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Requiem for a Dream
IMDB rating:
Darren Aronofsky
Ellen Burstyn as Sara Goldfarb
Jared Leto as Harry Goldfarb
Jennifer Connelly as Marion Silver
Marlon Wayans as Tyrone C. Love
Christopher McDonald as Tappy Tibbons
Janet Sarno as Mrs. Pearlman
Suzanne Shepherd as Mrs. Scarlini
Joanne Gordon as Mrs. Ovadia
Charlotte Aronofsky as Mrs. Miles
Mark Margolis as Mr. Rabinowitz
Michael Kaycheck as Donut Cop (as Mike Kaycheck)
Jack O'Connell as Corn Dog Stand Boss
Storyline: Drugs. They consume mind, body and soul. Once you're hooked, you're hooked. Four lives. Four addicts. Four failures. Despite their aspirations of greatness, they succumb to their addictions. Watching the addicts spiral out of control, we bear witness to the dirtiest, ugliest portions of the underworld addicts reside in. It is shocking and eye-opening but demands to be seen by both addicts and non-addicts alike.
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R-Rated Afterschool Special
Hollywood's gratuitous attempt at an anti-drug message showcases an array of characters (you're bound to relate to one of them) in a this-is-your-brain, this-is-your-brain-on-drugs kind of way.

You watch it and think, hey if I was and so-and-so, my-brain-not-on-drugs was the way to go!

However, if you have any remote sense of logic, then you don't actually have to endure the film to figure that out.

There's a gritty, depersonalizing element to the film which adds style and extreme worst-case-scenario scares, but overall, it's got that afterschool special obviousness - drugs are bad!

When it's over, you expect the guy with the eggs and frying pan to lurch out and say, "Any questions?"
In the tradition of films like "American History X", and "Boys Don't Cry", a film that needs to be seen.
"Requiem for a Dream" is not a pretty movie, most of us cannot identify with the main characters, it does not allow you to feel good at any point, except maybe to think, "I'm glad I never got mixed up with drugs."

I require the title of every movie to make sense, so examining this one I come up with, "A musical service for the repose of the dead (requiem)" for "something of beauty or charm associated with dreams rather than reality." And that perfectly describes the film.

SPOILERS... There are lots of people in this film, but it is the story of only four of them - Sara (Ellen Burstyn), who gets scammed into sending an application (with money, no doubt) for a TV appearance, then needing to lose weight, getting in with a shady diet doctor, eventually getting hooked on pills and turning into this monster of a person who no longer can relate to the world.

Harry (Jared Leto), her son, along with Marion (Jennifer Connelly), his girlfriend, and Tyrone (Marlon Wayans), his friend, all get caught up in the drug culture. He repeatedly steals Sara's TV set, wheels it down to pawn for drug cash, she goes behind him and pays to get it out of pawn. "But he's my only son", she pines when asked why she doesn't call the police.

They get wise, buy some good stuff, cut it, make a good profit, repeat the cycle, eventually hoping to get rich. But their "habit" clouds their judgement, they get screwed, they drive towards Florida to get more stuff, are arrested at a hospital stop 600 miles south of NYC, Harry has his arm surgically removed because of use-induced infection, Tyrone ends up in prison, Marion has to prostitute herself to get drug money, Sara has shock treatment and is never herself again. Each tragedy, each shattered "dream", a result of drug use. And the whole film is the "requiem" for those dreams.

I'm sure some of all these things happen some time, but in all I found this to be just a bit of a caricature of how the drug culture ends the functional lives, sooner or later, of all who get mixed up in it. Thus the title of the film.

Jennifer Connelly has always been beautiful, but as she matures is also turning into one of our finest female actors. Although Burstyn received the Oscar nomination, I think Connelly's performance was the best in this film. Like most of the "mature" voters, I rate it "8" of 10, unlike all those "under-30" voters who rated it "9" and "10" because of the "gee-whiz" factor, or maybe they could identify with the characters more than I can. I didn't always care for the strange way the movie was filmed, although much of it was necessary for telling this story. The first time I saw Tyrone running in the alley with the camera somehow attached to him, I thought that was neat and unique. However, as they used it for several other scenes, I began to focus on the camera technique rather than the story.

