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USA, France, Canada
Crime, Thriller, Action, Comedy
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Dean Parisot
Bruce Willis as Frank Moses
Paul Hopkins as Funeral Director
Denis Khoroshko as Russian Soldier
Lee Asquith-Coe as Security Detail Soldier
Wahab Sheikh as Iranian Clerk
Nathalie Buscombe as Assistant
David Thewlis as The Frog
Brian Cox as Ivan
Tim Pigott-Smith as Director Philips
John Malkovich as Marvin Boggs
Garrick Hagon as USA VIP
Mary-Louise Parker as Sarah Ross
Catherine Zeta-Jones as Miranda Wood
Helen Mirren as Victoria
Jong Kun Lee as Han's Father
Storyline: Retired CIA agent Frank Moses is in love with Sarah Ross and enjoying their normal life. Out of the blue, Marvin Boggs meets Frank in the supermarket and tells that Wikileaks has released the information that they had participated and know the whereabouts of the Nightshade, a portable nuclear weapon that was smuggled in pieces and hidden in Russia. Now the top agents in the world are under contract to seek them out to discover where Nightshade is. The trio travels to Paris and teams-up with the Russian Katja to track down the former Russian Agent 'The Frog' to get more information about the operation. They learn that the brilliant inventor Dr. Edward Bailey might know where the weapon is. They discover that Bailey has been interned in an asylum in London by the MI-6 for thirty-two years and the British Victoria joins the team. They rescue Bailey and find that the nuclear device is hidden in the Kremlin. Soon the dangerous South Korean Han joins the group expecting to retrieve the ...
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MI-6 Reloaded
Distribution of this part is about the same , except that they have two more came in smaller roles. Interesting is that these stories never end with happy endings, where I kinda angry lately. If we look in more detail, the situation is not so happy as transposing some. I think we need a movie about as realistic espionage thriller and mystery as dramatic accents include, for in fact no one takes responsibility for anything, all "because the Government". The Government is involved in these events triggered by intelligence agencies, the condition worsens in the world, that such wars are born. The problem is even greater when I think that everything that happens in the world is actually a mass manipulation to divert attention elsewhere. Something like that happens when you illusionist distraction while you do your number. Anyway , the movie is good.
Red 2: Not As God As Red
Red was a nice surprise, enjoyable actors from here and there with a witty, fun script. The sequel lacks the surprise, the action scenes have all be done before, Willis phones it in, Mirren is wasted for most of the movie, Zeta Jones does not add much, it's just not much fun. I was looking forward to this too. Hopkins maybe the best thing in it by default. Meh, don't trust the current rating (7) on this one, it'll drop.

More lines of text? Bruce Willis used to be a fun screen presence now he's just grumpy; Same with Harrison Ford, Can I go now?

No? Zeta Jones i looking like Dawn French these days...
Bigger isn't better
Red 1 wasn't all that great and there was no need for a sequel, but as interminable franchises are back in fashion I guess we'll be seeing a bunch of these.

Red 2 returns with the cast from Red 1 (fortunately without Freeman) and a bunch of new characters- Anthony Hopkins, Zeta Jones, and a Cobra guy from GI Joe.

Willis and Parker witness the death of Malkovich but at the funeral Willis is taken in by the CIA. During interrogation a shady guy who works for another shady guy in a suit at the Pentagon, kills all the agents to get to Frank. Frank escapes with the help of Malkovich and finds out all intelligence agencies and freelance killers in the world are after him for his involved in a project called Nighshade which was about blowing up Moscow during the cold war with a powerful weapon made with red mercury. So the gang figures they're going to go after this weapon for some reason. That takes them to Paris, where they run into a Russian flame of Willis (Zeta Jones) and they learn about the guy (Hopkins) who made the bomb. He's in London so they go and break him out of a secure insane asylum and with him go to Moscow to get the weapon. But he's got some plans of his own and goes to the Iranian embassy for some reason and everyone else after him. Invariably the bomb's timer will start and they'll have to figure out how to stop it in time.

