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Pearl Harbor
Drama, Action, History, War, Romance
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Michael Bay
Ben Affleck as Capt. Rafe McCawley
Josh Hartnett as Capt. Danny Walker
Kate Beckinsale as Nurse Lt. Evelyn Johnson
Cuba Gooding Jr. as Petty Officer Doris Miller
Jon Voight as President Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Alec Baldwin as Lt. Col. James Doolittle
Tom Sizemore as Sgt. Earl Sistern
William Lee Scott as Lt. Billy Thompson
Greg Zola as Lt. Anthony Fusco
Ewen Bremner as Lt. Red Winkle
Jaime King as Nurse Betty Bayer
Catherine Kellner as Nurse Barbara
Jennifer Garner as Nurse Sandra
Sara Rue as Nurse Martha
Michael Shannon as Lt. Gooz Wood
Matthew Davis as Joe (as Matt Davis)
Storyline: Pearl Harbor is a classic tale of romance set during a war that complicates everything. It all starts when childhood friends Rafe and Danny become Army Air Corps pilots and meet Evelyn, a Navy nurse. Rafe falls head over heels and next thing you know Evelyn and Rafe are hooking up. Then Rafe volunteers to go fight in Britain and Evelyn and Danny get transferred to Pearl Harbor. While Rafe is off fighting everything gets completely whack and next thing you know everybody is in the middle of an air raid we now know as "Pearl Harbor." Written by shoppingurl3
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Thank you, Michael Bay, for making us laugh about love... again!
John Hartnett and Ben Affleck star as dashing (as opposed to merely "runny") pilots in love with the same woman, a for the time surprisingly anorexic model type played by Kate Beckinsale. This love triangle gets so convoluted and unbelievable throughout the film that one almost expects Hartnett and Affleck to end up together, or possibly even a sexy soft-core three-way (Beckinsale: "Oh... I just can't decide between the two of you, so I'll have you BOTH!").

Equally hilarious is the complete lack of historical accuracy, from the Germans bombing DOWNTOWN London (and where would this be, pray tell?), to the fact that Hawaii is populated by nothing but rich Caucasians, dressing their kids as angels and chasing them down hills in slow motion. Also of course absolutely nobody smokes, despite the fact that this is the frickin' '40s. Not to mention the physically impossible flying scenes during Bays action scenes, apparently an intended homage to Star Wars - or so they would be if Bay's direction didn't immediately disintegrate into a rampageous helter-skelter mess of atrocious takes, clumsy acting, irritatingly gut-wrenching hand-held camera wiggling, and music-video editing.

The movie's politically correct portrayal of the Japanese should also not be missed, planning their attack with toy boats in a little pool while lamenting the unfortunate fact that they have to attack the United States. "A brilliant man would find a way not to fight a war", Yamamoto says, "but they have given us no choice. Due to some economical reason or other, possibly to do with trade routes or something, we must attack the U.S., even though we really don't want to. In fact, we love America and are really, really sorry for having to attack it. Please accept my most sincere apologies for this heinous act. [*starts sobbing*] Oh, why? WHY must we do this? WHHHHYYYYTY!"

FDR: "You see, because I can get out of my wheelchair and walk, our sneak attack on Japan will be successful!"

FDR's advisors: "You truly make a persuasive argument, Mr. President!"

If this has not convinced you to watch this hilarious comedy, nothing will.
Inaccuracies, anachronisms and cheese, oh my!
Right up front, let me confess to having been a World War II nut since early childhood. You may thus understand the depths of my disappointment with this movie. I believe Roger Ebert said it best: "The Japanese attack an American love triangle." I find it inexcusable that such a pivotal event in history, and one as well documented from just about all angles, can come in for such slipshod treatment at the hands of moviemakers, but I guess I shouldn't be too surprised. Just let down.

