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Pulp Fiction
Crime, Drama, Thriller
IMDB rating:
Quentin Tarantino
John Travolta as Vincent Vega
Samuel L. Jackson as Jules Winnfield
Tim Roth as Pumpkin - Ringo
Amanda Plummer as Honey Bunny - Yolanda
Eric Stoltz as Lance
Bruce Willis as Butch Coolidge
Ving Rhames as Marsellus Wallace
Phil LaMarr as Marvin
Maria de Medeiros as Fabienne
Storyline: Jules Winnfield and Vincent Vega are two hitmen who are out to retrieve a suitcase stolen from their employer, mob boss Marsellus Wallace. Wallace has also asked Vincent to take his wife Mia out a few days later when Wallace himself will be out of town. Butch Coolidge is an aging boxer who is paid by Wallace to lose his next fight. The lives of these seemingly unrelated people are woven together comprising of a series of funny, bizarre and uncalled-for incidents.
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The Path of the Righteous Man
Pulp Fiction, a dark, gangster drama, directed by Quentin Tarantino, received many awards for best screenplay and revived many careers of the actors in the film. At the time of its release, the film reeked of cinematic expression. Mr. Tarantino is a clever storyteller, giving the audience exactly what they want in a gangster movie. The story is anything but typical and unconventionally follows the lives of a very colorful cast. To catalog Pulp Fiction in just one genre would be to discount it from other's and would be unfair. Often referred to as a "black comedy", the tale centers on the relationship between two gangsters / hit-men and could be categorized as an off -beat gangster flick. However, the story (like the scenes in the movie) jumps from one place to another. For example, one moment it is a serious "drama" (as characters are brutally assassinated), then comes a "romance" between a couple desperately attempting to escape reality. A night on the town, with flirtation amongst bizarrely matched characters leads to an overdose. This movie includes everything a Tarantino film lover demands; drugs, violence, sex, romance, music, dancing, sport, and even retention of one's soul. Each scene is developed first by dialog and then through actions, creating a series of consequences with serious and profound results. At first, the non-traditional editing was disturbing. However, after re-watching certain scenes again, it became clearer. Mr. Tarantino challenges the viewer to reassemble the pieces of the story in chronological order on their own. Figuring out what came first, the chicken or the egg is key to providing insight in solving the many puzzles in this story. The use of sound and score in Pulp Fiction effectively provided texture to each scene. The songs chosen for the film effortlessly set the stage for each escapade. Listening to the soundtrack provokes multifaceted thoughts and memories. The cunning cinematic techniques used in Pulp Fiction include eccentric configurations and framing, supporting both the tone and mood of the movie. The long pauses' precluding the violence fosters tension on screen, creating intensity driven drama. The use of such a wide variety of camera angles provides the audience with a unique viewing experience and indicates the work of a true artist. The direct and indirect influences of this movie are not readily apparent to the viewer. Each social class represented in Pulp Fiction faces some type of moral dilemma, and each character must work through their respective dilemma, despite their current situations. Lack of value and consequence seems to be the meaning of the story. Following the path of the righteous man is a common theme throughout. I feel as though each scene contained an exaggerated amount of morality, and the screenplay suffered a bit because of this. Too much time was spent on showing the audience the bad stuff, and not enough on the characters' lives. The best part of the film was the music and the dance scene between Vincent and Mia. I would recommend the film to a very mature, bored audience, as if you watch all 154 minutes of this film, you may wish for your time back.
This film was suave, cool and kitschy... but so what?
I was very underwhelmed by this film. I thought thought that the performances, while excellent given the flimsy material, were so unfounded in depth of character which made me think "ok, why should i care whether he dies? or whether she dies? or whether he cant pay back the gangsters?" I found the interwoven stories to be a nice idea however the sheer length of each story for approximately 15-20 minute intervals made me lose any interest i had with the previous characters. To this end the film became this consistently unfunny, boring, benign experience to which there was no reason to care about the characters, the plot or the subtext, and the ending while clever was very longwinded with no beneficial or worthy climax.

3 stars given for 1) John Travoltas performance 2) occasionally witty lines/conversations 3) the opening scene in the diner
One of My Favorite Movies Ever
The hit-men Vincent Vega (John Travolta) and Jules Winnfield (Samuel L. Jackson) work for the powerful mobster Marsellus Wallace (Ving Rhames). Vincent has lived in Amsterdam for three years and is assigned with Jules to retrieve a suitcase that belongs to their boss. There is a shootout and Vincent and Jules do not die because the shots of one gangster fails the target. Jules believes that God's hand has interfered in the bullets and he decides to redeem himself from his life of gangster. Vincent is assigned by Marsellus to go out with his wife Mia (Uma Thurman)while he is traveling and he is scared when she has an OD. Marsellus pays the boxer Butch Coolidge (Bruce Willis) to lose his fight on the fifth round, but Butch wins the fight. He flees from Marsellus and his gangsters but his girlfriend Fabienne (Maria de Medeiros) forgets to bring his golden watch that belongs to his family for many generations. Butch returns to his apartment and he faces Vincent first and Marsellus later. But an incident with sadistic perverts brings Marsellus and Butch side by side.

