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Now You See Me
USA, France
Crime, Thriller, Mystery
IMDB rating:
Louis Leterrier
Morgan Freeman as Thaddeus Bradley
Mélanie Laurent as Alma Vargas
Stephanie Honore as Atlas Groupie
Jessica Lindsey as Hermia
Caitriona Balfe as Jasmine Trassler
Han Soto as Agent Painters
José Garcia as Etienne Forcier
James Rawlings as FBI Swat
Michael Kelly as Agent Fuller
Michael Caine as Arthur Tressler
Mark Ruffalo as Dylan Hobbs
Woody Harrelson as Merritt Osbourne
Common as Evans
Dave Franco as Jack
Jesse Eisenberg as Michael Atlas
Isla Fisher as Henley
Storyline: Four magicians each answer a mysterious summons to an obscure address with secrets inside. A year later, they are the Four Horsemen, big time stage illusionists who climax their sold out Las Vegas show with a bank apparently robbed for real. This puts agents Dylan Rhodes of the FBI and Alma Dray of Interpol on the case to find out how they did it. However, this mystery proves difficult to solve even with the insights of the professional illusion exposer, Thaddeus Bradley. What follows is a bizarre investigation where nothing is what it seems with illusions, dark secrets and hidden agendas galore as all involved are reminded of a great truth in this puzzle: the closer you look, the less you see.
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Solid acting, fun, and fast-paced...great job!
Eisenberg, as I'm sure many will notice, is beginning to develop his own typical character: the quick-witted, arrogant-yet-jittery, young smart guy. But instead of running facebook, this time he's one of the top magicians in the world. And he's perfectly cast for it.

The movie follows 4 magicians or illusionists in various stages of their careers, as they all receive mysterious invites to join up. After meeting, the "Four Horsemen" go all Robin Hood, robbing banks and stealing from CEOs as part of their shows, and giving the money away to the audience. The Incredible Hulk…I mean, Mark Ruffalo, plays the FBI agent trying to lock them all up, while Morgan Freeman plays the narrator explaining everything to you…I mean, the ex-magician trying to debunk the magic…really, that's just a clever way to get Freeman to narrate stuff…

Pros: - Everyone puts on a solid performance. No weak points acting-wise, great job on casting. - It's fast-paced, the action never hits any dull parts. And even the small romance scenes don't drag on long enough to take away from anything. You're pretty locked-in from start to finish. - Particularly great scenes between Eisenberg, Ruffalo, and Harrelson in the first half of the movie. - Great ending, if you've been paying attention.

Cons: - You wish there was more dialog between Eisenberg and Harrelson. - The 2nd half of the movie might move a bit too fast…again, pay attention. - Somebody thought this was a Marvel movie for like 5 seconds, and had The Hulk fighting Gambit…wait…is that a bad thing?...

Overall, this movie is a solid flick with some great actors that you shouldn't sleep on. It clocks in at just under 2 hours, but it won't feel that long at all.
Review:"Now you see me"
The Thriller movie, "Now You See Me", is an ingenious film that has stunned many of its viewers. Its director, Louis Leterrier, should be proud of this masterpiece as the movie's great plot, which always has its audience foreshadowing but left disappointed. Although the movie runs for about two hours, the mystery and the suspense don't make it feel that long.

The plot starts off with the gathering of four different magicians, forming "The Four Horsemen", a team that is following the plans of an unknown leader. Actors, Dave Franco, Isla Fisher, Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson are the magicians that have been chosen to act out some schemes that will stun the world. Morgan Freeman, who happens to be an ex-magician himself, and the cast that play the FBI like Mark Ruffalo try to stop these magicians and catch them robbing banks and stealing from CEOs as part of their shows, giving the money away to the audience. The fast-paced flow of the movie as well as the remarkable acting brand the movie as one of my all-time favorites.
Great Cast! Great Fun!
"Now You See Me" is has a wonderful cast and story lines that surprised and charmed me. I already know that I want to see the film again to scrutinize the misdirection that pervades both the on-screen "magic" acts and the overlaying plot lines.