If the producers can expend so much time, money and effort to make everything look big and splashy, why not go the extra 1/4 mile and make it look *right*? Spielberg managed it for Saving Private Ryan, even with the somewhat far-fetched plot device. Flaws abound, and have been pointed out in great depth elsewhere (the most glaring are the guided missile frigates in the harbor, the off-scale appearance of the Oklahoma as she capsizes (with an impossible torpedo hole in her starboard side, which was shielded by the Maryland *and* Ford Island), no mention of Nevada's dramatic attempt to get underway and subsequent beaching, etc).

To my legion of fellow critics I say, "read your history before trashing the 'token black' Dorie Miller subplot". Ship's Cook 3rd Miller did, in fact, give aid and comfort to West Virginia's dying captain, did, in fact, man a machine gun for 15 minutes (during which he believed he shot down a Japanese plane) and was, in fact, the first black recipient of the Navy Cross (awarded in early 1942 by Admiral Nimitz). Aside from the mistaken coffee-service bit (he was actually bagging laundry at the time) that was one of the things the producers got *right*.

Focusing on the Dolittle Raid, I saw only lost opportunities - how Dolittle convinced his superiors to let him fly, the fates of the crews (who flew solo rather than in formation and were scattered all over the place afterwards) and Dolittle's dejection at the "failed" raid and his subsequent accolades... all of this was jettisoned as the producers got out the Ritz crackers and Velveeta and went for the cheesy, contrived, convenient resolution of the *important* part of the movie, that cockamamie love triangle.

In sum, so many opportunities, so little follow through. Rent "In Harm's Way" for schmaltz, and "Tora Tora Tora" for the attack itself. Better yet, snag a copy of "At Dawn We Slept", and read up on the historical tapestry that this movie never really touched.
A bit boring.......
Last year When we went to Bali. We brought lots of DVD's home of course.One of them was "Pearl Harbor". I heard about it and I read about how much it was as a blockbuster.

My mum liked it. She loves her chic flicks. My dad absolutely hated it and he is a WWII lover. He researches and watches everything about it.

War movies liked to have actual accuracy of when the war happened. My father knows all the info in the movie was wrong. That was why he hated it so much. (along with soap oprah material) I was only 9 when it was first released. So of course I could not watch it then.

As for me I love a bit of romance. I loved Titanic and Japanese anime oriented romances.

Well I watched most of that I could from it. I found it in bits that were so boring. Kate Bekinsale was pretty but.........did it have to be a love Triangle. Really? I watched "Home and Away" (Australian Soap Oprah) with the same basic plot line. Except no war was involved.

Titanic captured my heart in the story line. It fitted perfectly with the sinking. Cause they both were in it "Pearl Harbor" didn't.... I found some bits sweet and endearing. But that was before Rafe died. Soon after it was a night fight and best friends next morning. I didn't like the love triangle that much....then she got pregnant with Danny's baby.....and this has to do with the war how? Coober Gooding Jnr did good in it. I wanted to see more of him.

I liked the score of the movie. Even though it was cheesy. but I still liked it. Hans Zimmer is a great composer.

I saw "Saving Private Ryan" that was an alright movie not my cup of tea. Trying to show as much realism of the war as possible without fully going over the top. To defeat the "Evil" enemies. Thats what I liked about it. That movie made you feel sorry for all the men and women who took part during the war.

"Pearl Harbor" went WAY! over the top of defeating the evil people. Two model boys in planes. Flying around with no tomorrow. Even though everyone else who tries to take off dies. Defeating every single jap plane that they could come across. LIKE SUPERMAN! It made the Japanese look a bit stupid...... even though in real life during "Pearl Harbor" the Japanese really hurt the Americans bad on that fateful day......

But I had to admit before that part when the Japanese began to bomb. "Pearl Harbor" I think was really awesome. great graphics 40 mins of bombing! Just got ruined with "True American Patrionism". The Americans can win the war single handed by two men!!!!! I did not like American patrionism in this movie one bit! Sure it could show the American flag every now and then. But jeez......

