🎦 Night Passage full movie HD download (James Neilson) - Drama, Action, Adventure, Western. 🎬
Night Passage
Drama, Action, Adventure, Western
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James Neilson
James Stewart as Grant McLaine
Dianne Foster as Charlotte Drew - Charlie
Audie Murphy as The Utica Kid
Olive Carey as Miss Vittles
Brandon De Wilde as Joey Adams (as Brandon deWilde)
Hugh Beaumont as Jeff Kurth
Herbert Anderson as Will Renner
Dan Duryea as Whitey Harbin
Jay C. Flippen as Ben Kimball
James Flavin as Tim Riley
Robert J. Wilke as Concho
Paul Fix as Mr. Feeney
Jack Elam as Shotgun
Elaine Stewart as Verna Kimball
Storyline: The workers on the railroad haven't been paid in several months, that's because Whitey and his gang, including fast-shooting, dangerous, but likeable Utica Kid, keep holding up the train for its payroll. Grant McLaine, a former railroad employee who was fired in disgrace, is recruited to take the payroll through undercover. A young boy and a shoebox figure into the plot when Whitey's gang tries to hold up the train, and Grant and the Kid meet again to settle an old score. Written by A.L.Beneteau
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📹 Night Passage full movie HD download 1957 - James Stewart, Dianne Foster, Audie Murphy, Olive Carey, Brandon De Wilde, Hugh Beaumont, Herbert Anderson, Dan Duryea, Jay C. Flippen, James Flavin, Robert J. Wilke, Paul Fix, Jack Elam, Elaine Stewart - USA. 📀