"Pulp Fiction" is one of my favorite movies ever. I had seen this movie for the last time on 11 January 2002 and today I have just watched it again. When we compare the nominations for Best Picture in the 1995 Oscar ("Pulp Fiction", "The Shawshank Redemption" and the winner and weakest "Forrest Gump") with the movies nominated this year we can see that the Oscar winners are not necessarily the best movies of the cinema history. "Pump Fiction" saved the career of John Travolta that was in the ostracism and put on the spot Quentin Tarantino after the cult "Reservoir Dogs". The complex screenplay with four entwined story has shown to the world the brilliance of Quentin Tarantino. My vote is ten.

Title (Brazil): "Pulp Fiction – Tempo de Violência" ("Pulp Fiction: Time of Violence")
One-dimensional modernist pap (minor spoilers)
Is it possible that something so loathsome and awful could actually be adored and lauded by millions of people? Is it only a matter of chance that some movies are loved and others hated, regardless of their content? I hope this is true, because I cannot believe that there is actually anything good about the movie Pulp Fiction to lead any sane, reasoned, drug-free person to write the glowing comments that surround mine, much less the oodles of people who actually handed over their money to see this thing.

Why is this movie so bad, you ask? Okay, I'll tell you, even though it's like pointing out why windows are transparent. Starting with the script, I see no reason to be impressed by an assemblage of overly stylistic dialogue and flat, boring characters. There is nothing amazing about two guys talking about French McDonald's restaurants, and then killing some guys. Every awful stretch of dialogue is dragged out as long as it will last, and then some. It's as if Tarantino said to himself "I think I can cram one more line about milkshakes in here". You have to give him credit for padding the film in ways that nobody's ever tried before. The actors look as though they're doing their best to salvage this turkey (and they are talented), all the while knowing in the back of their minds how much of a cow pie the whole thing is. As far as Tarantino's directorial style is concerned, he should just get himself a career in Nike commercials because that's where his talent level cuts off.
It's what you called showing in a culture or rather re emphasising a culture.
It's what you called showing in a culture or rather re emphasising a culture.

It's an important film and no doubt one of the most important ones to have come in the last 20 years. Not many films, threatened to change the rules of the game, as this film did. In terms of writing, it's non-linear, now non-linear in the real sense, it does not have a proper line of scenes or proper interpretation either, but they are connected by characters. This film has some iconic scenes which you will never forget. Like that, adrenalin shot scene to Mia (Uma Thurman) or reciting Bible's Eziekel 25:17 by Jules (Samuel Jackson).

Though, it's nearly 2 and hours, its not long and seems short as they are many questions unanswered. So, is Vincent dead or not? What is there in that briefcase to Marseilles? And these are left unanswered. With just 7 scenes, you make a 2 and half hour movie that redefines in it's own way the perspective of the audience. So, I am amazed more than anything even as I watch it for nearly 10th time and the surprise keeps coming each time I see this. There is something that always works in PULP FICTION. But, what makes this film work is it's writing. It's writing like madness, there is no proper thing called this is it. It can be referred to anything and you may be right. The righteous man and the evil man interpretation is just a tiny example that can be taken out for how we can interpret a character.

If I want to write one favourite scene here, it's gonna be the whole movie coz I like everything in it. Technically, I like the cinematography, sound design and costumes. But above all, I liked performances and dialogues.

Thanks to Quentin who has given us more memorable movies in the last 20 years that are far superior in writing than anyone else. But for me, this is is my favourite Quentin film and I will stick with this till he out performs himself by writing something much more weird than this.

A sure 5/5 for one of my favourite films, no less ever.
Tarantino's Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World !!!
This is a tour de force of brilliantly precise screen writing, perfect acting, precise camera-work, perfect directing and world class dialogue writing. 'Pulp Fiction' is Tarantino's carnival of funny, but equally abrasive nihilism. This is a film which has a surprisingly firm backbone of morality beneath the crazy and deranged surface. Tarantino is constantly on the lookout for characters who make a choice to turn their back on their meaningless lives of nihilistic violence and look for honour and a purpose. The characters who make that choice are allowed to ride off into the sunset, while the characters who decide to not change and stick to their meaningless cyclical lives of never-ending crime and violence are burdened with unenviable fates. There is a method to the madness. Tarantino makes the film and the characters infinitely rich. However while doing all this, he never stops having fun. There are endless film references, pop culture references and other stuff that signifies the film's self- consciousness which constantly make the viewer feel the fact that they are watching a film, a piece of fiction through Tarantino's eyes and not anything attached to reality.

