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North by Northwest
Drama, Thriller, Action, Adventure, Mystery, Romance
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Alfred Hitchcock
Cary Grant as Roger O. Thornhill
Eva Marie Saint as Eve Kendall
James Mason as Phillip Vandamm
Jessie Royce Landis as Clara Thornhill
Leo G. Carroll as The Professor
Josephine Hutchinson as Mrs. Townsend
Philip Ober as Lester Townsend
Martin Landau as Leonard
Adam Williams as Valerian
Edward Platt as Victor Larrabee
Les Tremayne as Auctioneer
Philip Coolidge as Dr. Cross
Patrick McVey as Sergeant Flamm - Chicago Policeman
Storyline: Madison Avenue advertising man Roger Thornhill finds himself thrust into the world of spies when he is mistaken for a man by the name of George Kaplan. Foreign spy Philip Vandamm and his henchman Leonard try to eliminate him but when Thornhill tries to make sense of the case, he is framed for murder. Now on the run from the police, he manages to board the 20th Century Limited bound for Chicago where he meets a beautiful blond, Eve Kendall, who helps him to evade the authorities. His world is turned upside down yet again when he learns that Eve isn't the innocent bystander he thought she was. Not all is as it seems however, leading to a dramatic rescue and escape at the top of Mt. Rushmore.
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Iconic Action Thriller
North by Northwest: The feeling I got during North by Northwest initially wasn't a great one. I couldn't focus on what was being shown to me on the screen, something about the story was off-putting, even the directing didn't settle with me at first. Once I relaxed into my chair and gave it a go, I had no regrets and enjoyed myself. As I watched it I realized how much of an impact this single movie had on the industry at the time of its release. Some of the stunts are incredible and the magnitude is just bigger and better than what was in movies at that time. It's Hitchcock's biggest film; it's not bloated, but it covers the territory necessary to best an iconic action thriller. Hitchcock stages everything well here, making the action feel innocent enough to not fall into the "Action Movie" stereotypes of today clichéd blockbusters. The roots of the action pieces are in suspense and timing. North by Northwest had great scope with unexpected instruments in the plot to further the film.

Rating: A

Grade: 9/10
Maybe the best display of Hitch's wonderful sense of humor
Hitchcock was always celebrated for his beautifully articulated sense of humor. In this movie, that mixes so fantastically well with Cary Grant's natural sense of comedy that we come away having seen both a tight, suspenseful thriller and perhaps Hitchcock's most amusing work. All in all, such an entertaining film that even those who find Hitchcock overrated (and there aren't a whole lot of them) will love it. This is a fine picture and perhaps my favorite Hitch film ever.
I finally get how great it is: Hitch infuses his wrong-man caper with ironic movie language and reality-be-damned escapism and suspense.
Its Hitch's most briskly entertaining movie, and one of his most comic, adventure-caper type movies, largely thanks to the persona of Cary Grant. But its also one of his most suspenseful - in the fact that Grant is being recognised as someone else, and that he may be put in jail for someone else's crime.

I've finally come to realise just how great North by Northwest is. The reason you should love Hitchcock is he put entertainment upfront. Hitchcock was not interested in whether this or that would happen in real life: he was interested in what would make the most entertaining scene for the movie. North by Northwest is a peak in this regard. The dialogue and situations intentionally throw reality to the wind - the double-entendre dialogue in the love scenes is not supposed to be the way people talk!

If you said to Hitchcock "as if he'd keep driving" or "as if she'd do that" - he would just laugh at you and say you've missed the point. This is 100% movieland, and once you get used to the fact, and that this is not a fault in the film, but done intentionally, you'll love it. Its expressionistic - everything happens in movie language: the people laughing at Grant in the elevator, the way he keeps driving drunk near the beginning, the way he grabs the knife and everyone stares at him after someone's been stabbed.

It flirts with the idea of identity. I thought it was interesting how Grant first is dismissing, then incredulous that people should be calling him by another name; then, as the tries to find out who this guy is, he enters the hotel room of this new identity, then he puts the suit on, and finally he identifies himself as George Kaplan.

A succession of fantastic, memorable scenes, a great leading man in Grant, and one of Hermann's essential Hitch scores make for a movie i can put on at any time.

Thrill, Spills....and Hitch!
Cary Grant is THE James Bond who never was.

