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Diego Joaquin Lopez has been acting professionally since 2005, is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and has acted in several feature films including "Blaze You Out", Mc G's "Terminator: Salvation" and "Love Ranch" directed by Taylor Hackford starring Helen Mirren and Joe Pesci. Other credited titles include, "Spinners," "American Dream," "Living Hell (Organism)," and "Urban Justice" along side of Steven Seagal. In addition, Mr. Lopez is an emerging community-minded filmmaker with an intense urge to elevate in his professional career through writing and directing creative stories. Born and raised in northern New Mexico in the town of Espanola, Mr. Lopez brings an enthusiastic and culturally skilled background to his work, and has established rapport and respect in the communities he serves. Lopez's pursued his love of film by graduating with honors from the University of New Mexico Media Arts Program in 2001. Based on his screenwriting, Mr. Lopez was accepted in the New Mexico Filmmakers Intensive program in 2007 and he advanced his education by completing the Screenwriting Track from the College of Santa Fe where he studied screenwriting under Tom Musca. In 2008, Mr. Lopez wrote and directed "Alone," a film which he screened and presented workshops at National Council of La Raza (NCLR) Annual Conference. He also co-wrote "Spinners," a fantastical low-rider comedy, with colleague Joseph Von Stern. The following year, in 2009 he co-wrote and directed the award winning, "Torcida," a powerful film which reflects the reality of intergenerational substance use highlighting the social and cultural norms occurring with many Latino families. In 2010, Mr. Lopez wrote and directed the award winning short film, "Through Their Eyes." The film was an integral component of a domestic violence prevention campaign that created awareness by highlighting the effects of domestic violence on children. Later that year, he was selected to be in Robert Redford's Milagros de Los Luceros Writing Program in and studied under Joan Tewkesbury. Most recently, Mr. Lopez, along with long time friend and collaborator Mateo Frazier, co-wrote and directed "Blaze You Out". Scheduled for release in 2012, "Blaze You Out" is an intensely layered story with symbolism that is rooted in northern New Mexican traditional and pop culture. The setting and symbolism throughout the film are just as much their own characters that play into and against the interpersonal dynamics of the people in the film. The story is filled with bold and conflicted characters that are driven by their deep physical and emotional needs. For Mr. Lopez his creative vision is driven by authenticity. Growing up in a working artists' household, he has always been actively involved in the community and felt very passionate about telling stories that his community could identify with as well as give a mass audience an idea of what that experience is like.
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