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Requiem for a Dream
IMDB rating:
Darren Aronofsky
Ellen Burstyn as Sara Goldfarb
Jared Leto as Harry Goldfarb
Jennifer Connelly as Marion Silver
Marlon Wayans as Tyrone C. Love
Christopher McDonald as Tappy Tibbons
Janet Sarno as Mrs. Pearlman
Suzanne Shepherd as Mrs. Scarlini
Joanne Gordon as Mrs. Ovadia
Charlotte Aronofsky as Mrs. Miles
Mark Margolis as Mr. Rabinowitz
Michael Kaycheck as Donut Cop (as Mike Kaycheck)
Jack O'Connell as Corn Dog Stand Boss
Storyline: Drugs. They consume mind, body and soul. Once you're hooked, you're hooked. Four lives. Four addicts. Four failures. Despite their aspirations of greatness, they succumb to their addictions. Watching the addicts spiral out of control, we bear witness to the dirtiest, ugliest portions of the underworld addicts reside in. It is shocking and eye-opening but demands to be seen by both addicts and non-addicts alike.
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Mind numbing!
It seems that most people either hate or love this movie. I do both.

Yes, it did make me feel numb for the past hours and it IS a powerful movie the first time you watch it.

For me, the true power of this movie lies in the shock value. What I mean by that is that they throw so many awful things in your face time over and over again and it just gets worse and worse and worse. Your brain gets kind of "uhm...oh...wow". It didn't make me think. It made my brain numb.

If you really look deep in to it though, you'll not find much other than the message that "Drugs are bad, just look how awful these people's lives has turned out!". There's not much more to it. The characters don't really have any deep struggles (other than drugs of course), at least not that we see. They are pretty one dimensional.

In the end, I didn't really feel sympathy for them per se, because they didn't really tell me anything other than "wow...oh...this is just awful" and they where just so incredibly pathetic, the whole lot.

On one hand, I hate this movie for making my brain numb and removing my thinking, and by that ignoring that this movie ISN'T that deep. It'll make you it is, but really isn't.

Once again, it's the shock value. This is really thanks to the whole feeling of the movie and the way it's filmed and the lovely soundtrack it has! It's really powerful, but there is not much behind it.

The acting is good.

I give this movie a 5 out of 10, just because it's so impressive how the movie affected me.
Requiem for a disappointment...
Talk about a let down. I had heard nothing but raves about this one in the genre of "drug films", but when I finally saw it I realized that the raves were from raving lunatics. You might want to head to a fallout shelter if you're planning to watch this bomb. It only shows that a populace raised on the current standard of unrealistic "reality t.v.", will buy anything.

Right off the top, the acting is reminiscent of an over-dramatized silent movie. Not easy to do when you have experienced actors like Jennifer Connelly and Marlon Wayons (whose performances while very good, become almost comical as a result of the script and the director's efforts). While Ellen Bursten does a great job of portraying Harry's rapidly deteriorating and lonely mother, for a film that tries to take itself and it's subject matter so seriously, the comedic aspect of her scenes seem very out of place.

The film's hysteria and sensationalism reach ridiculous heights. It's overloaded, absurd and unconvincing. Camera angles that would serve better in a music video make up most of the "substance" of this very gimmicky film. Don't get me started on some of the worst New York accents I've heard since I visited Kentucky, either.

If there's one positive thing I can say about this movie it's that it is very likely to dissuade the type of impressionable young minds that could fall victim to the very real perils of serious drug use (some of which are grossly exaggerated in this farcical film). However those same impressionable minds are undoubtedly the ones that will believe this film paints a "stark and real" picture of what happens to everyone who uses drugs, without exception.

