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No One Lives
Thriller, Horror
IMDB rating:
Ryûhei Kitamura
Laura Ramsey as Betty
George Murdoch as Ethan (as Brodus Clay)
Beau Knapp as Denny
Lindsey Shaw as Amber
Luke Evans as Driver
Storyline: A gang of ruthless highway killers kidnap a wealthy couple traveling cross country only to shockingly discover that things are not what they seem.
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Much Better Than Expected
Anything over a 7/10 rating would have to be a really amazing flick but No One Lives didn't disappoint me. I actually didn't have high expectations for this film and had totally forgotten that the directed did Midnight Meat Train, one of my faves from the past few years. The beginning was a bit slow but then the twist came and it totally took me by surprise. The performances yes, could have been better with better actors & a more fleshed out script but all in all it's pretty much a bloody violent romp and if you like that kind of thing, you should really enjoy this. Some points in the film you might get discourages with; the bumbling crooks unable to think rationally, the lack of character development and even more lacking back story, but overall it was a fun kick of adrenaline and a decent premise. If you're a fan of "Vacancy", "Rest Stop", The Collector and films of that genre, you should check out "No One Lives".
Definitely a weaker WWE-Production!
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The Story: A gang of rednecks kidnap a wealthy couple, planning to make the big buck by torturing them until they give away their bank information. But the couple is not as harmless as they might seem.

Review: I have recently watched The Call and thought, "Wow, WWE are stepping up their game." But then I watched this little piece of – I wanna say trash – and now I guess The Call was just a lucky pick. The characters are flat, and their action are very weird sometimes, the dialogues are dull, and to be honest the whole story just doesn't make any sense. However, the gore effects are decent and the actors are actually doing a nice job. But again, good actors can't make up for a crappy script. See No Evil which is another WWE- release was an okay movie, but compared to No One Lives it is a masterpiece.

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As a horror fan I say this one is in top 30
When I first started watching the movie , I thought ,ok another highway murderer type sh*t movie . But the story twist and the evans' performance was very good.

This is a very gory , action packed and twisted movie and I can say that any horror fan will really enjoy the movie. Give it a shot , you won't regret it.
No One Lives is an entertaining, but not very memorable, horror film
After a successful career in Japan which included the very entertaining films Godzilla: Final Wars and Versus, director Ryûhei Kitamura made his first film in the United States with The Midnight Meat Train, a competent, but not very memorable, adaptation of the extraordinary short story written by Clive Barker. In his second English-language film, No One Lives, Kitamura worked with an original material, and the result is more or less at the same level of The Midnight Meat Train. No One Lives starts like many horror films do, but during the first 20 minutes, there is a revelation which rethinks the situation and transforms the typical "villians and victims" dynamic in something more interesting. And I think that that ingenious twist is the best aspect from this film. On the negative side, the characters feel superficial and the brief running time avoids the exploration with more detail of their relationships and twisted psychology. Nevertheless, and despite not being highly memorable, No One Lives deserves a moderate recommendation as an entertaining and interesting horror film.
A nice slasher movie with a nasty twist
This movie was a pleasant surprise. The beginning was like so many other movie in this genre. Only it took an unexpected turn after a while. What started as a revenge movie in which a couple is abducted by a member of a gang of thugs, quickly turns into a knockout competition for these idlers. The male part of that couple isn't an ordinary guy, it seems. Turns out the crazy gang has found an even more crazy serial killer as an opponent. I haven't seen a film that was directed by Kitamura, but I'm sure going to take a look at some of him. It was a fast and furious movie which wasn't boring for a moment.

It's not really a horror movie. It's more an action packed slaughter movie with some gore fragments. Although the gore isn't that heavy anyway. The majority of the images isn't really explicitly placed into the picture and is rather suggestive. The script was excellent. This because of the plot twists and sometimes different way of working. I found Luke Evans resplendent in his role as "Driver". Only he was a little TOO perfect: he always looked neat and tidy, he was terribly clever and smart, was damn fast in carrying out a plan and set up traps in the field. For example, I found it a bit exaggerated that he had placed booby traps and firearms/bows at strategic locations in the forest in a jiffy. And those traps were also triggered by switches under the boards on the terrace. Amazingly.

The best and most beautiful captured image is the moment he slides out of Ethan's dead body. Now ... if you think further about this, it's again a bit excessive. He'd have an immense job in order to slaughter the latter... and he would certainly fell out of it at the time this behemoth was carried into the van. But that's again splitting hairs.