Red 2 is bigger in every aspect, longer, more convoluted, globe-spanning, more well-known actors, more unrealistic, sillier. We get a lot more, too many more, shots of Parker's mocking grin, Malkovich's confused look. And all of it is too much and pointless. They tried to make a big deal of the relationship between Parker and Willis and everyone out there is giving these two advice, except that, who cares? There is less violence though, I guess to placate the critics. Bodies pile up but there's no brutality as in part 1. The likable and familiar cast almost manage to make it work. At least they make it somewhat enjoyable.

Movies like these have potential, but if this series keeps getting bigger and crazier it's going to end up being even more ridiculous. Instead they should go for smaller and smarter.
Not as good as the first one, but still entertaining enough
While it retains a good deal of the quirky, deadpan humor and ups the action ante, this second entry still feels inconsequential compared to the first one. Part of this is due to the complicated plot, which feels episodic and is filled with a few twists and alliance changes too many. If the goal was to top the first one in terms of ridiculous and cartoon-y action, then bravo they succeeded. However, this also feels like a hollow attempt at outdoing what worked so well about the first one. Whereas the first one was understated and spent some time developing the characters (to a degree), this throws a lot of that out of the window and goes for a full-on explosion and shoot-out fest. Still the movie is entertaining, and the cast seem like they're having fun with the material. Too bad the material wasn't a little better, because this feels like a missed opportunity despite the enjoyable thrills.
"Red 2" is More of the Same Fun Action Hijinks
"Red 2" hits Blu-ray and DVD and begs the question, "Does it live up to its predecessor?" All of the gang from the original is back for more action hijinks minus Morgan Freeman and Karl Urban. While this sequel doesn't hold the same charm, it still makes for an entertaining diversion from the anxieties of real life as we're taken globe-trotting around the world for a couple of hours.

Ex-CIA Black Ops agent Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) and his girlfriend (Mary-Louise Parker) find themselves teaming up with their old friends to find a portable nuclear device that went missing. They soon discover they're in a race against time with other organizations wanting to get their hands on the deadly weapon. The adventures take them around the world in their dangerous search as they try to stay alive amongst the crossfire of friends and foes.

The audio and video transfers for "Red 2" are wonderful. The movie is presented in 1080p High-Definition (2.40:1). The picture is clean, vibrant, and easy on the eyes. The 7.1 Dolby Digital Surround drops viewers right into the thick of the action with plenty of explosions and gunfire to keep them alert.

Some might feel "Red 2" is a little light in the special features department. "The 'Red 2' Experience" takes audiences behind-the-scenes with an array of featurettes centered on the weapons, cast, and stunts in the movie. A gag reel and deleted scenes are the only other items included.

"Red 2" is rated PG-13 and with good reason. There's a lot of blood and violence as one would expect from an action/spy thrill-ride. Adult language is used as well. In a world of over-the-top R-rated action flicks, "Red 2" is really a rather tame good time for the mature members of your family.

I couldn't help thinking something was missing from "Red 2." It feels like a reunion with characters you came to love in the original. At the same time you still mourn the absence of Morgan Freeman and Karl Urban. Anthony Hopkins does a relatively good job filling their shoes with his charisma as the scientist who created the lost nuclear device. While it's technically more of the same that we got from the first film, "Red 2" has enough humor and energy to keep viewers interested.
Waiting for more
Oh it gets even better and funnier.

I like the new characters like Han Cho Bai and Katja. They rock the movie as well. I like seeing how Sarah try to be someone bigger for Frank. But, Frank seems disagree with it since his biggest concern is Sarah's life. And in this part two, we also can see how their relationship is working. And, oh Marvin! is still my favorite. I was shocked knowing he is dead at the beginning of the movie but I realized he was not. Many funny scenes are made by him and also Sarah, they both are making me laugh during the entire show. The movie makes my day. Cant stop loving this movie.
Seniors in Fast Forward
There is a very cold war feeling plot here but that is what seniors remember. Catharine Zeta-Jones is the Russian agent. Bruce Willis and plenty of support come here in a tough in cheek plot about a dangerous nuke about to be set off in Moscow. There are some sub-plots as well. This sequel is not as deliberately paced as the first edition but still comes off pretty well. The jokes are funny and it has a fun feel.

My feeling is this comes off a bit like an Ocean's movie but it is on steroid pace wise. There are plenty of con games going on between the good guys and the bad guys here.

