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Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
Action, Adventure, Fantasy
IMDB rating:
Rob Marshall
Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow
Sam Claflin as Philip
Greg Ellis as Groves
Óscar Jaenada as The Spaniard
Damian O'Hare as Gillette
Anton Lesser as Lord John Carteret
Keith Richards as Captain Teague
Penélope Cruz as Angelica Teach
Kevin McNally as Joshamee Gibbs
Richard Griffiths as King George
Ian McShane as Blackbeard
Roger Allam as Prime Minister Henry Pelham
Geoffrey Rush as Barbossa
Storyline: Captain Jack Sparrow (Depp) crosses paths with a woman from his past (Cruz), and he's not sure if it's love -- or if she's a ruthless con artist who's using him to find the fabled Fountain of Youth. When she forces him aboard the Queen Anne's Revenge, the ship of the formidable pirate Blackbeard (McShane), Jack finds himself on an unexpected adventure in which he doesn't know who to fear more: Blackbeard or the woman from his past.
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Imperfect but worthy instalment
As far as the Pirates of the Caribbean movies go, On Stranger Tides may be lacking in the rollicking fun of Curse of the Black Pearl, which I absolutely loved, though it's closer in spirit to it than those of the two movies before, but I think it is better than Dead Man's Chest, which had great effects and a brilliant Bill Nighy but felt overlong and ferentic sometimes, and At World's End, which had the cast giving their all, great visuals, score and final battle but rather convoluted and bloated on the whole.

On Stranger Tides isn't perfect. I did feel it did have perhaps have too many moments of exposition and clichés, though the story if slightly rickety in places here is less bloated noticeably and better paced than the film released before it which is a good thing. I also felt the romantic subplot(s) felt underdeveloped and forced, and while there are some droll, bizarre and witty quips particularly with Depp, Rush and Cruz there is a bit of filler that could have been excised.

However, despite these complaints, On Stranger Tides is a worthy instalment. Once again, the production values are impeccable, the cinematography is skillful, the costumes, sets and period recreation is authentic and the effects are superb. The opening twenty minutes is an example of the writing being at its funniest and wittiest, and the scenes with the mermaids are beautifully shot and intriguing.

While not perhaps original, and not among his best, I did very much like Hans Zimmer's score, which was rousing and brought some much-needed energy. The characters are not the best developed, but they are fun and there aren't too many of them to interrupt the flow of the story, a big problem I found with At World's End, while the action sequences are both exciting and nail-biting on the whole.

I wasn't so sure about Rob Marshall as director, but he does a far better job than expected, and the film is livelier in pace than Dead Man's Chest and At World's End. The acting is good enough for what it was. Johnny Depp plays lovable rogue Jack Sparrow with a voluptuous swagger and sly humour and nails it again, while the idea to omit Kiera Knightley and Orlando Bloom here proved a good one, without them for my money the whole adventure carried less of a dead weight.

Instead we have Penelope Cruz, who proves a perfect match for Depp. She is feisty, beautiful, foxy and sexy, and also likable and fun. I was wondering what they would do for villains without Bill Nighy, but I needn't have worried. Ian McShane is a worthy addition as Blackbeard, who is charming in a grizzly way while committing acts of great evil. Geoffrey Rush is underused in a way, but he does have some great lines and a fun presence so he isn't a complete waste.

In conclusion, On Stranger Tides is not a perfect film, but as an instalment to a decent enough franchise it is a more than worthy one. And you know, what I've said about this movie was not something I thought I would be saying, because judging by what I'd seen of the advertising/trailers, it looked as though it was going be the worst of the series, but actually for me it wasn't. 7.5/10 Bethany Cox
A Strange Tide
I got a chance by a friend to watch this movie at the premier. And I am glad i did. On stranger Tides was just as good as the other pirates. Maybe even the best one yet.

One thing that you will Understand early in the film, is that it is very different compared to the others. at the start it may seem a bit slow, but as you go further into the film it gets better and better by the minute. Johnny Depp is as good as always. i can NOT imagine anyone else playing this Role but him, he truly nailed it as always.

