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Raiders of the Lost Ark
Action, Adventure
IMDB rating:
Steven Spielberg
Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones
Karen Allen as Marion
Paul Freeman as Belloq
Ronald Lacey as Toht
Denholm Elliott as Marcus Brody
Alfred Molina as Satipo
Wolf Kahler as Dietrich
Anthony Higgins as Gobler
Vic Tablian as Barranca
Don Fellows as Col. Musgrove
William Hootkins as Major Eaton
Bill Reimbold as Bureaucrat
Storyline: The year is 1936. A professor who studies archeology named Indiana Jones is venturing in the jungles in South America searching for a golden statue. Unfortunately, he sets off a deadly trap doing so, miraculously, he escapes. Then, Jones hears from a museum curator named Marcus Brody about a biblical artifact called The Ark of the Covenant, which can hold the key to humanly existence. Jones has to venture to vast places such as Nepal and Egypt to find this artifact. However, he will have to fight his enemy Renee Belloq and a band of Nazis in order to reach it.
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good movie
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Action Adventure poem...
Lots of Bogart and Gable in this version of the Saturday matinée adventure serial. The action is ratcheted up and for sheer speed of thrills leaves in the dust such worthy contenders as THE PROFESSIONALS with the likes of Burt Lancaster and Woody Strode, and rivals for plot twists and turns such classics as Hitchcock's THE THIRTYNINE STEPS and THE LADY VANISHES. A humorously virile tale that takes its hero through a roller coaster maze of traps and escapes recalling Clyde Beatty and Harry Houdini.

There is Harrison Ford giving his Indiana Jones character a professorial panache when he's not outrunning the Hovitos cradling a Golden Idol in his arms. There is Karen Allen as Marion Ravenwood channeling a little Patricia Neal and out drinking her barroom patrons before greeting the love of her life with a sock as a way of saying 'Hello'. There is Paul Freeman always on hand to take whatever Indy finds during his archaeological forays as his arch rival Rene' Belloq. Ronald Lacey gives his grinning Nazi Major Arnold Toht enough Peter Lorre to be darkly satisfying in his gruesomeness. John Rhys-Davies as the hearty Arab excavator Sallah helps Jones dig in the right place and rounds out a rich and diverse cast of characters.

The pace is as breakneck as the Indianapolis 500 and leaves next to no time to grieve Marion when she's given up for dead in one of a series of teeth chattering death defying explosions. Every time the action clears the air for a little philosophical reflection we are off and running again after something Jones has lost to Nazi enemies or is on the verge of retrieving. Here we see the Fighting Male of the West as a sweaty beleaguered Academic scrambling for relics and artifacts worshiped by primitive cultures in both the East and the fascist West. Lucas provides more mythological motifs than you can shake a Joseph Campbell at, but it's all done with such zest that you barely mind being hit over the head with references to Moses and Odysseus before your breath is taken away.

The sweep brings to mind TOO HOT TO HANDLE with Clark Gable and Myrna Loy, but the bump and the grind and the smashing glass and hiss and blood spatter is purely Spielbergian. It is a homage to old Hollywood and a move in the direction to a new Hollywood before you can blink an eye. This is THE TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE on steroids in a way; a faster paced epic about greed and how things can come to be valued over companionship and human life, but such considerations fly past faster than an arrow or a bullet or a poisoned dart. When it comes to plot pyrotechnics, this film sets the standard for action and adventure to all of the next generation to come.

