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No One Lives
Thriller, Horror
IMDB rating:
Ryûhei Kitamura
Laura Ramsey as Betty
George Murdoch as Ethan (as Brodus Clay)
Beau Knapp as Denny
Lindsey Shaw as Amber
Luke Evans as Driver
Storyline: A gang of ruthless highway killers kidnap a wealthy couple traveling cross country only to shockingly discover that things are not what they seem.
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Good, Silly, Bloody and Gory Movie Ever !
I really love this movie and if you're a fan of the whole horror-action genre this is it. Sure I'm being way too generous with the review but this movie was fun to watch. I love how everything worked in this movie from the gore, blood, acting and just pretty much the whole production. Speaking of acting, Luke Evans is the real star of the movie and did what he does best : acting, yes despite its script, Luke Evans did an amazing job ! Yes the dialogue was at times generic, not weak, and at times funny either unintentional or intentional (be my guess). Luke Evans is pretty much amazing in this movie as he uses his talent to pull off some psychopathic charm to root for whenever he goes in for the kill. Adelaide Clemens is also a highlight of the movie and to be honest, her character Emma Ward was the only character that truly developed from beginning to end. My only complaint is that no one has heard much about this movie and since its release it really didn't have much a solid reception at the box office when it was released on theaters which is a shame to Luke Evans, who's acting has so drawn so many fans and admirers from his years on Broadway to now films (Fast & Furious 6, Immortals and Dracula Untold); The Story/Script was okay but wished for more of a back-story to the criminals that held Emma captive and wished for more scenes with the mysterious "Driver" played by fine Welsh actor Luke Evans. The good would be simply both Luke Evans and Adelaide Clemens. The bad would be that there's little of character development (with the exception of Emma Ward played by Adelaide Clemens and Luke Evans aka The Driver) and generic performances from the other actors due to the script but with a movie like this you just here to watch and be entertain for all its gory and action sequences and might care less for the acting. I'll give this movie a 8/10.
NO ONE LIVES... when Luke EVANS & RYUHEI KITAMURA are on the prowl....
*MINOR SPOILERS for those who haven't watched the film*

Luke EVANS' DRIVER (yeah, only I'll call him DARK DRIVER since Ryan Gosling is also a "DRIVER") is like what happens when RAMBO is mixed with JASON VOORHEES and is let loose to EXTREME PREJUDICE and MAYHEM. Brutal, gushy, and awesomely EPIC. The kills are like Friday THE 13th/MANIAC SPLATTER-SLASHER FEST to its HIGH OCTANE MAXIMUM CREATIVENESS.

Director RYUHEI KITAMURA's command of the camera is as flowing, dynamic and fast-pace as it was with THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN & AZUMI with some bloody VERSUS craziness into the mix.

For the cons, its mostly some of the acting, but nothing like 'REAL BAD ACTING" as some review would make it sound.
Good Concept, Lacks Punch.
This is another movie with an early twist! It's about a local gang who robs houses and occasionally kills people, who kidnaps a young couple passing by their area. Things aren't what they seem, though!

The concept is very good and the audience could seat back and watch the movie without a close emotional involvement as soon as the twist is revealed.

But the good concept fails in its execution. There are some scenes that if you describe them to someone, seem interesting enough, but the way the director chooses to shoot them and presented them to the audience falls behind in terms of efficiency.

The performances are mostly dull and uninspiring. Adelaide Clemens has a presence in the movie but nothing extraordinary. Derek Magyar is OK as the baddest member of the gang, but Luke Evans could have been better.

Overall the movie lacks punch, but if there is nothing else to see, check it out!
Much Better Than Expected
Anything over a 7/10 rating would have to be a really amazing flick but No One Lives didn't disappoint me. I actually didn't have high expectations for this film and had totally forgotten that the directed did Midnight Meat Train, one of my faves from the past few years. The beginning was a bit slow but then the twist came and it totally took me by surprise. The performances yes, could have been better with better actors & a more fleshed out script but all in all it's pretty much a bloody violent romp and if you like that kind of thing, you should really enjoy this. Some points in the film you might get discourages with; the bumbling crooks unable to think rationally, the lack of character development and even more lacking back story, but overall it was a fun kick of adrenaline and a decent premise. If you're a fan of "Vacancy", "Rest Stop", The Collector and films of that genre, you should check out "No One Lives".
Below Average Horror/Thriller
Driver and his partner, Betty, are seemingly an innocent couple who become the victims of a group of vicious & violent killers. However, there is more than meets the eye when the killers find a kidnap victim by the name of Emma locked up in the back of Driver and Betty's car. Realising who Emma is, the gang all plan to hand her in to claim the reward for her safe return, but things don't go so well and they start getting picked off one by one.

The trailers for No One Lives makes it look like a really good, suspenseful movie, but in actual fact it's really a very run-of-the-mill slasher flick. The acting is pretty wooden - as well as slightly over-the-top on occasion - to be honest, which is quite strange for supposedly decent actors. None of the characters are that interesting either and you don't really develop any kind of affinity towards any of them. Even Emma, the kidnap victim, gets pretty annoying at times. In fact, it actually gets to certain points where you actually WANT something bad to happen to them, and when something does you cheer a little inside.

