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UK, Germany
Thriller, Mystery, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Duncan Jones
Paul Rudd as Cactus Bill
Seyneb Saleh as Naadirah
Grégoire Gros as Doctor's Assistant
Eugen Bauder as Young Man
Jarah Maria Anders as Young Woman #2
Laura de Boer as Doctor
Livia Matthes as Young Woman #1
Rosie Shaw as Young Sybille
Daniel Fathers as Sgt. Robert Kloskowski
Caroline Peters as Leo's Mother
Storyline: Berlin. Forty years from today. A roiling city of immigrants, where East crashes against West in a science-fiction Casablanca. Leo Beiler (Skarsgard), a mute bartender has one reason and one reason only for living here, and she's disappeared. But when Leo's search takes him deeper into the city's underbelly, an odd pair of American surgeons (led by Rudd) seem to be the only recurring clue, and Leo can't tell if they can help, or who he should fear most.
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