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No One Lives
Thriller, Horror
IMDB rating:
Ryûhei Kitamura
Laura Ramsey as Betty
George Murdoch as Ethan (as Brodus Clay)
Beau Knapp as Denny
Lindsey Shaw as Amber
Luke Evans as Driver
Storyline: A gang of ruthless highway killers kidnap a wealthy couple traveling cross country only to shockingly discover that things are not what they seem.
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Interesting Take On A Slasher Movie
Let me start off by saying I am a WWE fan, so I do watch all the movies that they release through their film studio.The last few that have been released have been OK movies i.e The Call, Dead Man Down. I am not saying that these are going down in history as epic movies or even great ones but they do entertain and that is the way a movie should be. Enough blabbing onto the review.The movie is full of blood and very interesting killings it is very clever in parts. Luke Evans steals the show I have seen him in a few roles and always plays them well.There is the common twists and turns that you will always have in the genre of movie but there is some that do surprise even the hardcore slasher fan.Watch the movie if you want to leave your brain at the door and if you like blood,guts and gore however if you have a tendency to be squeamish best not to view.
Surprisingly Enjoyable... For a WWE Films popcorn flick!
Hadn't heard much about this one, and was apprehensive at first, given the WWE Films attachment, but I have to admit I was wrong.

After being convinced by the wife to give it a go, I have to say that I didn't really get into the movie until about 15 mins into it. I don't want to give anything away, but it took a few bodies (What did you expect in a film titled No One Lives?) before I really started to want to see the film.

Some of the dialog is rather lame in parts but the overall acting is good. WWE films seems to have recently found a good balance of putting their guys in their films, without them being the "star" of the movie.

This let's proper actors do their part and leads to much better films than they were initially releasing. This and their project Dead Man Down with Colin Farrell were both better than expected! Gore, Violence, Nudity (Albeit disappointing seeing how awful America Olivo's fake tits are done--Imagine 2 basketballs super-glued to a mannequin! They NEVER MOVE, even as she is thrashing about during... Well, you'll just have to see.), and some fun (If these kinds of movies are your thing.) make this an enjoyable watch.

Overall, it's not great by any means, but it is a movie that you can grab some popcorn, huddle close to your gf/bf, and enjoy together.

Like I said, I was quite surprised at how enjoyable this one was...
Gory fun slasher movie
I didn't even know about this movie until this morning, Saw trailer and looked great.

A gang of thugs who end up messing with the wrong person, as the person they kidnapped turn out to be a Psychopath.

Wow this movie actually flew by, it really well paced and never gets boring at all, I was actually clued to the screen most of the movie.

There one moment in the movie, that stick with me for few hours after the movie, gross but also in away It was kind of funny.

I loved some of death scenes in this movie, some of were very gruesomely gory at time.

The weakest part of this movie is the acting from most of the cast were not that good and dose effect some scenes in this movie but don't let that get in away.

The rest of the movie is a lot of fun

Great Slasher 8 out of 10
Total Garbage
It is EXTREMELY rare that I rate a movie 1/10 but I could not think of a single reason that would justify scoring this "film" any higher. It really has no redeeming qualities at all. Everything is bad here; been there done that plot, atrocious acting, amateur writing, unlikeable characters, swiss cheese plot, bad lighting and on and on and on. The characters say and do the most ridiculous things at the most ridiculous times and the lines they gave these actors, my God, CRINGE worthy. I felt embarrassed for everyone involved with this film. I like shoestring budget horror, but this was done on a 3 million dollar budget....there really is no excuse for how terrible this movie is. The main antagonist here is so horrible of an actor, so corny and cheeseball ... man I just can't go on here, don't watch it, that is all I could say I can't think of any type of an audience that could enjoy this steaming pile.
Not Nearly As Much Fun As "Versus"
I will give credit to the directory for not just remaking "Versus" over and over again, but the screen play for this one doesn't quite work. It has some very interesting elements in it, but it doesn't follow up on some of its ideas and some of the subplots go missing in action or are summarily disposed of.

