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Crime, Thriller, Action, Comedy
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Dean Parisot
Bruce Willis as Frank Moses
Paul Hopkins as Funeral Director
Denis Khoroshko as Russian Soldier
Lee Asquith-Coe as Security Detail Soldier
Wahab Sheikh as Iranian Clerk
Nathalie Buscombe as Assistant
David Thewlis as The Frog
Brian Cox as Ivan
Tim Pigott-Smith as Director Philips
John Malkovich as Marvin Boggs
Garrick Hagon as USA VIP
Mary-Louise Parker as Sarah Ross
Catherine Zeta-Jones as Miranda Wood
Helen Mirren as Victoria
Jong Kun Lee as Han's Father
Storyline: Retired CIA agent Frank Moses is in love with Sarah Ross and enjoying their normal life. Out of the blue, Marvin Boggs meets Frank in the supermarket and tells that Wikileaks has released the information that they had participated and know the whereabouts of the Nightshade, a portable nuclear weapon that was smuggled in pieces and hidden in Russia. Now the top agents in the world are under contract to seek them out to discover where Nightshade is. The trio travels to Paris and teams-up with the Russian Katja to track down the former Russian Agent 'The Frog' to get more information about the operation. They learn that the brilliant inventor Dr. Edward Bailey might know where the weapon is. They discover that Bailey has been interned in an asylum in London by the MI-6 for thirty-two years and the British Victoria joins the team. They rescue Bailey and find that the nuclear device is hidden in the Kremlin. Soon the dangerous South Korean Han joins the group expecting to retrieve the ...
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Big adventure than the first and entertains very well
The first installment was one of my favourite movie of the year it was released. It gave the new meaning and dimension to the action flicks of the present era. With fun filled tale which had many aged actors in the lead took to new heights. A movie like this can easily beat the mindless action 'A Good Day to Die Hard'.

'Red 2' is an even bigger action-adventure which story moves all around the world from America to Russia and Europe. After trying to run the normal life, Frank realises he was targeted by some people. His friend joins him and also the wife, while figuring it out who it was the more characters comes around him and one of it was the famous Korean actor Lee Byung Hun. Because of him we are lucky to witness some real action sequences where the rest were old and strengthless (except Bruce Willis).

The movie will entertain and it is cent per cent guaranteed. This is a great example how should be a good action movie, in the name of it many are giving a total crap. This one was not good as the first however very funny and will be better than one can expect from an action flick. It only made more curious about the third and I am anticipating more awesome actors to be in part of it. Hoping it will be one of a finest action-comedy trilogy ever made.

The action scenes are awesome!
'RED 2': Four Stars (Out of Five)

Sequel to the 2010 hit action/comedy film based on the DC Comics limited comic book series of the same name. This installment once again focuses on 'retired and extremely dangerous (RED)' black-ops agent Frank Moses (once again played by Bruce Willis), who must come out of retirement and join forces with his old team (once again). This time in order to find a missing nuclear weapon and clear his name (Moses and his buddy Marvin have been linked to the stealing of the device). Willis's all star cast of co-stars, from the original film, once again join him; including John Malkovich (as Marvin), Helen Mirren, Mary-Louise Parker and Brian Cox. Morgan Freeman (who's character died in the original movie) of course does not return for this installment but newcomers Byung-hun Lee, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Neal McDonough, David Thewlis and Anthony Hopkins do join the cast. Jon and Erich Hoeber once again wrote the screenplay but Robert Schwentke does not return this time as the film's director, he's been replaced by Dean Parisot (who's known for directing such hit comedy films as 'GALAXY QUEST', 'FUN WITH DICK AND JANE' and 'HOME FRIES'). I didn't enjoy the first movie much at all so I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed this one (I think Parisot's directing was probably a big reason).

The film begins with Frank (Willis) once again trying to live a happily retired life, now with his girlfriend Sarah (Parker), but trouble once again finds him. He's first tracked down by his old partner Marvin (Malkovich), who tries to convince Frank that there's people still after them. Frank thinks he's crazy but when Marvin is apparently killed Frank also finds himself kidnapped by government agents. He learns that his involvement in an operation, of smuggling a nuclear weapon into Moscow during the Cold War, has now come back to haunt him. People think he knows where the missing nuke is and is involved in it's disappearance. He must join forces with old team members, including an old flame named Katja (Zeta-Jones) who's also a Russian secret agent, while avoiding others who are now hired to kill him. Victoria (Mirren) has accepted a contract to kill Frank and so has an expert killer named Han Cho Bai (Byung-hun), who's bent on revenge against Frank. Hopkins plays a mentally ill physicist who may hold the key to the nuclear weapon's whereabouts.