A very good thing about this film is that there aren't many CG scenes, like At the world's End. it makes the films look and feel very natural. the performance by Geoffrey Rush and Penélope Cruz Are fantastic and would be very good if we see them in the future films. They are really lucky that the movie was rated PG-13. There are some mild Violence scenes which we never had in the pirates series. but I am not referring to that as a weakness. The mermaids were extremely Beautiful and nicely made, which i think was one of the best parts of the films.

On the other hand Ian McShane's performance didn't really grab me. he seemed that he hasn't fit into the role. And was not as scary and powerful as the Black Beard should be.

The Music fantastic as always by Hans Zimmer. it adds so much to the film's story and theme.

I personally Can not wait until the next one is ready. Because it will always be as good as the first one.thats whats special about this, that it Never Gets boring or Old.

Jack is Back,maybe not as powerful as ever, but with a new cast and new story and a new tide, brings a great deal of action to the series.

So this is a MUST-SEE film of the year so far. so if you have any plans for the weekend, drop them, and get to the nearest Cinema!!

Overall 9/10
bad bad bad
I watched this film at the Cinema with very high hopes- Everyone knows the 2nd and 3rd instalments weren't as good as the Black Pearl and this certainly didn't improve anything. I sat through this with complete predictability- Purely a vehicle for Johnny Depp to stagger about doing his Captain Jack- and to be honest, this holds no novelty any more. A boring storyline that no-one cares about, Penelope Cruz attempting to take over from Keira Knightly, and Geoffrey Rush having no idea who's side he was on. The magic has well and truly gone- and sadly the Pirates legacy is one of being just a cash cow for Disney. A very Tired and uninspired attempt that would certainly put you off awaiting a fifth.
Aggressively Mediocre
I enjoyed the first Pirates film, yawned through the second, and never saw the third. When this one came to the bargain cinema, the power was out and I was looking for something to occupy the time before the power company did their thing.

It was not two-plus hours well spent, but it was adequate to pass the time. There was some action to distract, a few laughs here and there, and some passable special effects, though they were sparing this run-through.

My main problem with it was that despite getting rid of the incredibly annoying characters of Will and Lizzy from the first three films, as well as most of the rest of the recurring cast, they still found a way to avoid Jack as much as possible. It wasn't really about him any more than the other films. The promises to explore his past were completely untrue, and we got little more than a few jokes about how he knew Angelica. He was always a treat when he was on-screen, but so much of the film centred around less interesting characters that it was at times off-putting.

Jack also seemed not to move the plot as he had in the previous films. In the first, he was always the driving impetus for movement. In this one, he seems to be swept up in everything else happening and never once actually drives anything. Instead of being a capable captain whose apparent buffoonery is often to get his enemies off-guard, he really does seem like just a very lucky idiot here, which isn't really fair to the character built through three films already.

Geoffrey Rush's Barbossa was well-acted, if frustrating, and Ian McShane's Blackbeard was full of personality and gravitas, if completely unsympathetic. Unfortunately Penelope Cruz, despite being a capable actress, has little to work with as Angelica, and she failed to be anything but irritating until her very last scene. Why couldn't we have had that interplay the whole film? Sam Claflin somehow manages to be more annoying than Orlando Bloom as the inane missionary Philip, but he at least fulfills his role as eye candy, inasmuch as he can. Astrid Berges-Frisbey is serviceable as the mermaid Syrena, but makes little impact. The rest of the cast is fine but not prominent.

The story is plodding and meandering, which is not surprising since it had nine screenwriters. It never seems to know what it's doing, and yet it manages to be rather unexciting. When the LEGO game released in tandem is more thrilling than your film, you know there's an issue.

The theme of redemption and faith, overwhelmed by clumsy religious leanings, was off-putting and interfered with most of the characters involved being in any way sympathetic or interesting. The two who seemed to embody the extremes of that faith -- Philip and the Spanish captain -- both came off as completely awful, with the first an ineffectual clod you wanted them to be rid of and the latter nothing more than an ignorant, disrespectful zealot. The Spanish also tended to be nothing but a deus ex machina, who never made any impact on the story and only did anything when the script needed a convoluted climax. It was tremendously unfulfilling that they received no consequences for any of their actions at all.

At least Jack's past with Angelica poked merciless fun at the seeming necessity for 'romance' in these films, even the pastiche between Philip and Syrena. Perhaps in the next film, they will dispense with the weak attempts at romance and concentrate on action and adventure, which is what people go to these films to see.

