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filmografia A.J. Castro
Date of Birth:
10 September 1983
Alberto Jose (A.J.) Castro was born in San Jose, Costa Rica on September 10, 1983 to German and Maria Castro. Maria, remarried when A.J. was 9 years old to Neil and the family moved to Miami, Florida. During his high school years, A.J. began playing Basketball and he followed his passion of Basketball to Florida International University as a practice player. In 2001, A.J. suffered numerous ankle injuries which slowed him down as a basketball player. He then turned his focus to Psychology and it was through Psychology that he found a passion for studying people and behaviors. He decided to try to apply his knowledge of psychology to acting. He made his theatrical debut as Danny in a stage production of Grease. This proved to be a true calling for A.J., he turned to more and more theater and eventually followed his new found career to California. Upon graduation from FIU In 2005, A.J. moved to Los Angeles. He found success quickly appearing on day time soaps such as Days of our Lives and All My Children. A.J. found guidance under Lindsay Ginter and Jeff Perry. A.J.'s first hit was appearing as the Movietickets.com guy in 2006 and playing BRUJO, the lead character in Snakes on a Train in 2007. In 2010 he appeared on NBC's The Event as the SWAT Leader. A.J. Credits his friends, family and God for all his luck and success.
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