He was approached to play the role in the early 60's but he declined, citing that he was too old. Sean Connery got the job instead, and was a huge success. But one feels that Grant would have been the definitive Bond if he ever played the role. This, and 'Notorious', are certainly his best films for Hitchcock, and this is certainly his best Bond-type role. He stars as Roger O. Thornhill, a suave, womanising, New York advertising executive who is drawn into a web of intrigue after suffering a case of mistaken identity. He ends up being pursued across the country, unwittingly embroiling himself further in the web with his dalliances with Eve Kendall (Eva Marie Saint, as the Is She Good Or Is She Bad? femme)and others.

Hitchock's favoured 'Wrong Man' situation is utilised perfectly here, as Grant is caught up in circumstances that he has no control over. But Grant takes it on the chin, and his charisma and comedic timing as Thornhill are excellent. This is a most entertaining and humorous Hitchcock film that maintains it's pace and action for over two hours. The suspense never lets up, as we are treated with some truly amazing sequences, including the finale atop Mt Rushmore, a UN headquarters visit, and THAT pesky crop duster. And keep in mind that these are just a few of the many, many amazing scenes here.

Eva Marie Saint is so different here from the innocent Edie Doyle role in 'On The Waterfront' that garnered her an Oscar. She's matured into a sweetly seductive woman of the world who Grant falls head over heels for. Their encounter on the train is filled with corny pick-up lines and rather silly yet juicy dialogue, but it WORKS. One feels cheated when the train affair actually ends; re-winding is essential.

Hitch's love of trains is also conveyed perfectly here, with the train symbolising sexual attraction and mystery (check the closing shot especially- very overt symbolism!), as Grant and Saint ride on board. We also have great villains in James Mason and Marty Landau. The very charismatic James Mason is wonderful as the trademark very charismatic Hitchcock villain, Phillip Vandamm. His trademark mellifluous voice and dark good looks (is this man not insanely attractive?)are used to great effect here. He gets many great lines.

This is a re-working of Hitchcock's British film, The Thirty-Nine Steps (1935) with Robert Donat and Madeleine Carroll. Comparison is not really warranted, as they films from entirely different era's and made in different countries with vastly differing budgets. However, 'North by Northwest' jumps over the earlier effort when they are compared as just two Hitchcock films from the cannon.

Made a year after 'Vertigo' bombed, 'North By Northwest' is seen by many as Hitch's safe, crowd-pleaser film. True in many ways, yet it is an unassailable classic regardless of any formulaic overtones. Grant is perfect in this rip-roaring ride full of suspense.

One great mystery caper from Hitchcock!
North by Northwest is another one of Alfred Hitchcock's greats, a story where advertising executive Roger O. Thornhill (Cary Grant) is mistaken for a government agent by foreign spies. Therefore, he gets pursued across the country and tries to evade the spies, as well as the police who thinks Thornhill has committed murder.

Hitchcock keeps the suspense going throughout the film, filling you with intrigue and making you eager to know how Thornhill will get out of his debacle as we see him face one misadventure after the other. Hitchcock brilliantly combines drama and thrills in the movie with no boring fillers that captivates the audience from start to finish. There is also humor in abundance, most notable being Cary Grant's quick comebacks and wit, which puts in added charm and laughter to this thriller. And, speaking of charm, his on-screen chemistry with Eva Marie Saint is spot-on and touching, especially since she is a mystery woman throughout much of the film and her purpose is ambiguous.

Robert Burks did a great job on the cinematography, especially in achieving the brilliance in the refreshing aura, atmosphere and detailed scale of the Mt. Rushmore scenes, and Bernard Hermann gave us a chilling music score.

For the first time watching this 1959 movie in 2015, the story still looked refreshing and captivating to me and it is highly recommend to any fans of crime thrillers.

Grade A
Hitchcock's Most Entertaining Thriller...
The 1950's was an amazing decade for Alfred Hitchcock. Year after year, he churned out some sort of a classic: STRANGERS ON A TRAIN, REAR WINDOW, VERTIGO, etc.. He capped it with the most exciting film he ever directed. NORTH BY NORTHWEST is sheer escapist entertainment, a non-stop ride across the country, with Hitch dealing out his usual cards. Innocent man (Cary Grant) in a crazy situation which he is wrongfully drawn into, and the beautiful leading lady (Eva Marie Saint), who always seem to be blonde. I also have to say that musical composer Bernard Herrmann has produced one of his top 3 scores (the other 2 being TAXI DRIVER and PSYCHO). Right from the opening title sequence, we are souring into this story of international intrigue, decoys, and constant pursuit.