I saw the DVD. It has one of the most irritating menu presentations possible, using a test pattern raster with interference. Cute, but I soon found myself avoiding use of the menu. However, the picture and sound of the movie itself, in Digital Dolby 5.1, are really first rate.
very good movie, the first time around. Then . . . . .
The first time I saw this movie I loved it and I would tell so many people about it. It definitely left an impression on me.

Then i decided to watch it again. The second time around this movie was seen for what it really is, or at least can be. This movie drips of propaganda and the viewer is left drinking the excesses of the creators viewpoint. One thing they teach you in NA (Narcotics Anonymous) is that drugs lead to one of three places. Jails, Institutions and Death. This movie introduces another destination, slavery, but holds up the credo and teachings of organizations such as NA.

Through imagery, conversation, suggestion and the occasional blast of visual information, the creators work very hard to show the viewer the users side of the story as well as the "outsiders" views and opinions of the main characters.

We hope for the best as Harrys mom makes her decision to use diet pills to lose whatever iota of fat she thinks she has before her television appearance. We are left feeling sad for her though as she begins her decline into delusion only to end up institutionalized.

All in all, the characters work together very well and the movie is better than many other creations out there. But for me, when it boils down to it, this movie feels a lot like reefer madness and should be cataloged as shock-education.
This movie is undeniably, extraordinarily... stupid
This is one of those films that everybody talks about as being so disturbing and shocking... well I finally saw it and I think it's neither.

First of all, it's utterly predictable. It's a movie about a bunch of drug addicts (one character is not knowingly a drug addict, but I'll get to that later). How do you think it's going to end up?! Either they sober up or go through a downward spiral, and the director chose the latter for all the characters to make you just think that "Drugs are bad, mmmkay?"

Second of all, it's not realistic at all. So many places to start. I'll just break it down. 1) The 2 guys, on a drug-induced whim, make the decision to become dealers. And somehow these 2 (I repeat, 2) people rise up the complicated ladder of heroin trafficking, making tons of money in the process, making it look like a cakewalk, without the director showing any insight into what exactly they're doing other than a few 2-second clips of them standing on a street corner. That's just lazyness on the director's part in my opinion. To anyone who knows even the slightest about dealing drugs (not saying that I do), "making it big" is not an easy feat that 2 junkies can just start up.

2) The older lady on diet pills. Presumably these contained methamphetamines. It does not make sense that she's just permanently "crazy" from taking them. Sure, you get methamphetamine toxicity from overdose, causing hallucinations and psychosis, but this would have been corrected in the hospital after withdrawing the meth and giving Haldol. She was not on them nearly long enough to suffer any "permanent effects", the existence of which are even questionable. Regardless, Etc (Electroconvulsive therapy) would NOT be used for this. And even if they did use it, the patient would sedated, not wide awake. The director just threw this in for shock value.

3) The guy being sent to jail for his arm infection. This is illegal. A physician cannot deny someone medical care just because they suspect a criminal act. Even a serial killer who goes on a rampage and then tries to kill himself but fails will go to a hospital for treatment (with security present) prior to going to jail. And even if they do suspect a criminal act, it's a violation of HIPAA for the physician to just "tell the police" unless the patient is an actual threat to himself or others. There is tons of medical literature about IV drug users... they are a unique and special patient population that have their own needs. I gotta say the director really makes doctors look like a-holes. And the sad thing is, some poor junkie out there probably saw this movie and thought "There's no way I'm going to the hospital if my arm looks likes that!"

4) Pupils constrict with heroin, they don't dilate like the film shows.

