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Reservoir Dogs
Crime, Drama, Thriller, Mystery
IMDB rating:
Quentin Tarantino
Harvey Keitel as Mr. White - Larry Dimmick
Tim Roth as Mr. Orange - Freddy Newandyke
Michael Madsen as Mr. Blonde - Vic Vega
Chris Penn as Nice Guy Eddie Cabot
Steve Buscemi as Mr. Pink
Lawrence Tierney as Joe Cabot
Randy Brooks as Holdaway
Kirk Baltz as Ofcr. Marvin Nash
Edward Bunker as Mr. Blue
Quentin Tarantino as Mr. Brown
Steven Wright as K-Billy DJ
Rich Turner as Sheriff #1
David Steen as Sheriff #2
Tony Cosmo as Sheriff #3
Storyline: Six criminals, who are strangers to each other, are hired by a crime boss Joe Cabot to carry out a diamond robbery. Right at the outset, they are given false names with an intention that they won't get too close and concentrate on the job instead. They are completely sure that the robbery is going to be a success. But when the police show up right at the time and the site of the robbery, panic spreads amongst the group members and one of them is killed in the subsequent shootout along with a few policemen and civilians. When the remaining people assemble at the premeditated rendezvous point (a warehouse), they begin to suspect that one of them is an undercover cop.
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All of Tarantino's works are amazing and this is definitely no exception
Four of six ruthless criminals await for their boss at an abandoned warehouse. After finding the diamond heist that they had all teamed up to accomplish was a trap, they realize that one of them is a police informant.

The movie is told through a series of flashbacks from each of the criminals. I have never seen this done so breathtakingly. "Dogs" is an absolute masterpiece. It may not be Tarantino's best but is definitely one of the greatest movies of all time. There is absolutely nothing between the satirical writing or the hard-to-watch murders that could possibly make the movie any more perfect. Overall, the movie is absolutely incredible and I do not wish to say anymore to give away any sense of the ending.

I highly recommend this movie.
Actually an anti-violence movie
If you want to see anti-violence movie, then you need 1st see this.

How can anybody like seeing/doing real violence after seeing most violent parts of this flick?

Tarantino is in the same league with Verhoeven and Peckinpah. Realism is the best educator.

The movie has also other aspects, which makes the movie experience very strong.
You shoot me in a dream, you better wake up and apologize!
Tarantino's brutal debut film. From the original initial dialogue, to the final outcome, the director astonishes everyone and makes clear what his style: anthological dialogues (eye to the discussion in the distribution of colors that will identify each gangster, hilarious) a breakthrough structure, very good soundtrack (as in all his films), great doses of violence (although not at all gratuitous, but rather ironic) and, above all, a lot of black humor. In addition to superb performances by Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen, Steve Buscemi and Chris Penn. In short, a great example of good noir cinema (with all its ingredients: shootings, violence, betrayal, suspense, etc.), but with the innovative and very personal touch of the brilliant director, who would later continue to dazzle with the wonderful "Pulp Fiction".
Over rated
I first saw this film when I was 15. I thought it was brilliant, really original and generally great. However, now (3 Years later) I realise it is nothing more than a pretentious piece of garbage.

Sure, it looks good, but when you really get down to it it's not doing anything. It doesn't have any real substance, it's not commenting on anything, it's just a totally throwaway product. Tarantino is talking loudly and saying nothing. And THAT narrative structure - it looks and feels original, but independent and foreign movies have been doing it, better, for years and years.

