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Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
Action, Adventure, Fantasy
IMDB rating:
Rob Marshall
Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow
Sam Claflin as Philip
Greg Ellis as Groves
Óscar Jaenada as The Spaniard
Damian O'Hare as Gillette
Anton Lesser as Lord John Carteret
Keith Richards as Captain Teague
Penélope Cruz as Angelica Teach
Kevin McNally as Joshamee Gibbs
Richard Griffiths as King George
Ian McShane as Blackbeard
Roger Allam as Prime Minister Henry Pelham
Geoffrey Rush as Barbossa
Storyline: Captain Jack Sparrow (Depp) crosses paths with a woman from his past (Cruz), and he's not sure if it's love -- or if she's a ruthless con artist who's using him to find the fabled Fountain of Youth. When she forces him aboard the Queen Anne's Revenge, the ship of the formidable pirate Blackbeard (McShane), Jack finds himself on an unexpected adventure in which he doesn't know who to fear more: Blackbeard or the woman from his past.
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Enjoyable And Entertaining If Formulaic And Familiar Pirate Adventure
Pirate Jack Sparrow is laying low in London when he runs into his old foe Barbossa, who has been engaged by King George II to find the legendary Fountain of Youth before the Spanish. Jack teams up with an old flame, Angelica, to try to beat them both to the prize, but little does he know that Angelica is the daughter of the dreaded Blackbeard ...

This is the fourth Pirates Of The Caribbean film, and inevitably the series becomes a bit too familiar as it proceeds but nevertheless it's still terrific fun all the way through, and is also a completely stand-alone adventure in its own right, with only Captain Jack, a now peg-legged Barbossa and Mr Gibbs (McNally) returning from the previous movies. Depp is as goofy good fun as always, if perhaps a little more restrained than in previous outings but then so is everybody, and there's a good balance between action, fantasy and comedy. The best thing in the movie for me though is the score by Hans Zimmer, which is a great old-fashioned charging orchestral symphony mixed with Spanish and choral influences to produce a terrific soundtrack which is constantly propelling the whole thing forward. The origins of the film are quite interesting - it's loosely based on Tim Powers' original 1987 novel On Stranger Tides (which also partly inspired the excellent LucasArts video game The Secret Of Monkey Island), mixed into the Disney pirate universe, the (real) historical figure of Edward Teach and the (mythological) conquistador stories of Bimini. It's also more than a little similar to one of my favourite pirate movies, The Golden Voyage Of Sinbad, which also involves a supernatural ship and a quest for the Fountain of Youth. It's maybe not a patch on the original Jack Sparrow movie, but it's great looking, very nicely made and quality entertainment throughout.
Captain Sparrow has lost his "muchness"
Well, it seems that IMDb limits these reviews to only a 1000 characters and there's just no way I can say ALL that needs to be said about this movie in that short of a review. I will say that if you're considering the IMAX 3D version, don't waste your money...if you -have- to see Pirates 4, just see the traditional theater version instead as the 3D effects are pretty much non-existent (at least with the IMAX version).

The movie itself is also rather lacking...it's not a complete waste of time and there is -some- entertainment value there however this latest incarnation of Pirates is just really lacking compared with the past 3 movies...very bland to say the least (and that's about all I can write here...the least). There is some good action, the traditional special effects are up to par with the previous movies and even the story line seems plausible for a Pirates flick, but this one just lacks the punch of the previous three.

If you're not a POTC fan, then you'll likely enjoy this movie to some degree but if you already enjoy the off-beat swashbuckling adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow, then prepare to be disappointed with this one.

For more info, please see my full review at; http://www.facebook.com/note.php?saved&&note_id=10150206918086861
On Better Tides
If in 2007 Pirates of the Caribbean 'At Worlds End' left you at your 'wits end', then it's understandable that you may have reservations about seeing the fourth instalment of this hugely popular franchise.

The aptly named 'On Stranger Tides' certainly is in uncharted waters, as this chapter is the first Pirate movie not to star Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley and the first not to be Directed by Gore Verbinski also known for directing such films as 'The Ring' and more recently; 'Rango'.

The film starts with Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) in London on a mission to save the always entertaining Gibbs (Kevin McNally) from an appointment with the gallows. Whilst there Jack crosses paths with a woman from his past (Penelope Cruz), who ends up trapping him aboard the Queen Anne's Revenge, ship of the most feared pirate 'Blackbeard' (Ian McShane) on a quest to locate the Fountain of Youth.

