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Pearl Harbor
Drama, Action, History, War, Romance
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Michael Bay
Ben Affleck as Capt. Rafe McCawley
Josh Hartnett as Capt. Danny Walker
Kate Beckinsale as Nurse Lt. Evelyn Johnson
Cuba Gooding Jr. as Petty Officer Doris Miller
Jon Voight as President Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Alec Baldwin as Lt. Col. James Doolittle
Tom Sizemore as Sgt. Earl Sistern
William Lee Scott as Lt. Billy Thompson
Greg Zola as Lt. Anthony Fusco
Ewen Bremner as Lt. Red Winkle
Jaime King as Nurse Betty Bayer
Catherine Kellner as Nurse Barbara
Jennifer Garner as Nurse Sandra
Sara Rue as Nurse Martha
Michael Shannon as Lt. Gooz Wood
Matthew Davis as Joe (as Matt Davis)
Storyline: Pearl Harbor is a classic tale of romance set during a war that complicates everything. It all starts when childhood friends Rafe and Danny become Army Air Corps pilots and meet Evelyn, a Navy nurse. Rafe falls head over heels and next thing you know Evelyn and Rafe are hooking up. Then Rafe volunteers to go fight in Britain and Evelyn and Danny get transferred to Pearl Harbor. While Rafe is off fighting everything gets completely whack and next thing you know everybody is in the middle of an air raid we now know as "Pearl Harbor." Written by shoppingurl3
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Abominable, abysmal, atrocious, ... and that's just the 'A's

To borrow and paraphrase from that great orator and writer, Winston Churchill, 'Never in the annals of human endeavor have so many witnessed the butchering of history by so few.'

I remember a story on a national morning TV news program that was a major promotion for the debut of this huge waste of celluloid. This interview/promotion took place aboard the aircraft carrier that's on permanent display in New York harbor. The major male stars, Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett, along with Producer Jerry Bruckheimer were interviewed by one of the hosts of this TV morning news show. In this interview, all three claimed that they enjoyed talking to veterans and listening to their stories. Well, I don't think they were paying much attention to those vets.

Or at least they decided to ignore reality when it interfered with their script!

Some historical facts that got in the way of Bruckheimer's blockbuster: It doesn't matter how simple WWII aircraft are compared to today's jets. Ask any pilot and he/she can tell you that you just don't go from flying American P-40 fighters one day, go to England and jump into the cockpit of a British Spitfire fighter and start shooting down HIGHLY EXPERIENCED, COMBAT VETERAN German PILOTS the next! (I don't care that even a blind pig can find the occasional acorn!) Each aircraft's handling qualities, e.g., speed, max altitude, rate of climb, rate of dive, turning, etc., are different. In other words, a pilot has to be TRAINED on that aircraft! To ask us to believe that Affleck's character, who hadn't seen REAL aerial combat prior to England, can shoot down experienced German fighter pilots the VERY FIRST TIME HE STRAPS ON A 'SPIT' is not only LAUGHABLE, it's insulting to the REAL pilots who fought and died in the 'Battle of Britain.'

The famous 'Doolittle Raid' took place on April 18, 1942 - a scant 4-1/2 months after the Pearl Harbor attack. Yet, we're supposed to believe that not only can Affleck's character IMMEDIATELY master unfamiliar aircraft (forgetting that a B-25 is a MULTI-ENGINE BOMBER no less for the moment!), apparently so can Josh Hartnett's character. It took EXPERIENCED B-25 bomber crews about that long to train for this extremely hazardous raid on Japan (January 1942 to April 18, 1942). No way in the world could P-40 fighter pilots be chosen to fly B-25 bombers in the 'Doolittle Raid!'

What I don't understand is that since Bruckheimer was obviously not interested in historical accuracy, in addition to Affleck's character's superhuman abilities of shooting down EXPERIENCED Germans pilots over England and BATTLE TESTED Japanese pilots over Pearl Harbor, rescuing sailors trapped in half-sunk ships, giving blood, and eventually taking the war to the Japanese in the 'Doolittle Raid,' why didn't Bruckheimer just have Affleck's character pump-out and raise the Arizona and single-handedly save her crew from their watery grave. Thank goodness there are some things even Bruckheimer can't swallow!

The special effects and battle scenes were great! Yeah, I know. Bruckheimer wasn't shooting a documentary. BUT, if you want an entertaining, more historically accurate dramatic portrayal of the events of, and leading up to, December 7th, 1941, stick with Tora! Tora! Tora! That movie is based upon the work of a historian considered by many to be the top of his field, Gordon Prange. Although Dr. Prange wrote many books on this topic, I believe his book, "At Dawn We Slept" was the basis of Tora! Tora! Tora! As a MEDAL OF HONOR winner, General Doolittle, and the heroic pilots he led on that raid deserved better than the way they were portrayed in Bruckheimer's schlock film. Despite the romance scenes, and when it was filmed, "30 Seconds Over Tokyo" is a much more accurate depiction of the famous "Doolittle Raid." At least it's more believable!