Overall, it was a film that was okay for wasting time, but nothing special. Not better than the first, although at least it didn't end like the second, and I hear it was far better than the third. It was just unfortunately rather dull and unexceptional, which is a shame since it is supposed to relaunch the series.
Great Flick but 3D not used properly
Enjoyed the flick very much. Love Depp and Cruz and everyone in it. Great story and a lot of fun. But why pay extra for 3D if the possible effects were not utilized. Nearly 60 years ago one-eyed director Andre de Toth mapped out 3D in the Vincent Price House of Wax much more cleverly than is utilized in this Pirates. Old 3D movies showed very specific (if exaggerated) depth and did not hesitate to throw things out of the screen at the audience. I sometimes wonder if modern 3D movies are even shot in 3D as most scenes seem to lack that illusion of depth. Kudos to the film itself, a lot of fun. But be aware that the 3D claim is a rip off. (I saw it in Real 3D, perhaps the iMax version is more effective.)
Better than the third
POTC-OST is not the best of the series, but it is a step in the right direction. If you, like me, were very disappointed with the third Pirates movie then I do not blame you for wanting to skip out on this one. In fact I was considering not seeing this one myself, especially when the critics reviews came out. I decided to give it a chance, primarily because I had seen the other ones. I was pleasantly surprised and ending up liking the movie. One of the major differences between this and the other Pirates movies (and it is one everyone is going to notice right off the bat) is that Orlando Bloom and Kiera Knightely are not in this movie. I am not too disappointed, there story overtook the third Pirates movie, which is part of the reason I did not like it. I was also sick of Knightely terrible speech scenes (if you saw the third you know exactly what I mean). Furthermore a few other pirates who were franchise regulars were missing in this one. What is left from the original three is Jack, Barbosa, Gibbs and the monkey makes two brief cameo appearances.

There was a number of things wrong with the third Pirates movie, among them was the fact that it was long, or it felt long at least. This movie is the shortest of the Pirates films and it moves at a brisk pace. The third Pirates slowed down considerably in the middle, to the point it was almost unbearable to watch. This movie does not make that mistake. This movie is almost all action and because of this it did not feel long, at least in my opinion.

As usual the effects were great. The action is almost nonstop and when there is no action there is enough going on to keep the audience interested. There is also plenty of signature Jack Sparrow humor. Since the previous two (especially the third) were focused almost entirely on the story of Will and Elizabeth Jack was almost forgotten. Another reason the third suffered. It was great to have that story out of the way, because this movie is focused on Jack and that is a strength.

Despite the fact that it improved on a number of the things that made the third bad, this one still is not up to par with the original. It is a good movie all around. It is refreshing and reminds us why we liked these movies in the first place. I recommend giving it a shot, don't expect anything great, just know that this movie is superior in every way to the third.
I heart Pirates
I've been keeping up with the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise since the beginning in 2003 with POTC:Curse of the Black Pearl. I loved Curse of the Black Pearl absolutely loved it.Soon after that Dead Mans Chest was released and I thought meh okay not as good as the last one but still a decent watch. Then came the bomb that was POTC: At Worlds End. At Worlds End was a big mess. There was too much going on and the plot was just all over the place.It got to a point where I didn't care about the plot anymore Im strictly watching for the effects now.

As for Stranger Tides I was impressed. This film reminded me why I fell in love with Curse of the Black Pearl. I wouldn't even call this movie a sequel it feels like a whole new beginning. Will and Elizabeth's story is over and now we get Jack and Angelica.Did I miss Will and Elizabeth? NOT AT ALL. I stopped caring for those two a long time ago. Im glad their story is over and IT IS OVER FOLKS. For a time their story was interesting and then I gradually started to get bored to tears with them. So yeah good riddance moving along.