There is some reference to RAIDERS in most of the summer action blockbusters that now appear on the screen. Perhaps only the great Bruce Lee has been more influential with regard to the choreography of the hero adventure tale as you see his moves in everything from the AVENGERS to SHERLOCK HOLMES to THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM to THE MATRIX. But for sheer plot mechanics and acceleration of the narrative many die hard fans will make theirs Spielberg every time.
What a movie! One for the ages
What a movie! One for the ages that can never be replicated. This film has a perfect blend of comedy,action, adventure that never gets old. A story about a James Bond type character who just always finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. The film is so simple on every level which is what Spielberg and Lucas specifically wanted to do and it worked. I think for most people who have seen this film will put it in their top 10 of all time greats. A great score and terrific acting from Harrison Ford with a truly classic story makes this a must watch for any film lover.
No Ordinary Archaeologist
Hired to stop the Nazis getting hold of a priceless biblical artifact, a 1930s archaeologist has to combat swordsmen, sadistic Germans... and a pathological fear of snakes in this popular adventure film that brought the character of Indiana Jones to screens. The film begins strongly with a thrilling sequence in which Indy has to make his way through booby traps galore in a tomb, and while nothing later on quite matches this tension, there are several exciting moments to be had with a multi-tonal John Williams score perfectly complementing the action. This is hardly a deep or meaningful film, the antagonists range from one-note to one-dimensional and as a character, Indy lacks the charisma of an action hero like James Bond. The attempts to paint Indy as an ordinary university professor who just enjoys adventures never quite gels either since he is more agile and better at close combat than the very best of MI6. All that said and done, 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' is a film full of memorable small moments and there are several excellent artistic shots throughout, most notably some diggers against an orange sunset and Harrison Ford viewed as only a shadow against a wall when first meeting Karen Allen. A supernatural twist near the end also takes the film in some unexpected directions and the iconic final shot of the film makes for a fantastic final note to end on.
Indiana Jones Paves The Way For Lara Croft And Countless Others.
Here it is, February of 2005 and I had yet to see Raiders Of The Lost Ark (or the other 2 in the trilogy for that matter). For some reason, it did not appeal to me. I did not get into movies until the early '90s and never got around to seeing it. However, upon urging of my friend I decided to rent it. I have to give credit where credit is due. Indiana Jones paves the way for the Tomb Raiders and other various movies of the same type.

Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) is a doctor in archeology who teaches at a college and in his spare time, finds rare artifacts and saves the world from Nazis. In this case, he is trying to find the Ark Of The Covenant, which at one time held the original Ten Commandments that Moses chiseled into the stone tablets. The Nazis, along with help from Jones' arch rival Rene Belloq, are trying to find the Ark for their own purposes. Along the way, Indiana meets up with a woman named Marion (Karen Allen), who he jilted in the past, which is not really explained in this movie but they end up helping each other in the search for the Ark.

The special effects and the action in Raiders Of The Lost Ark are exceptional, considering this was made in 1981. It set the bar reasonably high for action/adventure movies, even to this day as many movies are still compared to the Indiana Jones trilogy. It holds up well, considering most of the movies from the early 80's are very dated and hard to watch anymore. 8.5/10
Good movie for its time
This film, starring Harrison Ford and Karen Allen is a decent action film for its time. Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) is an archaeologist and a teacher at a college in the U.S. and besides teaching, he is on the hunt for the staff of Ra to get the lost ark. He isn't alone in trying to get the ark, however, because a group of Nazis are looking to obtain the ark to control God. The special effects are good for the time, however, to anyone watching this movie now would think they are cheesy and fake. The plot is very good and keeps you watching, but I feel that some of the escapes Indiana Jones makes isn't really realistic at all. All in all this movie is good, but you have to keep in mind that it was made many years ago.
All The Right Moves
A globe-trotting American archaeologist travels to Egypt in search of the ancient Ark of the Covenant, in this adventure epic from director Steven Spielberg. It's a big-budget popcorn flick aimed mostly at kids. There's lots of heavy-duty action as our hero, Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford), makes all the right moves to escape dreaded Nazis, a bed of snakes, knife-wielding Egyptians, fiery explosions, poison food, human skeletons, bullets, airplane propeller blades, and assorted other dangers. Since there's nothing subtle about the story or the characters, and since the action plot zips along at the speed of light, viewers need not engage in any thinking.

With Jones as a surrogate for American virtuousness, "foreigners" in this film seem inept and villainous for the most part, a politically correct view for the era in which the film was made. American stereotypes aside, non-Americans are portrayed in the film mostly as clutter, film props for our hero to knock over.

It's all a bit much, a bit over-the-top. Not only is the story not believable, the story's theme is rather condescending. I despised the background music, annoyingly loud and manipulative. Acting is largely irrelevant, not surprising, given the film's genre.

In its defense, there are some good visual images. For example, I liked the scene of Jones, wearing his trademark hat, in silhouette, on a hill, back-lit by an orange sun. The film's color cinematography probably is its best element.

Otherwise, "Raiders Of The Lost Ark" is just one more in a long series of "action" movies for kids to drool over, a two hour cinematic ... cartoon. The script concept is silly; the characters are poorly defined; the plot is ridiculous; the score is annoying; and the American hero theme is very irritating.
Funny, stylish, action adventure.
In 1936, archaeologist Indiana Jones braves an ancient booby-trapped temple in Peru and retrieves a golden idol. He is confronted by rival archaeologist René Belloq and the indigenous Hovito people. Surrounded and outnumbered, Indy surrenders the idol to Belloq and escapes aboard a waiting floatplane.