Unfortunately the notorious Blackbeard is very badly portrayed by McShane with no real terror brought to the character like the previous Davy Jones; and with a 'mystic' zombie sidekick that is as pointless to the movie as the witch in Robin Hood – Prince of Thieves; the film should really be walking the plank very early on.

However, thanks to the star performer Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow, this movie is surprisingly good. Sure the movie doesn't have the best plot compared to the first two movies, but with the introduction of Penelope Cruz as the beautiful Angelica; Sam Claflin as Philip the hunky clergyman; and Stephen Graham providing the comedy effect as Scrum; this movie will have audiences won over.

This movie is certainly one for all the family, and having just reached a staggering $256 million in its opening week, this franchise will probably return to continue another trilogy.
Lower your expectations. It helps!
'We're all back together again!' Jerry Bruckheimer (Producer) tells the audience in a featurette. And it feels that the main purpose for this movie was some kind of reunion, because it was fun for them to make the first three.

Gore Verbinski is not directing this anymore. And it shows. There is nothing particular memorable about this movie in style or direction. They kept the DOP from the previous movies and the movie is still beautifully shot.

When I went to the cinema expecting nothing of the movie (because every story finished nicely at the end of the third movie) I was still entertained. Upon re-watching it, boredom struck. The movie's basic structure is like this: Here you have characters, they need to do these things, okay let's do these things, movie end. It's narratively speaking quite straight forward and therefore the movie doesn't feel pretentious or bloated. What does bother me is that the characters are so uninteresting and what happens during the movie is also quite uninteresting. The movie lost the grandeur of the previous entries.

Hey Jerry! What did you say? 'Blackbeard is one of the most evil characters we have ever given you?' Nah, sorry to burst your bubble but the only positive thing about the Blackbeard character is that he is played by Ian McShane. McShane does everything to make the character interesting, because the script is lacking. Blackbeard is really boring and underdeveloped. The second and third movies had time to develop their villains, whereas this movie did not take it's time or tried to bother. Probably because this movie was meant to be the Johnny Depp Show!

I'm not even going to mention the forced love-couple in this movie, because that was laughable. The Penelope Cruz character was a nice addition though and she was OK. Johnny himself was not that memorable. He was more on repeat of what he did in previous entries, but now he was the main focus of the movie.

But, overall, the highlights of the movie were the Mermaid scene and Geoffrey Rush's Barbossa. (he always looks like he's having fun with the character he plays) You can decide for yourself if that's worth your time to go see this movie.

Lower your expectations. It helps!
A little bit better than the two previous movies, but still mediocre
Despite not being a great movie, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl was an entertaining film, but it was Johnny Depp's extraordinary performance as Captain Jack Sparrow what made it seem much better than what it really was. That character resonated strongly with many spectators, and I guess that that was the reason why two sequels were made, which were equally successful, but increasingly scrambled and incoherent. I mean...did someone really care about the romance between Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann, the betrayal from Captain Norrington, or Davy Jones' heart? Maybe (finally) recognizing that fact, producer Jerry Bruckheimer and the greedy executives from Walt Disney Pictures decided to make a fourth part exclusively focused on Sparrow, cutting all the superfluous elements out in order to bring us a pirates adventure with a charismatic actor in the leading role. Sounds perfect...in theory. Unfortunately, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides makes similar mistakes from the ones of its two predecessors (even though in a lesser degree), by incorporating useless sub-plots, an excessive number of characters and insipid romance.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is a typical "quest movie", dotted by arbitrary action, fight and chase scenes adorned by the magnificent special effects from Industrial Light & Magic (along with nine additional studios!) and by Hans Zimmer's loud music, which acquires ridiculously epic proportions every time a sword is drawn or kicks are exchanged. It seems like if director Rob Marshall knew the fact that the movie does not generate too much emotion or suspense, so the music tries to convince us that we are having a lot of fun, when in fact, I did not feel very "hooked" by the movie and I even occasionally snoozed. And I think that the main reason of that is the screenplay. The dialogs are redundant and occasionally unnecessary, because they simply repeat what we already knew, what is evident and what we had already guessed. The story is not very complicated by itself; but, as I said on the beginning, the excess of characters and sub-plots entangles the story much more than the necessary, and instead of incrementing the drama, that only increases the indifference for the story.