Overall, if you have never had a drug problem, known anyone in your entire life who has had one, ever even used drugs, or heard anyone talk realistically about drugs, then maybe this is the movie for you. An MTV version of the "real world" from a junkie's perspective. It's not even amusing as the joke it ends up being. In the genre of drug movies, this one should be filed under "oregano".
Simply Put This Is A Masterwork
I vaguely heard a few years ago that the director of PI followed it up by making a film based on a novel featuring drug addicts called REQUIEM FOR A DREAM . It got a couple of good reviews but I couldn't help noticing it took another six years for Darren Aronofsky to make another movie entitled THE FOUNTAIN which was one of the worst pieces of pretentious nonsense I ever watched . Still however the cult of REQUIEM FOR A DREAM grew and grew over the years . It is highly rated amongst the prolific voters on this website and has received almost aggressive praise from some quarters . And yet I had serious doubts to its worth as it was ignored by most award ceremonies and only received a very limited release in cinemas . Certainly I had no real intention of watching it until it appeared on a Sky movie channel . How good was it ? Let me put it like this - 72 hours after seeing it I still can't get it out of my mind

!!!! MILD SPOILERS !!!!!

Aronofsky has made an entirely expressionist film . He expresses in visual form what the characters are feeling . This goes all the way back to almost a hundred years ago to a movement in Germany and since then we see influences in productions as diverse as the BBC serial of QUATERMASS 2 to Harvey Keitel's drunken sequence in MEAN STREETS but I can't think of anything where this technique is better suited than here where the mental as well as the physical disintegration of the characters take place . The technique may put off a potential audience but that's the point , the characters are going through a living nightmare that they will never recover fully from and Aronofsky conveys their misery totally

The director also brings a subtle in joke of semiotics . In THE GODFATHER before someone is killed the colour orange is prominent . In CHILDREN OF MEN someone is peeling an orange before they're killed . It's a subliminal code used in films but one that is familiar to pretentious film students and movie geeks . When the characters enter a drugs den the audience are shown a close up of an orange being peeled and then all hell breaks loose . Expressionism and semiotics in the same movie ? Not necessarily the work of a genius , nor is it the mark of a genius for noticing this but should still be appreciated

One criticism the film has is that it's rabid anti drugs propaganda . Such criticism seems to be missing the point since Sara is addicted to legally prescribed drugs - amphetamine based diet pills and barbiuates . It's not a subtle film but does make subtle points that the amphetamine has almost certainly caused Sara to become schizophrenic . Likewise much of the drug taking and destruction is fuelled entirely by self delusion such as Harry and Marion wanting to open a store funded by the money they made dealing drugs . One criticism that is possibly valid is that there's medical facts that are ignored such as electro convulsive therapy being used on a conscious patient or how limbs are amputated but Aronofsky has rightly ignored these facts in order to make a more shocking film

Make no mistake that this is a truly shocking film . Compared to this TRAINSPOTTING is a cartoon for children and no other film has ever portrayed the misery and danger of drugs so potently . Nine years after its limited release the soundtrack by Clint Mansell has become legend and rightly so . However REQUIEM FOR A DREAM itself deserves to become legendary amongst a mainstream audience . It is quite simply a masterwork and a film that whilst I'm in no hurry to see again due to its harrowing content is a film I will never forget
The Most Over rated Art House Flick of 2000
I had high hopes for this one. I loved Aronofsky's debut, Pi. I would consider it among the ten most original films ever made. So, I went into this movie expecting a lot. Maybe it was my own fault. So I didn't like it. No big deal. Then everyone and their film school professor latches on to the film and is calling it one of the greatest films ever made. What a load of bs! Aronofsky just rehashes all of the camera techniques that made Pi so enjoyable to watch. Sure, they were original in Pi and I love that movie, BUT if I wanted to see Pi again then I would have watched my DVD. And the story is ridiculous! SPOILER ALERT! There's a drug shortage in New York! A drug shortage! How on Earth could their ever be a drug shortage in New York! This comes a little past mid-way into the film and completely derails any kind of credibility the filmmakers were trying to establish. If you enjoyed those after-school, don't do drugs television programs, then you'll enjoy this one. It will be the wildest one you've ever seen. However, when all is said and done, that's just what it is... an after school special.
Brutal, honest, and a must see movie
This ranks up there as one of the three most powerful movies I have ever seen in my lifetime (Full Metal Jacket and Grave of The Fireflies being the other two). This movie shows the brutal honest side of addiction and over-indulgence. Not just drugs, although it heavily shows drug addiction. Also shows how one addiction can lead to another and how damaging it can be for you. I watched this alone, and felt so stunned afterwards, I had to call a friend just to calm my nerves. Seriously, this is a brutal (one more time) BRUTAL film. The acting is wonderful - Ellyn Burnstyn and Jenniffer Connely are just wonderful in this movie, and Marlon Wayons was such a shocker in a serious role. Everyone must watch it, for it's entertainment value, and more importantly, it's educational value. But it leaves chills down your spine for it's honesty and unforgiving lessons.
Apparently, making sense is optional if you have a split screen.
It baffles me how Aronofsky has managed to fool audiences and critics to rave about not one but two nonsensical stories in the last few years. If you manage to keep your cool under the barrage of imagery thrown at you from frame one you should be able to spot plot holes in this film so large that they'll make Pi's nonsensical ending look like plausible narrative.

