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filmografia Jude Cristian Kasekamp
Date of Birth:
26 May 1988
Jude's classic look has been compared to the likes of James Dean, and the passion that he brings to everything he sets his mind to is just as explosive. A lifelong lover of the arts, Jude began performing at a young age - whenever and wherever he could. It wasn't until catching the attention of several prominent photographers, directors, and producers that he decided to make his life into his career. An all-around whirlwind of acting, modeling, and musicianship, Jude's entire life is a performance that never stops. However, peel back the layers, and you find that the raw sincerity inside is just as powerful as the performance he brings to print, screen, and stage. Always motivated and always in the moment, Jude never loses sight of reality, and brings a new level of honesty to everything he does.
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