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Raiders of the Lost Ark
Action, Adventure
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Steven Spielberg
Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones
Karen Allen as Marion
Paul Freeman as Belloq
Ronald Lacey as Toht
Denholm Elliott as Marcus Brody
Alfred Molina as Satipo
Wolf Kahler as Dietrich
Anthony Higgins as Gobler
Vic Tablian as Barranca
Don Fellows as Col. Musgrove
William Hootkins as Major Eaton
Bill Reimbold as Bureaucrat
Storyline: The year is 1936. A professor who studies archeology named Indiana Jones is venturing in the jungles in South America searching for a golden statue. Unfortunately, he sets off a deadly trap doing so, miraculously, he escapes. Then, Jones hears from a museum curator named Marcus Brody about a biblical artifact called The Ark of the Covenant, which can hold the key to humanly existence. Jones has to venture to vast places such as Nepal and Egypt to find this artifact. However, he will have to fight his enemy Renee Belloq and a band of Nazis in order to reach it.
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Raiders of the Bad Casting
The film that captured the imagination of entire generations aged rather well and is still a decent watch but some parts have rotten away like bad cheese. What still stands are the lush, romanticized depiction of the pre-WWII period, the camera-work and the music. And Karen Allen's brazen quirkiness.

More obvious now than before is that Tom Selleck's stand-in, Harrison Ford, proved an unsuitable lead. He brings in a rather difficult chemistry for the film that is supposed to be a goofball, roller-coaster adventure. Ford is clunky, suffering and reluctant, bordering on depression. There is a conspicuous lack of joy about his Indiana Jones that shouldn't be there, because it's at odds with everything else in the film. His comebacks at other characters come off as angry snaps rather than comic relieves. He doesn't possess that devil-may-care attitude that would convince the viewer that his character actually likes all these adventures, nor does he exude that suave, Bondian eroticism that should sell that scene where all of his female students want to eat the good professor alive. The audience must have given him a pass simply because everybody still saw a Han Solo in him.

The lack of a lead that is neither too serious to expose the silly nor too hammingly humorous to drag everything into a camp is what the whole film suffers for. It's because the plot itself treads the fine line between awesome and idiotic. It mixes top-class religious artifacts and magical powers with Nazis and harebrained schemes of world domination, cartoon action with sadistic villains and their gruesome deaths, some really terrible lines of dialog with some really good one-liners, and a bungling detective story with a truly awe-inspiring and larger-than- life finale. Without the poster face that could make you forget that this mishmash of ideas, that only George Lucas could churn out, doesn't quite hold water it's easier to be taken out of the film by some of its lowest points.

What keeps it together still is the brilliant direction of Steven Spielberg. His visual style was at that fledgling time of his career pretty flamboyant, with daring but perfunctory choice of angles, camera movements and compositions, which lent itself to great pacing - moving quickly through the plot points and keeping the tension in the set-pieces with the idea that no one notices how ridiculous they are. He builds up very well towards the climactic end and the revelation of the real hero of the film: the mythical Ark. Its matter-of-fact act of self-defense is a big pay-off so few films achieve these days. It's doubtful that a conventional director, however competent, would have been able to deliver anything better than a B-schlock with the given material.

Harrison Ford made a career playing gloomy characters that got stuck in unpleasant situations and just wanted to leave. He should have been nowhere near this film. Steven Spielberg is a genius for making this work at all, let alone gain a cult-status, of all things.
Conception of a Series.
Original, exciting, and lots of fun. Spielberg directed it and Kasdan and Lucas wrote it. Without it, we wouldn't have had "Romancing the Stone", "The Jewel of the Nile," "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Empire", and many others too numerous to list. They were all more or less rip offs of this one. Of course the original was highly successful. I dragged my lugubrious ex to the theater and even SHE enjoyed it. For a while there was an attempt to merchandise Indiana Jones' leather jackets, fedoras, and bull whips but they didn't get far.

The fact that this was such a commercial blockbuster raised the inevitable question, which may be roughly phrased as, "What do I do NOW, Ma?" What you do is produce sequels: "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom," "Indiana Jones and the Amazon Women of the Moon," and so on. Each imitation, each sequel, was less innovative and more desperate and sloppy, but that's in the nature of decadence.

