: Rebels all over again. Did Disney have to warp this Gap in between Revenge Of The Sith and A New Hope?

Felicity Jones is certainly not the best of Actors, and she was basically hired to hog the Camera throughout the whole Movie in order for Bob Iger to order his minions over at Mattel, plus other Merchandising Companies, to make a clutter of Merchandise regarding Jones' Character, plus the other Marketable Characters in this Movie.

The prologue for Christopher Nolan's "Dunkirk" Movie coming out in July 2017 is decent, but it does not excuse the amount of Pointlessness in the Movie.

And here we come to our next Major problem: Spencer Wielder as Darth Vader. I get that David Prowse and James Earl Jones are at Old Ages, but look at George S. Irving: Despite being Eighty-Six (Now Ninety- Four, as I type this), he STILL Reprised his role as Heat Miser in "A Miser Brothers' Christmas." Unless someone retires, there is no excuse for one to not reprise one's Role all because of Age.

The Plot of Rogue One is also unnecessary: The new, Marketable Characters want to steal the Plans to construct the Death Star. What's THAT going to do? Clearly, the Death Star is in completion by "A New Hope," part of what makes "Rogue One" downright Pointless.

Overall, Gareth Edwards' "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" is Pointless and Skippable.
Kept looking for something to like
Lackluster film. Banal script obviously written to fill out canon. CGI and set design were not an incentive for watching. Acting did give the viewer much to invest in. And, anyway, can one really like a film where they kill all the good guys? Guess I should have worn my 'art' hat. Even the robots disappointed.
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