I'm from Australia. Americans might like a lot of patrionism. But I sure don't like to be reminded that America is the most powerful country every 5 mins. Cause I don't care!!!!!!! Dr Dolittle's raid. I barely remember any of that. But I wasn't sad in the end......

My dad offers people to watch Tora! Tora! Tora! If you want a good more accurate movie about "Pearl harbor"

overall 3/10
Historical Trivia
In 1941 it cost the Empire of Japan 147 thousand dollars to stage the three hour attack on Pearl Harbor.

In 2001 Michael Bay spent $132 MILLION dollars to film the event, and ran four minutes longer.

Even taking into account 60 years of inflation, the Japanese did a better job with a smaller budget...

Due to the ten line minimum submission this may be too short - but sometimes less is more.

20th Century Fox already did the Pearl Harbor attack in Tora Tora Tora - and did an excellent job. Michael Bay should have left well enough alone.
Bay rewrites history
I wasn't too concerned about historical accuracies of films which are based on true events, as long as they were kept to a minimum, but this movie changed my mind. Michael Bay completely changed the events of Pearl Harbor.

There was just too much historical inaccuracy and fictional characters in the movie. The movie makes no mention of real life heroes George Welch and Kenneth Taylor, the pilots who actually flew over Pearl Harbor. They're instead replaced by two fictional characters.

The love triangle is the main focus of the movie, which is completely unnecessary and a waste of time. Kenneth Taylor, who died in November 2006, called this film "a piece of trash . . . over-sensationalized and distorted".

The USS Arizona did not jump a few feet into the air when it exploded. There is actual footage of the ship exploding, yet Bay made it more dramatic looking. Another obvious mistake is the A6M Zero, which are all painted green, resembling an army type (navy types were all grey when they attacked Pearl).

The Doolitte Raid was surprisingly included in the movie. Although the event is a response to the Pearl Harbor attack, I feel it is merely to give the American audience some relief that at least they get to see some payback. I wonder if Doolittle ever said he would do a 'kamikaze' if his B-25 was hit.

Of all the actors/actresses who starred in this movie, only Cuba Gooding Jr. delivered an outstanding performance as Doris Miller did shooting down two Japanese planes with only a machine gun. However, the actor was merely playing a supporting role and his actions in the movie was far different from what he did in reality.

The Director's Cut version does not change my opinion of this movie. Until a historically accurate & entertaining remake of Pearl Harbor has finally been formulated, I will remain frustrated and angered at Michael Bay's awful directing.
About Pearl Harbor
This is quite possibly the worst movie I have ever seen. If I had taken lemon juice and poured it in my eyes while a horse kicked me in the balls, that would have been a better experience than watching "Pearl Harbor". The part with the space aliens was a little over the top. James Brown was horribly miscast as the Japanese admiral. Blink-182 doing the soundtrack was highly inappropriate. The musical sequence that included the 1970s funk-soul hit "You Dropped A Bomb on Me" by the Gap Band seems a little too silly. But it was nice to see Henry Winkler resurrecting his role as Arthur Fonzarelli for the film. Is this a film? Yes it is.