Harrison Ford, whose career this put the stamp of approval on, is an archaeologist who is recruited to find the Ark of the Covenant hidden somewhere in the Middle East. It's 1936 and the Nazis are after it and who knows what havoc they might wreak with its powers? Jones drags along Karen Allen, a former lover and assistant, to provide a pulchritudinous sidekick with whom he can exchange insults. Anything resembling sex is out of the question, though, just as it would never have been considered in one of the 1930s Saturday afternoon theater serials on which this kind of story is based.

Here's the schematic diagram of the plot: Introduction, suspense, action, suspense, action, suspense . . . n. Then the climax -- a really BIG action scene.

But the thing that made it successful and keeps it so enjoyable after thirty years is that the action wasn't of the usual sort. Oh, sure, Jones and his girl friend are threatened with immanent death lots of times -- involved in comic fist fights, shot at with poisoned arrows. That's de rigeur. But how often does a hero find himself dashing through an underground tunnel downhill pursued by a three-ton rolling marble? Another element that contributed to its appeal was its reconstruction of the period, 1936. The exotic settings of 1936 aren't just rebuilt. They're lovingly reproduced. The ordinary set dressings are there to suggest the exotic -- always look for beaded curtains -- but the men don't waltz around in immaculate double-breasted white suits and pith helmets. The settings are overblown, to be sure. I strongly doubt that in all of Nepal there was a saloon with the size and atmosphere of Karen Allen's. I'm not at all sure there were ANY saloons in Nepal in 1936. But they're meant to suggest authenticity, not embody it, and they succeed in an creative way.

Finally, the characters are kind of enjoyable in themselves, from the often frightened and only barely willing Indiana Jones himself, through the cartoon Nazis with the monocles and Swastika armbands. Oh, boy, watch the ark of the covenant MELT them down to nothing while they are frozen in place and screaming! The force unleashed.
Classic Spielberg
A very famous action film from the early Eighties. Harrison Ford looks so young in this film now. This was one of his iconic roles, and he chews the scenery with the best of them. The action is relentless, and despite a few plot holes, is immensely satisfying. Karen Allen looked great, and played her tough-girl role with relish. This being a Spielberg film, it is a visual spectacle, with high production values, outstanding photography, and lots of stunts and effects. Everyone should see this film.
still a lot of fun, but...
I understand that I may be forgiven for not thinking 'Citizen Kane' is so great, but the following is cinematic heresy- I've decided I'm not that crazy about the Indiana Jones series. They're fun films, no doubt, and there are certainly worse ways to spend a couple of hours. I watched 'The Last Crusade' again not long ago, and last night I watched the first one. At the risk of stating the obvious, what 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' really has going for it is Harrison Ford and a couple of slam-bang action/special effects sequences. Well, you say, for cryin' out loud, isn't that enough? And yeah, I suppose it is. I've just found I'm not nearly as enamored of the series as I once thought I was, and each of the films has flaws that perhaps only become apparent on repeated viewings. The aspect of 'Raiders' that grates particularly each time I see it is Karen Allen's performance. I'm sorry, I don't find her funny or attractive or even interesting. I understand that the idea is for her to be a feisty tomboy, someone who speaks her mind and is "more than a match" (as they say) for Ford's Indy. But does that mean Allen's Marion has to be so utterly unattractive, in every sense? At times, she seems more like a gangly, socially-challenged thirteen-year-old who hasn't learned basic table manners yet and who snorts when she laughs. I don't know what's more annoying, her behavior or the fact that every male in the film seems to think she's gorgeous. Granted, she doesn't have any competition... that must be it. So there's that. The film of course was a trendsetter in many ways, resurrecting almost single-handedly the grand old adventure flick. The durable plot elements and (other) characters were made to seem fresh again, from the resourceful adventurer venturing to exotic lands to those most reliably evil of slimy villains, the Nazis. And there is a toughness to the first Indiana Jones movie that seems somewhat lacking in the other two. Both Sallah and Marcus Brody are real characters here, alternately serious and amusing. By the time we get to 'Last Crusade,' the two men are strictly comic relief, and Marcus in particular becomes a scatterbrained buffoon. The climax of 'Raiders,' when it finally comes, was something of a revelation (so to speak) at the time. This was the big payoff, and it didn't disappoint, though it's actually pretty brief. The face-melting and vaporous spirits (to be used to a much greater extent later in Spielberg's 'Poltergeist') had audiences wide-eyed with amazement. And then a clever little epilogue left cinema-goers feeling satisfied, that they'd really gotten their money's worth. I shared all those feelings when I first saw 'Raiders of the Lost Ark;' as I said, it's only been the last two or three times I've watched it that I haven't been as blown away.
Raiders of the lost ark review
Raiders of the Lost Ark is a unique film like no other. This film like the other three films gives you the adventure feels that our main character Indy does. The thing that works very well is the companionship between the director Spielberg and Lucas they created a wonderful adventurous world. The story is so well structured, from the setup to the confrontation, it keeps us at the edge of our seats without a single yawn. Let's talk about Harrison Ford and Karen Allen, their companionship in the movie is amazing Marion (Karen Allen) is not that girl that always needs to be saved by Indy (Harrison Ford), in some occasions she saves Indy's life. Our hero Indy (Harrison Ford) has the word iconic written on his forehead, he is the perfect hero he is charming, bad ass, smart everything a hero needs. The movie has an exceptional movie score by Academy award winning John Williams, his score is tense and brilliant. The movie has incredible shots the cinematography is quite amazing, as well as those visual effects, and nails a perfect editing. The direction from Steven Spielberg is fantastic we can see he really did put effort into the movie. Overall this is one of the best films of all time (My favorite movie) it has action, romance, suspense, and it is for the whole family, the kids will love this film. Seek this film out!
most gruesome
When I was young, almost all of the films that I had seen, I saw with my Dad. He would take me and my mother would stay at home with my siblings. We saw a number of films that failed to generate a reaction with him as they did with me, but this one was different. This one, my Dad might've enjoyed just as much.

