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Now You See Me
USA, France
Crime, Thriller, Mystery
IMDB rating:
Louis Leterrier
Morgan Freeman as Thaddeus Bradley
Mélanie Laurent as Alma Vargas
Stephanie Honore as Atlas Groupie
Jessica Lindsey as Hermia
Caitriona Balfe as Jasmine Trassler
Han Soto as Agent Painters
José Garcia as Etienne Forcier
James Rawlings as FBI Swat
Michael Kelly as Agent Fuller
Michael Caine as Arthur Tressler
Mark Ruffalo as Dylan Hobbs
Woody Harrelson as Merritt Osbourne
Common as Evans
Dave Franco as Jack
Jesse Eisenberg as Michael Atlas
Isla Fisher as Henley
Storyline: Four magicians each answer a mysterious summons to an obscure address with secrets inside. A year later, they are the Four Horsemen, big time stage illusionists who climax their sold out Las Vegas show with a bank apparently robbed for real. This puts agents Dylan Rhodes of the FBI and Alma Dray of Interpol on the case to find out how they did it. However, this mystery proves difficult to solve even with the insights of the professional illusion exposer, Thaddeus Bradley. What follows is a bizarre investigation where nothing is what it seems with illusions, dark secrets and hidden agendas galore as all involved are reminded of a great truth in this puzzle: the closer you look, the less you see.
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Now you see me...but I wish I hadn't
I remember seeing the trailers for this and I thought it really looked great. Reading some of the reviews on here, many of them "claim" that people with a low IQ dislike the film. Well, I don't mean to toot my own horn but I don't think I'm a stupid individual and I've seen thousands of movies...more than your average joe because I love movies. However, this was a stone cold dud. Decent cast, some real twists and turns but a blatantly complicated plot line that makes little sense and tries way too hard just to be complex. A truly smart film can be smart and tricky without trying SO hard. Now You See Me just throws in all kinds of tricks and twists without any build up or thinking about whether or not it makes sense. It was a very interesting experience when the big final twist of the movie was revealed and everyone in the theatre I was in gasped and then that was immediately followed by many people whispering "That's dumb," "That doesn't make sense." They are exactly right. The big twist has no groundwork laid for it and makes no sense at all but by that time you are so completely lost in the silly story that you won't care that it doesn't make sense.

The cast certainly is not the issue for this film. The cast is actually pretty good. I'm just surprised they actually signed on to this but then again it is making okay money at the box office. I didn't much care for Jesse Eisenberg's character. That's not to say he didn't do a good job, I just didn't like him much. His character is smug and egotistical but fits the role nicely and carries the cast well. I thought Woody Harrelson was excellent in his role as a mentalist that can hypnotize. He was probably my favourite character and yet there wasn't a lot done with him which is unfortunate. Isla Fisher and Dave Franco I lump together because while they were good they were mostly underused and sort of the sidekicks to Eisenberg and Harrelson most of the time. I think if I was making a film like this I would ensure the four of them share an equal amount of screen time and have strong characters. But they do well. Mark Ruffalo is the FBI agent trying to get to the bottom of the group of thieves. Ruffalo is good, shows lots of intensity and the appropriate amount of angst for cop vs robbers. Unfortunately for her I thought Mélanie Laurent was very near pointless. I suppose she was there to give the audience yet another possible suspect, and also to give Ruffalo a romance but both those angles were completely unnecessary and her monotone line delivery was enough to put you to sleep. Finally, we have two legends Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine. The best scenes in this movie easily are the ones with just the two of them on screen because their chemistry and on screen charisma is enough to carry any scene. However they are definitely blatantly used for their name power and the weak script does nothing for them.

Given director Louis Leterrier is a talented director, I'm surprised at really how bad the film was shot. Were there some nicely shot scenes? Yes there was but few and far between. I have actually seen all of Leterrier's films and this was by far the worst of them. I will give props to them in the opening scene when they play a magic trick that actually worked on me...they picked the car that I picked...I wonder if it works on everyone? After that the film falls into a complex web of lies and deceit and completely silly twists and turns that make little to no sense. Perhaps there are two many hands in the pot. There are no less than five screenwriters and story artists on the film. Its hard enough to find two writers that can jive and work together let alone five. Basically, Now You See Me was a huge disappointment for me. In a summer of blockbusters you need something better than this. 4/10
Now We Fool You
Four magicians answer a mysterious call to work for an obscure secret society. A year later, they call themselves the Four Horseman, and create havoc with their magic. Their first trick to rob a bank draw the FBI and Interpol into a cat and mouse game.

Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher, and Dave Franco play the 4 magicians. They have great chemistry and their interactions have great energy. They had a fun time being interrogated by Mark Ruffalo's FBI agent. It was a promising start as a fun interesting movie that gives us a little insight into magicians. Then it turned.

It became all flash little substance. The heists kept coming. It's like the movie was its own trick. They kept pumping up the flash in order to disguise the lack of a good story. And the final twist was just fool's gold. There is no foreshadowing. It was done for its shock value. Sadly, by then I was out of shock. All sound and fury signifying nothing.
the worst piece of crap I have ever seen in my entire life.
This movie is quite frankly awful! I'm still furious that I'll never get those 2 hours of my life back. the first five minutes of this movie was okay, but then the movie makers smoked a joint or something and made the rest of the movie stoned. I think they had a great time being stoned and making this movie, but if they don't give out joints to the rest of us before we go in to see this, we don't have a good time at all. I'm usually a big Morgan Freeman fan, but he was just annoying and clearly overcompensated for something. The acting was good, but with terrible dialog and the worst plot in history, they can't do much to save this movie. The ending is just silly and confusing. They never explain anything really. so when the credits roll, you sit in your seat and wonder what the h*ll just happened. When you realise that you'll never get to find out, your eyes will be blinded by rage

The worst movie ever created. I hate this movie
I'd sooner have watched a couple of episodes of the Kardashians
Give me a couple of forks to poke out my own eyes. It's really hard for me to see the good name of New York City pulled through the mud like this, with Michael Caine on a rope behind it. I know it's about magic and illusion but give me a break, next time stick to sawing women in half, it's more believable than this stream of effluent. The only thing that kept me from hurling a cup of confetti at the screen were the scenes of the Big Apple, from whence I'd just returned after a wonderful 2 month stay. If I'd have known that they were making a movie this bad while I was there, a movie which has now tainted my memories, I would have tried to find the set and get the police to close it down. Acting; terrible. Romance angle; filmed in a refrigerator. Plot; a piece of hanging macramé, more holes than string. Foisting this on the public should be classified as a crime against humanity
Absurd plot. Waist of time and propaganda.
1. Painful attempt to create mystery 2. Painful attempt to instigate "doubt" with the cheap historical miss use to create nonsense. So there is a "puppet master" out there?, give a break.

3. Horrible suggestions. So according to the script, the audience should not ask because is better to stay ignorant. Is this how propaganda is delivered in 2012? I may ask. Suggesting the audience to be submissive and turn around and go home? Different context, I know. So beside being a waist of time. What is the purpose of the movie? If this is interesting for a movie producer, .. than anything and everything is worth being a movie with such expenses.
Surprising Film
I was given free advanced screening tickets to see this film, and being the film buff that I am, I took them and went and saw it. I had seen a trailer before hand and knew what to expect from the film, but I gotta be honest, my expectations were low and the only reason I watched it is cause they were free tickets.

Now, after seeing it, I can tell you the film was an awesome surprise. The cast was great, the action fun, and the plot unique. I didn't see any of the twists coming and I found the film to be very entertaining. It doesn't get too convoluted at any point and is a great chase/illusion film. It's like a funner version of The Prestige, not that the two belong in the same class, just an easy way to quickly summarize what the movie is trying to accomplish (although Michael Caine is in both films!)

Go see it, as will I, again. A fun summer movie that is likely to surprise more than a few people with its plot and twists!
Now you see me, now you don't.
The title of this movie almost sums up how the film is presented. All that's missing is the second half of the saying: "now you don't". It goes to say that at some points this movie is fun and entertaining, hence the "now you see me", and at other times it can become almost the opposite, "now you don't".

The movie presents an interesting concept from the start: a group of illusionists who perform bank heists during their shows and reward the audience with the money. The plot is interesting yes, but the amount of plot holes overall over-lap the amount of a well structured story. There are times where the movie simply makes no sense. I found myself struggling to keep up with the excess amount of twists thrown in, along with the brutally fast pacing of the film. On the plus side, some of these twists are exciting and lead to some great moments, and some of the "action" scenes, if you will, are fun to watch. The magic tricks and illusions are especially interesting. However, more often than not, the plot as a whole fails to deliver, despite the occasional exciting scene.

