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Pulp Fiction
Crime, Drama, Thriller
IMDB rating:
Quentin Tarantino
John Travolta as Vincent Vega
Samuel L. Jackson as Jules Winnfield
Tim Roth as Pumpkin - Ringo
Amanda Plummer as Honey Bunny - Yolanda
Eric Stoltz as Lance
Bruce Willis as Butch Coolidge
Ving Rhames as Marsellus Wallace
Phil LaMarr as Marvin
Maria de Medeiros as Fabienne
Storyline: Jules Winnfield and Vincent Vega are two hitmen who are out to retrieve a suitcase stolen from their employer, mob boss Marsellus Wallace. Wallace has also asked Vincent to take his wife Mia out a few days later when Wallace himself will be out of town. Butch Coolidge is an aging boxer who is paid by Wallace to lose his next fight. The lives of these seemingly unrelated people are woven together comprising of a series of funny, bizarre and uncalled-for incidents.
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I'm afraid it's no good what-so-ever.
What is it with this film? What IS IT!?!? Gangsters walking and saying absolutely nothing. A lot of idle and boring dialogue. Boring stories. Clichéd camera angles and borrowed materials from other films. And a whole lotta f-words to fill a space-cruiser. Some acting is good, but that's the actor for you...

Everything else is empty, empty, empty... Peer-pressure and the moronic masses of people say this film is "a masterpiece!" How? Because they talk about Quater Pounders with Cheese? Because of the "morale" of the gangster? What morale? "We cool?" "We cool." Yeah those phrases have absolute impact...ooh hoo, bobby!

Yeah this is "the movie that re-defined cinema"... without re-defining it at all.

Skip this trash and watch something else... for the love of movies,please do that!
A creative and slick waste of time
You want to do something really neat? Take the movie "Pulp Fiction" and re-cut it, so that, instead of being out of sequence, it is actually in proper sequence. It can be done. Why do this? Because if you do, you will see what a nothing movie this really is. There is no central plot, there is no real theme, or story or climax. It is just a bunch of tricks and overly snappy dialog, masquerading a piece of fluff that has as much depth as the kiddie pool. Hey, more power to Tarantino, the guy is a Houdini, full of slight of hand. But are we really so simple, that we are ranking this one of the ten greatest movies ever made? Come on! OK, I know that Travolta is cool and Jackson is funny. However, let's reserve the greatest films of all-time category for real masterpieces and real stories, and not some overly slick pulp geared towards video store geeks.
Awful every time
I hate to be the Debby Downer of the bunch but.... this movie is awful. I was forced to watch it growing up by my parents, then again as a teenager by a boyfriend, and now again for a class I'm taking. I do not get the point of anything this movie puts out, I actually hate everything about it. The plot set up is ridiculous, the characters are awful and disappointing, and the ending even sucks. I wish I could get the time back for the three regrettable times I had to watch this film, but I can't. I will never watch this movie again, and hopefully after I write this review I can go back to acting like this awful thing was never created or released to the public. Don't waste your time, it's more entertaining to watch paint dry.
I hate this movie
Pulp Fiction in my opinion is the most overrated movie of all-time. I really don't understand why many people claim it to be one of the greatest movies ever. It's cruel, stupid, idiotic. It's full of violence & f-words to the point that it's sickening. It's like, let's get a couple of guns, a couple of f-words, a couple of murders and let's combine them to make a movie. I hated everything about it. EVERYTHING. To me, all the positive comments on this site about this movie are written by only 1 fan under different usernames. So the scenes were not in chronological order, big deal. That doesn't make it a masterpiece. This is hollywood garbage. There are some scenes that are sick. The movie is SICK. This is my review. I gave it a 2/10 just because the actors are respected. Everything else is idiotic.
Overrated C R A P
Yes, that's right. Crap. This film is just that. If you take a closer look at f.ex. Bruce Willis, who seems to make people scream their head off every time he's near the screen, you can clearly see that this person lacks personality. He has two expressions: One that says ON, (with a little wrinkle above his nose) the other is of course OFF, when he's asleep. a machine of a man, which perhaps cries a bit when he comes home, because he's in desperate need for a personality, some feelings, a higher IQ and an even bigger paycheck.

Why this person has become so popular has to do with you mindless people out there. Voting, cheering and stamping your feet for talentless and retarded actors, musicians, artists etc. That is why this world goes straight down the toilette. Making your modern remarks that everything is so "Cool" all the time.

Pulp Fiction is at best a bad joke from a below average director. There is no inventions, no good or natural acting, no deeper meaning with this movie at all. Just exploitation.