The plot of this installment circles around the fountain of youth. Jack Sparrow(Johnny Depp)runs into Angelica(Penelope Cruz)a woman from his past. Its not entirely certain if its love and she wants to follow him to the fountain of youth, but then her intentions become clear when she forces him aboard the Queen Ann's Revenge, Black Beard's ship. Ian McShane's portrayal of black beard was pretty convincing I have no complaints about that. However my complaint lies within how the writers were trying to shove down the audience's throat the fact that Blackbeard was evil. For example there was a scene where Blackbeard, Jack, Angelica, and the crew are all standing over the edge of a cliff and Blackbeard orders Jack to jump. Jack refuses and Black beard says that if he doesn't he'll kill his own daughter, who just so happens to be Angelica by the way. It then cuts to an unnecessary scene of Black beard and Jack playing a game of "pick a gun any gun" Two of the guns contain a bullet whatever gun Jack picks Black beard will shoot Angelica with it just to prove a point.Why was this needed. At this point the audience pretty much knows that Black beard is a bad guy. Im sure it wouldn't surprise us if Blackbeard threatened to kill his own daughter.This wasn't necessary, it did nothing for the plot.Another complaint I have is that nothing is really explained about Blackbeard making people into zombies or the magic of his ship or why he has an interest voodoo.

The movie really picked up when the mermaids came. This was one of my favorite parts of the movie because it has a calm before the storm feel to it. You meet these beautiful captivating creatures that lure the pirates into false sense of security and in a way you yourself feel hypnotized as well. There's a lot of tension in this scene and you know something is going to happen, your just sitting there anxiously waiting for it to happen, and then comes the boom. They may look lovely but they are definitely deadly beauties. Which brings me to the whole Phillip and Syrena love story. It didn't bother me however it did feel a little forced.I wouldn't even call what they had "love" it was more so infatuation. The interest was there it just needed more time to develop and thats hard to squeeze in the last 30 to 45 minutes of film. If there's a POTC 5 I wouldn't mind seeing Philip and Syrena again just to know what became of him. But for the most part I think their story is finished. We may never know what happened to Philip. But I must say I would most definitely want to see more mermaids.

In conclusion I was satisfied with this movie. The beginning was pretty slow and boring but it began to pick up towards the middle and end. Its definitely a good reminder of why people like pirates.
A boring lackluster installment to a series that fell off the world's end.
So after a 4 year hiatus Disney decides to bring back Captain Jack Sparrow. A huge fan of the first one and moderately enjoyed the second one and confused by the third one I was ready to see a fresh crew for the this new installment.

The films opening scene was fantastic. It was fun and creative and really captured the essence of the Jack Sparrow that we love. It kept going for a bit. The first 20 minutes of the movie were the most exciting and fun parts of the movie except for one scene which I feel may be second best scene in all the Pirates films.

The infamous addition of mermaids was the best part in the entire film. It was very reminiscent of the powerful underwater march of the dead from the first film.

Lets move onto the acting. Most of it was decently solid but Ian McShane as the villain, Black Beard stole the show. He actually seemed like the only one who cared to make the film interesting. Another newcomer to the series was Penelope Cruz. She was nothing fantastic but completely necessary to bring in a much needed sex appeal to the film. Geoffrey Rush returned as Barbosa, I felt he was very confused as to if he was a bad guy or good guy which caused his acting to seem very indifferent. There were a few scenes that you knew he was having fun but otherwise he was just a drag. And of course Johnny Depp reprized his role as the witty fun loving Captain Jack Sparrow. Again he had his moments just like Barbosa that were fun and creative but he even came up a little lackluster in certain scenes.

The story was super simple, which I guess is understandable considering the convoluted mess of 2 and 3.There was an unnecessary sub plot that never got resolved, which I wish they spent a little more time on and made it a little darker. I am not going to spoil anything though, but you will see what I am talking about when you see the film. As you wait for the scene after the credits you want it to be the conclusion to this sub plot but nope. The climax could have been a bit more climatic and more exciting, but I guess they did what they could. Most of the action happens in the dark so I would not recommend the 3D transfer of it. I saw it in 2D and I thought the 3D wouldn't be worth it.

Marshall did a mediocre job directing. It was nothing special and definitely not Gore Verbinski. The way the film turned out, it looked like the director was even bored while shooting.

Positively though it is a summer blockbuster where your brain needs to be left at home and will be enjoyed by lovers of the series. It may not stay with you but for an hour and half of the movie out of the 2+ running time you will be enjoying yourself which I guess is not too bad.

