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Philip Guerette was born in New Britain, Connecticut in 1977. He finished his first feature length film (Thrill Kill Jack) at the age of twenty for a mere 700 dollars. This earned Thomas Edward Seymour, Mike Aranksy and Guerette a Merit award from the B-movie film festival along with multiple screenings on the festival circuit. At the age of twenty three he finished his second feature length film, (Everything Moves Alone) this time he shot it on 16mm film. The budget was nine thousand dollars. This won the trio "Autuer of the Year" at the Bare Bones Film festival in Oklahoma in 2002 along with several other nominations and screenings (California Indy fest, New York International film festival and many others). They received a four star review from Film Threat magazine on-line. Phil Hall (The writer of the review) arranged for the trio to have a theatrical run of their film in New York City. In 2005 The Land of College Prophets (their third feature) premiered in New York and set the film festival world on fire with 5 wins at the B-movie awards New York (Best Picture, Director, Cinematography, Actor (Thomas) and Makeup). From then on the wins kept pouring in and the film took off. Phil Guerette is still working today on who knows what number film in the independent underground of American films. Third time's a charm they say. - IMDb Mini Biography By: Tom
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