While the concept of having a band of predatory criminals pick the wrong victim has a lot of energy, and the family dynamics are fun to watch,and the films visual style packs a lot of "oomph"...in the end, the whole thing feels like an exercise in pointless nihilism and emotional sadomasochism.

I couldn't imagine how Luke Evans thought this movie would advance his career, but he does a good, stoic job with his role, and if I ever get a chance to see some other stuff he has done, i might take it.
Run-of-the-mill with 1 or 2 little twists
"No one lives" is a Ryūhei Kitamura Movie and he definitely did not change his routine since "Versus", which is a known Japanese splatter-movie.

Throughout the movie you will see gore,gore and gore - did I mention gore already ? Of course it can not be compared to movies like Braindead or Story of Ricky because you always have the feeling that the director is trying to do something serious. You are not supposed to laugh at a victim, but not to cry either. A major flaw with "No one lives" is a flaw many movies of this genre have - the characters are puppets which were created to be slayed by a superior killer. Ryuhei Kitamura introduces you to them, makes you shake hands and then shoots them in the face infront of you, expecting your thought to be :,, Oh my god is he insane ? How could he do that ? Poor, poor tough biker-guy!". Instead you just sit there, infront of your TV, and think :,,Hmmm... and another one." Another thing that really annoyed me is the invincible killler. I know he's supposed to be like that, but why do I always feel like watching a 22-year-old bad-ass Spetznas super-soldier, when watching a slasher-movie ?

After all the movie was okay and I rate it a 5* Movie. Not bad, but nothing special either - as I said there are 1 or 2 twists and "That was actually a good idea" moments in "No one lives", but all in all it is nothing you haven't seen.
The kidnapee from hell.........
At an early stage in this film it's clear that we're intentionally wrong-footed in how we're supposed to perceive the wealthy couple. They're portrayed as being an average wealthy couple and are the ones who we presume are the victims of a brutal kidnapping by a bunch of highway killers. It's an interesting turn of events when we learn that the highway killers have picked on the wrong couple and it turns out that they are violent psychopathic killers themselves. This, in effect, means that the supposed kidnappers end up being victims to their own crime and this role-reversal does make it quite interesting in the early stages...

The film generally maintains this theme for most of its running time; the isolated environment and Luke Evans chilling portrayal does give the film a sense of claustrophobia and also means that the film has many tense and suspenseful sequences. Once Evans is let loose it does become a hard film to take your eyes off and it often leaves the viewer wondering what he will do next. On the downside I did feel that the filmmakers blood-lust got in the way far too often and there were far too many bloody and gory scenes - Evans character was chilling and cold enough in himself and I just felt that all the gore and blood took the focus away from Evans superb performance and cheapened the film somewhat.

As I've mentioned Evans is very good here easily bringing the necessary menace and evil to befit his character. Sadly his co-stars let him down badly as they generally fall into the usual stock horror clichés - nearly all of them overact and bicker and at times it got very annoying.

It seemed that the writers had run out of ideas by the final third of the film and things start to become rather generic; the original kidnappers are being picked off one by one, but all these scenes are trotted out in a predictable fashion leading to a fairly safe and predictable conclusion.

It's a passable film if you keep your expectations low and yes it does have some tension and suspense, but I just didn't feel that it delivered on these things consistently enough and as a result the film was only compelling in parts rather than as a whole.
Spectacular action horror
In the intro, a girl is running around the woods escaping from someone or something. She runs into a trap and while she dangles from a tree she scribbles something into a tree. We learn that she's the daughter of a rich guy.

A couple is seen driving. She keeps telling us how special, different, unique the guy is. They are relocating somewhere we learn.

A gang is robbing a mansion. When the owners return earlier than expected one of the thugs shoots them all. The head of the gang isn't happy, he hoped to talk his way out of the situation.

