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USA, France, Canada
Crime, Thriller, Action, Comedy
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Dean Parisot
Bruce Willis as Frank Moses
Paul Hopkins as Funeral Director
Denis Khoroshko as Russian Soldier
Lee Asquith-Coe as Security Detail Soldier
Wahab Sheikh as Iranian Clerk
Nathalie Buscombe as Assistant
David Thewlis as The Frog
Brian Cox as Ivan
Tim Pigott-Smith as Director Philips
John Malkovich as Marvin Boggs
Garrick Hagon as USA VIP
Mary-Louise Parker as Sarah Ross
Catherine Zeta-Jones as Miranda Wood
Helen Mirren as Victoria
Jong Kun Lee as Han's Father
Storyline: Retired CIA agent Frank Moses is in love with Sarah Ross and enjoying their normal life. Out of the blue, Marvin Boggs meets Frank in the supermarket and tells that Wikileaks has released the information that they had participated and know the whereabouts of the Nightshade, a portable nuclear weapon that was smuggled in pieces and hidden in Russia. Now the top agents in the world are under contract to seek them out to discover where Nightshade is. The trio travels to Paris and teams-up with the Russian Katja to track down the former Russian Agent 'The Frog' to get more information about the operation. They learn that the brilliant inventor Dr. Edward Bailey might know where the weapon is. They discover that Bailey has been interned in an asylum in London by the MI-6 for thirty-two years and the British Victoria joins the team. They rescue Bailey and find that the nuclear device is hidden in the Kremlin. Soon the dangerous South Korean Han joins the group expecting to retrieve the ...
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pointless non-sense, but entertaining
If you enjoy an endless series of unrealistic car chases, gun fights, hand-to-hand combat and pyrotechnics then Red2 is your film.

The plot is a tad absurd, none of it makes any real sense.

And then there are the logical gaps. At times their opponents can pin point their location across the world yet at one moment, they fly across the Atlantic or sneak into Russia without difficulty.

However, the acting is great, and the story is entertaining... so if you like brainless action films staring some incredibly talented star... you'll like it. I gave it a 5... 8 for action, 8 for acting, 2 for plot, 2 for logic... averaged it all out to 5.
A lot better than you might think although it doesn't do anything brave
Red was a very fun action comedy but if you asked whether it needed a sequel few would actually say yes. However, since it was successful a sequel is what we get, but thankfully the damage is little. Expanding the awesome cast of the first, the assassins try to track down a portable nuclear device and plenty of comic action ensues. Although it goes the motions and doesn't come up with an interesting plot Red 2 is far more fun than expected. The selling point of the film is the cast and mostly it delivers on this front. Bruce Willis gives one of the phoned in performances he seems to be becoming known for, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren and Anthony Hopkins are excellent and everyone else is entertaining. Aside from Willis, who could just be there for the paycheck, everyone seems to be having a good time and the enjoyment is infectious. Red 2 isn't as good as the original as it goes more into action territory, but it's not a disaster and manages to be one of the better films of an awful summer.

Red 2 doesn't do anything memorable or adventurous and follows the action comedy checklist, ticking most of the boxes. It's fairly forgettable as everything in this movie has been done before and it trades goofy fun for bombast up to a point, but it is totally inoffensive and genuinely fun entertainment. The script isn't as funny, but it's still jokey and has a lightness of touch which isn't seen enough these days. The action sequences aren't as over the top as you'd expect, and use the surroundings in an interesting and memorable way. It's a well directed film in general, and provides plenty of goofy thrills. It's nothing special, but given the less than enthusiastic reviews it certainly exceeds expectations. Like most sequels it's inferior, but surprisingly it comes relatively close to the original. Bruce Willis is a bit off putting at times, but overall it's an enjoyable slice of silly action. Even if watching London getting blown up in 2013 movies is getting annoying.

Sir Anthony Hopkins
I just saw RED 2 yesterday. I can say it is good action/comedy movie, although the first one is much better. However I can't deny that RED 2 has a triumph, Sir Anthony Hopkins. He proves how an amazing actor can change the dynamic of a film. When he starts acting you can feel his perfect performance! It is always a pleasure to see a movie that he is in it. Well Done, Sir Anthony Hopkins! The big mistake of the movie is no use the whole talent of Helen Mirren, I think she could do more if the script gave her more material to do that. Mary-Louise Parker is really funny and so kind at the same time. I don't like too much of John Malkovich, but he is great in this film. Bruce Willis is Bruce Willis... what can I say? He is great, anyway!
An excellent action packed fun movie!
Disclaimer: If you are a viewer that mainly prefers art-house-type movies, then you might as well ignore this review. In addition, if you're not able to take an action packed comedy sequels filled with humor than ignore this review, as well. We'll both be better off.