For me the original film was a lot like an action comic-book version of 'GRUMPY OLD MEN'! I found the jokes tired and old (but most of all forced) and I didn't think the action scenes were all that thrilling. I only saw the movie once though so maybe I just need to watch it again (from possibly a different viewpoint and mood). In my opinion this sequel improves on everything the first film got wrong though. The jokes are clever and witty, the characters are likable and fun to watch and most of all the action scenes are awesome. The addition of Byung-hun Lee was a great improvement but also I think Parisot is just a better director for this type of movie. It's still the same two screenwriters though, even though the dialogue and storyline seem a lot better as well. I had a blast with this film, I know the critics didn't like it as much as the original but the critics are often wrong. If you're looking for a fun and funny action film extravaganza (regardless of whether you liked the original movie or not) you might really enjoy this film.

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An awesome sequel to the original.
Let me start by saying that I love this film so much.

I was lucky enough to catch this one in theaters with a buddy, unlike the first, which I only got to see on DVD, which I now own both.

Frank and his team must stop a shadowy conspiracy from finding and using Night-Shade,

with the help of a wacky ex agent,

who is the inventor of the mysterious weapon.

Overall, a great action-comedy with a good cast and a well written story, and I think a Superior follow up to the original.

I give it a 7.4/10. More action, more laughs, more thrills. It's a real good time, I highly recommend it.
The fun continues...
I thought the first film was a lot of fun and was pretty excited to see this one...I wasn't disappointed.

First off, the cast is great. Bruce Willis, for once in a long while, looks like he actually cares about the project and he is once again great with Mary-Louise Parker and John Malkovich. Helen Mirren continues to prove that there isn't a role she can't play and the new comers to the series, like Anthony Hopkins and Byung-hun Lee, are amazing and fun to watch. And Lee's fight scenes are just awesome! Like the last film, the movie is funny and the action is over-the-top and outrageous to watch. The movie is exactly how comic book adaptations/popcorn action films are meant to be...just a riot to watch!

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"Its important to enjoy life while you still can"
After RED was such a hit, we were given this sequel that continued the missions of Frank and his team of the Retired and Extremely Dangerous 3 years after the events of the first film. They're a little older, but just as deadly. Whilst it wasn't quite as enjoyable as the first film, it does maintain most of the same charm and humour that made the first so enjoyable.

They try to up the ante this time, going up from a small conspiracy to take down retired agents to a nuclear plot that threatens to cause grave peril and gets the REDs turned hunted as terrorists. Overall the story works and just like the first leads to several good twists, many of which were unexpected. Though at times it does feel a little over the top. Particularly towards the end where it seems to descend into the physics similar to the Fast and Furious films. It's still fun to watch. Just a different kind of fun to the rest of the film.

What really makes this film work is the chemistry between the actors. And what else is to be expected? The film boosts a great cast ranging from Oscar winners Hopkins and Mirren to other big names like Willis and Malkovich. They all bring a real sense of comradery between one another and embrace the silly nature of the script. Each makes sure that we believe that each of them is a trained agent and make the premise often believable.

The returning cast all do a great job at reprising their roles. Malkovich brings the same insanity as he did the first film. He doesn't get any moments as good as "Old man my ass!" But he's still probably the films strongest character, largely due to how casually he treats murder and his great delivery of dialogue. Also Miren still thrives in being a bad ass, acting like a female Bond who's constantly in control. It's far different from the usual refined queens she normally plays and it feels like she loves playing the role.

On top of this the new cast add their own talents to their respective roles. Hopkins plays an aged scientist who created the bomb. He gets quite a few funny moments through his forgetful nature (drifting off mid-conversation in to random topics) but also a lot of awesome moments where he takes control of a situation too as the film goes on. Then there's Byung-hun Lee, a hired assassin with a grudge against Willis' character who's been paid to take him down (pretty much replacing Karl Urbans character in the first film). He gets some of the best action sequences of the film, displaying some impressive hand to hand combat skills, making a good use of both quick reflexes and his surrounding environment.