Our couple goes to a motel and then to a steakhouse to dine. She hints that there's another girl in the guy's life but he reassures her that he loves her. The gang show up at the diner and the killer jerk starts harassing them. The girl tells her guy to take it easy. The gang then leaves. As our couple drives back the gang attacks them, and takes the car complete with little trailer. The couple ends up somewhere watched by one big dude from the gang. The girl surprisingly commits suicide with the bad guy's knife. And now the guy flip out, beats up and kills the big guy.

Meanwhile the gang which is a family affair is at their lair. The killer looks in the trunk of the car and finds a secret compartment with the girl from the intro inside! Of course she isn't quite right in the head and just warns the gang that the guy is going to kill them all. Sure enough, one by one he starts taking them out violently. We learn more about the girl and her relationship to the guy.

I was expecting No One Lives to be some mediocre action flick. But by golly, it's one awesome and wild action horror movie. It's very gory and violent. All the warnings by the girl about how special the guy is are for once true. This guy is something else. But it isn't just about the violence, the guy is smart and devises wicked plans and traps for his enemies. One of the many strengths of this movie is the smart script. Everyone in this movie is articulate. It would have been easy and expected for the movie to give us a redneck gang family that is stereotypically dumb. Kudos to the writer for transcending the typical Hollywood bigotry. Direction is also stellar.

Too much though takes place in the dark at night. It's a movie rule apparently that all horror can only take place at night. Surprisingly it didn't rain on top of that. Sound effects are too loud. And I'm not crazy about the casting of Adelaide Clemens. The acting though is strong all around. Luke Evans does shine as the ruthless stranger with no name. His character reminds me of the Peter Quinn character in Homeland season 2 but a horror version of it. And Evans and Rupert Friend do look alike as well. I hope they'll do more with this character. In the hands of Kitamura/Cohen, No One Lives does have franchise potential.
Just OK, another film with similar themes is much better
Instead of this movie, another film covers the same kind of territory that this one does, and in a much more interesting and compelling fashion. "You're Next" is the movie I would recommend to watch instead.

This horror movie has both pretty bad acting combined with dumb and dull characters, and just feels cheap. The budget must have been low, and it shows. Compared to the far superior film, "You're Next", this movie pales in comparison. If you like routine slasher horror films with a lot of gore, then this will fit the bill. The one bright spot is the leading actor is pretty good. But if you are looking for something more interesting and with much higher quality across the board, then look elsewhere, such as my recommendation.
Even the villain has someone to fear in No One Lives
For the last few years the WWE has stepped out of the straight wrestler starring vehicles and begun venturing out into a wider variety or mainstream films like The Call with Halle Berry and Dead Man Down with Colin Farrell. Now they have taken a trip back to the world of horror with their latest No One Lives in conjunction with Anchor Bay and starring Luke Evans. The trailer looked bloody and intriguing, but does it live up to the hype?

No One Lives follows a gang who take a young couple hostage, but when the girl is killed and they discover a shocking truth, the tables are turned and they find themselves being hunted by a man who is more than he appears and will stop at nothing until he leaves no one left alive. This film sets the tone from the opening sequence only letting up a bit to set up the rest of the plot to the film. This film is not so much straight horror as it is more a cross between a slasher and revenge flick. What's interesting about this film is that there really are no heroes in this film, but instead a group of bad guys being hunted by a worse guy. They never really give all that much information into the overall motivation to Evans character, but it helps the mystery of what he is capable of. Once things get going the blood starts flowing and never lets up until the end. After the first kill there is one of the coolest gore scenes in some time that really lets you know where this movie is going. There are no real secrets or twists to this film other but it delivers some straight forward gory fun that is sure to please.

This is one of those movies that is light on story, but has all it needs. Sure it would have been intriguing to see more in depth story relating to Luke Evans character, but at the same time the mystery is what made him more interesting. He is great in this role playing both the seemingly normal guy and the psychotic killer with little dialogue but says everything. This movie not only leaves it open for a hopeful sequel, but also gives viewers an insight to what we might be getting from Evans when he takes on The Crow in the upcoming new adaptation.
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