The film has three principal sets of characters--first, the illusionists who are brought together by an unseen force to build a spectacular act, including at least one bank robbery, played out on location in Las Vegas, New Orleans, and NYC; second, law enforcement, including the FBI and a lovely French Interpol agent (Melanie Laurent); and third, the observers, including Michael Caine as a financial backer and Morgan Freeman as a magic-act debunker. Caine and Freeman are their usual wonderful selves, each playing a superficially archetypal role which is then revealed to be not all that it seems as the plot unfolds. The FBI and Interpol are necessary characters for the plot, and Mark Ruffalo and Ms. Laurent do well considering their characters exist in part to be duped by the illusionists. The actors who portray the illusionists--Isla Fisher, Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, and Dave Franco-- infuse their roles with great energy, charm, and wit, albeit a theatrically glib wit. I and others in the theater remarked that we would have liked to see more of them on screen.

The plot is too complex for me to do it justice before seeing the film again; suffice it to say, it involves four illusionists who build a complex act that seems to involve crimes which the FBI then investigates with comical frustration.

The movie is worth seeing for the actors, the visuals, the locations, and the misdirection and plot twists. I am sure that a careful scrutiny will imply some plot holes that will bother some viewers, but I also believe that an even more careful scrutiny would reveal that some 'holes' are not as deep as they seem at first. "Now You See Me" is a wonderful summer movie with great performances, surprising plot twists, and a "feel-good" energy.
Why? No Reason.
It frankly doesn't surprise me that this film has received more positive than negative feedback; it gives an audience almost everything the trailers and cast lead them to believe they'll get. Plenty of twists, turns, face time with noteworthy actors and a story that doesn't force you to believe in magic in order to believe what's happening on screen. All that being said, there is a minority of viewers, myself included, who know they could have done much more with all the talent and potential lying within Now You See Me...or maybe they couldn't, and shouldn't have bothered to try.

I'm hesitant to say the movie is bad, because deep down it truly isn't. Everyone, from Woody Harrelson to Michael Caine and every name-drop in between does their job and fits in snug with what's going on. Somewhere between the intriguing first 20 minutes and the disappointing last hour or so, I kept asking myself, "why am I not enjoying this?" The answer? It could have been so much more.

Hasty references to the "why" of it all do nothing to satisfy the curiosity of the curious, and when the final credits rolled, I realized that this was the point all along. Even after the major reveal takes place and you finally understand the "how", the "why" never materializes. The introduction of the film makes that question the focal point, and the rest of the film does its best to make you forget you ever had the question in your head to begin with.

Again, I can understand the praise, but I felt as if left the theater having been cheated out of my money. Considering a couple of the main scenes in the film, perhaps this was the filmmakers' entire goal to begin with. It wouldn't surprise me in the least. Regardless, most people seemed to enjoy it, so there's no reason to bash it any further than by saying it simply wasn't what I wanted it to be. It happens sometimes.
I Hope You're Able To Suspend Your Disbelief!
Now You See Me may lack great characterization or a tight script, But I'll be darned if I didn't say I was dazzled and razzled by the film. It shouldn't have been entertaining as it was, but I was able to suspend my disbelief for two hours and I was able to be transported into some sort of fun alternate reality. But the CGI is great and it was used at the right times instead of just constantly.

Louis Leterrier's film is about a group of magicians named The Four Horseman who are magicians on the outside, but on the inside they are actually bank robbers. When FBI and Interpol catch their scent, this ensues a thrilling chase where the Horseman must stay one step ahead of the FBI.

This film boasted a nice set of attractive actors and actresses. Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson were excellent, proving their A-list status. Isla Fisher and Dave Franco were great supplements to the previous two. Franco actually had a great scene involving a tense car chase. Mark Ruffalo was really good as the lead FBI agent. Finally, who can forget about the great Morgan Freeman and the great Michael Caine?