The era of good movie-productions are long gone. Classic actor's like Chaplin, Bogart, Cooper, Peck, Holden and Quinn don't get born any more. Today it's just you gray and unpersonalized people out there (With some exceptions), watching to see if there's something that can kill your brain even more, with splatter and gore above your ears. Yeah, you're a really "cool" bunch, drowning on dry land.
The type of movie I would've loved when I was thirteen
Some observations:

1. Anytime your most admiring audience is comprised of 17-year-old males you know you're in trouble.

2. Anytime the most common adjective used to describe your movie is "cool" you know you're in trouble.

This is a silly, juvenile, vulgar movie. Tarantino should have had the courage to make a cheap, violent, trashy Hollywood-style movie and been proud of it. Instead, he made a cheap, violent, trashy, Hollywood-style movie and hid behind the "irony" façade. Works for 17-year-olds, doesn't work for the rest of us.
Not Something I'd Praise As A Great Movie
OK first of all I saw this a little while ago and I don't see how anybody could like this film except for the stars: John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Uma Thurman, Peter Greene, Bruce Willis, and Ving Rhames. The plot is all messed around and unorganized making it very difficult to understand. The Characters are all technically bad guys. Like I said the only good thing this film has to offer is the acting. Overall the film makes very little sense the way it is told, the characters are all unlikable. I really believe that if any film should get rated way lower than a 0 out of ten, this is it! I mean just how it got as high as an 8.9 out of 10 is beyond me. I'd continue on ranting about how bad the story is written but this film just isn't worth anymore time. Please if you're wanting to see a great crime film go watch Goodfellas(1990) and if you want to go see a good action film go watch the Hunted(2003). This film rated from me is only a 1 out of 10 since it did have many famous and good actors but Mars Attacks is way better and that was a comedy film!!!
It lives up to its title
Now that it's almost 23 years later can we have a level-headed point of view on this movie? The hype machine in 1994 went into maximum overdrive with Pulp Fiction in a way that has rarely been repeated, even in a world over-saturated with easily accessible and multiple forms of media. For years people have regarded Pulp Fiction as if it is somehow far beyond any kind of criticism. It's time for scrutiny.

As a 150-minute series of vignettes within vignettes it makes for good entertainment the first few viewings, but I've seen Pulp Fiction from beginning to end about 10 times now and I can honestly say I am done with it.

The trashy nature of the stories and the wider world that the characters inhabit is a nice homage to the dime novels of the 1950s and other trash cinema of the era. And I mean trash. Pulp Fiction takes virtually no inspiration from anything with an ounce of class. Don't be fooled by the all-star cast and the larger- than-life characters.

For years people have been quoting the screenplay as if it were a breathtaking breakthrough in movie dialogue. It's not. If anything it is far too wordy. The editor should have been a little more liberal in cutting down the talking. There is an utterly pointless interaction between Travolta, Thurman, and Buscemi about a $5 shake that seems to go on forever. It adds absolutely nothing to scene at all and I cringe whenever I hear it. I can't believe I am even wasting my time bringing it up in this review, but it's a good example of frequent nothingness that should have been excised. Tarantino also seems to have an inability to reign in his actors here, leaving them to ham their way over the boundaries which gives many characters an unfocused, disconnected, and confusing riff. Travolta in particular seems off and alienating. He was probably just happy to get work at the time but there's no reason for why the rest of the cast didn't question the overwritten material.

It's also very dull to look at. Jack Rabbit Slims appears to be the only set specifically designed for the movie, which is why there is a colorful vibrancy to this scene that is found nowhere else. Almost every other shot takes place at street level in the most mundane parts of Los Angeles without any sense of location. The lazy Panavision photography just plonks the camera down at standard angles and indulges in far too much steadicam for its own good, all while never giving us much in the way of geography. It's very frustrating.

Pulp Fiction is competent with unique inspirations, but the movie has almost no original ideas and it has been massively over-regarded for far too long.
"A true classic in every sense of the word"
Are you a type person that enjoys well written movies with gory shootouts,a lot of swearing,unnecessary yelling of the "N" word with a hard r,a bribed boxer that didn't go down in the fifth',gourmet coffee,5 dollar milkshakes,a British couple trying to rob a coffee shop,John Travolta doing the twist,a pocket watch that spent 2 years in Christopher Walken's ass,tasty burgers and two lad's getting raped in a basement of a pawn shop by its sick owner and a cop?Of course you do,you're reading this on your own will after all! All jokes aside this is a must watch for every movie lover out there. Literally a perfect film from the actor's performances and the way its shot to the music used throughout.A 'solid' 10/10 from me,Cheers!
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