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Italy, France, Switzerland
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Marie Pérennou, Claude Nuridsany
Jacques Perrin as Récitant / Narrator (French version) (voice)
Kristin Scott Thomas as Narrator (English version) (voice)
Storyline: A documentary of insect life in meadows and ponds, using incredible close-ups, slow motion, and time-lapse photography. It includes bees collecting nectar, ladybugs eating mites, snails mating, spiders wrapping their catch, a scarab beetle relentlessly pushing its ball of dung uphill, endless lines of caterpillars, an underwater spider creating an air bubble to live in, and a mosquito hatching.
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Probably the best nature film ever made!
The stunning images are not what make it a masterpiece, rather it is its poetry which conveys the sheer beauty of life.

This movie is a religious experience.
Creepily Mesmerizing
Quite possibly the most fascinating documentary ever to make my skin crawl. The lense is so close that half the time you don't even know what you're looking at, but it is impossible to draw your eyes away. Highly recommended.
Microcosmos is a fascinating if not a false movie. There is some wonderful camera work that is supposed to be natural but sometimes is quite obviously done in a studio. It really is hypnotic in parts but the put in sound affects can be a little irritating. overall it was good .7 out of 10
Only for nature lovers.
This film is original, they didn't base it on any book or film or anything. The characters are very believable because they are real and bugs cannot act. There was special effects used such as speeding up time to make the bugs go faster, apart from that no other special effects were used. It is arty because it's got special effects that don't affect the story.

The story showed bugs living there every day lives. I didn't really enjoy the film, especially as it was so long for a film with no narrative. The film is non-narrative cinema. The film hasn't got a soundtrack because all the way through it there is sounds like birds, water, etc.
'Microcosmos' is a beautiful documentary in which we see the life of insects. Very close and still very sharp the insects are on your screen. They mate, they eat, they fight each other, they work as a team, it looks beautiful.

If you like nature and have interest for these kind of things this is a perfect movie to watch. The photography is great. You learn how certain things work and you are amazed by some of the ways these insects handle things. Especially the ants look pretty smart. I liked it very much. Pay attention to the beautiful music as well.
It's just bugs coming and going
I'm all for innovation and creativity. Quite happy with weird films. But this is just a film of bugs coming and going, going about their normal daily business. Yes, of course they're nicely photographed, and the flowers they visit have lovely bright colours. But it's not really a film, is it?

I tried with Microcosmos. At first, I though I was waiting for the dialogue to kick in. But no. And then, I thought the beetle activity would form into a plot - maybe it does, but I simply couldn't get it. I think it was this belief - that it would somehow form itself into a story - that kept me from walking out. But when it finally ended I was none the wiser, and wished I hadn't bothered.
maybe i'm imagining things,but...
i was disappointed in this documentary for two main reasons.the first thing is,sometimes i swear the insects/bugs/creepy crawlies were CG in some shots and hand made,out of cloth or something,in others.a lot of them just didn't look realistic to me.other than that though,there were some very beautifully photographed scenes.there were also some grotesque scenes though.and there were also some humorous moments.there is almost no narration,save for the opening and one other part,so if you need a bit of context,you might not like this film.i did find that it did sort of jump around a lot aimlessly.i did find that the film was slow at times.i found it watchable,but nothing spectacular.plus,those two reasons i mentioned earlier that made me disappointed,really took me out of the movie.i could be way out too lunch,and maybe the creatures really do look like they are depicted in the documentary.i'm sure some of them do.anyway,i give Microcosmos a 5/10
Absolutely awesome
This movie is beautiful and really pleasing to watch. The title of it says exactly what it is: "microscopic world". It's like a different universe which you may never have noticed right under your feet. Vibrant colors and astonishing beauty where you may never have expected it.

Though it's not really a movie, more like just a video, I'd still call it one of the best movies I ever saw. If the world would be ending and I'd have to escape Earth in a spaceship and could only take a handful of videos with me, this one would be on the list.

If you haven't watched it, do yourself a favor and watch it.
Innovative and Highly Entertaining
This innovative, often highly entertaining film is spoiled only by its insistence on overstaying its welcome (by about fifteen minutes). Directors Nuridsany and Perinnou explore a world about which we know very little, and understand even less.

The amazing close-up photography reveals a veritable society that is as intricate as it is interdependent. The world of the insects is a fascinating, oft times amusing one peopled with hard working, organised ants, frantic bees, hungry birds and determined beetles, just to name a few. "Microcosmos" reveals this hidden mystery as a place where "a day is a lifetime".

Truly this movie is testimony to the unfathomable God who created this awe-inspiring world in which we live.

Monday, June 1, 1998 - Hoyts Croydon
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