As for the "shock value", what exactly is so disturbing and shocking about this movie? The orgy/sex scene? First of all, you can find more shocking things on the internet. Second of all, I don't feel bad for Jeniffer Connely's character because despite how addicted to drugs she was, she still willingly CHOSE to go the dudes house and later the party. She know what she was getting into, and had other options.

That's it, I'm done. I have to say, I really enjoyed the cinematography in this movie and that actually makes it worth watching. The acting is great as well. But the plot/storyline is unrealistic making the whole thing suck.
The ultimate "art as pain" movie.
If you subscribe to the masochistic belief that great art must be painful, then by all means, see Requiem for a Dream. If, on the other hand, you'd rather not spend 2 hours having Aronofsky pick at you like a scab, skip it. The director's intention is clearly to upset you, give you a headache, and instill in you a hatred of addictive behavior. He succeeds marvelously.

Wayans, in the closing sequence of the film, vomits into a bucket of some white viscous somethingorother he's stirring.

That about sums up my reaction to Requiem for a Dream.
Eyesore and Headache.
Requiem for a Dream is the worst movie I've seen in a long while. Whether is was the immature score of the film (which left me bored), the overdone subject matter and obvious themes, or the shameful, explicit sex scenes, I do not know. But the movie, just overall, didn't seem to be anything more than an attempt by a director to trick people into thinking his movie is innovative. Apparently, as far as the public is concerned, he succeeded.
YAWN!! Don't be fooled again ...
This movie is so derivative it is disgusting! I am very surprised at the number of people who think this movie is shocking and original when it is clearly stale leftovers with some fancy photography (the only redeeming quality). The characters act like they are in some never ending music video gone terribly wrong - it was obvious that they were shallow attempts to try and make us squirm. In the end everything was so over the top and stylized it just turns out to be ridiculous, staged, and boring. If you want to go see a movie that is imaginative and breaks through the normal movie nonsense go see Dancer in the Dark!!
Oh my God, this is one of the worst movie I've ever seen in my life. I usually am a very impatient person, but while I was watching this movie, I've had a lot of patience. I was thinking that the end would be something unexpected, but it was such a big waste of time, AND BELIEVE ME.. I HATE WASTING MY TIME. I don't usually write a review, but because of this failure I have to. Such an ordinary, mediocre and embarrassing movie. The plot of the movie was awful, and again..AWFUL. The actors didn't act like they're supposed to act. Oh, and I saw that the movie was based on a story of a book, and I have to tell that the author of this book is dumb.
when dreams and nightmares collide...
My God! "Requiem for a Dream" (2000), what a movie! It's always difficult to write reviews about perfect movies but I'm going to try. First, there are three adjectives which come to my mind to describe this movie and they're the ones which everyone thinks of: powerful, harrowing and heart-breaking and certain sequences remain engraved in the memories like for example, Jared Leto's wounded arm caused by drug.

To watch "Requiem for a Dream" is like being punched in the face. It's the kind of movie which can't leave indifferent. It is impossible to come out of this horrifying movie unharmed. It was made by a young director Darren Aronofsky whose previous movie "Pi" (1998) was very hailed. I must admit that I wasn't fully convinced by this indie movie but here, without a doubt, the director entirely hypnotized me and I thank him for that.

The movie was made from a novel written by Hubert Selby Jr. It isn't the first time that a work from this novelist is adapted for the screen. Indeed, in 1989, Uli Edel had shot "Last Exit to Brooklyn" which developed a nightmarish and apocalyptic vision of a mankind who lived in hell. Here, the movie focuses on 4 main characters. There's Harry Goldfarb. He, his girlfriend Marion Silver and his best mate Tyrone C Love plan to become high-rolling smack dealers. In the meantime, his mother Sarah Goldfarb has got her head in the clouds. She received a call and she learned that she's going to appear on television. At the beginning of the film, the 4 characters' hopes amazingly answers the shiny weather of the summer. But as we usually say: best things have an end. Summer will go away to leave place to fall and winter. Just like the dreams will slowly but surely shatter and the 4 main protagonists will embark on an endless suffering. A vertiginous descent into hell like we have never seen one and which will reach its climax in winter in the last half-hour of the movie. From this moment, the film presents a flood of incredible pictures; they are so painful so much that they make the view unbearable. However, you watch it flabbergasted with both repulsion and fascination.