Four minutes into the movie, Michael Bay starts with the cheesy lines and overblown melodrama. What is with this guy and his cheesy overblown melodramatic romances? He's making George Lucas look like Shakespeare and James Cameron look like Michael Curtiz. This movie is an abomination. Michael Bay is romanticizing what's happening on Pearl Harbor, using and manipulating this dreadful events for his own advantage to sell tickets. He throws in cliché after cliché and never once tries to tell a story. And he rips off greater directors and their films rather than trying to make his own. For instance, is it just me, or does the dogfight earlier seem vaguely familiar? He's ripping right off Star Wars! I'm not talking borrowing tiny elements or being vaguely familiar, I'm talking ripping right from the movie, almost shot for shot! And even using the same lines! Halfway through this movie, I had to ask myself one question: is Bay really using the tragedy at Pearl Harbor as a tool for this romance? I'm assuming he was trying to show how this tragedy affected real people, but this movie is way more about the romance than it is about the bombings! I feel like he *wants* to put the human element in, but he's not! He's completely removing it by giving us so much horrible melodrama. There is just this constant bombardment of melodramatic nonsense! Would it be so much to ask for him to at least stick to one story by the way? Half the time he's giving us this beyond-cheesy romance, but then he'll randomly cut to the Japanese military and US intelligence. Stick to one story! It kind of depletes the purpose of having us fear for the attacks if he's going to show us when and exactly how the Japanese are going to strike. He does not know how to balance the war aspect of this movie with the romance aspect. He either needs to stick to one or the other and not try to do both! And he rips off so many great movies it is pathetic. Bay very blatantly tries to rip off James Cameron's Titanic, Steven Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan, and George Lucas's Star Wars. Unfortunately, he has none of Cameron's eye for visuals, Spielberg's finesse with emotion and camera-work, or Lucas's talent for characters and action. And here is something else I noticed while I'm stuck on the director himself: he does not give the audience a sense of what it was like to be on board any of the ships before bombing them. So, we don't really feel an emotional connection to the ships or anyone on-board. By the way, Mr. Bay, could you please stop moving the camera? I feel like the movie is drifting away from me!! Now then, as I said before, I don't feel like director Bay or screenwriter Randall Wallace did their military research before starting filming. Did pilots ever play chicken with the enemy? I highly doubt that. And I really hated the way he made the pilots seem stupid, not knowing their right from their left. It is very obvious to me that he did none of the proper research for this movie.

Pearl Harbor has one of the worst and most awfully clichéd scripts I've ever heard in my life. These lines that the actors have to say are just plain god awful, no other way around it. I seriously think Bay was trying to squeeze as many clichés as possible into the first half hour. In the first half hour of the movie, I counted no fewer than twenty clichés. I mean, this screenplay was just embarrassingly bad. There's no other way to say it. He should be ashamed of this screenplay.

As for the actors in this film, I hated them all. I didn't enjoy watching them on screen, they were stupid characters, and none of them carried any kind of emotional authenticity with them. They were all as shallow and selfish and pitiful as any character I've ever seen on screen. We're given no other reason to care about any of them other than that they are in love with each other.

And why does this movie hate women so much? I have never seen a movie that hated women as much as this movie does. All the women in this movie want are men. They joined the military to meet men. And every time we see a woman she's talking about men. Are these women really that shallow? All they ever talk about is sex and men! And then in the operating room, they're all just incompetent and panicky. Why does Bay hate women so much?? Now, I am going to give this movie a point for some pretty decent art direction and visual effects. Doesn't have anything on Saving Private Ryan, though. And I really wish this movie had paid as much attention to its dialogue, story, characters, historical accuracies, and general logic as it does to its effects and art direction. In fact, everything else about this movie is so bad that by the time we get to those scenes, I don't even care about them. And Bay doesn't really give us a whole lot of time to look at them. He's just running everything around too haphazardly.

Also, the visuals are pretty good, but I don't feel like I'm a part of this war like I did with other war films.

Bay epically fails with his monstrosity of a motion picture Pearl Harbor. This is among the worst films I've ever seen. Even its good portions-like its music and art direction-are dragged under by the weight of the horrible direction and writing. What the audience is left with is a movie whose good parts are still degenerating factors because they were used merely to try to distract the audience from all its other short-comings.

Fantastic Film
December 7th 1941. America received its worst attack of the Second World War. In the middle of it all, were two friends who had been through so much with each other since childhood that they were sure they would get out of the battle alive…

I love this film, I could watch it everyday, In fact, I do watch it everyday. Michael Bay couldn't have created a better cast. In my opinion, it was definitely worth all the money and hard work that everyone put into it. Josh Hartnett, is very hot and very good at acting. Along with co-star Ben Affleck who is very talented and could make any position of acting look real. The last half hour, contain some of the most exhilarating scenes of battle, ever seen in a film. The great acting makes the bond between the two friends all the more real during the fight sequences.