Overall, Now You See Me is a really fun movie and I was certainly dazzled. The CGI and the set pieces were great. I can also say the same for the acting and the directing, which makes up for the lack of a good screenplay and characterization. It is action-packed and it is funnier than I thought it would be. Out of the two films based on magicians that came out in 2013, this film is the better one. Sorry Jim Carrey! I rate this film 9/10.
Abracadabra, you've just lost 115 minutes of your life
Where do I begin. Oh yeah, that I had big hopes for this movie. I'am a big fan of The Prestige, and somewhat hoped that this would feature the same depth and substance. But oh boy was I wrong.

The magic is lazy. The story is so action driven that you think you're watching Die hard. As such the cliché riddled plot is actually not there at all. Aside from the clichés of course. And if that wasn't bad enough, the twist is just pathetic.

After watching this movie I guess you feel the same way as when a magic trick has been reviled.

Disappointed, ashamed, repulsed and the feeling of blatantly being deceived.

Can I get my money back please?
It will go down in history as the best movie of 2013.
A lot of people also think there is no real magic in this movie. Since the condescending black guy, Thaddeus, debunks just about every magic trick in the movie.

Well, there is a lot of magic in this movie. One of them is the building leap where the 3 Horsemen turn into money. How does one explain that?

How did the 30-year-old New York Post paper featuring a two page article on Lionel Shrike get inside Alma Dray's Liberation newspaper in Paris? How did Dylan Rhodes escape the locked prison cell when he visited Thaddeus from behind him and then appear in front of him where the door is at?

In the interrogation room Merritt informs Alma about Dylan having daddy issues and that it's her first time off the desk. So he is a real mentalist. He can also feel energy through closed doors and glass when he acknowledges Fuller and Dylan looking at him in the room. Jack disappears from inside the curtain when Dylan grabs him at the joint. And appears on the other side. It's unexplainable, so it's magic.

And also, how did Atlas get the SUCK IT card inside Thaddeus' velveteen pocket before their second show?

We may never know whether the story of the cheating husband at the beginning is true or not. But we do know about Dylan having daddy issues and Alma being her first time off the desk. No one told Merritt. Well, least not about Alma. This is magic.

Thaddeus knew an unusual amount of information about the Horsemen plans and The Eye. So The Eye is real, or was real. He knew about the book Alma was reading called The Guardians of Horus. He even tells Arthur that whatever the grand trick is was designed long ago. How does he know this?

Another clue is the first meeting with Thaddeus when he tells them that they are being played because it's a game. Only Dylan can understand him.

Some people claim that there is no growth in the characters and that they are shallow. Again, not true. They had a start as individual acts, Merritt was successful at one stage, even had a TV show. He was trying to do a comeback with a book he wrote about hypnosis.

Before they leave the joint, Henley wonders who they are working for and Jack doesn't want to go to jail. Or get killed. Merritt is expecting a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Henley reminds them that they must stick to the plan and Merritt will get to do whatever he wants after.

Jack, since he is the youngest, is often treated unfairly. Even in the engineered Jet scene when he wants to speak about his part on the show. He is dismissed. Atlas and Henley used to work together back in the day and went their separate ways as Atlas was a control freak.

When they post a video on Youtube about Jack's death, Merritt also says they have started something bigger than all of them. And they have to finish it. In the lift at 5 Points Henley comments that she had a year of fun even if she goes to jail. This is character development.

At Central Park Merritt celebrates Jack for being 'a big boy now'.

The story is NOT about the Horsemen. It is about Dylan Rhodes. He is the one that grows throughout the movie. He is the one who is satisfied at the end. He is the one who had a goal. He is the one who knows what was happening and what to do.

After the inciting incident, Dylan gets a call from Fuller. He accepts the opportunity and goes to his office to start with the case. When he gets there, to cover his tracks, he acts like he doesn't want anything to do with the case. His plan did not or would not involve anyone outside the bureau, much less an agent from Interpol. He didn't see this one coming.