Affleck, Hartnett, and Bruckheimer may have listened to WWII veterans, but they did not hear. They did not learn. Nor did they appreciate the immeasurable costs paid by those members of this country's 'greatest generation.'

The only things I recognized as historically accurate about this film were: 1) the US was attacked at Pearl Harbor by Japan on December 7th, 1941; 2) the US Army did fly P-40s; 3) British pilots did do combat with Germans in the skies over England during the 'Battle of Britain;' 4) some British pilots did crash into the Channel; 5) Cuba Gooding's character, a black mess cook, DID shoot down Japanese planes even though he received no gunnery training; and 6) Doolittle did lead a force of 16 US Army B-25 bombers from the carrier USS Hornet against Japan. I can't speak to any accuracies about the nurses, or their quick thinking, e.g., writing with lipstick on the foreheads of the wounded.

The only way I'd own a copy of this film is if someone accidentally gave it to me as a gift.
Pearl Harbor ignores the subject matter and focuses on a bland and clichéd love story.
Pearl Harbor is set during the infamous bombing of, well, Pearl Harbor. This film is not about that. It is about two best friends who fight over a woman.

First off, I positively cannot stand Michael Bay. The first Transformers is enjoyable. The rest suck. Michael Bay is the scourge which plaques the film industry. He hacks at quality with a sharp axe of only wanting explosions and box office.

Second, Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett are so WOODEN. So is Kate Beckinsale. Her role would be better played by Morgan Freeman. That would make this production which I struggle to call a film WAY more enjoyable.

Third, I think I spotted a plot hiding in a stray piece of dialogue spoken at one point. Plot holes in this film dot the landscape like trees. I won't give it away, but you will see if you ever, ever decide to watch this movie. I highly recommend you keep your sanity and move past it at the DVD store. Get something nice out, like a drama which is actually involving.

All in all, Pearl Harbor ignores the subject matter and focuses on a bland and clichéd love story.
Those are no pearls...
I was actually working part-time as a projectionist when this movie was released, and had to sit through 3 showings daily for four consecutive days. That's twelve Pearl Harbors, and astonishing 36 hours of incessant, mind-boggling, drab dialog, high-school amateur acting, atrocious plot, irritating musical chores and woefully happy endings. If you want to see where the blockbusters draw the line for too cheesy romance, too cheap patriotism, much too pointless violence and truly too long footage, don't watch this movie, since it's waaaaay past it. There are more worthy movies with Michael Dudikoff, I mean, at least he's got a funny name and a haircut to entertain you for two seconds.

It might be funny if you rented Pearl Harbor AND Team America and watched the two one after another, but otherwise... steer well off it. Stay sane.
Bad script, bad directing, great effects.
Lord help us. It isn't bad enough Stephen Spielberg exists. Now we have to deal with writers and directors who want to BE Spielberg. The trite spew coming out of the poor actors' mouths actually made me feel bad for Ben Affleck and he's not exactly one of my favorites. If it weren't for the spectacular battle scenes this movie would have been a total loss. "Tora, Tora, Tora" doesn't need to worry about relenqishing its "Second Most Classic Pearl Harbor Movie Ever Made" crown ("From Here to Eternity" being #1).
Special effects garbage
Terrible,terrible movie.Insipid love story,wooden acting and phony looking special effects.The Japanese planes look like something out of a video game buzzing around the battleships.See Tora,Tora,Tora for a accurate account of the battle with realistic special effects,superior in every way even being made thirty years earlier.It seems sometimes scale model battleships look better than inept digital ones.Our hero,Ben Affleck goes from a sinking Spitfire in the English channel to Pearl Harbor and then manages to fly in the Doolittle mission.How could we have won the war without him?Alec Baldwin does bear a resemblance to Jimmy Doolittle,at least his face.
Historically inaccuracies
Army Air Force Pilots who flew for the Eagle Squadron in the Battle of Britain had to resign from the Army. They did not arrive wearing their uniform.

Roosevelt never demonstrated to his cabinet how he struggled to walk again.

In the attack scene, the Japanese planes fly over Spruance class destroyers and Perry class Fast Frigates. These are ships built in the 70's & '80's Near the end of the film, Navy nurses are being awarded the Purple Heart. this is a medal awarded to armed forces personnel wounded in battle. I don't recall seeing any nurse wounded. And no pilot would ever play "chicken" in a military aircraft
Could have been better
This is supposed to be a World War 2 based movie. Its the sort of movie anyone would expect to be an accurate enough dramatisation of events that actually happened.

Instead what we get is an attempt to make another Titanic by including a love triangle that is dominant over the whole history aspect. It just doesn't seem right.