Pearl harbour is an emotional story containing war and romance; two genres that it combines to make one of the best war films of the early millennium if not of all time!
Except for 20 minutes, utter garbage.
Possibly spoilers (though not much to spoil).

Essentially this movie is trying to be both "Titanic" (romance with a historcial event as background) and "Saving Private Ryan" (strarly realistic miltary drama) at the same time. Basic summation of plot: Guy 1 falls in love with this woman. Guy 1 disappears and is presumed dead, so Guy 2 (Guy 1's friend) falls in the love with the woman too. Guy 1 later shows up again, creating an awkward moment. Pearl Harbor happens. The characters involve themselves. Dolittle's raid happens. Guy 1 or Guy 2 dies, leaving the other one to take care of the woman who is pregnant with Guy 1 or Guy 2's child.

If you wondering why I only spend one sentence on the event that's the title of the movie, good. I am wondering why the title event takes up only 20 minutes out of the 3 hours of this movie.

That 20 minutes, seeing the actual Pearl Harbor attack, is the only redeeming feature of this movie. Special effects and cinemtography realistically and graphically portray the actual attack. See those 20 minutes.

As for the rest of the movie...

The romance is poorly written, and completely untinteresting. And SLOW. Ben Affleck gives his most wooden perforamnce ever, and for him that's really saying something.

As for the historic events leading up to the attack, the historical figures are a tad too prescient, knowing way more than they possibly should (as if they read ahead in the script).

A really silly moment is when you see the Japanese attack plans... carved into granite. Not kidding, they actually are, and what looks more like a momument in a park than a military headquarters.

After the attack, you hear one of the stupidest lines in the entire movie: "I think World War II just started!" Ridiculous, in that nobody would ever say that in 1941. There is no World War I yet (it was still just called "The Great War") and the term World War II wasn't coined until after 1945 when it ended. It really breaks the illusion of being at the even that the last 20 minutes did such a good job at.

You see the charachters get involved in a rediculous unrealistic way (though actions were based on actual historcial events, though they're GREATLY exxagerated here). The movie isn't satisfied with ending at the aftermath of the Pearl Harbor attack, and moved right on to the Doolittle raid (after more boring attention to the romantic plot). Which leads to a predictable end after the raid (one of the 2 dies) in case you still care at this point.

Very slow moving, poorly written, boring movie. Except for the excellent 20 minutes of the attack, see that part then return this. Don't recommend you buy it.
It seems that this movie is one of the most hated movies ever made (at least reading comments here on IMDb and also listening to people commenting on it elsewhere). But then there's the other crowd who truly enjoyed it and thought it was among the best war epics ever. Myself, i must say that i have seldom seen a movie that felt so much like an endurance test. I was chewing on my seat just to have something to do while sitting in the theater.

The problems with this movie are numerous and of catastrophic proportions. While a lot could be said about the atrocious acting and overly pompous style of the movie, that is not the main flaw. Rather the script is the main offender. Seeing that writer Randall Wallace has also written such epic manure as "We were soldiers" and "The man in the iron mask" comes as no real surprise. The scriptwriting here is terrible, and it's completely insane that the demands for the script were not higher on a movie budgeted at over 135 million dollars. Basically this is a script and story worthy of a porn movie. It's one hour build-up, one hour massacre and one hour slowdown in the end. Unbearably boring is the key-word for all three sequences.

Because the main problem with this movie is not the keen patriotism, the laughable "acting" from Ben Affleck or the sappy love themes. No it's the combination of all these. It's not awful like "We were soldiers", nor is it crap in a "bad but entertaining" way. Rather it's just an insufferable bore. The only part of the movie where i was not half-unconscious was during the actual attack on Pearl Harbor. In that sequence one could easily see where the 135 million dollars went...

Maybe it's just me. But still i personally feel that demands should be a little higher on a movie that cost as much as this one. The least i should be able to demand is that i don't fall asleep in my chair! I rate this 3/10 with an extra point added because it can be used as a substitute for Valium.
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