What bothers me most with these, apart from the fact that they make this film essentially pointless, is that they are all there simply to justify some supposedly shocking visuals. I can't help it, I must provide a list.

SPOILER SPACE (you shouldn't care, but it's the rules)

* * * * * *

1. Harry goes to a hospital to get his obviously gangrened arm cured. A doctor spots him as a drug addict and calls the police WITHOUT TENDING TO THE ARM FIRST. The weirdest thing about this is that the poor guy is later sent back to the hospital to have his arm cut off. The good part for Harry is that he should become a rich man in no time, after suing the doctor, the hospital and probably the police.

2. A dealer won't sell heroin for money, but he will trade it for sex. He could hire all the hookers he wants with the money he'd earn selling the heroin, specially considering he's the only provider for the whole city at that time. Still, all he wants is to see some lesbian sex live. Apparently, this is in the movie only to create tension between the lead and his girlfriend. Well, and to show Jennifer Connelly naked.

3. A previously healthy old lady is allowed to degenerate mentally to the point of being confined and given electroshocks without receiving any help, even though she's been shown previously socializing with many other people. For some reason the only person who realizes she's sick is his son, who doesn't care much for her anyway. Not that he does anything about it, either. Strangely enough, there's a shot of her friends waiting in the asylum looking worried while she receives electrical discharges without anesthetics.

4. Even though heroin can be injected practically anywhere, the lead will do it always in the same place. Even when the spot becomes a purulent wound he'll still do it the exact same position. Not an inch above, not in the other arm, not in a leg. Right in the middle of the wound.

* * * * *

END SPOILERS (but there are more of these, believe me)

You know, I wouldn't worry about plot holes that much if the filmmakers had set out to create just a series of disgusting images to show them around. The thing is they didn't. They made an attempt to create something vaguely resembling a storyline, they even had a shot at a subtext. They simply failed miserably. Let's see, this film seems to be about addiction. The points made about addiction in the film are:

a) Many people have addictions of different kinds.

b) Addictions aren't good things.

c) Disgusting things happen when people let their addictions go out of control.

and maybe, just maybe...

d) With addictions at first you'll feel good, but then you'll feel bad.

So much for depth.

But we might also have some character development, right? We could neglect story and subtext and still have strong, compelling characters.

Just we don't.

Even the best of the characters we're shown is one dimensional and flat. Everything the characters are or do is put there to be dismantled later, which makes it all feel like a cardboard building in a Godzilla movie. It's fake and cheap. Everything. The leads' love story, the mother-son relationship, friendship between Harry and Tyrone, and between Sarah and the other women. Nothing feels real because Aronofski only cares about the next cool shot.