Some people tend to trivialise the structure of the screenplay by calling it a gimmick. But as far as I'm concerned the structure of the screenplay is essential and indispensable in the context of the narrative and in the context of how Tarantino wants to drive home the themes that he is exploring. In a nutshell........ yeah, 'Pulp Fiction' is a masterpiece, it's a bad mother#*%@er.
For some strange reason, Pulp Fiction is regarded as a masterpiece, and its director a genius. According to some ancient legends, the movie is supposedly so awesome that most of its fans lose the ability to tell us exactly why it is so darn good.

One of my friends used to talk about how great Pulp Fiction was after he saw it with his stoner dad. I had of course heard positive stuff about it before, and decided to be polite and watch it when he showed up at my apartment with the DVD. We turned it off after maybe seven hours or so.

Some people will say: "but you didn't watch the last 20 minutes!!! It's the ending that is good!". I'm sorry, but I don't have to go outside and eat dog crap to know it's bad for me.

I really can't understand what's so great about it. When people talk about this piece of crap, they usually bring up the "distoibing" gimp scene, the fat Travolta dance or the part where the hit men accidentally blow the black guy's head off. Clap...clap...? My friend didn't even say why he liked it. He just had a blank look on his face and repeated: "bring out the gimp, bring out the gimp" over and over again.

Okay, so the last part didn't really happen, but I bet he only liked it because his father told him it was good. But why did his father like it? Drugs? I think many people brainwash themselves into liking Tarantino movies. "It's Tarantino, therefore it's good! It's Tarantino, therefore it's good!"

Had Tarantino made Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill or Inglorious Bastards under a pseudonym, people would just laugh and say "what kind of Uwe Boll garbage is this?".
Overrated C R A P
Yes, that's right. Crap. This film is just that. If you take a closer look at f.ex. Bruce Willis, who seems to make people scream their head off every time he's near the screen, you can clearly see that this person lacks personality. He has two expressions: One that says ON, (with a little wrinkle above his nose) the other is of course OFF, when he's asleep. a machine of a man, which perhaps cries a bit when he comes home, because he's in desperate need for a personality, some feelings, a higher IQ and an even bigger paycheck.

Why this person has become so popular has to do with you mindless people out there. Voting, cheering and stamping your feet for talentless and retarded actors, musicians, artists etc. That is why this world goes straight down the toilette. Making your modern remarks that everything is so "Cool" all the time.

Pulp Fiction is at best a bad joke from a below average director. There is no inventions, no good or natural acting, no deeper meaning with this movie at all. Just exploitation.

The era of good movie-productions are long gone. Classic actor's like Chaplin, Bogart, Cooper, Peck, Holden and Quinn don't get born any more. Today it's just you gray and unpersonalized people out there (With some exceptions), watching to see if there's something that can kill your brain even more, with splatter and gore above your ears. Yeah, you're a really "cool" bunch, drowning on dry land.
As Empty as a North Korean Grocery and Twice as Smelly
Once again we have the phenomenon of Tennessee QT ripping off classic outside-Hollywood '60s and '70s fare, copying the superficial elements, and failing to deliver any kind of meaningful context. Hey, dude, there was a reason it worked in the first place. But, no, his acolytes will attend this latest black mass and congratulate each other on all the vacuous references they can recognize.

This is a total rip-off of La Mala Ordina. The only thing he adds is some dialog between the hit men. He should've left it out if that's the best he can do.

His biography should be out soon. If truly titled, it would be, "A Typical Redneck Tries Art-house". Sound pretty awful? Well, the movie is worse.
What a great but useless attempt........
Pulp Fiction is a movie all credited to its director....Mr. Q. T. This movie is such an amazing and fast track of events all tied up nicely and cohesively that one can't deny its grandeur.

But here comes the boom. It is a highly un-required movie that is overrated just due to its above mentioned qualities. But when something is made there must be a purpose behind its existence but the film is so useless and itchy that in my opinion this film is not the best film in history of cinema. Yes the film has a huge potential to influence movie making and direction but it itself is nothing but a crap of laughable and senseless events.

So to mention Sir i am not buying any of this movie but lets just consider the direction and cohesion of events.
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