The film barely lets up as Grant, in his own dashing manner, plays it cool as an advertising exec who becomes surrounded by the bad guys before we even get settled into our seats. This is the mother of all modern action/chase films, with pitstops at the UN building, Grand Central Station, Chicago, a vast cornfield, and finally, Mount Rushmore. Grant's scene on the field has become one of the most famous sequences of all-time. That dust-cropper definitely had a mind of its own. The great thing about the scene is that about 90% of it was shot on location. Again, listen to that music. It explodes with the suspense of the scene.

You never know what side of the fence Hitch's characters are on at times. Is there a real "Kaplan"? Why did the bad guys pick Grant as their target? Eva Marie Saint is not so saintly as the alluring blonde who has some kind of angle on the events herself. You're never really sure what she is up to. This is the greatness and originality of the "worlds" Hitchcock and his writers create. Things are never as they appear. It is up to the viewer to pay attention or let him play you like a fiddle. Either way, you come out satisfied.

This is not his 'best' film. It is his most thrilling flick, and it also has the refreshing sense of humor that enlighten Hitch's best pictures. In terms of action and adventure, this has no equal within his library of films with perhaps the exception of 1940's FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT. Great dialogue, slick and stylish directing, and a sense of pure fun makes this one better.

RATING - 10 of 10
one of Hitchcock's experiments in timing
Just as Hitchcock used the elements of suspense and timing in Psycho, they are at work here again in North by Northwest. Grant, the lead character, is in the middle of some giant spy thriller adventure, running all over the country ( scope the different venues - the UN building, an auction house, farm fields, trains, and the thrilling climax at an American landmark...) In Psycho, what the audience thinks is the lead character is killed off early in the movie... here in N by NW, it's a different kind of timing experiment - the hero of the movie (and the viewer!) are kept in the dark, caught up in the intrigue until three quarters of the way through the movie. When Cary Grant (and the viewer) are filled in on what is really going on, it's an easy transition to complete the rest of the movie, and the plot sort of changes over to a "will the good guys beat the bad guys ?" plot, and the viewer has to be able to buy into some of the things that happen... I think this is another of Hitchcock's experiments in timing. As usual, there are the usual inside jokes planted here & there through-out. The love/hate relationship between Eva Marie Saint and Cary Grant makes for an interesting love story, and what a spectacular ending!
A deliriously entertaining masterwork
Alfred Hitchcock was a certified genius of a filmmaker. He could scare you, shock you, surprise you, enthrall you, make you think, make you smile, make you laugh, and all the while making you a part and parcel of the storytelling and action in his film. His goal was always to make the audience a part of the action and take them along for the ride. He may do this to absolute perfection in this film, NORTH BY NORTHWEST, my absolute favorite film of his. It's debatable whether or not this is his greatest film. A lot of so-called film 'critics' will swear by VERTIGO(although I'm not crazy about it), some say PSYCHO, others say NOTORIOUS, some prefer SHADOW OF A DOUBT, others REBECCA. Who knows? I just know that NORTHW BY NORTHWEST, without a doubt, is the most thoroughly enjoyable, fun, fascinating, entertaining, and eye-popping film that Hitchcock ever did. I love every frame of it. The first 30 minutes alone is more captivating, exciting and entertaining than 99.9% of the crap they throw at us nowadays in the movies.

Cary Grant is Roger Thornhill, a normal, run-of-the-mill advertising agency executive. Grant deserves all praise of being the legend that he truly was for what he does in this film. Grant's Roger Thornhill is one of 'us', a fairly regular everyday Joe who gets thrust in the most convoluted of situations: mistaken for a government agent named 'Kaplan' by treacherous U.S. enemies (led by the classy James Mason), Thornhill is whisked off captive one evening and his life is threatened and he is almost killed, but he thankfully escapes his captors and so the fun begins in finding out who these bad guys are and why they think he is Kaplan.

The film has a kind of snowball effect. Each situation that Thornhill is thrown into or gets himself into is more dangerous than the previous one and he has to find some way to get himself out of it. Hitchcock almost seems to relish scaring the Bejesus out of this guy just to see how he will slick or cajole his way out of it. Thornhill is really an unwitting and unexpected pawn in the battle between U.S. agents and the enemy traitors.