Darren Aronofsky invites us to a climbing in the morbid. "Requiem for a Dream" strikes by its visual and sonorous frenzy. Through, accelerated frenetic sequences, hysterical split-screens, parallel images, the director doesn't pull his punches to describe this diving in absolute horror for the 4 characters. However, in his crazy making, there's none form of unwarranted nature. The features previously quoted may be disturbing but necessary to answer several things which aren't pleasant to hear like for example, to denounce the omnipresence of the consumer society. These abuses express themselves, here, by the crushing presence of objects, perfectly representative of this society like the television or the refrigerator. The another goals of the film: to make us share the physical and moral sufferings of a drug addict, notably through the deterioration of their visual and sonorous perceptions. But also to show us in a straight-forward and rough way, the dependence of a drug addict on his drug. Aronofsky's message is simple to understand. There's not only the drug like cocaine or amphetamines that make dependent but also simple objects apparently harmless which can become dangerous like the television or the refrigerator. They can destroy our faculties of reasoning and judgment. In a way "Requiem for a Dream" illustrates very well Brad Pitt's key cue in "Fight Club" (1999): "things you own end up owning you...". On the other hand, if we put the stress on drug, the least we can say is that the moments of shooting, the withdrawal times are showed with a realism and bluntness rarely reached. True, "Trainspotting" (1996) had already presented similar scenes but Darren Aronofsky isn't afraid to go further in daring.

It would be unfair to neglect the terrific cast. Beginning with Ellen Burstyn who in all respects gives a dazzling performance. She renders very well the degeneration of her character. In the beginning, she is a normal old lady but in the end, she looks like a senseless living dead. Why didn't she get her Oscar in 2001 instead of Julia Roberts in "Erin Brockovich" (2000)? Then, concerning Jared Leto and Jennifer Connelly well their sensitiveness and fragility are impressive. But the biggest surprise is Marlon Wayans. Who could have thought that he could be at ease in a comic role (Scary Movie) as well as in a dramatic role? These 4 actors make particularly harrowing the very last sequences of the film which show them forever in the depths of despair or madness where pain, humiliation and misery suffer into them. And then, during the final credits, we can hear the sea with a little of relief as if we had just made a nightmare.

But what is extraordinary in Aronofsky's work is that he manages to find a little place for humor which acts in an efficient way. In conclusion, this young film-maker has shot a film with a real emotional power. I must confess that I almost shed a tear several times. "Requiem for a Dream" is a movie I highly recommend but beware! It's not a movie for everyone and for the spectators who didn't watch it, I advise you not to see it if you are in a sad mood. It demands a strong stomach and I think the people who say they weren't afraid during the projection are liars. Don't forget your handkerchief.
Hollywood at its best!!!!!
Ellen Burstyn blew me away in this film! This is her best role so far!

This movie is about four drug addicts. They all have dreams, but as dependence on drugs is increasing, their dreams are turning into nightmares.

The acting is phenomenal. The story and how Aronofsky tells the story is just fantastic! The music is extraordinary. The cinematography is amazing! The directing is great. I also love how Aronofsky expresses his feelings without words and body language but with camera!

I've almost seen a thousand of movies and no movie has ever affected me like this one!

Even though this movie is amazing, I warn you: This movie will haunt you for several days!

Mr.Aronofsky has done a great job, if you feel sick,depressed or got the feeling that you're not going to touch drugs, after you've seen this movie! The movie is very brutal,tragic and honest. I hope you stay off drugs after you've seen this!

This is a cinematic masterpiece and a fantastic work of art!

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