It flies so fast you have to work to keep up with the jokes. Sarah (Parker) is making out with every bad guy after husband (Willis) makes out with Zeta-Jones. All is done very tung in mouth.

The one thing I can say for this movie is there's is plenty of action as it feels like it never stops from the opening credits moving along. This is the kind of film that you go into the theater to be entertained and you are, just do not take it serious.

There are some new character adds compared to the last edition of the series and for the most part the additions are welcome. RIP Ernie Borgnine who did a bit role in the first RED.
Hopkins is star of the show.
Anthony Hopkins, Helen Mirren, John Malkovich, Bruce Willis, Catherine Zeta Jones and Brian Cox; what a cast.... yet it's just a better version of Expendables and with better actors.

It is a very enjoyable film; it has great action scenes, the plot is solid and it has some very good performances. Anthony Hopkins is great; his role as Bailey is almost like Hannibal Lecter on happy pills. Helen Mirren is excellent yet again as the vicious Victoria and Mary-Louise Parker does well again as Sarah. However Bruce Willis does, at points, come across uncomfortably unconvincing; yet he's good in other parts of the film. I am unfortunately losing hope in his ability; we are a million miles away from a certain John McClane. I think John Malkovich is a superb actor, but the dialogue and material he was given didn't match his acting skills.

As i said it is basically a better version of Expendables, but instead of a cast full of over the top, cheeseball actors, you have Oscar winners and fully fledged stars. And of course an actual plot. It will be interesting to see who hops aboard the train for the likely completion of the trilogy.

Red 2 is Action Packed and Full of Laughs!!!
Red 2 is as good as the first one action packed and full of laughs again from Malkovich. Also there are some new additions on the cast Anthony Hopkins, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Byung Hun Lee & Neal McDonough. The film has Frank Moses reunites his unlikely team of elite operatives for a global quest to track down a missing portable nuclear device. To succeed, they'll need to survive an army of relentless assassins, ruthless terrorists and power-crazed government officials, all eager to get their hands on the next- generation weapon. The mission takes Frank and his motley crew to Paris, London and Moscow. Outgunned and outmanned, they have only their cunning wits, their old-school skills, and each other to rely on as they try to save the world—and stay alive in the process. Red 2 is as good as the first one with it's original cast returning again and kicking ass all over the place the only thing i didn't liked is that again this film is PG-13 like the first one but still a great movie and entertaining if you hated it the first time a 2nd watch will make it better.
guilty pleasures
I must confess that one of my guilty pleasures is watching from time to time a movie like RED 2. I mean a movie that is made just for the purpose of entertaining, mixes action and comedy, brings to screen funny characters played by great actors, and is not shy about what it is meant to be. A movie that when watched feels like the actors and the team had themselves fun making it.

Such a film is RED 2, the second in a series which if you ask me can go on and on. Yeah, there is a story here which does not really follow the path of the logic as we may know it. The cold war may be over, but our retired (or pretending to be retired) hero-spies continue to fight it, and its aftermath, among other a non-detectable weapon of mass destruction of yesterday which risks to fall in the hands of the bad guys of today. No fortress, spy agency HQ, prison or government palace remains un-penetrable for more then 100 screen seconds. In any city they travel to they leave a pile of corpses and a trail of destruction that would have granted them centuries of punishments under any jurisdiction – no charges are ever pressed, of course, because this is the world of the action comedy which has its rules or lack of rules of its own.

I do not feel at all bad for this guilty pleasure of mine. Without any over-analysis I believe that I like these movies because they are sincere in their explicit intentions of entertaining – no more, no less – but actually this is very much. Then when well written and acted as it is the case here such films have a logic of their own. We actually do understand these retired spies and their run for thrill. The dialogs are well-written and funny in many moments, the situations follow well one after the other, and director Dean Parisot's succeeds to make a film that does not look at all as the work of a prime timer. All the big stars gathered on the same list of credits – Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, John Malkovich, Anthony Hopkins Catherine Zeta-Jones, Marie-Louise Parker – seem to enjoy themselves and this fact crosses the screen. If I am to recommend a fun and non-pretentious entertainment at the movies this would be one of them.
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