A truly trashy piece of postmodernism at it's worst.
Sorry, but this is a overrated movie !!!
First, I love Tarantino, because he is able (as a director) to follow his own unique style and made a very good movie like Pulp Fiction. But when making Reservoir Dogs, he was (in my opinion) maybe just searching for the borders of what other directors did not dare to do. A movie as RD with (just) a strong focus on violence is not enough for me to give it a high rating. Of course the acting and directing was very good, but I was missing a real strong script. And thats why I could not enjoy this movie and was just very disappointed because my expectations were very high (also based on the high rating on IMDB). So, when you not only like violence, but also care about a good script (story) than you also want to watch the Mob-movies of Martin Scorsese like Good fellas and Casino.
Pure undiluted crap
Vintage Tarantino. Totally boorish, tasteless, boring, repetitious, tedious & moronic. Everything his loving audiences deserve.
criminals with style
From the opening moments of "Reservoir Dogs" you sense that you are watching a different kind of crime drama. The style and dialog of this picture bestows a level of intelligence upon it's characters that defies the reality of their chosen profession. Having said that,this movie is absolutely riveting in it's movements from the ordinary, to the grim, to the horrific aspects of a career criminal. Quintin Tarantino has written a tale of an almost corporate order to constructing a crime gang. The delight is in meeting these characters one by one. The particular crime is no more crucial to the film than a 7-11 stick-up. The crux of the movie is the portrayal of the rainbow of characters who find themselves involved in a life of crime. Much has been made of the violence in the movie, but it only serves to point out that all men are different......even the crooked. The director has included a number of very memorable scenes. This is not a linear film. The movie works more as a series of set pieces that weave together a story that is not as important as the individual parts that you have the pleasure of observing. This movie may take more than one viewing to truly appreciate.
Pure Useless
Easily one of the worst films I have ever seen. I don't know how some people love it. Seriously overrated. Basically set in the one scene. One scene of gory violence which is hard to watch. A few pathetic attempts at humor. People who say its one of the best films of all time probably haven't watched much films. I don't think it's a proper gangster film like good fellas or Casino Which are classics. I also don't like how some characters try to come across as tough. Complete Waste Of Time ... Watch a real film like casino Twasnt worth the money I paid to watch it . I have to stretch this out to fill in ten lines of text
One of the worst movies ever made
This repulsive, reprehensible trash for Quentin Tarantino has to rank as one of the worst movies ever made. When I wasn't bored to tears by interminable dialogue, I was repulsed by the glorification of sadism as an alternative life-style. The Marquis De Sade would have been proud. Tarantino should put his talents to suitable use and just make a real 'snuff' film. See 'Clockwork Orange' instead. That is a work of real genius.
Defines Tarantino as a Filmmaker
Reservoir Dogs was Quentin Tarantino's first motion picture. But even as early as his first try, you can see every element that defines Tarantino as the unmatched filmmaking legend that he is revered as. It just might be the greatest indie film of all time. No budget, no SFX, no big sets and no wide distribution. But the amount of emotion, humor, sadism and reality that this film conveys is more extraordinary than any big name blockbuster. The plot of the film is brief, but it works. It's about a well organized heist that goes terribly wrong. Truth is, there is a rat in the whole operation, but who? With that in place, Tarantino takes us beyond what is said on paper and retraces the steps it took these men to get to the predicament they are in now. We see the back stories of Mr. White, Mr. Blonde and Mr. Orange, all without ever meaning to place them in the middle of the conflict. Its a movie that only the viewer can interpret, and the important facts are placed at the forefront to help come to a conclusion. This information works in favor of the main narrative. Some have complained about not hearing the origins of Mr. Pink, Mr. Brown, Mr. Blue, Nice Guy Eddie and Joe Cabot. I agree. Perhaps more clarification of their purposes might have enhanced the narrative. Perhaps it would have answered the obvious question, What was the point of this whole operation? I'm sure Quentin would have made the film twice as long and incorporated all of their stories had he made the film today. Needless to say, It does not take away from the experience. In fact, the mysteriousness makes it even more entertaining. Also, Reservoir Dogs will always fall under the controversy of being too violent for mainstream audiences, as well as being highly unnecessary. Well, I disagree. Violence is the name of the game in the life of being a Dog. If that means chopping off an ear while dancing to K-Billy's Super Sounds of the Seventies, then why not? Reservoir Dogs doesn't exist to share a moral. Rather, it shows to us just how something so right can go so wrong. Even if the right was wrong in the first place. Reservoir Dogs is the precursor to the rest of Tarantino's career, and to get started watching the long journey of his success, make sure you pop in this amazing flick first.
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