And just like before, all the action sequences in the film blend very well with the light hearted humour. It's never too gritty or serious and remains a feel good film from start to finish. It's a lot of fun to watch and leaves one wanting another sequel to the franchise.
Red 2 delivers
In a time where there are countless action movies we can always count on Bruce Willis to deliver. Following in the footsteps of "Red" Willis and company keep the laughs and action alive in this sequel. Malkocich is timely in his delivery as Marvin the wacked-out nutjob, Mirren is a gracious as ever and beautiful to no bounds as Victoria the MI-6 femme- fatale, Louise Parker delivers a spark of humor and sexiness as a plain Jane to Zeta Jones as the Russian Diva. I found Anthony Hopkins to be brilliant as ever as the witty, charismatic but unrelentless victim/villain. A profound film that just has an ensemble cast that makes the entire film fun to watch. I would surely recommend this to many for an afternoon feature or a fun evening. Granted the stunts and explosions are wild and far fetched but that is why we love cinema.
Returning to the formula of witty banter and over-the-top action, this reunion of aging spies back in action is still plenty of escapist fun
Defying conventional Hollywood logic, 'Red' (or short for 'Retired: Extremely Dangerous') cast a bunch of actors all above the age of 50 as aging spies forced back into action when their lives are threatened by the very agencies they used to serve. And yet, Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich and Helen Mirren turned the 2010 risky high- concept movie into a sleeper hit, thanks to a firm tongue-in-cheek sensibility that emphasised the actors' ages as much as it did the action.

And along with Mary-Louise Parker as Willis' earlier squeeze and Brian Cox as Mirren's former love, Willis, Malkovich and Mirren are back for yet another geezers-with-guns action adventure. Even better, the cast list includes the likes of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Anthony Hopkins, the former playing a Russian double agent who used to have the hots for Willis and the latter a daffy Cold War-era nuclear scientist that may or may not have the answers to their latest embroilment into international espionage.

'Red 2' is one of those sequels which rewards fans of the original, especially since returning scriptwriters Jon and Erich Hoeber pick up with Frank Moses (Willis) and Sarah (Parker) having settled down into a quiet and routine coupled life. But as 'Red' amply demonstrated, the former telephone operator craves for a life of excitement more than the CIA retiree, and so when Frank's paranoid former partner Marvin Boggs (Malkovich) turns up with yet another conspiracy theory about a Cold War weapons project named Nightshade that just got hot, Sarah jumps at the chance at getting back into action with Frank.

Though initially reluctant, Frank is once again back to doing what he does best when a murderous Pentagon special agent named Jack Horton (Neal McDonough in yet another icy arrogant villainous role) threatens his and Sarah's life. A surprisingly twisty plot ensues around the madcap vignettes that make up the rest of the movie, with Frank's former MI^ British counterpart Victoria (Mirren) sent to take Frank and Marvin out and ruthless South Korean contract killer Han (Lee Byung-Hun) recruited by Jack for exactly the same task.

To the Hoebers' credit, at no point does the busy plot ever come off throwaway, despite of course being the narrative glue for the various globe-trotting setpieces that see our heroes go from Paris to London to Moscow. Every city introduces a new piece of the puzzle, which ultimately proves cleverer than one expects it to be. Ditto for the bevy of characters, each of them with their own distinct quirks to add flavour to the entire package. Yes, though it's inevitable that some get more screen time than others, every role seems specifically tailored to the actor's strengths - whether Zeta-Jones' sultry old flame Katja or David Thewlis' information dealer 'The Frog' or Hopkins' shifty scientist Edward Bailey with a questionable case of amnesia.

Certainly, the ensemble cast contribute in no small measure to the roster of sprightly characters. Each and every one seem to relish not only the opportunity to work together, but also the chance to play against age and type. Willis keeps his cheeky wink-wink grin throughout, perhaps even more so now that he gets to romance not one but two beautiful ladies at the same time. Malkovich and Parker get some particularly hilarious scenes together, in particular one in which the former is seen alternately exasperated and terrified at the latter's sheer aggressive driving skills trying to outchase Zeta-Jones at capturing 'The Frog' down the streets of Paris. Mirren is once again a standout, absolutely regal portraying a woman with class and steeliness; while Hopkins is perfect as the inscrutably bumbling scientist with more up his sleeve. It's any director's dream come true to have such an impeccable cast, even more so when everyone knows exactly what the material expects of him or her.