Red 2 (2013) in my opinion is a good movie as the first one, but I still prefer the first movie better than this. The first time I saw it, I thought it was okay. But than again watching both movies separately on Blu-ray I realized I love the first one much better than this one. I like this movie not love just like. But the things that bothered me was this movie was time by time boring unlike the first one. I just got really tired and bored watching it for 2.hrs. You have now a new additions on the cast Anthony Hopkins, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Byung Hun Lee & Neal McDonough and director Robert Schwentke was replaced by new director Dean Parisot. Karl Urban was replaced by Byung Hun Lee who played Storm Shadow in both G.I. Joe flicks. I was little upset that Karl Urban was replaced and he wasn't in this movie. Still I think Byung Hun Lee did an excellent job in this movie. Everyone in this movie does a great job.

John Malkovich did an outstanding job playing repressing his role back again as Marvin Boggs and the were full of laughs in it. The story was great and the action was good. I still love the new characters in this, Anthony Hopkins as two face person did a convincing job and believable acting, I seriously love the twist on the end of the movie. Anthony Hopkins Is amazing in this film, the role is perfect and the accent just makes it so awesome, the most bad ass villain ever. The humor in this movie is good, the face off between good and evil is good. The story works and you keep guessing what will be next. Mary-Louise Parker as Sarah Ross is even more hotter than she was in the first movie and a little more sexy than ever. She is gorgeous and does a lot of spy stuff in here, she is like Lucy she wants to do everything in this movie. The movie is really funny and entertaining. I know a lot of people prefer this one over the first one, even my friend told me this one is better. I will still stay by my own opinion and I will always enjoy Red more than Red 2 sorry fans. It is an entertaining movie, Catherine Zeta Jones character was flat, but it served the B story. Mirren-Cox couple was down right cute, John Malkovich was hilarious again, Mary-Louise Parker great, learning the spy trade was slap stick funny, Byung-hun Lee did a good job at being the serious funny and Anthony Hopkins is always good. the action was believable good, the spy stuff was believable good and the chemistry worked.

In RED 2, the high-octane action-comedy sequel to the worldwide sleeper hit, retired black-ops CIA agent Frank Moses reunites his unlikely team of elite operatives for a global quest to track down a missing portable nuclear device. To succeed, they' will need to survive an army of relentless assassins, ruthless terrorists and power-crazed government officials, all eager to get their hands on the next-generation weapon. The mission takes Frank and his motley crew to Paris, London and Moscow. Outgunned and outmanned, they have only their cunning wits, their old-school skills, and each other to rely on as they try to save the world—and stay alive in the process. It is still good movie not the best or that great but still good full action packed enjoyable flick to watch!

Overall: It is a good action packed fun excellent movie with the twists around, great action scenes, great cast and just great acting. The Acting in this movie is very realistic and outstanding performed from all the actors in here. I like how different these action movies are , they are cheesy but also have some brains to the plot and the characters , Bruce Willis being one of my favorites , I always liked the concept of old veteran people still teaching the young bunch how its done. Red 2 is as good as the first one with it's original cast returning again and kicking ass all over the place, just without Morgan Freeman and my favorite all time actor Karl Urban! Red 2 is the same level as Red 1 but still good one it is a good time, it does kind a little drag one, this one does feel a bit longer than the first one but still good. I am giving it a 9 which is A- for me because there wasn't Karl Urban in it.

Red 2 is 2013 American action comedy film and sequel to Red (2010). It was inspired by the limited comic book series of the same name, created by Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner, and published by the DC Comics imprint Homage.

9/10 Score: A- Studio: Summit Entertainment, Di Bonaventura Pictures, DC Entertainment Starring: Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Mary-Louise Parker, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Byung-hun Lee, Anthony Hopkins, Helen Mirren Director: Dean Parisot Screenplay: Jon Hoeber, Erich Hoeber Based on Red by Warren Ellis Cully Hamner Producer: Lorenzo di Bonaventura Rated: PG-13 Running Time: 1 Hr. 56 Mins. Budget: $84.000.000 Box Office: $148,075,565
Sorry Bruce, not even you can save this incoherent garbage.
I saw the first one and thought, hey, the first one was "okay", maybe they fixed what was wrong and this might actually be a decent movie.

Boy was I wrong. This movie made very little sense from start to finish. It was one of those movies where you were sitting there wondering when it might possibly end and put us out of out misery...I wish I had gotten up for a refund rather than sitting there hoping this train wreck might turn itself around. Sadly, it never happened...

I mean c'mon Hollywood, do you really think movie goers want to see no character development, no storyline and just a bunch of misused star power? It makes me sad that such great talent is utterly wasted on junk like this. A note to all the big name actors in this film. Protect your reputation from bad writing! You don't want to lose everything you have worked for by staring stuff like this. Your acting was fine, it's the writing that was awful!