Director Louis Leterrier's direction style didn't always seem to fit this movie. The pacing was way off, and there was little to zero character development, making it seem like a group of characters were thrown together for almost no good reason. Now again, there are occasionally parts where I felt the movie was moving along fairly well and it had me interested, but too often the movie lacked proper pacing, and suffered from non-existent character development throughout.

The cast ranges from the mildly to the highly experienced, with the likes of Dave Franco to Morgan Freeman, Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg. It's a talented and diverse cast that is brought together, and each actor does a great job in their respective roles. Again, the one thing that hurt the cast was the lack of character development. Mark Ruffalo, Isla Fisher, and Michael Caine round out the solid cast and to reiterate, all give great performances.

In Now You See Me, there was a great opportunity to create an interesting take on the heist-related genre. At some times, the movie is entertaining, showing off some fun, mind-stretching action scenes that leave you wanting more. Unfortunately, more often than not, the incomplete plot, under developed characters, overly fast pace, and misleading feel for the movie prevents it from being something bigger and better.

Now You See Me 8 times in 3 days...
For all those insulting the movie saying it is impossible to re-watch obviously have not tried it, perhaps you'll catch more plot points that you thought weren't there or perhaps you'll listen to the characters when they say the closer you look, the less you actually see. So many details criticized over and over because people couldn't figure it out, but take a step back because I have all the answers to all the questions because if you watch it, if you listen, you can see all what is going on with no plot holes, no confusion. I watched it 8 times in 3 days because I loved it so much and the thrill is still not gone. Some may have seen the ending coming, some may call it an impossible, dumb twist and not know what's happening, but watch it twice and you will see you are both wrong. Spoiler: Dylan Rhodes was behind it all because his father was Lionel Shrike who died because he was debunked by Thaddeus Bradley and Dylan wanted to avenge him. The 4 Horsemen's motivation was becoming a part of the eye which requires you to blindly follow a chain of commands, and the carousel, it was all because Lionel Shrike performed his first great trick there which gave the first glimpse of what they mean by the closer you look, the less you see and all those lines. The clues were not obvious or big as to the ending, but they were there, just look at the big picture, pay attention, but not too close or it may be all given away too soon or not given away at all.
The real magic is that they trick you to believe this is a good movie
And I will not back up with this statement. It is a good movie, because it's not a boring movie, but it is that kind of movie that you watch once and walk away and forget all about it.

First off, let me tell you why movies involving magic tricks don't work. Because magic is for live audience and everything made on camera loses the main purpose of magic. In order to enjoy it, we have to subscribe to things that defy plausibility, we are obliged to take unrealistic facts for granted. But let's say we're OK with that. The Illusionist or The Prestige worked that way.

The real problem here is that the storyline is cynical and walks on a path of plain 'by the book' twist after twist after twist scenario, even though they lack of substance, motivation, trying to create an undeserved WOW effect. Plus, they forced in a classical fling to satisfy all viewers. There are major unrealistic events, but I guess the movie is not for us who try to find logic, but for those who just want to be entertained and see sparkles.
Incredibly contrived, lazy script wastes the acting talent
Now You See Me starts off promisingly, but sadly spirals downhill very quickly. Nonsensical "magic trick" after nonsensical "magic trick" goes completely unexplained, and save for one minor trick near the start of the movie, the explanations behind those few for which explanations are attempted become more and more nonsensical. Few films ask you to suspend disbelief to this degree, and the rare few which do are universally terrible.

There is a great cast in this movie, and although the CGI is often mediocre, the cinematography is of the standard you'd expect from a mainstream Hollywood film. And yet, all is wasted because of a plot with gaping holes in it, the size of the Holland Tunnel. No attempt is made to fill them in, either. You watch scene after scene, asking yourself why you're even continuing, and hoping above hope that all will resolve itself in the end.

It doesn't. The ending is even more childish and ham-fisted than the rest of the movie. Now You See Me is a staggering disappointment, and it all comes down to one of the weakest scripts in recent memory.

What a shame.
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