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Born in Lake View, California, raised in Lake Havasu City, AZ; since Justin was young he's had one passion, to make movies. With no ties to the business, he was forced to set out on his own path and create the road if he wanted to be successful. Hand shake by hand shake. Now years later he has completed well over 100 productions that encompass Television Shows, News Broadcasts, Short Films, Music Videos, Commercials and Industrial Videos to name the majority. All of which having major success whether it be Festival Screenings, Award s and or Distribution Deals. He has been award ed twice by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for his excellence in Student News Broadcasting. As well as been award ed by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for his achievement in Film Business. He's interned for studios such as Paramount, Universal Pictures and Warner Bros., while continuing to run his own Production Company and produce his own films. Justin has now lead his company Crevice Entertainment through the completion of his first motion picture feature film entitled Broken Roads. Justin is a filmmaker who gets it, understands the business just as much as the creativity, giving him the opportunity to continue to do great work that inspires others to reach for their full potential.
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