He later changes his mind when they let them go, confusing the agents. Again, to cover his tracks. When Fuller tells him about Thaddeus being in the show filming the Horsemen, he, to us, did a terrible job when he denies ever having any knowledge about the magic debunker. And only we can see this. Even when they meet Thaddeus at his offices, he had to convince everyone that he doesn't know anything about magic or his own father, Lionel Shrike. He acts like a dummy. We are the only ones who can see this.

At the empty Las Vegas theater, he did an excellent job when he 'pretended' that he didn't know how they stole the money from Paris. For Alma. He had to keep up with her for most of the movie because she was onto something. She's a researcher. A desk agent like Merritt said.

Of course Thaddeus won't last in jail. And yes Arthur's money is gone. Merritt can hypnotize people over the phone to get them to do whatever he wants. Even if Credit Republican of Paris gets its money back since the bank money is probably insured and the Elkhorn money inside the safe at the warehouse, the whole point was for Dylan was to humiliate his victims. Arthur Tressler's insurance career is over. After they exposed his company it will be done away with.

Thaddeus Bradley's ego is busted. He'll find it very difficult to return into the business after what Dylan did to him.
An entertaining film, despite some heavy criticism
With a splendid cast of actors and with a story hanging on the unbelievable, Now You See Me is quite the entertaining film and one which truly pulled me into it. Needless to say I've already read some of the hate posts here on IMDb, and while on a reasonable note, these complaints don't actually resonate with me, as I found the movie to be great and exciting, despite its flaws. The basic premise is that a group of former solo magic performers, team up at the request of a mysterious figure, and end up robbing banks during their performances as The Four Horseman. This action quickly gathers the attention of the FBI who assign an agent who, along with an Interpol detective will try to decipher the ultimate trick. As was said, the plot execution is borderline insane and one can see the problem some of the viewers had with the film. Also the four main characters seem to act merely as plot devices and lack any real development. As far as my view is concerned on these points, my conclusion is that it doesn't really matter to me, since I watched this movie to have a little fun and to enjoy being tricked, as is the case here. As much as I enjoy a well crafted movie, Now You See Me is a perfect example of a movie that has worrying flaws, yet achieves what I wanted from it, and that is top notch entertainment. And I'm 100 fine with it.

Rating 9/10
Now You See Me 8 times in 3 days...
For all those insulting the movie saying it is impossible to re-watch obviously have not tried it, perhaps you'll catch more plot points that you thought weren't there or perhaps you'll listen to the characters when they say the closer you look, the less you actually see. So many details criticized over and over because people couldn't figure it out, but take a step back because I have all the answers to all the questions because if you watch it, if you listen, you can see all what is going on with no plot holes, no confusion. I watched it 8 times in 3 days because I loved it so much and the thrill is still not gone. Some may have seen the ending coming, some may call it an impossible, dumb twist and not know what's happening, but watch it twice and you will see you are both wrong. Spoiler: Dylan Rhodes was behind it all because his father was Lionel Shrike who died because he was debunked by Thaddeus Bradley and Dylan wanted to avenge him. The 4 Horsemen's motivation was becoming a part of the eye which requires you to blindly follow a chain of commands, and the carousel, it was all because Lionel Shrike performed his first great trick there which gave the first glimpse of what they mean by the closer you look, the less you see and all those lines. The clues were not obvious or big as to the ending, but they were there, just look at the big picture, pay attention, but not too close or it may be all given away too soon or not given away at all.
Even worse than Inception
Showmen have no soul. This is a typical show-boating movie that has only one purpose: to look cool. The easiest way to do that is to turn the characters into some infallible "winners" who are always in control of everything. To me, all that control is seriously boring rather than cool. I like to see movies where the characters face challenges, have doubts, are faced with tough situations and sometimes fail. That feels real. This one felt like some perfume commercial where they're trying to sell you a cool image, rather than a product. It never had any soul.

I think it may appeal to some teenagers or people who are into "reality" TV and celebrity culture.
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