Nevertheless, I have to say that I liked Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides a bit more than the two previous films. The purpose from the characters is clear during the whole movie, and the various fails from the screenplay did not avoid me from being (with a few exceptions) moderately entertained with the film. Ian McShane brings a very good performance as the villain, because he keeps a solid balance of humor, madness and evilness. On the other side of the coin, I could not swallow Sam Claflin and Astrid Berges-Frisbey at all in the characters Phillip and Syrena (respectively). I found them irritating and lacking of any charisma, and what is more, their characters feel like an obligatory glue in order to satisfy the teenagers who are looking for a dose of innocuous romance.

As for Depp, I think he already visited the character too many times, and he cannot bring the same spirit of mischief and irreverence which made Captain Sparrow memorable in the first movie. However, I think that he could bring a competent and likable performance in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Penélope Cruz seems to only have participated in order to charge a juicy paycheck. She is an undoubtedly excellent actress, but it it easy to notice that she was not very interested in her character in here.

Besides of Disney's commercial ambition, I did not see any point for the existence of this fourth part. It is a bit superior than the two previous films and it kept me moderately entertained in general, but the screenplay lacks of energy, there is not too much tension nor laughs, and the supernatural elements look like whims from co-screenwriters Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio to facilitate their job, and not to make the adventure more interesting. In summary, I do not regret having watched it, but I would not have suffered in case I skipped it.
Spoiler Free Review
Ahoy, and so here we are in 2011 with another Pirate's adventure on the horizon. An adventure that contains fresh humor, intrigue, mystery and visuals, yet reminds us what we love so much about the original.

Many critics complained that P2 and P3 were bogged down with sub plots, interweaving stories, and that it became to heavy for some to handle. Well, if thats how you felt, then you are going to love On Stranger Tides. It is a return to form in a sense, without feeling rehashed. Jack is forever brilliant as he goes on his search for the fountain of youth. However, Jack isn't alone. Penelope is brilliant as well, her charm and wit fit in perfectly to the Pirate's world. Less not forget the menacing foe, Blackbeard, who's retchidness is so vile that not once do you think to yourself "oh thats just Ian McShane".

The Pirates themselves aren't only thing propelling this franchise to the next level. The visuals themselves are absolutely stunning. The water shots are a site to behold and the jungle scenes are lush and vibrant. These guys did 3D right! So, if you're looking for an adventure thats fresh and doesn't carry any of the same complaints as the last two, while still seeming charmingly similar, this should be your pick this summer!!!!
Sunk To The Murky Depths!
Saw this film last night with my hubby, I have to be honest and say this is one of the worst movies I have seen this year! The only one that was worth watching was Depp and even then there was no passion in his eyes doing this role that was in the previous movies. There was no screen chemistry between his co stars, Cruz just ran around like a headless chicken, looking as if she had no idea what she was doing!

The storyline itself was much to be desired, felt like I wanted to fall asleep, in fact I had to nudge my hubby a couple of times as he actually did nod off during it! If you have a bad case of insomnia, this is the movie for you!

If there is to be another one, then it had better be better, otherwise somebody should lock it away in Davey Jones' locker forever!

I grudgingly have given this 2/10 only because I cannot do one and a half.....
Good! But it felt like we skipped a film?
It did feel like Stanger Tides was actually part 5, and we skipped over part 4.

First off, I'll say the film was solid. The mermaid sequences were stunning, Blackbeard was stellar in every way, and I loved the twist ending with the surprise motivation of the Spanish.

But as for the rushed feeling, for one, there are a number of things we are just told to accept from the beginning of the film such as Barbossa having the peg leg and being in the British service,,,,, OK,,, perhaps not that big of a deal, but what about this, Cruz's character has come to accept Black Beard as her father. Fair enough, but wouldn't that have been much more powerful if we had gotten to know each character first and then in a "Luke I am your father" moment seen her learn that he was in fact her father. Instead, we're just told that she's learned this and any build up to the discovery is hacked off at the knees.

But more importantly perhaps was the lack of character development in some areas. Most specifically with our new priest. Why was he there again? It's not really clear. And for the love story between he and the mermaid, which was in effect taking the place of the displaced couple of previous films, the pair felt extremely underdeveloped.

Likewise was the back story of Cruz and Depp. I mean it was there, they did mention it, but it just didn't really resonate as significant.