On initial reaction to the film I gave it a 7/10 because at the time it was enjoyable. Then I thought about it and the reason I almost fell asleep twice was not because it was late, it was because the story was boring and nothing was really happening in this lengthy piece of work. Therefore on second reaction it gets a 5/10.

If they continue the series, which I am sure they will seeing as how this film will make bank over the weekend, they need to trim out the unnecessary sub plots that do nothing for the story except let it drag on and if anything bring back the gorgeous and creepy mermaids. Also have a little faith in the audience, you can make the plot a little bit more thought provoking instead of laying all the pieces in front of us and then watching you put them together after we already know how to do the puzzle in our head.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides 5/10 via The Reel King

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These Guys Are Beating A Dead Pirate.
I'm probably not the only one that groaned upon hearing that they were making a new "Pirates" movie (And more are planning to come), but is this one worth the watch? We'll begin with the definitive answer, No. I enjoyed a few moments where the movie excelled and as the series progressed, they had become more focused in tying loose ends and focusing on performances. However, this film continues to deliberately set up more impossible scenarios, and the slapstick levels of the previous entries is jacked up significantly this time around.

Johnny Depp is reportedly getting tired of the Jack Sparrow character, and in a way so am I. He has only gotten worse since the second movie, and the star who shines the most now is Geoffrey Rush. When he plays eccentric, he delivers way beyond expectations. The newer cast members are somewhat the least likable. Gone are Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley, in come Penelope Cruz (Well-casted enough) and Ian Mcshane as a terrific rendition of Blackbeard, yet they do nothing with the character. Forgive me when I say I don't know their names, but the actor and actress whose spontaneous romance as a priest and mermaid was so damn cringe worthy it felt like I jumped into "Twilight" (2008).

Well there's a quest for the fabled "Fountain of Youth". However, in order for the magic to work they must succeed in having two people drink from two identical magical chalices, whilst also acquiring a mermaids tear. If successful, one will inherited all the other persons previous and remaining years (Those are some pretty challenging guidelines). I never remembered any of this when hearing any fables of the Fountain, but that's a lot of tasks. Luckily our heroes will have a lot to do, yet all we must do to succeed is watch two hours of this tedious bore.

Okay, I understand sarcasm is finding its way into my review, but honestly when writing all that down wouldn't yours also? Anyone who has seen this must have felt gob smacked and in the wrong way. But for the bad things I've said, there are some good scenes and fun to be had. After putting up with a load of coral reef monsters in the previous instalments, it's good to at least know they calmed down on all that. There are a lot of scenes that really blew me away such as the chase scene through London, and when the characters finally get to where their going, the stylistic look of this movie gets a thumbs up from me.

Final Verdict: Good enough, but didn't really add anything new either. The 3-D sucks and this franchise just has to finish now, but as we know, it won't happen that easily. 5/10.
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011)
The very definition of the word "pointless". I would like to start by saying that I admire Disney for scaling down the film. In my opinion, the last two films were too concentrated on creating an engaging mythology to be any fun. However, they have gone too far in the wrong direction. This is just dull. The film is so simple you'd be forgiven for thinking this is the first in the series. The film starts with a number of overlong, but all very similar action sequences. These involve swinging around a lot. So much so, I think Jack may be part monkey. Next we see Jack as a superhero now. Before he was a bumbling fool that got lucky, this was where the comedy came from. Now he seems to have complex plans mapped out.

The most annoying thing is the lazy writing. Twice in this film, characters are saved by other characters that appear out of nowhere. There is no way for the characters that do the saving to know where those in danger are. They just walk out of dark shadows and allow the story to plod along. Blackbeard the pirate all pirates fear, is a useless bully. He isn't scary or interesting. Whereas before we've had skeletal and fish pirates, now we have a guy that can control ropes. Scary stuff.

There's also some bizarre love story between two new characters, a religious nut and a mermaid. I don't know why they are in the film. Probably for some misunderstood teenage romance crap ala Twilight. We also get some boring prophecy stuff. Why ruin so many movies/stories with prophecies? Very rarely do they not come true.

At least Cruz adds a new kind of female character to the franchise. One that is threatening, confused, and also a lot of fun. I really found nothing to enjoy in this movie. The first one made pirates cool, this one made pirates very, very bland.
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