RED2 wins the award as the hands-down worst movie of the Summer in my book. I'm not going anywhere near a 3rd movie for sure! Blah!
More of the same thank you and roll on red 3
I loved red, why? well the characters, i cared about them and with a cast as skilled and as fluid as this one its no surprise, most of the action films nowadays just fail, but here we have a cast of actual characters with characteristics, personalities but still they are the professional assassins they have always been, compared with other movies this wins, I've watched it 3 time, action is good, hopkins was sheer class and he outsmarts the lot of them (almost) have read a lot of negative reviews about this movie and i don't get it, marv single handedly is one of the funniest characters there and they all play off each other perfectly, even the guy that infatuated with helens mirrens character makes me laugh, a lot of films nowadays are so plastic when it comes to characters its unreal, but thats what make the great actors different from the rest, and bruce willis does what he does best, get out of near death situations, I've seen someone put expendables vs red in the comments bit, for me its red every time and the best ever getting into a car scene you'll ever see! and finally to those who want drama watch a series this is action popcorn flick and it does exactly what it says on the tin, these younger actors have got big shoes to fill and judging by this they ain't up to the job give me this cast anyday! roll on red 3!!!!!!!!!
The fun continues...
I thought the first film was a lot of fun and was pretty excited to see this one...I wasn't disappointed.

First off, the cast is great. Bruce Willis, for once in a long while, looks like he actually cares about the project and he is once again great with Mary-Louise Parker and John Malkovich. Helen Mirren continues to prove that there isn't a role she can't play and the new comers to the series, like Anthony Hopkins and Byung-hun Lee, are amazing and fun to watch. And Lee's fight scenes are just awesome! Like the last film, the movie is funny and the action is over-the-top and outrageous to watch. The movie is exactly how comic book adaptations/popcorn action films are meant to be...just a riot to watch!

Hi! My name is Rev. Ron and I love movies! So much so that I write a blog where I review whatever film I am watching at the time. You can read a more in-depth review of this film (and other films) at revronmovies.blogspot.com!
can't help loving it
Red 2, a sequel to the popular Red, has Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, Mary Louise Parker, and John Malkovich back in the saddle, with Willis, Mirren, and Malkovich again dragged into their old jobs. Parker, who became Willis' girlfriend in Red, insists on going along.

This time the group is called upon because one of their old missions, Nightshade. The purpose of Nightshade was to smuggle a nuclear weapon into Russia piece by piece. Marvin Boggs (Malkovich) informs Frank Moses (Willis) that there are people following them, but Frank, interested in a normal life now, doesn't buy it. However, the second time Boggs returns to try to convince him, Boggs' car blows up and Boggs seems to be dead.

After Boggs' funeral, Frank is taken to a facility and questioned. A man named Jack Horton (Neal McDonough) enters the facility and starts obliterating everyone. He wants info from Frank, but the not dead Marvin breaks in and gets Frank out. Now they're on the run, with Sarah.

Victoria (Mirren) tells them she has accepted a contract from MI6 to kill Frank. She's not the only assassin. A major hit man, Han Jo-bae (Lee Byung-hun) gets a contract on Frank too from another source.

Victoria, who helps burn their car) It comes down to finding the inventor of the bomb, trying to find out where he hid it, and get it before opposing factions can use it.

Action-filled, funny, and wacky, with a tremendous cast that also includes Anthony Hopkins, this is a wonderful film, done in several European locations, so the scenery is great. I just wish Helen Mirren had had more to do. She's a scream as the chic, glamorous Victoria, wandering out into the road wearing fatigues and carrying a rifle, talking on the phone while pouring acid into a tub, and shooting two guns, one out of each window.

Everyone is terrific. Highly recommended.
funnier and more exciting than the first
I gave the first "Red" a 5/10, but for me this film was just the same thing only a little bit better, and a touch more action too.

So obviously if you liked the first you'll like this one - kinda like National Treasure 2 in the that way. Don't blame me if you don't like it then.

Malkovich is still the bread-winner here, and Mirren's screen-time is reduced the second time around. The cast is chock-full of great actors.

The story is terrible, of course, but the film is never boring.

polished cubic zarconium popcorn-fare, no way it will hold onto a top 25 of 2013 spot. Lot's of good stuff on the watchlist at this point.

62/100 You'll like this if you liked:Red(not as good), From Paris With Love(about even or slightly better), Johnny English Reborn(about even or just below) The Long Kiss Goodnight(a tad better), and Mr. and Mrs. Smith(worse)
'Its important to enjoy life while you still can!'
RED 2 equals or even surpasses RED! This is a movie for people who enjoy sitting back and being entertained by fancy camera work, a story that has a plausible plot, smart dialog (Jon and Erich Hoeber), astute direction (Dean Parisot), and most of all a cast of some of cinema's finest actors who look like they are having such a great time you don't want the at times rather silly movie to end.

The plot, twisted and turned now and then just to keep us glued, is simple that of a retired C.I.A. agent Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) who reunites his unlikely team of elite operatives for a global quest to track down a missing portable nuclear device. The team includes John Malkovich (absolutely hilarious role for him), Mary-Louise Parker (often stealing the show), Helen Mirren (gorgeous as ever and having the time of her life knocking off just about everybody who gets in her way). The other folks who are on varying sides of the law (nobody really plays by the rules) include Anthony Hopkins (in stellar form), Catherine Zeta-Jones, David Thewlis, Brian Cox, Byung-hun Lee (in a brilliantly choreographed martial arts role and the physique to match), Neal McDonough, and Tim Pigott-Smith among others.

No, it is not deep, but it is silly and funny and entertaining and an exceptionally good time. This cast deserves an ensemble award! Grady Harp, November 13
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