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Due to the fact that he necessarily developed a variety of essential character traits to handle a wide range of life experiences in his youth, in his former activities as a DJ, street racer, casino croupier, martial artist, thrill seeker, merchant bank employee, managing director, successful entrepreneur and on his many journeys, at one day Don Alphonso came to the conclusion that he could positively use different parts of his life as an inspiration for acting and found his ultimate passion in it ever since. It all started when he gave up his company and his corporate life due to a burn-out in 2009. After returning from a very inspiring journey through Asia, where he recovered, he began his life from the scratch again. Knowing that the smartest way to explore unknown territory is to start at the bottom he began his new career with full enthusiasm by doing lots of different assignments as a movie extra to benefit the chances to watch and learn from professionals in the field and it also provided in great networking possibilities. He also performed different tasks as crew member for a short period. This decision in combination with an auto-didactic study in how to use his life experiences in acting, resulted very quickly in working as a training's actor, actor in interactive theater plays en eventually ending up playing a variety of small-, and guest roles in Dutch television series, supporting-, and lead roles in short films, lead roles in music videos, a supporting- and also a lead role in an International film. Don Alphonso also discovered that he felt very comfortable in action character roles and performed his stunts, shooting and fighting scenes with ease and with great pleasure. By auto-didactic study, following private acting classes, useful workshops, seminars and passionately participating in as many different film- and television series projects, 48hours film project contests, commercials and music videos as possible, his aim is to grow further every single day to being given the chances to play more and more of the most intense and challenging roles in the future and in that way hopefully co-creating great and unique contributions to the art together with like-minded professionals. - IMDb Mini Biography By: Don Alphonso
Kill Switch
Kill Switch
USA ‘2017
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