This film might get you distracted enough the first time you watch it and make you to believe there's some depth behind that nauseous feeling in your stomach. In the end, it's just empty imagery planned to create a nauseous feeling in your stomach.

If you want imagery go and see the latest summer blockbuster. It might at least be some fun.
Not good.
Outstanding only in its mediocrity, if impressed by this buckle up and watch Trainspotting. A film centered on addiction done well.

Actinging more than passable, the charisma exuded by the performers kept me watching.

Direction - flamboyant but enjoyable, discernible talent for sure. In parts questions were asked on the necessity of such flourishes which felt tedious come the end.

Writing - If something needs to be said, it deserves to be said right. Clumsy dialogue left the whole film wanting. More bite needed.

All in all - Pretty film without guts. Seemed stuck in a murky middle ground unable to bridge either side unto which it could have been a decent film. Less direction, greater character progression, deeper storyline and weighty dialogue would benefit this film in my opinion.
Over-rated morality tale
The real descent into the quagmire is the last 30 minutes of this film, not the characters within the film. According to this film this is what you can expect from drug abuse: 1. Being force-fed in a public hospital (have these people heard of the IV drip?) and then ECT without any form of anaethesia (every bone in that woman's body would have shattered)- did they take her to a hospital in Eastern Europe?? 2. People with severe septicaemia will be denied hospital treatment and thrown into a cell on suspicion of being a drug addict until they require amputation. Watch and learn - it's fine to be a junkie as long as you don't get caught. 3. A man will be allowed to vomit into food being prepared in a government run correction facility. If you are bad, you eat vomit. OK? 4. A middle class chick will end up on the other end of a black dildo in order to feed her drug habit. Yawn... I mean, this film says more about what kind of overblown morality Americans are willing to accept in films than anything about drug abuse or its consequences. The anti-drug message descends into hyperbole and farce and I found myself laughing hysterically where I was supposed to be shocked and repulsed. Give me a break. These sanitised stories are just too ridiculous. As well as this, we are offered the same old, same old routine of white-powder-imagery and colourful-pill-popping. These guys injected something and were bopping around the place, next minute they snort something and they are all on the nod...go figure? And please, the heavy handedness of the junkie losing an arm...spare me, I am not that easily shocked or unaware of symbolism-overkill.
the summary of a history.
being someone who had a history with drugs, i found this movie to be slightly more than ground-breaking. i saw this film in the midst of a downward spiral, and it turned me right around! having friends with the same plans, such as sell drugs to buy more drugs..it made me look at my life and theirs and see exactly what the future had in store.

now, every time i see this movie since escaping that life, i cry. i cry for my past and those who still live in it. this movie has more to say to people my age than any drug education movie we were afforded in school. honestly, i wonder when the school systems will wisen up to what is really going to get kid's attention; movies that show that pros as well as the cons of drugs, or a movie that shows the complete and utter devastation drugs will bring to your life, and the lives of those around you. honestly, had i seen this film before my sophomore year of high school, i would have never even dreamed of taking more than the prescribed dose of advil.

granted, my little summary or comment of this movie does not entail anything informative about the movie itself, i must say, i feel this is the best way i know to express my views.
A complete waste of time disguised as "art"
Following up his pseudo-intellectual claptrap "Pi", Aronofsky gives us another example of his inability to direct anything other than an hour and a half long music video. And a poor one at that. Any comparisons to "A Clockwork Orange" are completely off the mark. While I'm no fan of that movie, either, I'll admit that Kubrick had talent.

Basically, rather like some other inexplicably popular movies, such as "Boogie Nights", this movie is akin to being stuck in a room full of crackheads for two hours, and we're supposed to find it not only interesting, but tragic. Sorry, but no go. I care not one whit for any of the characters in this movie, and wish they'd all just go away.

For me, this is the filmic equivalent of one of those books you get so mad at, that you just want to throw it across the room.
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