In that coveted position is Dean Parisot, who takes over from Robert Schwentke by retaining much of the former film's mix of wry humour and over-the-top action. Obviously benefiting from a larger budget no doubt because of the success of its predecessor, Parisot amplifies the action to more ludicrous heights, with plenty of shootouts, car chases, bomb explosions and Mirren shooting pistols in two directions simultaneously from inside a spinning car. This is the kind of overblown action that characterised the high-octane baby-boomer action comedies of the 80s and 90s, and we suspect that the older audience that this is skewed towards will indeed be having a blast.

But really, with such a game cast of veterans, it's hard to resist throwing all caution and credibility out the window to simply revel in the kind of cartoonish live-action Hollywood was built and marketed on. Even though what was fresh the first time round feels a bit more familiar now, there is still much fun to be had in the banter and bullets. If summer popcorn fare is built on escapism, then the reunion of 'Really Entertaining Dudes' is just that sort of entertainment.
Fun... and some more fun
This was a very enjoyable film. The story continues with the retired - and more dangerous than anybody else - agents. Frank and his comrades find themselves treading all over the globe and finding conflict at each stop.

If you haven't seen the first film, you can still enjoy this piece. You won't understand all of the relationships immediately, but the story stands on its own. And it does a very good job at that.

The movie was so much fun. It had clever and well-thought out jokes throughout the film. The jokes kept coming and were very skillfully timed.

The action was thrilling. Along with the jokes, non-stop action to get your blood pumping filled this film. They kept the same feel of cool, unreasonable stunts and explosions from the first movie, but they also added a lot more hand-to-hand combat, which was still very amusing to watch and excellently choreographed.

The acting was great and the story was well-written with actual twists. The soundtrack and sound effects made all the guns and explosions that much more convincing and enjoyable.

This film had a much higher body count than the last one, but still managed to keep it pretty light-hearted. If you liked the first one, this film will not disappoint. If you haven't seen the first one it's still very entertaining to watch.
A lot better than you might think although it doesn't do anything brave
Red was a very fun action comedy but if you asked whether it needed a sequel few would actually say yes. However, since it was successful a sequel is what we get, but thankfully the damage is little. Expanding the awesome cast of the first, the assassins try to track down a portable nuclear device and plenty of comic action ensues. Although it goes the motions and doesn't come up with an interesting plot Red 2 is far more fun than expected. The selling point of the film is the cast and mostly it delivers on this front. Bruce Willis gives one of the phoned in performances he seems to be becoming known for, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren and Anthony Hopkins are excellent and everyone else is entertaining. Aside from Willis, who could just be there for the paycheck, everyone seems to be having a good time and the enjoyment is infectious. Red 2 isn't as good as the original as it goes more into action territory, but it's not a disaster and manages to be one of the better films of an awful summer.

Red 2 doesn't do anything memorable or adventurous and follows the action comedy checklist, ticking most of the boxes. It's fairly forgettable as everything in this movie has been done before and it trades goofy fun for bombast up to a point, but it is totally inoffensive and genuinely fun entertainment. The script isn't as funny, but it's still jokey and has a lightness of touch which isn't seen enough these days. The action sequences aren't as over the top as you'd expect, and use the surroundings in an interesting and memorable way. It's a well directed film in general, and provides plenty of goofy thrills. It's nothing special, but given the less than enthusiastic reviews it certainly exceeds expectations. Like most sequels it's inferior, but surprisingly it comes relatively close to the original. Bruce Willis is a bit off putting at times, but overall it's an enjoyable slice of silly action. Even if watching London getting blown up in 2013 movies is getting annoying.

Sorry Bruce, not even you can save this incoherent garbage.
I saw the first one and thought, hey, the first one was "okay", maybe they fixed what was wrong and this might actually be a decent movie.

Boy was I wrong. This movie made very little sense from start to finish. It was one of those movies where you were sitting there wondering when it might possibly end and put us out of out misery...I wish I had gotten up for a refund rather than sitting there hoping this train wreck might turn itself around. Sadly, it never happened...

I mean c'mon Hollywood, do you really think movie goers want to see no character development, no storyline and just a bunch of misused star power? It makes me sad that such great talent is utterly wasted on junk like this. A note to all the big name actors in this film. Protect your reputation from bad writing! You don't want to lose everything you have worked for by staring stuff like this. Your acting was fine, it's the writing that was awful!

RED2 wins the award as the hands-down worst movie of the Summer in my book. I'm not going anywhere near a 3rd movie for sure! Blah!
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