NOW, those two issues can be resolved by a future film, and should a 5th film bulk up the characters of Cruz & the priest and their motivations and/or relationship with Depp, then this film will grow stronger in retrospect, but as it stands now, it just felt like either they were underdeveloped, or that their back story deserved more than an "oh by the way" and perhaps should have been explored previously, before embarking on this story itself.
What can I say......
Will keep this brief as just about everyone jumps in for a complete film summary. So, the first film, brilliant, the second, OK it is a sequel and as such very watchable, the third should have been the last, they made a good trilogy....

First things, only two scenes worthy of recognition, the 'escape from the king' and the 'mermaid' scenes, reminiscent of the earlier films, great fun. The rest, limp wristed, failing to deliver on many levels and to add an extra dimension of failure about 80% of the film seems to be filmed in the dark. So all that fab scenery and great costume and effects were by and large wasted.

So not good, not memorable and very very lacklustre.... The performances from Depp, Cruz, McShane and Mr Rush, wasted by a second rate script and weak story, pity as they are without doubt talented. Fingers crossed they do not stretch the elastic on this one, please no more....
Captain Jack showed flashes of brilliance but everyone else failed
The Bad

I'm sure my surroundings had a lot to do with my enjoyment of the film, or lack thereof, but even without that it wasn't up to the high standard that I regard the first three Pirates of the Caribbean films. The plot was flaky and apart from Jack, the characters weren't that great.

After seeing Ian McShane in Deadwood I was convinced he'd make a fantastic Blackbeard, but I think his Lovejoy character was more evil than he was in On Stranger Tides. At the height of his devilishness (is that even a word?) he triggered his ship's flamethrower to kill a mutineer and gave us doubts over his true feelings to a daughter he'd only just found out about. He wasn't a patch on the Barbosa/Davey Jones/Lord Beckett trifecta of evil from the first three films. As someone once said, Luke Skywalker was only as good as Darth Vader was evil.

Speaking of the daughter, Penelope Cruz as Angelica was a character I felt very apathetic towards. The whole raison d'etre of her quest to find the Fountain of Youth was because it had been foretold that a one legged man would kill her father and she wanted to save him so she could have that father she never heard. I'm sorry but pass me the bucket - that sentimental dross deserves to be on Jeremy Kyle (Oprah Winfrey for anyone reading from the US) not as the main plot for the latest of one of the biggest film franchises of all time.

The dilemma at the end of the film sees both Blackbeard and Angelica about to die and only one can be saved by the Fountain of Youth. At that point I didn't care if either died and why should I? Blackbeard is an evil man, or so they tell us, and Angelica has used Jack to get to the Fountain of Youth. If I were Jack I'd have left them both to die and the film would have been better off if he had. At least then we'd have some of the darker side of Jack which never showed appeared in this film. Instead our scoundrel played a goody two shoes who seemed to be motivated by his concern for Angelica's safety. Please, this is Jack Sparrow we are talking about, like he really gives a damn about anyone apart from himself, a characteristic which made him so appealing in the previous films. Yes, he does have a softer side that we've seen before, but to not this whipped extent.

Don't even get me started on the Mermaids. They were great to start with, but as soon as it was just Syrena and her boring relationship with Philip the clergyman, all was lost as they gave us the dullest moments in Pirates of the Caribbean history, to date.

My last major moan is about the part where Jack left Angelica on the island. Remember, Angelica's whole motivation was to save her father, and Jack had just condemned him to death. So why in God's name, when his back was turned, did she try to attack him with a piece of wood and not shoot him in the back with the pistol he had just given her? Yes she had some feelings for Jack, but surely not enough for her to get over the fact that Jack had basically just killed her father and destroyed what she had spent the whole film trying to achieve? Don't give me the old 'he saved her life' spiel – Jack let Blackbeard , her father, die - end of story.

The Good

Whilst nowhere near as funny as in the previous films Jack was still a great character, in spite of his wimpy attitude change. The scenes where he escaped from the King and the clutches of the Spanish were a reminder of how great Pirates of the Caribbean can be at its best. It was great to see Gibbs back alongside Jack as their chemistry is great and a nice link back my beloved first three films.

As always, the film looked and sounded great, though the 3D wasn't essential and I found myself taking the glasses off from time to time and it made little difference. In fact I'd go as far as to say that while you lose depth in 2D, you gain richness in colour.

I'm struggling to think of much else to compliment the film for and at the moment I'm stuck in my post viewing disappointment funk. I really need to watch it again but after my horrific cinema experience I'll wait until it comes out on Blu-ray.
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