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Date of Birth:
30 May 1954
After a number of years exploring the US and the world, Dihlon got a shave and a haircut, folded up his freak flag, and found acting at the age of 28 in Santa Cruz, California playing The Drunk in "The Time Of Your Life" with Bear Republic Theatre. He's since portrayed characters as diverse as Shakespeare's "Macbeth" and God in "The Charlie Manson Story". Dihlon played Mike in "East", written by Steven Berkoff , which ran for over a year (1990-91) at various venues such as The Magic Theatre in San Francisco and LaMaMa in New York City for which he received The Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle Best Actor Award . "East" also won a Los Angeles Drama-Logue Best Ensemble Award and an Obie Award . Dihlon studied acting at The Beverly Hills Playhouse for 8 years with Milton Katselas , Jeffrey Tambor , Richard Lawson and Gary Imhoff .
Lost Signal
Lost Signal
USA ‘2007
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