Jones returns to his teaching position at Marshall College, where he is interviewed by two Army Intelligence agents. They inform him that the Nazis, who are obsessed with the occult, are searching for his old mentor, Abner Ravenwood, under whom Jones studied at the University of Chicago. The Nazis know that Ravenwood is the leading expert on the ancient Egyptian city of Tanis in the Kingdom of Egypt, and that he possesses the headpiece of the Staff of Ra. Jones deduces that the Nazis are searching for the location of the Ark of the Covenant; the Nazis believe that if they acquire the Ark their armies will become invincible. The Staff of Ra is the key to finding the Well of Souls, a secret chamber in which the Ark is buried.
Happy 35th Anniversary To One Of The Greatest Adventure Films Of All Time!
"Raiders of the Lost Ark" is my second favorite movie next to "Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope," and it is also, in my opinion, my absolute favorite movie by Steven Spielberg. Spielberg teams up with George Lucas after his success with "Star Wars" as both of the greatest filmmakers had set out to pay homage to the old serials of the 1930s. The movie is about an archaeologist and professor name, Indiana Jones as he goes on an adventure to search for the Ark of the Covenant with the help of the love of his life Marion Ravenwood. However, Indy's rival Rene Belloq has been working with the Nazis as they both go after the Ark, and it is up to Indy to retrieve the Ark before its too late. It has been 35 years, since this movie came out back in 1981 and it still is my favorite of the series. The series itself may have pay respect to the "James Bond" movies, but they also pay tributes to the old serials of the 1930s until the fourth one pays tribute of the 1950s sci-fi B movies. With that said, whenever I watch this movie, it never feels dated nor is it cheesy. Like the "Star Wars" series, you will always feel the experience as you go on for the ride as the "Indiana Jones" series explore exotic locations and search for artifacts. By getting to the point, Harrison Ford is definitely Indiana Jones as he is as Han Solo. He does a brilliant job with the role as his character is someone that you don't want to mess with because he is rough, cool and is always amazed when he is discovering artifacts. Of course, he is always into as I quote from the second movie "Fortune and Glory." Karen Allen as Marion Ravenwood is my favorite of all the girls that Indy has met in his life. Not only is she beautiful, but she can be also feisty too. Sometimes she be a damsel in distress, but she never whines and complain like Willie Scott did in the second movie. Her character is pretty complex as you learn about her as she and Indy did had some history together as she had romantic affair with him. Paul Freeman as Belloq is a really good villain, and quite a rivalry to Indy as they are always after the same artifact as they're trying to retrieve. The rest of the cast all did well. Steven Spielberg does an amazing job on directing the movie with George Lucas coming up with this brilliant concept that he had created. Lawrence Kasdan has wrote a brilliant script, and the story itself always kept me investing as well as the characters. The special effects by Industrial Light & Magic are absolutely fantastic for its used of practical effects, matte paintings and miniature work. John Williams' music is completely unforgettable, and there is no denying that the theme he created would be as iconic as the "Star Wars" theme. The action scenes are very well done as well as the physical work that were put on camera. The cinematography by Douglas Slocombe is also wonderful as I do get a sense of the 1930s, which it does put me in the right atmosphere. The humor is done well, for example, Indy has an Arab Swordsman in his way as you think there is going to be fight between them, instead Indy just shoots him because he has no time for that. The movie is also very well putted together, and it does go by at a very good pace. I never see any flaws with this movie, because this movie is definitely flawless, and it will always be either one of the greatest or the greatest adventure films of all time. "Raiders of the Lost Ark" is a classic adventure film, and I am giving it a 10 out of 10.
A Link to the Past, a Revival of Style
There are so many ways in which this film is perfect, most notably is the brilliant re-packaging of old-school action and war films; away from the James-Bond style of the late 60s; away from the Cold-War suspense and intrigue. One of the most endearing features of the picture is that the movie opens with the main character,Indiana Jones' at the close of his current adventure. The technique generates an immediate sense of personal history and intimacy with the main character, and in effect, serves the audience dessert twice.The atmosphere of equal parts impending danger and chronic screw ups is set right from the start, with a lit-fuse pace throughout the movie. Every scene is tight. The sound, the lighting, the dialog,the music, the performances. Every character actor is well-chosen. So many ingredients to enjoy: adventure, humor, mysterious locations, romance, explosions. Only a Nazi could not enjoy this film!
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