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Pulp Fiction
Crime, Drama, Thriller
IMDB rating:
Quentin Tarantino
John Travolta as Vincent Vega
Samuel L. Jackson as Jules Winnfield
Tim Roth as Pumpkin - Ringo
Amanda Plummer as Honey Bunny - Yolanda
Eric Stoltz as Lance
Bruce Willis as Butch Coolidge
Ving Rhames as Marsellus Wallace
Phil LaMarr as Marvin
Maria de Medeiros as Fabienne
Storyline: Jules Winnfield and Vincent Vega are two hitmen who are out to retrieve a suitcase stolen from their employer, mob boss Marsellus Wallace. Wallace has also asked Vincent to take his wife Mia out a few days later when Wallace himself will be out of town. Butch Coolidge is an aging boxer who is paid by Wallace to lose his next fight. The lives of these seemingly unrelated people are woven together comprising of a series of funny, bizarre and uncalled-for incidents.
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the most over valued film of the '90s
Pulp Fiction is one of those movies you feel uncomfortable to talk about in negative terms since mainstream loves it. The real killer of this movie are the dialogs supposedly so cool but instead being silly and irritating, from the very first scene when endless minutes are waisted talking about a frivolous argument. The violence in this film, rather strong, is very often disturbing but never fun or entertaining. Tarantino takes himself a little too seriously making the movie lose most of its ironical aspect. Unless you are a fan that goes wild for the overweight Travolta, you will find his so-called cult scenes dull and of no interest. All the characters in this movie are exaggerated, and that wouldn't be a bad thing, but they also are not fun. There are some good action scenes, very few, which anyhow will not save from failure a movie that lasts 2hrs 40min!
Pretty bad!
The story development is very poor, and has very long dragged scenes that add nothing to the story. The non-linear and looping time order of the scenes smacks of an effort to cover up the lack of coherence in plot and character. The movie is like several episodes of a TV show thrown together.

Some sequences, especially one involving bondage harnesses and homosexual rape, have the uncomfortable feeling of creative desperation, of someone who's afraid of losing his reputation scrambling for any way to offend sensibilities.

The actors are doing a fine job with the crap they are given. However the distinct lack of a coherent plot, the disjointedly interwoven and half-baked story lines, the absence of characterization and incorrectly using of the music, makes this movie a good example of bad Cinema!
Am I blind?
You know that series of ads for Blockbuster Video featuring the oh-so-artsy film student that is really quite superficial and pseudo-intelligent? That's what everyone who sees greatness in Quentin Tarantino reminds me of. Come on, people, there are certain rules for movie-making that are indelible. You can't get by forever writing the script on the same day of shooting while hung over. Maybe I'm the blind man in the world of the sighted....or just maybe Tarantino has you all fooled, like Peter Sellers in "Being There."
Good Yet Over-rated
Quentin Tarantino is a good director who has a knack for combining wildly imaginative music selections for his movies that seem to work so well you have to laugh with joy.

He also is known for dark comedy, combining unexpected twists that dismay audience members to the point they often refer to him as a "genius".

The problem with "genius" is that what is genius to some is mundane to others.

Tarantino is also known for his plot twists. However the excessive focus on plot twists creates an expectation from the audience, which opposes the basic appeal: the element of surprise.

In Pulp Fiction, twists are introduced with little finesse. Tarantino has improved with the years, but Pulp Fiction, an early film, becomes boring before it is over.

Certainly worth watching, but early and raw compared to Tarantino's later films.
At least the Emperor is wearing underpants
Pulp Fiction is a masterpiece! No it isn't. It's over-rated. It's good, don't get me wrong, but it's not as good as it's painted. And Tarantino's faults - which become more apparent with every (pretentiously) numbered subsequent movie - are all here on show.

His dialogue is good - it's his main strength, and is correctly recognised as such. But a) it is over-reliant on the F-word (his CSI episodes and Inglourious Basterds show that he can write excellent dialogue without it), and b) it would greatly benefit from external editing: Tarantino badly needs a McCartney to sweeten his Lennon, a Lennon to apply an edge to his McCartney.

His direction is good - he extracts brilliant performances from his ensemble, and his ability to present a truly eye-catching image on screen is beyond doubt. Action is good, effects are good, set design is good etc.

But he comes in for undue praise for other things. Self-indulgence is one - again, he desperately needs someone to take him in hand and moderate some of what he does for the benefit of the film.