Being a historic epic, they could have cut down on the whole love story and focused more on what would have been relevant such as the Japanese preparation of the attack and the situation President Roosevelt was finding himself in. The sequence of the actual attack on Pearl Harbour was spectacular! Perhaps if they extended it and made it a more major part of the film it would have been more worthy. Another major flaw with this movie is that after the attack sequence the movie dragged on for another hour trying to give an epilogue which was totally irrelevant.

I reckon if these were taken aboard, then Pearl Harbor would have been a much better movie and perhaps would not have flopped at the box office.
It seems that this movie is one of the most hated movies ever made (at least reading comments here on IMDb and also listening to people commenting on it elsewhere). But then there's the other crowd who truly enjoyed it and thought it was among the best war epics ever. Myself, i must say that i have seldom seen a movie that felt so much like an endurance test. I was chewing on my seat just to have something to do while sitting in the theater.

The problems with this movie are numerous and of catastrophic proportions. While a lot could be said about the atrocious acting and overly pompous style of the movie, that is not the main flaw. Rather the script is the main offender. Seeing that writer Randall Wallace has also written such epic manure as "We were soldiers" and "The man in the iron mask" comes as no real surprise. The scriptwriting here is terrible, and it's completely insane that the demands for the script were not higher on a movie budgeted at over 135 million dollars. Basically this is a script and story worthy of a porn movie. It's one hour build-up, one hour massacre and one hour slowdown in the end. Unbearably boring is the key-word for all three sequences.

Because the main problem with this movie is not the keen patriotism, the laughable "acting" from Ben Affleck or the sappy love themes. No it's the combination of all these. It's not awful like "We were soldiers", nor is it crap in a "bad but entertaining" way. Rather it's just an insufferable bore. The only part of the movie where i was not half-unconscious was during the actual attack on Pearl Harbor. In that sequence one could easily see where the 135 million dollars went...

Maybe it's just me. But still i personally feel that demands should be a little higher on a movie that cost as much as this one. The least i should be able to demand is that i don't fall asleep in my chair! I rate this 3/10 with an extra point added because it can be used as a substitute for Valium.
A typical Disney/Bruckheimer/Bay action flick
What is a Disney/Bruckheimer/Bay action flick? It is heavy on special effects; includes a dopey love story; lacks historical accuracy and/or scientific reality; and has awful acting (mostly by Ben Affleck), writing, and character development. "Armageddon" is the most obvious example; "Pearl Harbor" is another.

The first hour-plus of "Pearl Harbor" is the dopey love triangle. Rafe McCawley (Affleck) goes to "downtown London" (no one says downtown -- it's known as Central London) to serve in the RAF as a fighter pilot. I don't know how, in one night, he was able to train to the point where he can not only fly a completely different aircraft, but shoot down a German bomber. Believing he is killed in action, his best friend Danny Walker (Josh Hartnett) comforts--and hooks with--his girlfriend Evelyn Johnson (Kate Beckinsale). The two men fight on the night of December 6th, and of course by the time the bombing starts they're best friends again.

The attack on Pearl Harbor: The action sequences were well directed and choreographed, but they too were loaded with historical mistakes for the sake of dramatic license. One thing done right was Dory Miller (Cuba Gooding, Jr.), the cook who shot down an enemy plane and was later awarded the Navy Cross. But I doubt the real Dory Miller jumped and hollered when he did it.

Then they include a scene or two with the Japanese fleet, which I guess is an attempt to give us both sides of the story, or to give the audience an enemy to hate. But Admiral Yamamoto was portrayed wrongly: he wasn't gung-ho about attacking Pearl Harbor, he lamented the decision.

The movie could have ended with Roosevelt's (Jon Voight) address to Congress -- and even *that* had mistakes in it -- but it dragged on for another hour with Dolittle's Raid over Tokyo. James Doolittle is played poorly by anti-war mouthpiece Alec Baldwin, who acts like a cheerleader rather than a military leader. And all of the sudden, Walker and McKawley are bomber pilots?

Now, contrast this with 1970's "Tora! Tora! Tora!" which is practically a history lesson disguised as a feature film; or even 1953's "From Here To Eternity," a smartly written and well acted love story set in November of 1941. "Pearl Harbor" tries to be both, but it fails miserably.
This film is legendary
Before pearl harbor Michael bay was known as a hack

someone with very limited skills, almost zero directing ability and no charisma at all there were even rumors that michael bay might not even exist, just an AI of every cliché Hollywood every produced

then pearl harbor came along

this is not a film

this is a hate crime this is an abomination this is stalin's gulags

michael bay is pol pot on steroids

the acting is perhaps the worst even committed to film the cinematography is lousy the story is non existent

the film pearl harbor is a greater act of terror than the event
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