All the qualities that made Cary Grant a star shine through in this film: he is handsome, classy, witty, funny, sarcastic, and surprisingly agile. Whoever thought he could pull off being an action hero after all those years of playing primarily romantic comedies? But he totally gives a convincing performance in this film.

Of course at some point we are introduced to the femme fatale, in this case Eva Marie Saint, who is super-sexy and mysterious in this role. Saint's character makes you realize why so many women found Cary Grant so charming and irresistible.

The film has some of the most memorable sequences and set pieces ever in history: the United Nations murder, the Mount Rushmore finale, and most of all, that magnificent crop-dusting sequence smack dab in the middle of the film that forever captured the hearts, minds, and imaginations of moviegoers everywhere. The scene is all at once action-packed, scary, dangerous, exciting, and funny.

For me, this Hitchcock film (first shown in 1959) can be seen as a very early example of a blockbuster summer action movie. It has all the elements: a colorful look and feel, lots of outdoor scenery, nonstop action, a breathtaking pace, and a central character through which the story is told and that we could all identify with and root for.

Truly a great achievement by both Alfred Hitchcock and Cary Grant, with big-time assists from a great cast of supporting actors and actresses, a witty script, and the beautiful scenery of various U.S. locations.
Top-notch suspense /adventure film still looks great after 40 years!
For Christmas this year, I received my first to-own DVD: Hitchcock's classic, NORTH BY NORTHWEST. After over 40 years, this rip-racing adventure-thriller still packs a punch and looks great on widescreen. This movie came along during a renaissance period for the Old Master, between masterpieces like VERTIGO and PSYCHO, but this excursion into the world of suspense is so different from anything else Hitchcock had created up to that point. Never did he challenge our endurance to keep still in our seats for such a long period of time, and yet the film's 135 minutes go by so fast it could only be explained by movie magic itself.

Cary Grant is one of those actors that a filmgoer either falls in love with or deeply envies. His debonair manner is displayed to the full in this film, even though the peril that his character goes through would cause any normal dude to break into a maddening sweat. The dialogue Roger Thornhill delivers alongside Eve Kendall (Eva Marie Saint) in this film is sometimes too hilarious to be true, but wouldn't any woman fall for it? (I'm merely guessing here) Ernest Lehman's screenplay is so lighthearted and yet very ominous. With all the traps and pitfalls Grant goes through in this film, you would have to find comedy in it. Grant does and to great appeal. I absolutely love the sequence at the auction when Roger tries to get himself arrested by yelling out flaky bids and accusing the auctioneer of selling junk worth no more than $8. I also admire the scenes with Saint on the train to Chicago; I was tempted to jot down some of his pick-up lines, but then I realized it's just a movie (or is it?)

Hitchcock was famous throughout his career of setting up death-defying sequences with major landmarks as backdrops. Here, Mount Rushmore will never be looked at the same again afterwards. We may never enter the United Nations again without peering behind our backs for a notorious knife-thrower. And, I dare say, I will never walk alongside a highway where a cropduster could swoop at any minute. I love the line during the Rushmore incident when Grant says his two ex-wives left him because he lived too dull a life. Go figure!

It has been said that Hitchcock's many films each contain a personal side of the director inside them. The archetypes of the Master of Suspense are here amid the chasing and running across the U.S. The mysterious blonde, played to a tee by Eva Marie Saint, is a common fixture of many Hitchcock jaunts. Saint joins Grace Kelly and Tippi Hedren in this feature. The protagonist is again awkward when faced with the opposite sex, but unusually casual when wrapped up in danger. The hero has an attachment to his mother, continually under his nurturing wing. And of course, the macguffin has fun with us again (government secrets my foot!)

Whenever I see action-packed epics today like "The Fugitive" or the James Bond series, they all seem to quiver in comparison to this film. It amazes me that Hitchcock is able to hold the audience in the palm of his hand throughout the whole length of the journey. We become Grant as he runs away from the police and the secret agents who have chosen him as their dupe. But throughout the squabble, we sense that Grant is getting off on the whole jaunt, just as we want the chase to continue, not looking at our watches for a minute. However, it's fascinating to note that Roger Thornhill is not a born adventurer, nor is he an archeologist with a flair for escaping impossible situations. We are experiencing the Cary Grant in all of us, running away from an enemy we do not know they are or what they want. Is this symbolism of some kind? I say who cares; just watch the film and have fun!
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