Case in point - Pulp Fiction's non-linear storytelling. The zip-rewind halfway through is not some sudden work of genius. It may very well be experimental but, if so, it does not work as well as linear storytelling would have done (which, I suspect, would have involved more work in breaking the story threads into coherent sections which still worked together when interleaved, or else inserting flashbacks). Tarantino has taken an unconventional, but easy, road and, in so doing, has got away with it because of the "Emperor's New Clothes" factor. However, it doesn't make Pulp Fiction a work of genius, it actually makes it a worse film.

Tarantino's lack of self-discipline means that, despite his abundance of talent, his output continues to be over-rated.
Crazyness all over the board
for starters I could kind of tell that this was a Quentin Tarantino movie because all his movies seem to be dramatic or I guess you could say realistic and bold. This is a harsh story about drugs, robberies, and just overall mischief. Vincent Vega played by John Travolta was involved in a robbery of a diner right as the movie began. Making himself seem like an upstanding young man he is also heavily involved with heroin and mob like activity. Things get strange when he is asked by his mobster boss, Marsellus Wallace, to escort his wife, Mrs. Mia Wallace, while he is out of town. It seems like a recipe for disaster however not in the way one would normally think. The two did not hook up but Mia was in a deadly situation when she mistook Vince's heroin for cocaine and snorted it and overdosing. When Vince finds her he takes her to Lance's house where he normally buys his drugs and gives Mia an adrenalin shot to her heart. That situation could have been messy if they had screwed up in any way. Overall I thought this was a good movie although sometimes hard to follow. The harsh truth to it all gives it the essence of a Quentin Tarantino film.
Could Be Most Overrated Movie Of All Time
Pulp Fiction is often considered the coolest and greatest film of all time. But, the people who usually say this are pretentious film snobs and people who think this is something extraordinary. Excuse me, it isn't.

First of all the film has NO plot. If a film has no plot, then why should we care about the unlikeable characters? Second, the diagloue is so....BAD. Does the director think people actually talk like this, because, well they don't.

Third, the grossly, glamorous violence, is disgusting. This isn't a horror film, so why do we need such violence popping in and out of the movie? So, I urge everyone to avoid the hype of this pretentious, terrible mess.
The worst movie I've ever seen
I really find it difficult to believe this movie is rated highly by people. It's hands down the worst movie I've seen in my life (58 years). When my wife and I went to see it, soon after it came out, multiple people walked out of the theater saying either it was a terrible movie and/or it sickened them. Maybe all of us were just allergic to Tarantino's sick fascination with violence. The violence is just so gratuitous and casual as to make it seem like a bad video game. Outside of that, the overall movie has the feel of being viewed through the eyes of someone high on bad drugs. Please excuse my lack of specifics regarding the film, but I've fortunately blocked most of them from my memory. In any event, I worry about a society that thinks this is a good film, I really do.
Hands down, the best film of the '90s.
Pulp Fiction, despite borrowing from just about every movie ever made, is the most invigorating cinema experience a filmgoer can ever hope for. Its hodgepodge of violence, mayhem, and generally deviant behavior is an assault on the senses, not to mention political correctness. However, despite all the film's cleverness and style, it hinges on the performance put forth by Samuel L. Jackson as Jules. The fact that he was denied an Oscar is a downright shame. Martin Landau, the best supporting actor winner that year, was terrific and funny in Ed Wood, but Jackson was perhaps the most commanding screen presence in film history as the bible-quoting, godfearing hitman. The last scene in the coffee shop with Tim Roth still sends chills down my spine, no matter how many times I've seen it. Rumors of a prequel involving Jules and Vincent (John Travolta) have been floating around lately. If Quentin Tarantino wishes to regain the fans he lost with the dissapointing (but still pretty good) Jackie Brown, he should get to work right away. I'll be the first in line to see the finished product.
Unconnected events, unnecessary characters, absence of a main storyline create masterpiece? -No, It creates one big empty movie.
This whole movie is empty really empty. I'm not saying every movie has to give message 'cos i don't believe in that. But this so-called masterpiece seems to be about nothing.

Events are unconnected. What is Uma Thurman's character's almost dying has to do with the Bruce Willis' boxer storyline? What's boxer storyline has to do with the main characters? Or, why is there a boxer, it all seems unnecessary.

Now, please tell me how this 'work of art' can described as masterpiece? Because of the directing, famous soundtrack or acting? I can say OK to all that but this movie only contains unconnected events, characters and has no main storyline and we don't know what this is about?

I can hardly say Tarantino is a big director. I can't call a man full of emptiness and bulls**t a master. His only film i like is Kill Bill which surprisingly different from this garbages, has a main storyline, now's where to going and i can only name Kill Bill a masterpiece.
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