Who can forget the scene where Indy faces bandits in the marketplace, fighting swords with his wits and fists, only to be finally challenged by a dark robed adversary brandishing a heavy, dismembering type of sabre as he swings the impressive blade about his head menacingly?

Indiana looks his opponent up and down briefly and draws his pistol casually and shoots the villain dead as if his patience had been tested a moment longer than he could tolerate.

My father, and the entire audience for that matter, laughed and cheered at this incredible scene. And it was the first time I'd actually been aware of his enjoyment of the film. Usually I'm so transfixed that I wouldn't notice if my legs were on fire. He enjoyed it so much, that he still tends to bring up that scene, even today.

My father and I shared a great moment in movie history, and I will never forget it for as long as I live. I will always be grateful for the time we spent together and the films that I otherwise would have been unable to see without him taking me.

Just a side note about the scene I've described above. It wasn't meant to go that way at all. As Steven Spielberg explained in a television interview, the scene was meant to have an elaborate fight sequence, but Harrison Ford was suffering from diarrhea and couldn't go through with the elaborate set-up required. Someone said, "the only way we can finish this scene today is if he shoots him". Steven said, "Wait a minute, we might have something there."
Happy 35th Anniversary To One Of The Greatest Adventure Films Of All Time!
"Raiders of the Lost Ark" is my second favorite movie next to "Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope," and it is also, in my opinion, my absolute favorite movie by Steven Spielberg. Spielberg teams up with George Lucas after his success with "Star Wars" as both of the greatest filmmakers had set out to pay homage to the old serials of the 1930s. The movie is about an archaeologist and professor name, Indiana Jones as he goes on an adventure to search for the Ark of the Covenant with the help of the love of his life Marion Ravenwood. However, Indy's rival Rene Belloq has been working with the Nazis as they both go after the Ark, and it is up to Indy to retrieve the Ark before its too late. It has been 35 years, since this movie came out back in 1981 and it still is my favorite of the series. The series itself may have pay respect to the "James Bond" movies, but they also pay tributes to the old serials of the 1930s until the fourth one pays tribute of the 1950s sci-fi B movies. With that said, whenever I watch this movie, it never feels dated nor is it cheesy. Like the "Star Wars" series, you will always feel the experience as you go on for the ride as the "Indiana Jones" series explore exotic locations and search for artifacts. By getting to the point, Harrison Ford is definitely Indiana Jones as he is as Han Solo. He does a brilliant job with the role as his character is someone that you don't want to mess with because he is rough, cool and is always amazed when he is discovering artifacts. Of course, he is always into as I quote from the second movie "Fortune and Glory." Karen Allen as Marion Ravenwood is my favorite of all the girls that Indy has met in his life. Not only is she beautiful, but she can be also feisty too. Sometimes she be a damsel in distress, but she never whines and complain like Willie Scott did in the second movie. Her character is pretty complex as you learn about her as she and Indy did had some history together as she had romantic affair with him. Paul Freeman as Belloq is a really good villain, and quite a rivalry to Indy as they are always after the same artifact as they're trying to retrieve. The rest of the cast all did well. Steven Spielberg does an amazing job on directing the movie with George Lucas coming up with this brilliant concept that he had created. Lawrence Kasdan has wrote a brilliant script, and the story itself always kept me investing as well as the characters. The special effects by Industrial Light & Magic are absolutely fantastic for its used of practical