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filmografia Jude S. Walko
Date of Birth:
17 July 1972
Jude S. Walko grew up in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia and received a Magna Cum Laude Bachelor of the Arts degree in acting from the renowned University Of Georgia Drama Department in Athens, Georgia. He studied acting there before moving to Los Angeles, California. Jude resides in L.A. where he is furthering his acting career as well as his work behind the scenes as a producer and production manager. Jude is co-founder of Double Dog Dare Productions based out of San Francisco which has had much success in its short film department including showings on Bravo, Independent Film Channel, Air Canada, Caroline's Comedy Club and several other venues. Jude's primary residence is Los Angeles, but he has strong ties to Georgia and Thailand and is concurrently working on multiple film projects.He married a beautiful Thai woman, Pranom Thumcha, whom he meet in Thailand on June 19, 1999. They have two beautiful children together, Preeya Marie "Fah" Walko born on June 24, 2003 and Orion Joseph "OJ" Walko born on January 05, 2005. His daughter Preeya also shares the same birthday (June 24th) as his father Robert J. Walko, Sr. and his brother in law Jeff Rountree.Jude is currently developing an animated feature-film based on his life and experiences in Thailand. He is founder of Jaoshu Mai Productions along with his business partners and good friends Nathan Stein and Anthony Conley of Neopets fame. You can view the preliminary stages of the film at www.thailanime.com.
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