The killings in the movie are very gory too, and while I don't mind gore being used to add to the feel of the movie, I just think that the gore used was way over-the-top. For me it just seemed that the movie makers couldn't think of any way to shock the audience other than using plenty of gore. Gore can add to a film's feel like I say, but in this film's case I feel that it was used just for the sake of it.

Another aspect of the film that was over-the-top as well was the language. I can swear like a trooper myself and don't mind swearing in movies, however it gets a wee bit much when every second word the actors utter is f**k.

Overall, No One Lives is an OK movie to watch, but just don't expect anything original or that fantastic.
No One Lives, just WOW
I just loved this Thriller. In this movie your rooting for the serial killer... the scene where hid inside the one guy and cut himself out was brilliant... I don't watch thrillers, but this one was really great. I hope more people watch this film, Luke Evans is a brilliant actor. The scene where he saves the girl before getting shot was amazing... this guy plays a great role as the psychopath, and I think he needs more roles that portrays all of his talents, he can be a great good guy and an excellent bad guy. I will recommend this movie for every thriller lover to watch, just excellent. The movie should have gotten the Hollywood hype it deserves!!!
No One Lives does not disappoint.
When I am in the mood for a horror movie I usually want something with a non confusing plot, decent acting , and good pacing. Thankfully this had all 3. Yes there are some little small nit picks here and there but as a whole this is a good end of the working week Friday night movie. The story is pretty good but cannot be fully explained without spoiling it which I do not want to do. I will start with the gore level, this movie has gore but it is never over used to the point it is laughable unlike so many recent horror movies. The performances are pretty good I was only disappointed with a few line deliveries but I let them blow over my head. The pace was perfect in my opinion it sets up a good steady start, gets you asking questions and then the middle flows perfectly into the end you are never left sitting tempted to forward it onto the next death scene. All in all I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to be entertained for an hour an a half it is a movie you can switch your brain off and relax, If anyone has any trouble following the basic story then perhaps there at the age they shouldn't be watching it. Give it a try put your feet up and prepare to be entertained and satisfied as No One Lives does not disappoint!!
A gory good time.
Luke Evans plays a "driver" whose name is never uttered in the film; he's on a car trip, accompanied by Betty (Laura Ramsey). It would seem that they're a couple, in a relationship on the rocks because of an infidelity, but that's not the case. They encounter a crazed family of criminals, led by a patriarch named Hoag (the always solid Lee Tergesen). One of Hoags' men is a psycho named Flynn (Derek Magyar), who hassles the "couple" and ultimately abducts them. The twist is that Flynn has picked exactly the WRONG dude with which to mess around. The Driver is anything but a "normal", average-guy hero.

Some people may find "No One Lives" to be somewhat tough going, especially because there are NO real "good guys" in this story. It's more a case of "evil people encountering an even MORE evil person", and as such is pretty damn riveting visceral entertainment. This viewer very much just went with the flow, not caring much whether any of it made sense, and just had fun with the very dark (literally and figuratively) material. One could sense that makeup effects artist Robert Hall and his Almost Human company were having a ball because the movie is very, very gory. It lives up to its title as it devises one gruesome comeuppance after another for its characters, whether or not they're redeemable or not that bad in the first place. (When one dying person whines that they "didn't do anything wrong", our antagonist suggests that they're just unlucky, then.) The script, by David Cohen, tries to develop the relationship between our psycho lead and his "victim" in what is supposedly an interesting way, but in truth it's just not as effective as the action and carnage in this thing.

The studly Evans does a creditable job in the lead, displaying some good low key charisma. Among our various lowlifes, Magyar stands out as the impulsive, trigger happy, greedy Flynn, a nutter who inevitably meets his match. Adelaide Clemens is cast as Emma, and while it's commendable to see a character like hers not be intimidated by the criminal element surrounding her, she's just not that strong an actress. The cast is mostly passable; there's a good role for veteran character actor Gary Grubbs as a hotel proprietor.

Recommended for action, thriller, and horror / gore lovers who actually prefer to watch characters not really meant to be seen as "likable".

Seven out of 10.
Must watch
No One Lives is a gripping movie that is worth the watch. Luke Evans gives a truly amazing twist to this movie and his character. Gory and action packed this movie will blow you away. A psychological thriller that keeps you on the edge and will keep you reaching. It surprises you over and over with a plot that will keep you interested. It had me rooting for the bad guy even though I knew I shouldn't. I gave this an eight out of ten because it gave me exactly what I was looking for. I will defiantly have to watch this movie again in the future. It gave a satisfying end and I'd recommend this movie to some of my friends and family. Give it a try if any of this sounds good to you. And I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.
I enjoyed this, and it is definitely one of the better horror movies that I have seen in a while
I have always had a soft spot for horror flicks, however, they were not always my favorite drama as I also enjoy plenty of sci fi, military, action and drama movies. One downside to many horror movies is the relative lack of plot. I do not think that this movie suffers from that at all. The movie itself is somewhat slow at first, however, it quickly picks up. The movie is essentially about a maniacal serial killer that initially gets mistaken for something else, but they soon find out the truth. The slasher scenes were actually pretty decent, however, there were some tech gadgets that I simply was not buying into, though I guess if one was affluent enough, they could buy nice little toys like that.

There definitely is some eye candy in this as well.

Take this for what it is worth.......I personally find most horror movies to actually be pretty bad, however, I have always been drawn to movies about serial killers........however, nothing will every surpass the hannibal lecter pentalogy, at least in my mind.
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