effects, matte paintings and miniature work. John Williams' music is completely unforgettable, and there is no denying that the theme he created would be as iconic as the "Star Wars" theme. The action scenes are very well done as well as the physical work that were put on camera. The cinematography by Douglas Slocombe is also wonderful as I do get a sense of the 1930s, which it does put me in the right atmosphere. The humor is done well, for example, Indy has an Arab Swordsman in his way as you think there is going to be fight between them, instead Indy just shoots him because he has no time for that. The movie is also very well putted together, and it does go by at a very good pace. I never see any flaws with this movie, because this movie is definitely flawless, and it will always be either one of the greatest or the greatest adventure films of all time. "Raiders of the Lost Ark" is a classic adventure film, and I am giving it a 10 out of 10.
Another great 80s classic
I love the Star wars films they are amazing they have great sound tracks and great characters too. I also found out that Harrison Ford who also plays Han Solo in the Star Wars, also plays Indiana Jones as well at first I thought this was not going to be good as star wars but I was wrong I really enjoyed this film I know its not as good as Star wars but its wroth watching for all ages Harrison Ford does amazing job playing Indiana Jones as what he did as Han solo in the Star wars The theme song is catchy and beautiful which really suits the main character

Overall another great 80s classic and a masterpiece as well wroth watching 10/10
High Adventure With Indiana.
Harrison Ford makes his first appearance as Indiana Jones in this exciting, highly entertaining globe-trotting adventure, which finds archaeologist and college professor Jones pursuing Nazis who are searching for the Ark of the Covenant, with which they hope to use its mystical powers to help them conquer the world in Pre-World War II[1936] days.

Harrison Ford became a huge star in his own right(not just as Han Solo) and is highly appealing and capable, really making Indiana come to life in this fantastic story, helped by a fine cast featuring Karen Allen, John Rhys Davies, and Denholm Elliot. Steven Spielberg directs in a breathless and inspired way, and this film is great fun(just don't ponder its credibility too closely...)
One of the best adventure films ever made
One of the most well-known films in history and certainly one of the crown jewels of Steven Spielberg's career. Which is saying something. The character of Indiana Jones has become a pop culture icon and probably the bane of every archaeology professor who has had to explain to his students that no, the movies have almost nothing to do with real archaeology.

Still, whether it's grave robbing, tomb raiding or whatever else, this film is a total blast of pulp adventure goodness. From the first iconic scene of the dirty and grumbled Harrison Ford turning to stare at the camera in an age when most cinema heroes were squeaky clean and flawless to the main story about the lost Ark of the Covenant and the desperate race against the Nazis, who want to claim its powers for their own war effort.

This movie has numerous upsides, but what I personally like the most about it is its sense of adventure. The film takes us all over the globe, from the temples of Peru to the Himalayas and finally to Cairo. Each location is a great place for an adventure and given a weight of history, fun and excitement. The characters are also a big part of the film. Indiana Jones of course being the main event, but all the side characters are also memorable and fun. From Indiana's feisty ex Marion (Karen Allen) to the steadfast and boastful Sallah (John Rhys- Davies). The villains are also entertaining and memorable as only Nazis can be. It's a joy to watch them lose.

And do I even need to say any more? You've all seen this film. If you haven't, congratulations on finally being old enough to be allowed to see it. Enjoy. Or, if you're older than that, shame on you!
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