The only thing that bothered me were the two female gang members : the daughter of the leader and his mistress (I suppose). Two annoying nasty bitches who deserved to be eliminated too. The final battle with the vaunted Flynn was put on the screen in a excellent way and the denouement was surprising. For once evil wasn't defeated and goes further on the similar path. An open end and therefore a follow-up which is enormously welcome for me.

Not groundbreaking or earth shattering, but a surprising and pleasant pop-corn material.

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Another fascinating Kitamura movie
No One Lives is the type of movie that starts as many others and suddenly becomes something unexpected.

It is difficult to tell what happens without spoiling; but as in others Ryûhei Kitamura movies, there is no Good vs Evil but Evil vs Evil. If you never see any of his movies; get VERSUS before looking at this one.

Performances varies; Luke Evans is perfect; totally charismatic and captivating. Derek Magyar is terrifying as a psycho meeting his match. Laura Ramsey is pretty good as the other female characters; but Adelaide Clemens disappoints in a complex character far above her acting skills.

There is strong violence and gore but it never gets too disgusting (or at least too realistic) and are lots of dark funny moments.
Bloody, gory, surprisingly entertaining and fast paced. If you liked I Spit On Your Grave you will like this one. I say B.
"He's gonna come for me, he always does. He's gonna come and he's gonna kill you all." When a group of criminals get caught robbing a rich family's house they start to look for another way to get easy money. When they run into a couple at a local diner they think the found their targets. Things go a little too far and now the criminal group finds themselves on the run and in danger. This is another movie where it is entertaining and fun to watch but really is nothing original. This is really nothing more then an I Spit On Your Grave type movie. Someone who wants revenge begins to pick off the perpetrators one by one in increasingly awful and gory ways. I am almost ashamed to admit it but as bad as this movie is I was entertained the whole time and it actually was pretty faced paced so that also helped. Overall, a fast moving, bloody entertaining movie that was easier to watch then I expected. I give it a B.
Even the villain has someone to fear in No One Lives
For the last few years the WWE has stepped out of the straight wrestler starring vehicles and begun venturing out into a wider variety or mainstream films like The Call with Halle Berry and Dead Man Down with Colin Farrell. Now they have taken a trip back to the world of horror with their latest No One Lives in conjunction with Anchor Bay and starring Luke Evans. The trailer looked bloody and intriguing, but does it live up to the hype?

No One Lives follows a gang who take a young couple hostage, but when the girl is killed and they discover a shocking truth, the tables are turned and they find themselves being hunted by a man who is more than he appears and will stop at nothing until he leaves no one left alive. This film sets the tone from the opening sequence only letting up a bit to set up the rest of the plot to the film. This film is not so much straight horror as it is more a cross between a slasher and revenge flick. What's interesting about this film is that there really are no heroes in this film, but instead a group of bad guys being hunted by a worse guy. They never really give all that much information into the overall motivation to Evans character, but it helps the mystery of what he is capable of. Once things get going the blood starts flowing and never lets up until the end. After the first kill there is one of the coolest gore scenes in some time that really lets you know where this movie is going. There are no real secrets or twists to this film other but it delivers some straight forward gory fun that is sure to please.

This is one of those movies that is light on story, but has all it needs. Sure it would have been intriguing to see more in depth story relating to Luke Evans character, but at the same time the mystery is what made him more interesting. He is great in this role playing both the seemingly normal guy and the psychotic killer with little dialogue but says everything. This movie not only leaves it open for a hopeful sequel, but also gives viewers an insight to what we might be getting from Evans when he takes on The Crow in the upcoming new adaptation.
No One Lives
This film tells the story of a gang of ruthless criminals who will kill at the blink of an eye to rob people on the highway. When they set their next target on a couple in a pub, they have made a big mistake as they are messing with someone they should not have.

The title "No One Lives" gives an indication that characters in the film are probably going to die. Indeed, "No One Lives" is a slasher film in which people die in a variety of bloody ways. Luke Evans, who have yet to make it famous at that time, is great in his portrayal of a spine chilling character. The actress playing Emma Ward has this strange calmness in her, which makes her character mysterious and captivating. The bad guy thug is convincing too.
Must watch
No One Lives is a gripping movie that is worth the watch. Luke Evans gives a truly amazing twist to this movie and his character. Gory and action packed this movie will blow you away. A psychological thriller that keeps you on the edge and will keep you reaching. It surprises you over and over with a plot that will keep you interested. It had me rooting for the bad guy even though I knew I shouldn't. I gave this an eight out of ten because it gave me exactly what I was looking for. I will defiantly have to watch this movie again in the future. It gave a satisfying end and I'd recommend this movie to some of my friends and family. Give it a try if any of this sounds good to you. And I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.
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